Nichijou – 05

Blood loss and action!

Fosh: Another week that brings more over the top fun with Nichijou! So far the last few episodes haven’t been as drop dead hilarious as the first three for me. So, hopefully this week brings us something funny to laugh about, also more scenes with Mio! Well, time to hit up this tag review with Ness!

Ness: Oh my oh my, the weather lately has been on and off between cloudy and sunny. But fortunately today is a sunny day! And what did I do?! I slept in and skipped my morning classes but went to my afternoon class (which is my last class of the day). Now I am home, still sunny out and here I am writing my input for Nichijou 5. But man, I do want to go out but why is everyone so busy today?! So yeah, Nichijou, very good indeed. I missed the episode 4 review but I’ll try to make it up here…

Fosh: Stories this week! More games of rock-paper-scissors and drawing contest between Mio and Aioi, also some Hakase neko cosplay, as well as Hakase drawing on one of Nano’s favorite things.

Nano- “That’s so MOE!”                                                               Hakase- “Nyan~?”

The start of this episode was so damn cute with Hakase doing her best cat-girl cosplay! Hakase saying nyan and Nano saying moe over and over was so fun to listen to. Then we have Mohawk kid going on a journey to raise a ghost! Maybe he overdosed on Ghost Adventures? But he asks for the ghost of Bob Hope; of course the “priest” trolls him and demands to get paid. So, the kid decides to make a break for it!

Mohawk-“I must find the ghost type pokemon!”


Mai versus Aioi… Round one thousand?!

Mai-“You can’t possibly think you will defeat, me Aioi….”

This face, so cute but also very sneaky; don’t fall for it!

After that interesting game of rock-paper-scissors between the best couple in Nichjiou, we join Hakase messing around with Nano’s Daruma Doll. Hakase sees one of the eyes is blank while the other colored; not realizing it was originally made this way. So, she colors the blank eye and ends up screwing things up, and covers it up by drawing glasses on the doll. Also hides it inside her lab coat pretending to have a baby. Oh, Hakase, you are a crazy little girl, but that’s what I like about you.

This was a great scene seeing these two laughing! Hakase better stick to inventions for now.

What a lovely child you have, Hakase; it has your… uhh, wooden body?

The last section of this episode involves Aioi walking up to Sakurai and asking if she can include one of her own drawings on the next test. Mio passes by and looks over the drawing and spaces out from the terrible drawing skills of Aioi! This whole scene was so good, reminded me of being back in my art classes with everyone trying to one up on each other’s on drawing skill. Of course Mio wants to show off too! However, Sakurai doesn’t quite understand Mio’s artistic choices giving guys glasses. This goes back and forth for a while until Mio draws something with her favorite crush Sasahara, which ends up in the next test destroying Mio’s mind.


Mio presents the smoking man! Watch out fangirls Mio might kill you if you steal this.


The universe went in reverse while Mio perfected the greatest masterpiece… ever!

And then she drew some more yaoi art! Sorry, Mio, you have failed me but made all the fangirls scream.

Mio- “Yep, my life is officially over; I better move away and change my name”

Extra laughs


Mio- “Don’t you dare cut me out of another episode, Aioi!”

Aioi in the writing process of the next exciting episode of Nichijou!

I get this way sometimes during my own artwork! Well, I don’t have short twin tails, hahaha

End Thoughts:

Fosh: Amazing episode this week! We had lots of random events and games being played, although it is mostly Aioi trying to get the other girls to entertain her. More rock-paper-scissors; of course, gets a bit old after what the first three times? Either way the way Aioi adds a twist with the rolled up paper did make me laugh. However, do not play against Mai! She will beat you every time and hit you with a wooden statue. Ouch!

The other random event that was so great involves the toy that Aioi plays with: Daruma otoshi was so epic with Mio catching it midair and smacking the hell out of Aioi’s skull! Left me laughing and I had to re-watch it a few times.  It’s the small things like that in this series so far that make it so entertaining and fun for me; they are great filler spots for comedy.

Now for the best part ever! The drawing scenes between Mio and Aioi; like I said earlier reminded me of my art class back in High school. Everyone always tried to show off their drawing skills which ended up a bit like the whole scene. We all can tell both girls are very competitive when the pressure is on! I think Mio is more intense about it though. I was happy that Mio got to have more time in this episode; always need more of her and Mai is a close second for me.

Ness: First off, I would like to say that a Neko Hakase is just awesomely cute. But I wonder what Sakamoto-san was thinking when he stared for a few. I find that Sakamoto-san and Mai are the two characters that are not too predictable in this series. As well, the whole moe thing with a repeat of meow scene lost it’s touch after a few. Following that opening, seeing more of Nakanojou was awesome. But man poor dude with the mohawk suffering from no hair growth on his sides is just amusing. Nakanojou’s contemplation of mediums was just too random for me. What kind of high school boy would spend his free day to travel 8 hours just to find the truth behind some random idea? Well, an eccentric one who has too much free time on his hands to think about such random things. But what was even more awesome was how Nakanojou did not find it suspicious for some random ‘medium’ to be sitting in the middle of the road. To add to that, who would ask a medium to first contact Bob Hope?! As well, the impersonation that the medium gave was just hilarious and it somehow reminded me of some scene in South Park when the medium was voicing it. Poor kid, finding out that he was fooled was just epic. The Starbucks cup, iPod, McDonald’s fries and the TAMAGOTCHI! THEY STILL DO EXIST! … in an anime. What makes this realization so amusing is the items chosen just have to be something well known.

