Ao no Exorcist – 09

Our favorite twins are back in action!~

Hoshi: You know when they play that Mameshiba commercial too much when you can sing along to that ‘Oppai’ song without needing to hear the rhythm. Anyways, YEAH BADASS TWINS BACK IN ACTION!!

Hime: The long awaited episode of Exorcist after last weeks evil cliffhanger! I am prepared for BADASSERY TO THE EXTREME.

Hoshi: As Rin sees the same teacher that was after him in the past episode, he tries to tell Yukio that he’s an enemy, but is knocked out by none other than Mephisto, who announces this whole situation was their Esquire Exam! This leads everyone to think of what they didn’t do and who would most likely pass. We even finally get to hear from the two other mysterious students in the group, who really have nothing normal to say to them after doing nothing to help them get rid of the ghoul.

Meanwhile, Yukio confronts the teacher, Neuhaus, about his action during the exam, including leading out only Rin and trying to make him use his powers in front of the others. Neshaus tells him howover that he acted under orders from Mephisto. He was examining Rin to see if his powers would be of good use for the Order. Of course he wouldn’t go and kill him…

Later in the evening, Yukio stops by the supply shop to talk to Shiemi about her future. They get to reminiscing about their first meeting back when Yukio had barely become an exorcist and stopped by the supply store with his father for the first time. He then talks to her about the determination she needs to continue on and that she will be risking her life. Shiemi brings the conversation back to the test, which sparks a sudden worry in Yukio about Neshaus.

It looks like Yukio’s worrying wasn’t for nothing as Neshaus appears in their room. He brings out his weapon and stabs Rin’s bed, only to discover that he stabbed a decoy instead. Yukio catches him in the act, and chases after him, following him to the rooftop where Neshaus unleashes moving hands and his most powerful Naberius at him.

This time around Yukio gets thrown around by the large ghoul, and just as it comes near him, blue flames engulf the it. Rin appears and goes after Neshaus, but is stopped with a can of holy water. He too is then grabbed by the beast, but Yukio manages to erase a bit of the circle to make it disappear.

As Rin holds his sword to Neshaus’ throat, he finally tells his story of being a survivor of the Blue Night. Satan had pocessed him, causing him to lose not only his eye, but his family who he was made to kill. He vows to kill the son of Satan and summons a vine-like object from his arm that stabs Rin in the stomach. He is unfazed however (though still bleeding) and puts his sword away, telling him that if doing that isn’t enough for him, he can fight him as much as he’d want as long as he doesn’t drag any innocent people into it. Neshaus finally gives in, but not before warning Rin that there are others like him, wanting to kill the son of Satan.

Shiemi, who had come to help Yukio drag Rin out of bed to a safer place, gets up to the rooftop and immediately notices Rin’s injury. Though he’s already partly healed from his powers, Shiemi still forces him to lie down to apply sancho, then expresses she’s made her decision…

As for the result of their Esquire exam, the whole class passes and are taken out for pancakes to celebrate. There, Mephisto apologizes to Yukio for Neshaus’ actions. As soon as Yukio leaves, he calls Amaimon, telling that Neshaus did what he instructed him to do and that he should come to the academy right away with Neshaus to lead him through the barriers. Looks like it’s time for Amaimon to come out and play~.

End thoughts~

Hoshi: (The awesome, HNGGG-worthy gifs were made by the amazing Hime; helping pimp out these Exorcist posts since May 2011) Oh Mephisto, you’re such a troll. I had a feeling that little scenario would turn out to be something like that since I vaguely remember the manga. But then there’s that whole mysterious plan with Amaimon that I have absolutely no clue what’s going to happen, but it makes me incredibly excited to see what may unfold. SOME FAMILY DRAMA YAY~

