Beelzebub – 20

More Extras than you can shake a stick at~

That’s two episodes of Beelzebub now that have started with a male shower scene, and I am not complaining.

I have not laughed that loud watching Beelzebub in a long time.

So, if you can tear yourself away from Oga’s dripping naked body, it goes to Kanzaki and Himekawa’s failed attempt at getting Tojo. They offer to let Oga help them, because they just won’t just admit they can’t do fuck all by themselves.

*Puppy dog eyes*                                                                                           “NO.”

Meanwhile, Tojo is chilling by the riverbank with Baby Beel, flash-backing to his youth.

Turns out Tojo has an army of people who all want a piece of him so Oga is gonna have to get in line. Or destroy the line. Guess which one he does? No prizes. Hilda is overseeing proceedings as usual, and worrying about her bocchama.

They head to the school where the entire school has gathered and are just itching to spill some blood. Kunieda joins the party accompanied by her Red Tails. She makes a path for Oga to escape and get to Tojo.

Tojo sets off some fireworks to bring Oga to him, and the battle is on. It’s up to Baby Beel to decide who he’d rather be with. After remembering what Oga went through for him he takes his rightful place on the top of Oga’s head!

Oh, lol.

Now that that’s decide, though, we need to wait another week to see Oga and Tojo fight it out! GOD DAMN TEASES! JUST KILL EACH OTHER ALREADY!


Read it online you dork xD

Rub a dub dub, Oga~

A picture worth a thousand words, all of them “AHHHHHHHHHHHH”


There was a lot of wasted time this week. It was another case of padding, padding, padding until we got to Oga and Tojo, and by then there was so much padding that the episode ending. So, yeah, we have to wait yet ANOTHER week to see them fight. That’s twice they’ve done this…It’s getting old really fast. You’d think with all the hordes of manga out there they could move a bit quicker. This could have been a tidy little comedy wrapped up in 26 episodes.

On the plus side though all the MOUNTAINS of filler in this episode did wrangle at least a few laughs out of me, like Oga thinking Lamia was watching him in the shower and it turned out to be…X3 That was good. And Kanzaki and Himekawa coming to him for help but not being able to directly ask him was very amusing.

Now that we’ve FINALLY got Tojo and Oga ALONE and PISSED off, I’m begging that gods of anime that nothing comes along to spoil their fight. The preview looked promising, with them swapping lots of blows and the Zebul spell mark reacting and looking badass. Kunieda even seems to feature, and …Furuichi in a samurai outfit? Sure, why not!


Next time; HADOUKEN!!!!!!!!




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  1. Dan-go says:


  2. Snowley says:

    In this screenshot behind Furuichi there’s a rabbit on a motorcycle?! Could somebody enlighten me on the matter 😀

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Ohhh man things are starting to get good! need 21 to arrive faster!

    Aoi’s move really cool! Glad she got to finally show off her skills <3

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