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~So a few weeks back I thought to myself, “I won’t do another re-cap post for A Channel again!”….WELL THAT THOUGHT WENT TO HELL. With resting time for an injury, Fanime, finals, graduation, and graduation parties, I just couldn’t fit enough time for my darling girls. Instead, I opted to just do another re-cap post and make things even. Now that’s said and done, let’s get onto what’s been happening these past weeks!

Summer break is over, and it’s back to school for the four girls, which means back to an over-enthusiastic teacher and back to Tooru’s threatening of the boys away from Run.

And for Tooru that means back to the obsessive Yutaka, who’s caught Miporin having a conversation with her. She tries to join in but they’re talking about Japan’s politics and economy, which she finds confusing. Tooru, being nice, ends up changing the subject for her. Being away from school for so long has Yutaka all over Tooru, but Miporin puts her 3 minute rule into affect to control her. Yutaka finds it unfair that the teacher doesn’t have to follow that rule after asking Tooru to help her carry notebooks, so she tries to stop her but, of course, fails.

One day things aren’t normal; Tooru didn’t go to pick up Run, nor has she come to their classroom! Run tells them they had a fight, the reason being that Tooru didn’t want her to walk her home because it was dangerous.

Both girls are feeling sad, one drinking all the sweet drinks she can and the other spacing out in the classroom. Run in the end decides to buck up and rushes Nagi with her to the convenience store to buy sweets to make up with Tooru. When they go back to the classroom however, on her desk is a can of orange juice with ‘I’m sorry’ written on the bottom.

Run rushes to find her and finally sees her on the school’s rooftop where they finally make up.

Nagi gets a scare from a creepy doll on her desk that turns out to be a doll Run had made for her. Even more unfortunate for Nagi, she can’t even tell exactly what animal it is and Tooru won’t even tell her out of jealously that she got the keychain version of the doll.

Halloween is around the corner, and the girls decide to throw a Halloween party for the occasion. Nagi decides to meet Tooru at a shopping district, where they go to pick up, or rather be handed free sweets from different seniors to replace Run’s sweets if she messes up. They stop at a bookstore to kill time and find a dirty manga with the main girl looking a lot like Yuuko.

Meanwhile, Yuuko and Run get started on making hotcakes at home, but everything quickly falls apart when Run spills the batter on Yuuko’s head. She starts mixing some more batter, but she feels so bad, she decides to dump the second bowl onto her head as well for punishment.

They take a shower, and as Yuuko tries to find her clothes in the living room, she’s caught by Nagi and Tooru, who show her the manga (which she actually READS). Afterwards, Run tells them about the incident, which disappoints poor Tooru. Yuuko comes up with an idea however to make hotcakes without using the mix. The plan is successful and they each enjoy a nice slice of hotcake.

In the latest episode, Tooru invites everyone to her home, but she’s nowhere in sight. Run thinks it’s a locked room murder, but Tooru finally makes her appearance with a white cat in her arms! She tells them she found him this morning, seemingly abandoned. The cat however steals a bit of Run’s attention from Tooru.

That awkward moment when you get beat by a cat…

Winter is finally here, and the forecast has predicted snow, causing Run to bring a bottle of syrup with her. Yet she slowly loses hope as 4 period pass and there’s still no snow.

By lunch however, snow finally falls! The girls then go outside and play in it by throwing snowballs, building an igloo for freezing Nagi, and just running around.

In the end, they all catch a cold, except for Nagi, who’s forced to help shovel snow at school~.

Pic Spam~!! Sponsored by Insomnia:

A-A new pairing? I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THIS…

“Read it. READ THE PORN.”

What your trash does when your away


I don’t know how many times I’ve said this but, I SWEAR THIS SHOW ISN’T YURI…

I’d buy more hotcake mix if they were Run sponsored. Just sayin’…

WOAH THERE SENSEI. This is a slice-of-life show, man

Tooru’s cutest faces~<3 That last one just…a;lkfjkl;salfkgjfkg SO ADORABLE!

End thoughts: First off, short skirts in winter? I don’t know how they do it, man. So, three episodes down and we flew by seasons like no tomorrow! One day it’s summer, the next it’s winter AND snowing. Oh anime, I love your quick season changes.

I have to say, hands down episode 10 was CUTENESS OVERLOADDDDD. Tooru and her cute little cat were so ADORABLE together!! The beginning where she was happily stepping on the frozen puddles made me smile, and the way the animated the cat just…AGHHH SO CUTE<3. I have no coherent words to describe the first half of that episode, seriously. In the other half, I couldn’t stop laughing when Run brought a bottle of syrup for the snow. I actually think that’s a brilliant idea (FREE SNOW CONES PEOPLE!). I really want to go to the snow one day and try that out (since there’s no snow in So-Cal)….