All right, this episode had exactly what I’ve been craving for the past few weeks: Yukio pulling out the guns to protect Rin, and Rin stepping in to protect Yukio when he gets cornered. Oh, the bromance in this is killing me<3 Was anyone else just horrifically intense during the last half of the episode? I was so anxious, literally nibbling at my fingernails like, “OMGWHATSHEGOINGTODOTORINNNNNNANDYUKIOOOO”. Plus they had SHIEMI there, like that couldn’t be anymore stressing. “WHATIFSHEFINDSOUTMOMGWHATSHEGONNASAYMYOTPWILLBERUINED” (I get very dramatic during these scenes, please excuse me). I was also not…mad when they showed how Yukio and Shiemi first met. No seriously, I found that so incredibly adorable, I couldn’t help but ditch my OTP for a second and just ‘dawwww~’ at how Shiemi gave him that good luck charm and the cute nickname. *starts praying to the OTP gods* I HAVE FAITH IN MY OTP I SWEAR

Judging from the episode preview, we may not get another bad-assery episode such as this one, but hopefully we’ll get more into this plot QUICKLY. Though since it’s Exorcist, I’m down for a little more fluff. Btw you guys, they’ve already mentioned the new Op and Ed songs. –sigh- No more sexy sax or ready ready ready for the take off. We’ll just have to see how good these replacement songs are, so expect some harsh criticism from me for the first couple of plays.~

Hime: YUKIO DID IT AGAIN. His rampant badassery and adorable Ni-San!-ing continue to make me HNNG. Episode 9 mostly lived up my expectations. The fist half was again kind of weak. I already guessed that the Ghoul thing was a test, and that Eyepatch Sensei was part of it, albeit if he went a little rogue. Yukio and Shiemi’s scene was a sweet little addition and the music during it was just beautiful. Kudos. It was cool to see Yukio and Father together for a while, too, since before he died we mostly just saw him and Rin. But Yukio and Shiemi were so cute, and it helped the “Yukio has self-esteem issues” subplot of this episode when he was recalling how he used to stand in regards to Rin. Especially at the end when it seems to hint that he has feelings for Shiemi, but thinks he’ll ultimately loose to Rin, romantically. Yukio’s character has become a lot more realistic. Even though it’s not really the same with twins, the younger sibling tends to feel inadequate next to the older one. It’s just the way things usually turn out; they’re older than you so you automatically look up to them in a sense. It was subtle but it was there, and I thought it was a really nice touch to give Yukio a little more likeability. He’s not bitter or sad about his lesser role, just reserved.

On the other hand, the action portions of this episode were really nail-biting and cool. It was really awesome to see Yukio stand up for Rin for a change and actually try to protect him. (Yaoi fodder!) I did nearly die when Shiemi told Rin that Yukio carried him into that other room. HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT AND NOT SHOW IT?!?!?!?!!? I WANT TO SEE RIN BEING CARRIED LIKE A PRINCESS!!!!!!! FUUUUU~~ What was surprising though was just how awesome Rin and Yukio are when they work as a team. The way they handled evil Sensei was impressive. I hope we get to see them fight together more often. I still can’t get over how nice it was to see Yukio sticking up for Rin. *Squee!* I’m so happy for them! Brotherly love and support, ftw. Also, major lols when Rin had to stuff his tail back into his pants when Shiemi arrived. Smoooooooooooth~

I kind of realized this time around that the best episodes of Exorcist are the ones when the tone is the same throughout. Episode 1 was very casual and fun with injections of humour, then in episode 2 we had the big confrontation with Satan and Father’s death. The episodes where it jumps between serious and funny seem top-heavy and not very well paced. It’s a flaw but not a glaring one. To me it just seems to loose direction and focus when it happens and it becomes hard to progress the story because we’re concentrating too much on trivial little things. This episode was still one of the good ones, mostly because of the second half – the fight and aftermath. I thought evil Sensei’s motivation was a little tacked on and boring,though. Srsly? Satan, again? He really gets around. It’s starting to bug me how many people want revenge on him. Doesn’t he have virgins to sleep with instead of trolling all these humans? That’s what minions are for.


A cat demon runs loose in the city, but there’s no one is powerful enough to defeat it. And what does it have to do with Shiro Fujimoto? Until next week then~!!


