Ao no Exorcist – 08

What happens when your teacher leaves you alone in a room for three hours?

Hoshi: Wait, wait, wait, what’s this? DEMONS? BLUE FLAMES? ACTION? After two weeks of what seems like fluff, we finally get some action going ON! Are we all ready ready ready for the action take off?

Hime: FUUUUU~ Yukio leaves them alone for 3 hours and everything descends into chaos. Why am I not surprised?

Hoshi: Continuing from last episode, Izumo still hasn’t fully gotten over her breakdown after failing to save Paku. Its even affected her mind state in class as she fails to memorize a few lines. Bon shows her up, which of course, causes Izumo to be a bit of a sore loser and retort back. The two just get angrier at each other and Bon ends up grabbing her collar in anger. Izumo tries to slap him but misses and slaps Rin instead.

Sensei Yukio catches the whole thing and inflicts some punishment on the whole class by placing ghost stones on their laps, which get heavier as the person holds onto it. He then announces he’ll be gone for three hours on a mission, leaving them to sit and cool their heads. The squabbling contines however, until the lights mysteriously go out. Shima decides to go out, but when he opens the door, the ghoul from yesterday appears.

The ghoul enters the room, and Shiemi, wanting to protect her fellow classmates, uses Ni to give out roots that trap the creature. However, it cuts itself in half, forming another ghoul as one tries to break its way through the thick roots. Shiemi’s strength won’t last though as the ghoul’s miasma starts affect the group. Rin decides to go solo and lure the creature away, but only manages to get one away from the room.

Meanwhile as the other ghoul left keeps clawing its way through the roots, Bon takes action by saying they should kill it with chants. Konekamaru and Shima both lend their help as well. Rin goes for the switchboard to turn the lights back on, but is met by the ghoul. He pushes it back using his blue flames, which garner someone’s attention…

Chaos seems to break loose as Shiemi finally faints, the roots disappearing and exposing the ghoul just as Bon is finishing the last of the chant, and as Rin faces a teacher suspiciously interested in his powers. Rin defeats his ghoul, not before the teacher manages to slip away however.

Back at the room, Izumo comes back to her usual self and whips out her spirit foxes to take down the creature. It surprisingly has no effect, and it goes after Bon just as he recites the final lines and kills the ghoul.

Rin returns, nearly getting a beating from Bon, and so does Yukio…with the one-eyed teacher from before!~

End thoughts~

Hime: The first half of this episode could have easily been cut altogether. It hit the 12 minute mark before it even got interesting in the slightest. I really hate female tsunderes like Izumi so she really grates on me and I have no interest in her development whatsoever. While she does have her moments of being impressive, her white fox spirits are pretty badass, she’s still unlikeable and I have no idea why Suguro or Rin even bother to put up with her shitty attitude. She is a good contrast to Shiemi on the other hand; with Izumo learning to be a little softer in her treatment of others, Shiemi has been progressively getting stronger and more able to take care of herself and others. So there is good points to both of them, even if they aren’t my favourite to watch.

On the other hand, that Ghoul is one of the scariest fucking things I’ve ever seen. I’m torn between Ffsdkfdmfkd; that is so frigging cool and KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE! Either way it gives me chills, after all of the cutesy demons and summoned spirits that thing was a fucking shock. Even when one of it’s faces turned into a flower shape it was still scary! Props to Suguro, the thing had him by the head and he just kept reciting the chant. WHAT A BOSS. The fight in the room with our supporting cast was a little bland besides that, I thought it was weird that the characters that haven’t been introduced yet said/did absolutely nothing, and Shiemi remained completely stationary as well once she blocked it with her root wall. It kind of took me out of it and made things seem less urgent.

The last few seconds were the biggest fucking tease ever! I never expected Yukio to appear WITH DAT EVIL SENSEI BEHIND HIM D: It’s the preview that has me excited and impatient for next week though. OMG YUKIO HAS TO FIGHT EVANGELION REJECT WITH ONLY A GUN? BAD SENSEI IS CREEPING UP ON RIN WHILE HE’S SLEEPING? (rape?) SHIEMI IS CALLING BOTH OF THEIR NAMES WORRIDLY?! TOO MUCH. CAN’T WAIT. MUST KNOW! Seeing as how I’ve had a mini heart attack every time Rin or Yukio get chomped on or strangled or stalked ¬¬…I am literally loosing my mind over this preview. Sunday cannot come soon enough.

Hoshi: OH HELL NO IZUMO BETTER BACK THE FUCK UP FROM RIN. My OTP is precious and I don’t want her RUINING IT WITH THAT MOE EMBARRASSED FACE OF HERS AL;KFSJGFKGF. Whatever. Rin and Shiemi had a cuter moment later on in the episode, so I’m cooled down…for now.