The short daruma game scene was like another epic sausage saving scene but with Yuuko getting owned by Mio. But wouldn’t you think that Mio would be knocked out or something by getting smacked in the head with the block? I think that Mio is probably my favorite character next to Mai for her awesome yaoi drawing and voice of reason. The jan ken pon penalty game brought back some memories of when I was a kid playing the same game but without the penalty of getting hit and trying to block the hit. Though, as kids we were into DBZ and such, so someone had to pull a Kamehameha or some sort of DBZ move instead of ‘pon’. Anyway, poor Yuuko, you’d think she would be smart enough by now not to try to play such a game with Mai and especially when some sort of penalty is involved.

The drawing showdown was hilarious. At the mention of the word “man”, Mio is pulled into the senseless drawing battle. Though, you would think that she would not bother when it’s involving two of the most dense people in the show but Mio gets carried away trying to prove a point until she unleashes the BL! What cracks me up is that the sensei and Yuuko are so oblivious to what Mio was getting at and that the drawing was in the test. Such a good way to end this episode. Having some Mio conflict did make up for the lack of her in the previous episode 4.


Nice to meet you! You shall be called MR. O!

Next week, who knows? More crazy adventures from our favorite high school girls and more super experiments with Hakase!



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25 Responses to “Nichijou – 05”

  1. Overcooled says:

    I started to feel like I needed to give Nichijou more credit after how funny episode 4 was. and then episode 5 comes out and thinks having a cut girl go “nya” for 20 seconds constitutes as a joke. *sigh* So many misses this episode! T.T Oh well, at least the art is interesting…Maybe next time will be better? More Sakamoto please?! (my favourite character by far)

    • Foshizzel says:

      True they have been missing a few times on the comedy, but the side bits like the mohawk kid and Mio getting smacked by the wooden toy made me laugh the most. The parts with Mai and Aioi playing are getting dull, I mean how many more rock, paper, scissors games are we going to sit through?

      And Hakase’s Nya thing wasn’t anything new I can agree to that its been done in a few shows already.

      Yes! More Sakamoto hahah that is a fun character!

    • Ness says:

      I know! That opening of the nya was so miss on me><; I think the main thing that I liked in this episode was Nakanojou and the medium.

      • Eri says:

        I also didn’t find the ~nyan scene interesting at all. I was waiting patiently for it to end 🙁

    • Dan-go says:

      i dislike you now OC. not every joke has to be gods gift to wit! sometime the silly stupid jokes make you laugh just as hard as the constructed and acute epitets

      • Overcooled says:

        lol at least it’s not like me and Tofu, who disagree on everything. I went the entire episode without laughing, sometimes it doesn’t tickle my funny bone at all and for a humour show…that’s bad XD

      • Foshizzel says:

        Well if we all liked the same thing that might be boring 😛

  2. Hato-kun says:

    This show needs more love. It’s so good. Sections of the episodes might be a bit hit and miss, but a lot of the time, it’s awesome.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh I still love this series lots of great moments so far, I think each episode has it’s fair share of WHOA! Moments.

  3. MikADo says:

    the show gets more astral each episode 😛

  4. Eri says:

    I also agrree with Fosh on that the random events are the best in the series! That Daruma otoshi was more than the word EPIC can depict. I had to rewatch 15 or so times until I got bored of pressing the browse bar (because I never got bored of the scene)

    P.S.: In some parts you have misnamed Mai-chan as Mio :3

    • Foshizzel says:

      HAhahah yes that was funny! I loved the awesome after image of Aioi after Mio smashed the hell out of her head lmao so good.

      LOL Yeah I watched it a few times just to get that screen cap, pause as the space bar in VLC is key!

      Dohhhhhhh I shall look lmao.

  5. Elyon says:

    Mio’s drawings of Sasahara are just too funny XD But that daruma thing was the best. This is the first time I laughed at something Hakase did.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lmao yeah Mio’s drawings are always great! A little on the fangirl side but still funny.

      LOL Hakase so random and fun, I died laughing when Sakamoto was rolling on the ground with her xD

  6. Moni Chan says:

    omg i made the anime club @ my school watch nichijou THEY LOVED IT. its better watching anime with a bunch of high schooled OTAKU’S

    • Foshizzel says:

      Nichijou is so fun! I watch it with my brother we both laugh so much, it’s really a great show to watch with others.

  7. Moni Chan says:

    i need mio chan’s drawing skills

  8. Dan-go says:


  9. Gicchan says:

    Pfft, Yuko’s drawing reminds me of Hanamichi though. 8D

  10. Yi says:

    Daruma doll! That thing is awesome.

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