Y3 Anniversary: Cooking Showcase

Welcome to the Party, Minna~

Ness: Indeed, I don’t think I could have explained what I had planned any more clear in the Anniversary EP.03 Podcast. When I think of the word “anniversary”, the word celebration comes to mind. As well, when I think of “celebration”, I think of paaarrrtaaaaayyyyyy and where there’s celebration party, there’s food! So, I figured that it would be such a cool idea to see what my fellow Meta teammates would come up with in celebration of Metanorn’s 3rd Year Anniversary. What better way to show or express how great such an event is by taking it beyond the web and actually trying “cooking stuff up” (Kyokai, The Boss. Page 2011). Thus, here is our Cooking Showcase. Not everyone participated and anyways who wants to see a cup of ramen noodles? So let’s get this showcase going… Enjoy the delectable delights~


Overcooled: I present to you Cool’s beef yaki udon (with shrimp, bok choy, carrots and other little tidbits), lovingly made in my very own kitchen. I devoured half of it immediately after making it. Why yaki udon? Because I assume you are all otaku of some degree and I figured a Japanese dish would be the most suitable. The only reason I learned to cook was because I was jealous of all the delicious foods I saw in anime, but never got to try. I got fed up one day and just made my own goddamned onigiri. When I realized I could magically conjure up food and then EAT IT like some sort of exotic alchemy, I started to like cooking a whole lot more. You may not get to taste it yourself, but hopefully seeing it makes you drool or at least appreciate my effort. Hopefully it looks at least vaguely appetizing!

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Hoshi: So being the Kuroshitsuji fanatic than I am, when this cooking showcase opportunity came around, I just knew I had to do something Kuroshitsuji related, especially since it was the first series I blogged here on Metanorn. But what, out of the many things Sebastian has made, would I make? Recently I bought the 5th volume of the series, in which the curry-making competition with Agni takes place, and found the answer: CURRY BUNS.They look just downright tasty in the manga because of Toboso-sensei’s amazing artwork, so when I found the recipe, I was definitely excited (I honestly didn’t know these ACTUALLY existed). This was a very, very, VERY long and difficult task, but was pretty fun overall. I’m happy they actually came out right since I had no idea how to bake (I didn’t even know how to knead dough correctly, folks)! I hope one of these days you readers will get to taste curry buns, whether by someone else or a real Japanese bakery, because trust me, they’re delicious~.


Zabobinator: I have always been a pro at baking so I thought it would be best to bake something for this showcase. I made Chocolate Crinkles which are pretty much the best cookies in the universe. They’re all chocolately and covered in powdered sugar and are just…YUM. Needless to say, they go fast. These cookies are also rather fitting because the last time I made them was three years ago (the last time I made them I fainted in the middle of making them so I just didn’t make them again. xD). In lieu of Metanorn’s third year anniversary I figured it would pretty sweet to bring these back after three years! No pun intended. So yes; Happy Third Year Anniversary! Metanorn is super awesome and I’m looking forward to the rest of my stay here! Now I’m off to nom on these cookies. <3

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anaaga: Cooking Showcase at Metanorn! At first I didn’t want to join because I’m not too fond of cooking. I work in a food court, so I spend my entire day cooking food whatsoever, and the thought of cooking again out of work is not something that I like; I’m traumatized with cooking? xD But I love Metanorn that much, and I really want to participate xD Then I had an idea. Why don’t I just cook one of the food court’s favorite snacks? It’s one of my favorite “snack”, it’s healthy, and it taste good (I think xD). And there’s a certain aspect of it that will always reminds me of Kyokai, so yeah…

What I made is a traditional Indonesian snack? Well it’s not really Indonesian, since everybody can make it, but the Indonesian name for it is Bakwan, so yeah, IT’S INDONESIAN xD There are couple of reasons why I made it. Third, I’m not that good at cooking. I’ve been a bad apprentice all this time, so I won’t be surprised that my boss (aka my mom) is kind of frustrated with me. Second, the only time I can cook is when I’m at the food court. I don’t like cooking at home >.< See that crappy handwriting? And that SPELLING MISTAKE (T_____T)? I made it in the food court, and I was in a hurry of serving a customer. So sorry for the crappy slanted handwriting! I didn’t have time to make it all beautiful T_T. First, it reminds me of Kyokai. Why? Because it’s just a bunch of vegetable mix (with flour of course), and then fry it. Yup, that’s just it is. Easy right? (But if you want to make it pretty, you have to be careful with the color of the vegetables; make sure the red and the green is balanced). And that’s why it reminds me of Kyokai: vegetables. Kyokai has this fondness of healthy food (Sad. Junk food all the way!), and every time I eat this healthy snack, I always remember Kyokai :p Yup, Kyokai, I always think about you every day. xD

So once more, Happy Anniversary to Metanorn! And EAT LOTS OF VEGETABLES.


