Tiger & Bunny – 09

The only time you will see babysitters with tasers. Hopefully.

I managed to make it through Anime North mostly unscathed. I bought Barnaby and Kotetsu charms to hook onto my cellphone. Everywhere I go, Barnaby will be poking out of my pocket with a terse glare on his face alongside Kotetsu. I couldn’t be more pleased. Anyways, now that I’m back, I have time to catch up on everything and (school included, but let’s not think about that) get my posting rhythm back~

This week focuses on Dragon Kid a.k.a. Paolin and how she transitions from a tomboy who doesn’t wear a hairclip to a tomboy who wears a hairclip. A stunning transformation, I know. Her family stayed home while Paolin went to Japan to be a Hero, and they gave her a beautiful flower pin to show their affection for her. As a rough and tumble martial artist who starts every sentence with ‘boku’ she refuses to wear the damned thing.

As for the boys, they’re called straight from their oxygen chamber session to take care of the Mayor’s baby. Or at least, Kotetsu is. He drops the bomb that he’s actually a dad and his wife died of an illness five year ago, which sends everyone but his old buddy Antonio into shock. Despite having more babysitting experience than the whole lot of them duct-taped together, he makes the poor kid cry the second it looks at him. Furniture starts to fly, and that’s when Agnes mentions the kid is a NEXT.

The heroes all take turns trying to calm down the baby, each attempt more amusing than the next. The only one who manages to soothe the kid is Paolin, who the baby accepts as a temporary mother. Seeing as she’s the only one capable of keeping it from acting like a vengeful poltergeist, Kotetsu forces Paolin to look after the baby with them. They set up camp at Barnaby’s place, much to his disdain.

Somehow they squeeze some backstory into the babysitting fiasco. Barnaby lets the baby play with a robot he got as a child (it’s one of the only things decorating his apartment) and then the two of them lecture Paolin about treasuring gifts from parents. Because if you don’t wear the socks your mama bought you, it means you hate her. After a long day of taking care of the brat, Paolin goes to bed while Kotetsu and Barnaby do adult things.

By ‘adult things’ I mean talk about Barnaby’s desperate attempts to find his parent’s murderer. Kotetsu just sits there topless (this is important) and manages to make Barnaby go all sparkly-eyed and reassured with a mere two sentences. Then they both get piss drunk and wake up to find Paolin and the baby kidnapped by NEXT triplet she-devils.

Agnes was unfortunate to be the one the triplets caught on the phone, so she’s acting as the decoy and bringing the ransom money for the baby. The two girls that come for the money can smell both money and lies, so they figure out the truth pretty quickly and go on the offensive. Barnaby saves Agnes while Kotetsu chases after them, only to be outwitted by their feminine wiles. (i.e. DEM LEGS)

“…they’d look better on Bunny.”

As Kotetsu and Barnaby continue to flail about, the skunk-haired sister who can smell danger gets some bad vibes from Paolin. Their plans are mostly foiled, so they plan to escape without Paolin. This just results in the baby bawling its eyes out and causing so much chaos that everyone is surrounded by fire. The baby is so strong it floats into the air for Paolin to save it and get in position for a punishing counterattack.

Kotetsu and Barnaby finally make their entrance, but there’s not much else left to do. As the story seems to be tapering off, Barnaby throws a sudden fit and leaps through the ceiling screaming. Seeing Kotetsu’s hot manly figure surrounded by flames was just too much for him….Okay, but seriously, he had a flashback of the killer and he looked a wee bit like Kotetsu. That still doesn’t change the fact that he plowed through the ceiling with his body.

It’s official. Barnaby’s parents were killed by a naked hobo.

Bonus Screenshots:

…and my screencap trigger finger goes wild



“Please treasure this gift if we’re ever mysteriously murdered!” “What?” “Oh, nothing!”



End Thoughts: I have to admit, the babysitting episode was quite a treat. It was a nice comedic break from the intensity of Lunatic, but definitely not a filler episode. There was also a lot of sappy aspects to the episode, mostly concerning Barnaby’s development. I don’t think he did one asshole thing the entire episode. He called Kotetsu a good dad, shared some of his past WILLINGLY with Kotetsu, tucked Paolin in, and even got dangerously drunk with the old man. Feel free to fill in the blanks about what happened that night, my fellow fujoshi. All I have to say is that Barnaby looked mightily touched by Kotetsu’s words about finding the killer.

