Ao no Exorcist – 10

Telepathy use at its best~

~I’M ALL ALONE -SOBS- Unfortunately, Hime won’t be here to let out her fantabulous end thoughts, so it’s just me and my odd thoughts this week; hope you don’t mind. In other news, Exorcist has finally reached the double digits! Next thing we know, it’ll be episode 23 -sigh-…

Starting off with a hot day, the boys (sort of) take it easy in their dorm as they work on homework. Rin turns the conversation to ranks in the exorcist world which ignites Yukio to tell Rin his problems, such as failing to take orders and relying too much on Satan’s powers. It soon turns into a full blown argument and as Rin gets angrier, he suddenly hits Yukio, knocking his glasses up in the air that break as they hit the roof.


My God Yukio, you just became 10 times cooler…

Yukio doesn’t get enough time to be angry however when he receives a call and rushes to a blocked gate. Rin follows and gets to accompany him past the road block where the cat demon Black is seen. The guards explain that when it heard them mention Fujimoto’s death, it grew larger and attacked them. Yukio tells Rin that Blacky, a cat sidhe, was their father’s familiar. Cat sidhe was the deity of the local silk farmers, but when the production became outdated, the people forgot about it. Then its shrine began to be destroyed by construction workers, which angered it.

Some exorcists on the scene try to bring it down using tranquilizers and holy water, but nothing is effective. All the while, Rin keeps hearing its voice in his head, calling them all liars. One of the exorcists tells about the mission that brought the Paladine, Fujimoto, to the site where the cat sidhe was causing a mess. He managed to calm it without resorting to fighting it and tamed it by making a familiar contract as the gatekeeper of the school.

However, since its lost its master, Blacky has reverted back to its demon form. Yukio comes up saying that their father had prepared for something like this to happen and gave Yukio a grenade of sorts, which he expects is medicine to kill Blacky. While everyone else retreats back so Yukio can use it, Rin stays and finally tells Yukio what its feeling, along with how he can hear it speaking. He gets to persuade it before Yukio tries to kill it and tells Blacky straight out that Fujimoto is dead. It gets extremely angry the more he repeats it, and it finally charges at him. But Rin meets it head on and headbutts it.

Rin talks to Blacky after it collapses from his headbutt and makes it finally realize that Fujimoto is really dead. The sad demon finally retreats back to its smaller form. Meanwhile, watching from above is Mephisto and Amaimon, who were patiently waiting for Rin to do some sort of fighting. While nothing did happen, Amaimon still seems a bit interested in him, which is good enough for whatever Mephisto is planning it seems…

As for Blacky, Yukio managed to convince the exorcists that they were forced to make it Rin’s familiar. Suddenly, Blacky grabs the grenade holder from Yukio, saying to Rin that it seems like a present from Fujimoto. Upon opening, Yukio finds out it was actually catnip wine! A final gift from Shiro~

Yukio face expressions; A-1 knows how to do them right~

End thoughts: Since the beginning of this episode deals with Rin and summer heat, am I allowed to complain rant about how hot it is? I NEED TO LET OUT THIS FRUSTRATION ABOUT THE HEAT…


-cough- ANYWAYS, didn’t anyone else feel that this episode was too short? I don’t feel as complete as I usually do when watching Exorcist, though I’m not trying to say it was bad episode. Personally, this was one of my favorite chapters in the manga, and it still completely killed me emotionally. That flashback scene where Blacky finally realized that Fujimoto was dead got me to tear up a bit (I’m a sucker for flashbacks) ;A; I thought it was really weird that Rin actually headbutted poor Blacky. I had Yukio’s same expression like, “WHAT did you just DO?”. How Rin managed to still stay standing himself is beyond me (at least they had his nose bleeding a little).  On another note, Blacky is the most adorable familiar out of the ones they’ve showed, even beating out Shiemi’s Nii for me. How can you NOT resist that cute voice of hers/his and that adorable way it acted when getting that cat nip wine? Bring out Blacky plushies I say!

Oh Rin, bringing up Shiemi in that argument with Yukio; you’re so ridiculous. I was laughing when he did, and even more when Yukio was like, “Why did you even mention her?”. Yukio, you know you capture hearts! Trying to act all modest, saying you don’t. I’m still incredibly curious as to what Mephisto is planning with Amaimon and Rin. A future battle between the two in the midst? Will they try to expose him or bring him back to Gehenna? I WANT TO KNOW ALREADY. Stop delaying it with these original episodes, A-1. I appreciate the creativity, but I want to stay in the main storyline, at least for five episodes straight. Don’t make me have to default to re-reading the manga just to satisfy my curiosity. Yet, because I love this series, I’ll stay patient and grit my teeth through it (because who knows, I actually might enjoy it), but I won’t stay quiet about it~.


WHAT’S A SUMMER SHOUNEN SHOW WITHOUT A SWIMSUIT EPISODE?! But ugh, do NOT want to see Izumi in a swimsuit BRING OUT SHIEMI. Anyways, I guess it’s a little beach time with swimsuits and more swimsuits. Until next week then~!!