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Kyokai: Alright! Time to show my cooking skills to the max. And actually cooking something that is a family specialty (my mother’s recipe) and sweet on taste buds. I present to you “Sheer Khurma”, a very special South Asian sweet dish that is made only on celebratory occasions and Metanorn’s third anniversary warrants such celebration after all! It’s sad that it’s all for show but at least my department enjoyed it fully and some people were still savouring the flavour the next day. Yep, it’s creamy, cool for tummy and you can’t just have one bowl rather yell ‘okawari’ at least twice.

To explain it easily, it’s thin pasta, cooked in lots of milk. The preparation is a bit time consuming because you have to first keep the milk boiling forever on the stove (to make it thick) and sauté the pasta in oil before dipping ’em into the boiling milk. The most tricky part is adding sugar because if you directly add it, the milk is going to split so you have to boil water separately, mix the sugar and then add to the whole dish. If you see the extra images, you can see it’s cooked in a deep saucepan. The garnishing (finely cut almonds and pistachios) is added in the end, after the dish is cooled in fridge.

Anyways, I hope you like this unique dish and next time, it’s going to be the guy’s turn. Not to mention, we might open this segment for our readers, who can send us their cooked delicacies and we will feature them. xD So, wishing Metanorn an awesome anniversary and here’s to the team for so many more. YEAH! <333



Ness: Oh food, can’t live with it and can’t live without it… wait! That’s money! HAH XD But anyway, I had a hard time actually choosing what to make. At first I was going to make Vietnamese veggie rolls but I changed my mind and decided to make sushi! Well, as I was going grocery shopping for ingredients, I just had to pass my favorite seafood shrimp and decided to cook Tempura while I’m at it. So first I made shrimp Tempura and then used that to make Tempura Sushi and California Rolls. So I guess you could say that I made two things in celebration. I’m actually still a beginner at making sushi and rolling the sushi so that the rice outside is sticky! But overall, they turned out pretty well. Though, I made too much and have nobody but my brother to share them with. But hey! More for me, buwahahah!

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So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed Metanorn’s first ever Cooking Showcase. Expect more in the future and if you cooked something as well, please share via comments. As well, if you have any questions on the recipes used, please ask in the comments.

Once again, Happy 3rd Year Anniversary, Metanorn!!!~ <3 The Meta Girls~


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85 Responses to “Y3 Anniversary: Cooking Showcase”

  1. MikADo says:

    You guys literally were cooking up XD
    I didnt know our team was such great cooks :3

    P.S. man watching all these food at midnight sure makes you hungry too 😛

    • MikADo says:

      @Hoshi: Curry Buns are regular pastry on my country 😛

      • Hoshi says:

        REALLY? That is so awesome *A*
        I’d definitely be buying those at least once a day, hahaha.

    • Kyokai says:

      Such delectable dishes! I’ve become a fan of everyone who has cooked. xD

    • Ness says:

      Yeah, I was getting hungry too when working on this. XD

  2. Hoshi says:

    ~This post just had to posted before Breakfast…
    OMFG THOSE CHOCOLATE CRINKLES<3 I'm a chocolate nut so *3*
    Unfortunately I couldn’t take a pic of my cooking space because well…it was very, very, very messy, especially because I had to remake the dough TWICE |’D

    • Kyokai says:

      Hahaa! I hope you have gotten your fill of breakfast; this sure has been a surprise!

      Btw, who needs a picture of cooking space when you have the adorable Ciel making that face and your own depiction doing all that gesturing? Loved that touch to the currybuns. xD

    • Ness says:

      Hehehe, I looked at the post when I was on lunch eating my steak at work xD

      Yeah! Those chocolate crinkles look so yummmmm

  3. Kyokai says:

    OMG everything looks SO DELICIOUS!!!

    YOU KNOW WHAT?! We can actually make a Metanorn FEAST out of everything that the girls cooked. If I hadn’t just eaten dinner I would be drooling like anything!

    Girls, everything looks so yummilicious. Thank you for taking out the time to cook for Metanorn! Who knew, we had such awesome cooks in the team, eh? :3

    Btw, anaaga, vegetables remind you of me? …OTL. But at least, it has one thing, you will eat some healthy food… Pro tip, something that is fried in oil and batter of carbs has a lot of calories. >.<''

    • anaaga says:

      Now I don’t feel like eating that veggie thingy anymore

      • Kyokai says:

        Hahahaaa! They look delicious though. Eating it occasionally should be good! >:D

  4. Zabobinator says:

    I made 45 of those cookies. They were gone in less than 24 hours. xD


  5. anaaga says:

    My handwriting is so ugly


  6. Overcooled says:

    Wow, we’re going to be awesome waifus (lulz). I wish I could eat everything here, you’re all so multi-talented~ My respect for all of you has risen by 10 points!