I can’t say I had a favorite episode out of this bunch. For me, it was always I liked one half more than the other, but never both halves of the episode. Like in episode 8, the first half was a bit bland as they just showed them regularly at school, but in the second half, when Tooru and Run have their fight, that just broke my heart ;A; I didn’t think they’d suddenly throw that at us, so I was unprepared. Sure it was over a bit of a silly thing, but Tooru and Run are ALWAYS together. Them fighting is just so wrong! That scene with the orange juice got to me for some reason. It was really simple but gah, knowing how those two are just made it really sweet. I was glad they managed to switch it up a bit instead of just the regular hanging out at school or doing some fun activity. As for episode 9, the whole pancake (or hotcake) making scene was hilarious. Poor Run trying to crack an egg with one hand…Is that even possible? Also, Nagi and Tooru finding the manga with the Yuuko look-a-like had to be one of my favorite scenes, especially when they showed it to her and she just READ it. (I also just realized that on the manga’s cover, it’s a play on the A-Channel mangaka’s name; her name is Kuroda bb while on the manga that Nagi and Tooru find, it’s Shiroda cc, if I have my kanji right. HOW DO I CATCH THESE THINGS…?)

Well everyone, two more episodes of A Channel to go! -sob- Where will I get my fill of cute, non-skanky school girls and refreshing story lines after this is over?


Looks like the girls reminisce about studying for their high school entrance exams, and wait…just who’s birthday is it?
Until next week then~!!



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12 Responses to “A Channel 08 – 10”

  1. Tofu says:

    T-Two more episodes left already!?!??! D: NOOO~~!!! Hoshi! This can’t be happening! T___T

    I must agree with episode 10. Tooru’s winter clothes and how happy she was breaking those ice puddles was so KAWAII~!!! <3 <3 Yuuko spazzing out in embarristment from the porn and everyting else is so LOVE~! xD She's become replica of my dose of Mio until the movie comes out~ Yet I will stress the idea that NO ONE will be able to replace Mio! xP

    Why does everything they do seem so fun yet it's so normal!?!??! D: I want to go karaoke! I want to see snow! I want to make hotcakes! T____T I've never seen snow as well and hopefully one day I can. Though I was out at 7:10am jogging in the fog 😛 I love the fog, it adds a sense of mystery and I actually find it an enjoyable thing, especially when it's thick.

    I know how you feel Hoshi!!!! T__T Run and Tooru fighting was like a punch to the stomach and damn was I happy again when they made up. It's such a nice scene *^^*

    I don't think we should try cracking an egg with one hand just in case we end up doing the same thing Run did xD

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Unfortunately it is true!! ;A; -SOBS-

      Exactly!! Like making hotcakes for me is such a chore, but they have so much fun doing it. I definitely want to do karaoke one day. I’ve seen snow before, but it’s been years =A=; Oh I love fog, except when driving in it |’D It looks creepy where I live because I live across from a park with a lot of trees and the fog just rolls in creepily.

      At first I was like, “This can’t be happening! ;A;” I was on edge throughout the whole last half of that episode…

      LOL I guess you need some serious skill to do that xD

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Dawww cute episodes! I died laughing with the hotcake episode when Run kept screwing things up with the mix hahaha I think she just wanted to get Yuuko in the bath ;D

    Just saw episode 10 that starting part was really nice seeing Tooru breaking the ice and the random cat! Very fun and cute.

    Not a yuri show but it does have plenty of those moments, they need more guys…xD

    • Hoshi says:

      ~LOL maybe she did xD

      Gah, it was just too adorable. That scene was in the manga, but it looks ten times as cute animated<3

      Seriously. They have only...what, ONE GUY?? |'D

  3. Elyon says:

    “WOAH THERE SENSEI. This is a slice-of-life show, man.”

    Why can’t I stop laughing? XD I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GUY!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hahahaha xD He’s actually pretty cool!
      Plus he is the only main male character |’D

  4. Reaper says:

    Too much cuteness from Tooru! Definitely agree with you there, and ha! Love how the show just puts the little things in from random places but it all fits, like ero-manga of Yuuko (she seems pretty interested in it…) squirrel-doll of…doom? And Tooru’s reign over the guys…I’d be just as afraid of her in real life if I wasn’t dawwing over her cuteness heh heh 🙂

    • Hoshi says:

      ~She brings so much cuteness! If she were real, I’d probably act a lot like Yutaka, going in for hugs and all that x’D I loved that squirrel of doom scene! Poor Nagi had no idea what it was hahaha.

  5. abscissa says:

    The neko Tohru is so cute!

    I don’t have any favourite episode from this series. All of the episode are overly relaxed and mundane, but nevertheless A-Channel is a fun watch because of their silliness, especially how they make fun of Yuuko and how they illustrate Run’s dumbness.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Definitely! I couldn’t help but screencap that x’D

      Same here, but I do love it overall because it’s pretty relaxing after watching some of the intense shows that I watch, and you’re right when saying it’s fun to watch their silliness.

  6. amado says:

    I especially loved that last bit with the cat going in tohru’s blanket while she was sick.

    and yeah, the yuri is starting to finally show itself.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I think I squealed at that part. Just too much cuteness in one episode<3

      Yeah as it progresses I've been seeing more and more signs |'D

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