Ao no Exorcist 06 – 07

Ever notice how small their eyebrows really are?

Hoshi: No, I’m serious. I never noticed until episode 7 after Rin mentioned ‘Ms. Eyebrows’, HA. Anyways, Exorcist decided to take a little dip from the main storyline to bring some comedy and a bit of a light-hearted story. So, how do we Exorcist fangirls feel about this?

Hime: An anime original episode and a Shiemi centric one…Hmmm-not sure if want….

Hoshi: It’s a battle for what to eat for lunch as the cafe outside the cafeteria is constantly full and the school’s cafeteria food is just too expensive for the twin brothers. They head up to Mephisto’s office to complain, at which he can’t really do anything about it. Instead he gives them about 2000 yen for living expenses, but only that for a month. To solve the problem, Yukio decides to just have Rin make their lunch using the dorm’s kitchen and he’ll pay for the ingredients.

Rin gets started on their lunches that night, but the next morning Rin kicks down Yukio, thinking he ate their lunches. But he says no, and it’s only the two of them in the dorm. Suddenly they realize just who has been cooking for them these past weeks? They go into the kitchen only to discover Mephisto! Yet he’s only the replacement, as he explains that a familiar called Ukobach has been the one making their meals everyday. Since Rin trespassed and used the kitchen the night before, he started to boycott.

Knowing they can’t survive off of Mephisto’s…interesting cooking, Rin opts to cleaning the kitchen, which brings out the creature. When Yukio returns home, Mephisto tells him Rin and Ukobach had a frantic duel, using all their abilities to cook the best dishes which has given birth to a new friendship between the two.

Meanwhile however, Yukio’s fangirls have been trying to get him to eat their lunches, but being afraid of the outcome, he’s been refusing to take them. One day they go to the entrance to their dorm, where they see Shiemi go in (who was innocently delivering something from their store) and immediately figure she’s their enemy. They wait for her to leave, but when she doesn’t exit through the front door, the girls go inside. When they discover the pre-made side dishes for lunch, they decide to throw it, thinking it was made by Shiemi. In doing so however, they evoke the wrath of Ukoback, who isn’t pleased at all for what they have done.

Rin and Yukio hear their screams and run towards the kitchen where Ukobach has put the girls into a pot for stew. Rin manages to calm him down and scold Yukio for not eating the girls’ lunches, making him eat every single bite.

Onto episode 7, the class has to prepare for the Exwire examination by going on a week-long training camp. Before that, they are shown how to summon demons and make them as familiars. Only a few people have the talent to do it, and they are tested to see if they do have that talent. Izumo immediately summons two spirit foxes while Shiemi ends up summoning a Green Man spirit.

Seeing this a chance to become friends with Izumo, Shiemi tries talking to her, but is ignored. Finally after trying to chase after her and Paku, Izumo becomes annoyed and turns towards her, where Shiemi finally manages to ask her to be her friend. She accepts, and immediately starts having her carry her things and do little chores for her, saying that it’s what friends do for each other.

The next week training camp starts at Rin and Yukio’s dorm. After taking their exam, the girls decide to go take a bath. Shiemi follows, but Izumo tells her to wait because she doesn’t want her to see her naked, then asks her to go get her some fruit milk. Rin tries to tell Shiemi she’s just using her a servant, but she still believes she just helping Izumo. Meanwhile inside the bath, Paku tells Izumo she’s thinking of quitting cram school when a ghoul appears. Paku gets burned by a weird sludge that drips onto her arm, causing Izumo to summon her demons to save her only friend. However her confidence wanes as Paku’s words from before get to her. The fox spirits notice and go to attack her, but Rin ends up coming in at the right time, telling her to tear the paper to get rid of them.

Sheimi suddenly comes in and tells Rin to hold the ghoul back so she can treat Paku’s wounds. While Rin is unfortunately thrown back, she manages to recall the first aid for burn wounds and Ni, the Green Man spirit, produces it for her! Yukio comes just in time and shoots the ghoul, causing it to flee. Luckily, Shiemi used the correct first aid and Paku is saved while Izumo hides from the others.