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27 Responses to “Ao no Exorcist – 09”

  1. Moni Chan says:

    gif. wa daisuki

  2. Alynn says:

    Ghoul arms that come out of arms? It’s like Arm-ception (I had too)
    Mephisto IS such a troll. But I love him; he’s so funny.
    I need the next episode RIGHT now. It was like one of my favourite parts in the manga.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~HNGGG-worthy aren’t they?

      I love Mephisto as well, not only because he’s voiced by Kamiya, but because he is really quirky, funny, and has that dark side.
      SAME HERE ;A; It was hard for me try and not reveal anything in the preview…

      • Hime says:

        I have to say the cat demon didn’t have the voice I imagined…

  3. tomphile says:

    Whoa, a lot of GIFs there.

    And Mephisto… boy oh boy does he have some cards up his sleeve. He’s in cahoots with Amaimon and nobody’s the wiser.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~A bit overboard but we couldn’t help ourselves xD

      Exactly, I mean, he has the perfect disguise as the principal of True Cross Academy. Though I’m pretty sure Yukio now has a feeling he is up to something no good.

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Yay awesome gif files! Nice work.

    Great episode! Things are getting interesting again, now to sit back and watch more people try to attack Rin.

    Damn Sheimi almost saw Rin’s tail! Dohhhh! I guess that makes it a bit more fun when everyone finds out.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~All thanks to Hime ^^

      I think once (or if) his identity is found out, there will be tons more people trying to attack him. Like I said, I hope things continue to get interesting, but we shall see |’D

      • Hime says:

        They’ll have to designate a “LETS RAPE RIN” day! I’d be soooooooooo behind that.

  5. Azure says:

    I feel as if this Exorcist is going to end up like Full Metal Alchemist; both were extremely great however because of that there has to be an eventual discrepancy between the manga and the anime, and most likely like FMA wont be a bad thing. Long live Exorcist haha.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I can actually see that happening, now that you mention it. I guess it all depends if the anime actually gets into the deeper plot of the manga, which has already spanned quite a few chapters now and is continuing. If they were to do that though, then there would have to be a second season which would really create that FMA type of show. But yeah it wouldn’t be a bad thing xD (Unless they screw up the story really bad, of course)

  6. Reaper says:

    GIF overload! yay, the cat daemon! I’m glad A1’s not neglecting the fact Yukio is a fully fledged Exorcist, not a side character, though the fighting scene between Rin and Pirate Patch was a little underwhelming; good reasoning but I feel a bit jipped…oh well, bring on the rest of Ao no Exorcist! 🙂

    • Reaper says:

      Forgot something pretty funny too; when that teacher said he was to accelerate Rin, I was lol, accelerate Accelerator? No way! For Index fans…

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Never can have enough gifs xD
      Yeah, if they pushed Yukio out, I would’ve been extremely mad. He definitely isn’t some side character. I felt a bit jipped when it came to the reason actually. I was like, “That’s it?” I was expecting some secret plot against him or something |’D

      • Hime says:

        There would be so much rage if Yukio got neglected. On the other hand I was really dissapointed they didn’t give Sensei more movivation, or even more of a personality. He’s just like generic bad guy #234.

  7. Yvoon says:


    GIF overload!! XD

    i guess what really struck me was the last part where Yuki admits to himself that he still cant beat his brother in some ways. almost made my heart melt~

    • Orange-sama says:

      That part was adowable >/////////< I love this episode the most so far.

      The GIFs were epic, of course, that was the most intense part of the ep.

  8. Snowley says:

    I just realised Mephisto’s eins, zwei, drei is a Master and Margarita reference. Actually, he looks like a reference to that book as a whole.


    • Hime says:

      Don’t feel bad, I don’t even know what Master and Margarita is.

  9. Kyokai says:

    Muhawahahahaaa for the gifs! This episode was SO GOOD. Brotherly fighto coordination + Mephisto. Amaimon and the demon cat soon to join? I’m so happy~

    Oh also, all FukuJun fangirls, check this out:

    • anaaga says:


      • Hime says:

        I hope your happy Kyo, I wasn’t prepared for so much sexiness that I went blind.


  10. Milistaier says:

    RAGE LIKE A RETARD well it was a awesome episode.

  11. anaaga says:

    that’s right, bromance all the way

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