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22 Responses to “Ao no Exorcist – 10”

  1. Orange-sama says:

    Awww yeeeeaaaaah!! I agree, this episode just made Yukio way cooler! And Blackie is just adorable!

    That Amaion D: I don’t like him at all. Mephisto is a lot better because of Hiroshi Kamiya

    • Namika says:

      Amaion looks terribly emo to me -_____-

      • Hoshi says:

        ~Agreed, Namika xD

        Hahahaha! Mephisto sure does get points for having Kamiya as his seiyuu~

  2. Alynn says:

    Yukio’s spares. 😀
    BLACKYYY SO CUTE. ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MANGA CHAPTERS. This was amazing. I love Blacky so muchh (if you can’t already tell) I almost teared up.

    …Yea I don’t want to see Izumo in a swimsuit either (we already saw her in her underwear as well!)

    • Hoshi says:

      ~LOL When I was watching it I was like, “You did not just pull out a drawer of spares” xD
      Uwah, same here~! I can’t wait to see more Blacky :3

      EXACTLY. I don’t want to see that meanie half-naked again.

  3. Reaper says:

    Blackie was too cute to be killed, not that they would be able to anyway since he was/is a deity…
    Amaimon is definitely going to be tricky in the next (non-filler) episode…until then, we’ll have the standard beach scene…let’s pray A1 does NOT start an original…

    • Namika says:

      I swear, if I will get another black cat, I will name him Blackie *~* SO CUTE

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Ugh, if A-1 starts an original I’m going to cut some heads off…but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this progresses. If they do an original, after my rage rampage, I’ll see just how interesting it is because Kuroshitsuji’s original storyline wasn’t that bad…

  4. Namika says:

    Gosh, when I first saw the preview, I was like “DAT EPISODE.” But I guess, there will be something interesting …… well, duh! Ao-Ex seems to turn old cliche elements into something cool! Or at least I see it like that. So far..
    But please, somebody tell me WHY does every shounen HAS to have a beach episode oO”

    Ummm. Is it just me, or is the show pretty much stuck on the character introductions?? Well, if we forget about Mephisto for a moment. Though even that information is so small, it twitches a lot!!! What is that dude planning? O_O

    Yukio became 1000 cooler after this episode. MEGANE *drolls* Anyone else here to share my fetish?? ^^

    • Hoshi says:

      ~”Seems to turn old cliche elements into something cool!” EXACTLY; it’s got its own, interesting spin :3
      It’s just traditional, Namika xD Plus, it keeps up with the season! (Maybe it’s even an advertisement to go to the beach lol)

      That’s what it seems like…But I think after Blacky we get back into the actual plotline (and after this Beach episode). YEAH THEY KEEP TEASING US ABOUT MEPHISTO’S PLANS ;A;

      I share your fetish, Namika *3* MEGANE~~<3

      • Namika says:

        Darn, I hope so. If after the beach episode we won’t get to the plotline, then I swear, Ao-Ex must be longer than 23 eps!! O_O

        I hate it when they teas us! At least give us some information to think about, A1 !!! ><""

        *bow* Hello, comrade!! LOL

  5. Yvoon says:

    the demon animals in this series are simply just too CUTE!~ <3

    MEGANE!! i think i'll start a collection like him 😀

    • Hoshi says:

      ~They are!!<3 A little eye candy amongst the scary and odd looking ones.

      I want to too, just so I can whip out my drawer when company comes over and be like, "Oh this? THIS IS JUST MY SPARE GLASSES COLLECTION..." xD

  6. Moni Chan says:

    Yukio’s glasses collection made me ROTFL

  7. Foshizzel says:

    LOL Rin’s fight with Yukio I died laughing when he opened that drawer and BAM! All those spare glasses ahaha that man is well prepared for angry brother attacks.

    I was thinking when Rin was talking to the cat demon wouldn’t you think the other exorcists would ask why he was having a chat with it?? LOL Would have blown his cover if they did.

    This episode made me sad that the priest guy was gone! T___T Such a cool guy damn!! Well guess we can see Rin will slowly follow in his footsteps eventually ;D

    • Namika says:

      Well, if you are a younger child in the family, always be prepared for the out burst of your older brother’s/sister’s wrath. Yukio knows that rule. ^_____^ oldest child in the family

      Weren’t you sad when he actually died? oO” That moment made me cry like a baby. Didn’t you twitch? At least a little bit?? O_O

  8. Valerie says:

    I wish there was more development in the story and in the characters :/ I feel like the story is going nowhere at all right now..

  9. anaaga says:


  10. Hime says:

    Wait, wait a minute…Rin hit Yukio? MY Yukio?



    Ahem, their casual clothes are so HNNG, and Rin’s wearing the hair pin too! Double-HNNG. It makes up for the lack of Suguro in this ep. And Blacky! D’aww! It’s cute but sounds racist xDDDD

    I love his/her twin-tails <3

    OMG DREDDED BEACH EPISODE! Maybe my internet isn't fixed after all…¬¬

    • Dan-go says:

      daaang that was the bestest moment ever, i replayed it like 10 times, the fact that he got hit is made better by the expression he makes

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