Yet amongst the successful retreat of the ghoul, one question remains: who in fact set it loose?~

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As a Rin x Shiemi shipper, I have major problems with this picture as well…

Why so cute Shiemi? ;A;


End Thoughts~

Hoshi : HNNNGGG MEN COOKING. Talk about some sweet eye candy, hurrhurr~ I have a long grudge against original anime episodes, so when I detected Exorcist would have one, I wasn’t all too pleased. Surprisingly however, I ended up LOVING that episode, even more so than episode 7, which I found to be of pretty ‘meh’ quality. I thought it was entertaining to see more of the boys and Mephisto in less tense situations and more in a typical high school student one. Plus I mean, RIN COOKING? That made my day~ YUKIO WHY DON’T YOU COOK DAMNIT? Yukio’s fangirls were definitely not needed in that episode; they were a really cliche element and totally ruined all the eye candy I was getting…

Episode 7 was, as a I said earlier, very ‘meh’ for me. While we did get back to the main storyline, I just couldn’t find any enjoyment in it other than Rin’s half-naked scene. I don’t know whether it’s because I find any episode that focuses on only Shiemi really boring or I was just not in the mood, but screencaping episode 7 felt like a chore and no Exorcist episode should feel like that ;A; I guess I can say I am proud of Shiemi though for finally being of use and being more courageous. I can’t hate on the poor girl; she is the other half of my favorite pair! Speaking of which, Rin was totally protecting his woman, heheheh.

Lately, we’ve been going on the more lighter side of all the characters as we see them during class and interacting with each other more, but I’m hoping it gets back to the darker stuff after seeing that teacher was the one who set the ghoul loose (I SMELL DECEPTIONNNNN). Looks like I’m just going to have to be patient though~.

Hime: OMHMYGOD THESE BOYS ARE SO DOMESTIC. CAN’T. DEAL. WITH. IT. This show just caters to all of my most obscure fetishes. Episode 6 was hilarious, it totally earns a place in this awesome series. Rin was totally working that apron and is being a good wife though in cooking for Yukio, though. (lol Jun Fukuyama in a seme role, it’s just not right, is it?) On another note, I’ve been noticing the music more. Get it? “Note”? Ohohoho, I’m so terribly witty. Ahem. The whole epic tension music worked well in the comedic scenes, and when Shiemi was on screen the soundtrack decided to turn its volume up which was a good decision. Nothing against Hanazawa, but her character hasn’t really had much point being in the show after her episode finished a few weeks ago.

Even though this was a comedic episode it was nice to see a little more of Father in the flashback. He was so supportive of Rin when he was younger, it’s really quite touching. ZOMG AND THEY GAVE YUKIO A HAREM? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? EVERYONE KNOWS HE BELONGS TO ME. *cough* These girls were annoying. Yuki’s fanclub in Fruits Basket annoying. And at the end we’re supposed to feel all sorry for them? Oh, boo hoo, stop stalking people. After all the comedy Episode 8 took a rather deadly serious turn. One of their teachers is a backstabbing (yet sexy) traitor, sending his Silent Hill monsters after folk? That’s seriously EEK. Omg, see when it grabbed Rin and started choking him…well, you know how I gasped when the frog chomped on him? Yeah, I was flat out screaming at the screen this time.

How they dealt with Shiemi and her struggle to make friends was both sweet and stupid. I mean, not to be harsh, but anyone who lets themselves becomes a slave like that is kind of pathetic. I would think it goes beyond naivety, though because she hasn’t had much outside contact you could argue against that, I guess. Even if Rin said he wasn’t her friend, he so clearly is. He looks out for her, talks to her, and so does Yukio. She really needs to grow a backbone. Though now that she’s saved someone and got a boost in confidence I can see her character becoming more of an aid than her previous hindrance. I don’t think it really needed it’s own episode since I’d rather focus on the brothers and more pressing matters in the plot. LIKE DAT HUNT FOR SATAN, GUYS. But, it wasn’t bad, I’m glad that purple-haired bitch got a wake up call, too. From the moment she opened her mouth I thought she needed to be pulled off her high horse, but that’s Eri Kitamura for you.


Seems like these classmates aren’t getting along, which means Yukio’s gotta get serious and teach them a lesson on teamwork. How in fact are they going to get along and what exactly is this punishment? (Why does that sound dirty to me…?) Until next week then~!!


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20 Responses to “Ao no Exorcist 06 – 07”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    LOL episode 6 so much fun damn Rin can cook! Very nice that should score him some more points with the girls xD I also liked how Yukio had some comedic parts too, was expecting him to be serious all the time.

    Dawww episode 7! Man that Izumo was so mean to Shiemi! But I guess that was some good drama to get added, I can’t wait till the others find out Rin’s secret not sure how much longer he can actually hide it.

    I also liked how they had some RPG element thrown in with the various “class” roles for the exorcists! So fun to see hahah! So we can say Shiemi is the healer type hahah.

    Oh and the big shocker of that teacher trying to kill off Rin! I think it’s a way of increasing Rin’s power? Or the teachers generally hate Rin >.>

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Definitely a lot of fun! The food Rin made looked so good (damn details lol). I think I liked that episode a lot because Yukio was actually a bit comedic himself along with Rin xD

      Yeah, when Rin’s secret is exposed you can definitely expect A LOT of drama to go on.