All right, useless-fangirl-raging is over, now onto some coherent, critique words! As Hime said, the first 12 minutes really weren’t that interesting at all (as you can see how I flew past that in the summary, heh). We finally got back to some action though as they were attacked by the ghoul again. I wasn’t necessarily as pumped up as I was hoping I’d be though. The action was pretty mellow since it mainly concentrated on them working as a team and using the chants and such. I guess I’m just missing Rin’s epic hacking/slashing and Yukio’s fierce gun moves.

I hate to say it, but this was another ‘meh’ episode for me. Yet I can understand since this episode was ending this Izumo and Shiemi stage and building towards this sudden event of the teacher knowing about Rin, getting a bit back into the main plot of the story. I FORGIVE YOU EXORCIST; IT’S ALL RIGHT I STILL LOVE YOU I PROMISE -clings- More than likely they’re spacing it out so much because they have this 24 episode freedom and judging from where the Exorcist manga is at this point, I doubt they’ll get extremely far into the current story (unless they get a second season of course, but who knows how far the manga will be then). They can probably show us as much developing-characters-episodes as they want, heh. Don’t, though, A-1. There’s only been two and I’m already sick of them…~


ONE OF THE BIGGEST TEASES EVER. From Yukio fighting one big, nasty looking ghoul to that teacher creeping up on poor Rin in his sleep, WHAT EXACTLY IS GOING DOWN?! SUNDAY WHY AREN’T YOU HERE YET -SOBS- Until next week then~!!


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18 Responses to “Ao no Exorcist – 08”

  1. Junko says:

    That thing…gave me nightmares..

    • Bass says:

      That thing was awesome. I noticed a lot of visual cues from iconic Japanese horror films. The crawling thing was straight out of Ju-On lol and I loved it

  2. Dan-go says:

    ew, dislike rinxshiemi. shiemi is so weak and lacking in personality

  3. Yvoon says:

    u know i always see it but never know what it means..

    what’s OTP?

    • Dan-go says:

      One true pairing, basically couples that you want to ship together (thus why i expressed my disgust for shiemi)but we all know that shiemi is going to ship with yukio if at all

  4. Reaper says:

    I’m glad the anime has been following the manga faithfully (except for that cooking episode, random but entertaining filler XD) Hopefully, A-1 won’t pull a Kuroshitsuji and ruin it (sigh…they could never animate the other chapters of Ciel and Sebas-chan after the stunt they pulled with…Ash…cringe)…I like the RinxShiemi but I agree it’s a bit weak but that’s the point sometimes ;P Hope it keeps bringing more action than fillers, especially with the number of chapters outs…don’t you dare do an original A-1…I’m watching you…

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yeah they’ve been great with it up until now, but for some reason, being the genre that it is, I don’t think they would turn this into an original…at least I’m hoping with all my heart hahaha. I will admit my OTP is a bit weak but I mean, there’s just something about Rin that makes me want to ship her with him instead of Yukio. To me, I see Yukio with someone who’s just as powerful as he is and is more outgoing, I guess you can say, so that contrasts against him. (Sorry for rambling about this, heh).

  5. Elyon says:

    OMFG Rin is going to get raped by eyepatch sensei. DO NOT WANT. That’s Yukio’s job.
    I’m glad we’re finally getting some more action, but I agree about the first 12 minutes being really boring. Any time it’s about Izumo things seem to get boring. >.> And irritating, because she’s so mean to Shiemi for no reason at all. When she said she hated Shiemi, I almost didn’t believe it was possible to be such a bitch after she just SAVED HER BEST FRIEND FROM DYING.

    • Hoshi says:

      Exactly. Izumo has irritated me since she first appeared in that episode about Bon. I’m sticking up more for Shiemi this time around because I can relate to the girl and having someone do that to her was just ugh.

    • Namika says:

      I know, right! Yukio, you are a very irresponsible person, slacking off his duty!!! xD

  6. Foshizzel says:

    Great episode! Really fun stuff nice to see everyone getting along somewhat xD

    Waiting on Rin to show the others! But I figured the teacher was “testing” to see who’s side Rin really is on or something like that.

  7. Alynn says:


    AFHKKRW I LOVE THAT GHOUL SOO MUCH. And I mean it’s appearance was cool.
    I liked the part when Shima opens the door and thinks he’s hallucinating.

    I wish I had Bon’s memorization skills. I would totally ace my exams.


  8. Joojoobees says:

    So it looks like Yukio set the students up to get attacked by a demon. I assume he is operating under orders from eyepatch.

  9. Namika says:

    Man, I finally cached up with Ao-Ex !!! *,*
    Loving it so far, but I want more Yukio in action!!! *~*

  10. Namika says:

    Wait. Am I the only person who wasn’t scared of that ugly ghoul …. thing…..

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