After all that development in the positive direction, Barnaby looks like he might suspect Kotetsu as the murderer. I’m really hoping all his development doesn’t go down the drain, because it’s obviously NOT Kotetsu in the flashback. They both have facial hair – that is the only point of resemblance! The killer seems to be some creeper in prison who is slowly on his way to breaking out. Was he a member of Ouroboros? I managed to potentially spoil Ouroboros’ identity for myself, and if you want to as well, I found a neat speculation picture here. It’s not an official spoiler, but still..click at your own risk.

But enough about T&B, I talk about those two boys and their homosexual tendencies enough in these posts. How bout dat Pow-lin? Paolin didn’t really feel very..involved..in the episode. I understand they were trying to say she didn’t appreciate her parents enough, but showing it through a material item was a bad idea. Not liking a gift given to you by your parents doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t think they’re important and love them. They simplified it to the point where I can only imagine the director’s meeting as “OK GUYS, SHE’S A SELFISH PRICK UNTIL SHE WEARS THE FLOWER PIN. BUT WHEN SHE DOES, EVERYTHING IS BETTER.” It was a very superficial transition. Blue Rose at least went through a mini identity crisis and Ivan went through hell in his episode. In other words, she was just a cheap device to uncover some dirt on Kotetsu and Barnaby.

But come on, Kotetsu and Barnaby were both daddys together. Was that the best thing ever or the best thing ever?

Preview: Kotetsu’s doesn’t even ATTEMPT to speak english this time. Anyways, the next episode involves a paid vacation that is interrupted in order to deal with a car bomb. Is there a reason they’re going to vacation anyways? Is Barnaby having a breakdown? All this next time on T&B~


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27 Responses to “Tiger & Bunny – 09”

  1. Alynn says:

    I seriously need to catch up on Tiger and Bunny now.

    LOL “…tomboy who doesn’t wear a hairclip to a tomboy who wears a hairclip”

  2. Joojoobees says:

    I question the idea that Paolin would be a tomboy just because she does martial arts. One of my favorite cinema kung fu fighters was Kara Hui (Hui Ying-Hung). All woman, and some awesome fighting skills.

    As to Kotetsu and Barnie, I thought it was pretty funny that they start out drinking champagne, and wake up the next morning surrounded with empty beer cans. LOL!

    • Overcooled says:

      Well, this isn’t exactly a cliche breaking show so they just went for a simple tomboy martial artist chick. :/ Heck, I’m a martial artist and I still wear petty hairclips!

      Those two just get classier and classier…lol.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Lol best transformation ever! add in a hair clip, now shes another Misaka short hair+flower hair clip+Electric pohwa! Anyway nice to see another side character doing something else.

    Also Bunny is letting Tiger in on more of his life guess he trusts him more, damn I was like WHAT? TIGER IS THE KILLER? Then was like oh thank god…just looks like him… >.>;

    Damn you naked hobo! He was finger panting lolol..

    • Overcooled says:

      I like seeing the side characters get some limelight, even if their stories are kind of meh at times.

      Kotetsu is so NOT the killer. Barnaby better realize it’s the hobo!

  4. Mad Chemist says:

    I was really surprised by this episode, I expected nonstop baby lulz and ended up getting some pretty good character building along with it. I liked Kotetsu and Barnaby’s completely manly and hetrosexual bonding, and their drunken slumber party was pretty lulzy in itself. Plus Dragon Kid was pretty cool when she handled the babysitters while juggling the baby at the end. Honestly though I think my favorite part of the episode was Agnes casually popping in to tell the heroes that the baby was psychic while furniture and decorations were flying around and leaving without batting an eye.

    I agree that the hairpin message was pretty cheesy. I’m willing to give it some points though, since I was worried the show was leading up to “Dragon Kid needs to act like a giiiiiiiiirl” instead. Plus it led to Tiger getting soulcrushed by Kaede again, and those are some of the best gags.