      Well the teachers aren’t supposed to know about Rin, unless they found out somehow, but either way that was a twist!

  2. Joojoobees says:

    So I’m the only one who was disappointed by episode 6? I thought there was gonna be more stabby stabby in this series. Granted in episode 7 a demon gets shot AT, but including 5, 6, and 7 — three episodes without one demon killed. Instead we get Ao no Patissiere. 😛

    • Hoshi says:

      ~At this point in the story, they’re trying to show us some of the characters’ personalities, back stories, etc. and how they are working to become exorcists before getting back into the demon killing. I’m a little sad with the lack of demon killing as well, but I’ve just been taking my fill with all the fangirling ^^

  3. Hime says:

    Why did I say episode 8? I meant 7. Doiii~~

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Lulz, it’s all right xD I always get mixed up on what episode number it is myself.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~BTW, we’re the only harem Yukio ever needs lolololol.

  4. Overcooled says:

    I actually really liked episode 6 because I share that love of domestic guys doing domestic things. As much as I actually like Shiemi as a character, her episode was pretty lame because she made a lot of dumb mistakes. That, and they tried to make us feel sorry for bitch-o-rama chick. Yeah, KARMA. Anyways, I’m glad there was no “ahh, Rin you perv, I’m in my underwearrr” joke. It was just that she so happened to be in her underwear and no one really seemed to care about it…lol.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Exactly; I didn’t fall for that sympathy trap. She got what she deserved. Yeah, I’m glad Exorcist doesn’t have those pervy jokes like they have in a lot of shounen series x’D

  5. Kyokai says:

    Exactly what I thought: “HNNNGGG MEN COOKING!”

    I was dozing in the backstory episode as well but loved Rin’s tail throbbing in the end (the most I laughed in that episode). Seeing more Mephisto is always win so the anime-only episode was rather entertaining.

    Need MOAR Ao-ex in mah life because wincest is awesome~ :3

    • Hoshi says:

      We also need more Mephisto. I need more for my Kamiyan fix hurrhurr~.

  6. Elyon says:

    LOL I could imagine Jun in a seme role thanks to Star Driver XD
    Arghh I hated Yukio’s fangirls. I mean, why do they always pull that in anime? Just having a Fukuyama Jun voice, black hair, glasses, and sexy moles shouldn’t be enough to….
    nevermind. Anyway, I liked these episodes, but I hope they get to some plot soon.
    By the way Hoshi, I love your new Gravatar. ALOIS <3

    • Hime says:

      In Star Driver he was dressed as a peacock…Imagine being topped by that. IT JUST DOESN’T COMPUTE!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~They ALWAYS pull that, which pisses me off. I mean, we don’t act all crazy like…yeahhhh nevermind. But we honestly don’t seem that annoying!
      And thank you<3 I MISS ALOIS ;A;

  7. Alynn says:


    Ughh I hated this part in the manga where Izumo is a bitch to Shiemi. Both girls are SO annoying here.
    Though, I liked it at the end where Shiemi showed that she was useful.

  8. Moni Chan says:

    FAN GIRL OVERLOAD rin is the perfect husband. knows how to cook, great. the picture that looks like he’s naked reminded me of grey from fairy tail. all he needs is that thing on his chest

  9. Amutofan123 says:

    I really loved the anime original episode too! And yes! Domestic boys are great! Ugh… Yukio’s fangirls were so annyoing… BUT SHIEMI!!!!!!!!! I love this girl! I claim her! She’s mine! Oh, but Rin can share too. I’m glad that she decided to come out of her shell a bit. I always seem to love the shy characters. I think it’s because I can relate to them so well. Anyway… I WANNA SEE NAKED RIN TOO!!!!! D:<

  10. Yvoon says:

    aww, i loved ep 6. i love that cooking demon um….ukobach i think?

    dawwww!~~~ sooo CUUUUTE!!

    wouldn’t mind having him as my best friend. he could me how to cook too! kill two birds with one stone~

    and Shiemi is FINALLY making some progress. i’m happy for her! 😀 why are all of the demons so far all so cute? 😛

  11. Balloon Thief says:

    These episodes were fun but they didn’t really do mucht o further the story. Except for the teacher attacking the kids but come on that’s all in good fun, at least I hope that’s what’s happening. Maybe all the teachers work for the devil(literally XD). The most interesting part was where they explained the classes of exorcists. Hopefully these episodes are the calm before storm so to speak, kind of like the first half of Gosick.

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