    • Kyokai says:

      Bwahahahahaaaaa! That’s a very good point. Beautiful girls and awesome cooking skills? There should be a line in front of our houses, seriously! xD

      • Hoshi says:

        ~I’ve had guy friends who’ve told me a way to get to them is through food LULZ. *starts learning how to cook Korean food for Taemin*

        • Overcooled says:

          I cook for my guy friends, but guys eat ANYTHING so they just sort of gobble it down and then mumble thanks if they remember to. OTL

          Maybe Taemin will appreciate it though 8D ehehehe

    • Ness says:

      Awesome waifus, pfft. I’m gonna make sure that I marry someone who will do the cooking xD

  7. Amutofan123 says:

    Awww, now I’m hungry! It all looks so tasty! I can’t cook. At all. I’m afraid to touch a stove.

    • Ness says:

      I was like that too but then I kinda got forced into it with making breakfast. ><;

  8. baka_girl says:

    Everything looks so yummy~
    Anaaga is making bakwan! *rofl* Add some corn next time!
    Ness’ sushi looks so pro, I want to taste it! 🙂

    Would be nice if I can see Cooking Showcase from Meta Boys :p

    • Hato-kun says:

      I endorse the Meta Boys cooking show. It would be awesomely disgusting.

    • anaaga says:

      I did add corn. It’s just not showing though >:3

    • Ness says:

      The sushi didn’t taste as awesome compared to a sushi bar/restraunt><; @Hato: PFFFT I gave you boys time but you never submitted anything. Not even a cup of ramen noodles or a sandwich!

  9. Alynn says:

    Wow! All of that food looks so nice!
    I just want to eat everything D;
    So hungry and I just had lunch too.

  10. Moni Chan says:

    ahhhhh oishi desu. sushi srimps my favorites my mouth is watery right now

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  12. Namika says:

    FOOD O_O
    And I happen to stumble upon this post when I feel like my stomach is going to explode, from eating too much rice T_T
    But this is an AWESOME ideaaaaaa~ ^O^
    I am going to cook/bake something tooooooooooooo *~*
    Any requests?……. :3 Kyokai, Hoshi, Cool-chan, Ness, Zabo-chan, have you ever tasted sugar cookies????? :3

    And for the last thing I wanted to say… Ahem. I WANT TO SEE GUYS COOK TOO!!!! *0*

  13. Junko says:

    Holy crud, Zabo, send me some of those!

  14. Tofu says:

    A cooking post isn’t a cooking post without MAPO TOFU! xD Nah I’m just kidding. All these look delicious girls (and Ness) 😛

    I actually made some mapo tofu a day ago (vegetarian of course) and then this post comes up the day after. Coincidence? Maybe I was too celebrating :3

  15. Karakuri says:

    Everything looks so good everyone! I wish I had submitted something too, but sadly I had no time…and now I want udon.

  16. Reaper says:

    Where’s my pizza?!?! Oh wait, hai there Pizza Hut…
    Lol, they all look great guys but…Metanorn cooking? Is this another step on the way of taking over the world, one kitchen at a time? XD

    • Ness says:

      Indeed, we’re trying to cover every area possible! J/king xD

  17. panda says:

    wow you guys are awesome cooks.. and i didn’t eat anything til now… need food…

  18. Foshizzel says:

    Oh man you all have awesome cooking skills! If we lived together we wouldn’t go hungry hahaha

    I am drooling it all looks amazing!!

  19. Yvoon says:

    ooh, it think i can smell it…xD

    oh god, this is AWESOME!!

    can i submit a recipe anytime? coz i LOVE to cook, but just haven’t go the time lately 🙁

    man, this level of skill….aww…so envious.

    ooh!, lunch time for me!~ how coincidental!! me go pig out now!~

    • Ness says:

      Just post here if you make something as long as this topic keeps active.. haha hopefully :3

  20. Captain says:

    Daifuuku’s new butler has decided to catch on with the cooking fever and made you guys something as well~


    ..to be honest, this was actually the lunch I made for myself, but oh well! There’s more, actually, but I was halfway through my lunch when I saw this post. I’m sure you don’t want to have some half-eaten food gifts.

    Go consumables! And happy third year, Metanorn~

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