    It does look like next episode’s gonna be a lot more serious! We all know that Kotetsu doesn’t rock the Captain Morgan facial hair that the killer did, but Barnaby probably won’t until he sees the two of them together. we may see more of Captain Morgan next episode, I don’t know if he’s behind the bombs but I’m excited either way.

    • Overcooled says:

      I don’t get how they manage to fit in such splendid character development into such a dorky episode. My favourite lulzy moments were the drunken beer party and Sky High’s fail attempt to console the baby XD

      It could have been worse…yes. Because the last thing we need is for a hero to be girly and care more about their hair than saving people. :/

      Haha, Captain Morgan, yes. I agree, Barnaby is such a spazzy, emotional character that he probably won’t put two and two together until he sees the other guy. It might be a bit too soon to bring him out yet, but SOMETHING intense is going down next episode. Can’t wait!

    • cassi says:

      Agnes is just awesome!

  5. Metalsnakezero says:

    Paolin story could had been better but she is still a kid that is away from her parents so I give it that. Also she so cute and kinda hot XD

    • Overcooled says:

      Paolin is pretty cute, especially when Kotetsu pats her head at the end and she looks all pleased with herself :3

  6. Snowley says:

    Yep, that was the best thing ever.

    The last scene with a hobo scratching (?) a wall was very freaky. Is this show getting DEEP? (especially with Bunny’s Batman complex)

    Overally I thought this show is gonna be a cheap commercial, but surprised me in a good way. It’s not even a shonen, more like action/adventure with great Marvel-like characters and dialouges. Best action show of the season?

    • Overcooled says:

      I think he’s a NEXT trying to escape D: I wasn’t even going to watch this until I saw some good reviews of it, so I gave it a shot and ended up loving it. An anime about heroes and advertising has no right to be this good <3

  7. Elyon says:

    “OMG Paolin, your parents got you a present you didn’t like?! You’re supposed to place sentimental value in every gift you ever receive for the rest of your life even though if they really knew your personality they wouldn’t get you something like that in the first place. Shame on you!”

    -.- If I were her, I would have used my NEXT powers to beat the crap out of Kotetsu at that moment….
    okay, that’s a lie because he’s too moe and lovable, but I’d still be pissed.

    But DAMN, this episode was still awesome. There was heavy yaoi insinuations, shirtless Kotetsu, badass babies, and nekkid hobos. That’s all I need to be happy TwT

    • Overcooled says:

      There’s no way Kotetsu and Barnaby would instantly assume not wearing one tacky gift = TOTAL DISRESPECT FOR PARENTS and then lecture the hell out of her if it was real life…

      …Wait, why are naked hobos on the list of things that make you happy?

  8. Zyl says:

    I was LOL when Blue Rose got short-circuited by the news that Kotetsu had a wife and has a 9 year old daughter. Fire Emblem’s observation that she seems broken and thus dumping the situation onto Paolin by default – brilliant!

    It was a little surprising how easily one of the sisters manage to chloroform Paolin and knock her out given that she knows kungfu but I suppose the new experience of babysitting must have been enough of a distraction to make that plausible. In any case, I’m a Dragon Kid fan now!

    • Alynn says:

      I lol’d as well when Blue Rose heard the news. I think that might have been my favourite part!

      I’m a Dragon Kid Fan too now~

    • Overcooled says:

      Haha Karina’s unrequited love takes a serious blow XD I liked that part too, watching them all handle the baby was wonderful.

      I guess the baby distracted her so much she couldn’t hear the girl coming behind her :/ She’s still pretty awesome though!

  9. chimney says:

    I’ve decided the killer is really…Branaby! About ten years down the road from the current time-line he finally lost it due to his parents untimely deaths. When somebody with the power to manipulate time tossed him back to the past where he killed his parents out of insanity. Now his ‘present’ and ‘future naked hobo’ self are stuck in the same time-line.

  10. Hime says:


    Nuff said.

  11. cassi says:

    I really appreciated the fujoshi fanservice in this episode aka having Kotetsu drinking champagne in Bunny’s apartment TOPLESS…I love this show! The hair pin clip thing and having Paolin be the babysitter because she’s a girl, was just stupid!

  12. MikADo says:


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