Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 03

Extreme bike jumps this week

Fosh: Welcome to more Denpa! So far things are really interesting and I’m surprised there are so many cute characters! Especially with Ryuuko and Maekawa, both are really fun to watch. I still think the whole town is filled with aliens hiding as humans, but who knows? Anyway, time to review!

Ness: Man it has been such a tiresome week and there’s more craptacular things to come. I’m slightly behind on spring anime already! I could have caught up this past week but I decided that sleep and kdorama was more important. But hopefully I can catch up next week. Anyways, so how about that Denpa Onna? Another week episode of cuteness to come…

Fosh: Plot breakdown! Which mostly follows Makoto, as he explores Erio’s past as to why she thinks she’s an alien. He comes up with a way to “scare” her into acting more human. We also learn Meme forgot most of her memories of having Erio in the first place.

I loved this! It makes for some decent wallpaper.

Maekawa- “Sigh… why can’t I go on a date too?”         Makoto- “Sorry, I’ve enough crazy girls after me!”

So, Makoto is adjusting to his new life and school. He even gets to go on a date with Ryuuko who shows off another side of her personality rather than the airhead side. She really enjoys the mysteries of life; she finds them fascinating even stuff like how a cell phone works (maybe Miki should give her lessons?!). I like that about Ryuuko’s character of how she’s always curious about things.

Ryuuko- “Will you accept this drink? I MADE IT MYSELF!”

Makoto- “Oh god, it tastes like battery acid!”

OMG FANG!                                     Makoto-“It’s so…c..cute I can’t stop staring!”

After his date with Ryuuko, Makoto returns home and gets a visit from Meme. Yeah, this whole scene was strange; you could easily tell Meme wanted something from him or she was super lonely; however, I did get a few laughs with how she acted around him. She does reveal some more about Erio and warns him not to get too close to her even if he finds her attractive. That is his cousin, so yeah…

Meme- “I DEMAND A HUG! NOW!!!!”                     Makoto- “Are you high again?”

Meme- “Strip poker anyone?”               Makoto “Hell yes! Wait a sec… Noooo! Go away, AUNTY!!”

Okay, I admit, Meme is cute when she remains calm.

During class Makoto thinks about some ideas to help Erio get over her alien fixation. Basically he wants to scare the crap out of her, while going downhill! I guess that’s one way to make someone act normal, huh? However, his plan doesn’t go as he thinks and the breaks on the bike fail him, sending Erio and himself flying into the ocean. The episode ends with Erio telling Makoto her human name! I guess somehow he got through to her for now anyway.

Makoto-“I will throw you off a cliff if you don’t act normal!”

Brakes shot! Time for extreme speed!!

Sick jumping skills there, Makoto! I don’t think the judges like the bike though.

Erio hates being thrown into the ocean.

Erio why are you so cute?! Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg!

Extra UFOs

Giant strawberries look great!

Meme- “Tonight I shall be your body pillow, Makoto!”

Erio- “I should team up with that Squid girl…”

I used to do the same thing during class! Well, I didn’t draw crabs…

End Thoughts:

Fosh: A fun episode this time around too, seems like we are getting some small progression with Erio and Makoto’s story. Also some stuff on Meme this week as well, strange that she has no memories of when she had Erio! I guess that will add to the mystery factor with her character. Makes me question if Meme is an actual alien or was really abducted? It could explain a bit on Erio if that is really true or not might be an interesting twist.

Also, kind of nice to see Makoto going on some friendly dates, not that Ryuuko and Makoto make the best pair; I think they are just alright together. Unless we find out Erio isn’t related to Makoto? Not that this is going to become a hardcore romance story. The whole scene with Ryuuko and Makoto at the restaurant was so funny, especially when she had to “think” about something using all those sound effects and getting her arms stuck in the air!

Now for that ending! I guess Makoto was onto something, although I wouldn’t suggest scaring the daylights out of someone to “cure them” but it did work for Erio. However, we’ll have to actually see if Erio returns to normal or continues using another mattress to cover herself up. Forgot to mention the music! Wow, it is getting good with those ending videos! I wonder if the ending will change every time? Hopefully, yes!

Ness: This episode flew by me so fast. At first there was a bunch of random dialogue and events but then finally some main story plot kicks in. I actually don’t have too much to say but I’ll try to point out some things but I’m sure that by the time that I finish getting down my thoughts from this episode, about 1 hour has gone by from being distracted by other things. But anyway, so we get a pretty cool opening! Well, maybe not that cool but the transition was very well. I’m actually liking the opening song of this series more. The song just matches so well to Erio’s eccentric character and the people around Makoto.

Even more, Makoto’s classmates are just strange! Well, we get some time with Ryouko and she showers us with her strange taste in drinks and moe attitude. To think the girl would care about her hair over getting to wear her awesome helmet? Guess her head isn’t filled with just clouds and bunnies. As well, Maekawa is just as strange. I’m unsure if Maekawa is just a cosplayer or actually working at night. While Maekawa is sort of a clutz, she feels more on the serious side but people don’t take her serious. Makoto is just the type of person who goes with the flow and changes his attitude to adjust with the person he’s around. As for Meme, I find her character to be humorous at time but then sometimes she’s annoying with her acting like a high school cute girl. WTF sparkly hair came from Meme! As well, Makoto seems to act unchanged by Meme’s advancements but I was proved wrong when after their discussion of Erio, Makoto tried to inhale the pillow that Meme laid on. I wonder, how many of us has probably done such a thing? But to get caught, now that was hilarious. Poor Makoto, he should be on the lookout.

It actually took me to watch the ending of the second episode to figure out the ET references. I didn’t know that at the end of the song that there was Makoto riding the bike in the sky. But for them to finally make the ET reference in the episode, it was bound to happen. The daring ride down the hill to see if they can fly was pretty cool. But seeing how Makoto got Erio to face the truth of things, that was clever of him but it felt too soon. Well, I just feel that the development of things was sort of rushed. Erio finally introduces herself and seems closer to being normal but we are only on the third episode! So now I am unsure what to expect and I almost feel that we can just end the series now. Well, I might feel this way also because I have no great likeness for this series. I don’t know if I like it but I don’t dislike. Guess we’ll find out more to come.


Yes, Makoto, jumping off a cliff has some downsides too and breaking an arm is one of them

More mysteries solved with Erio’s background! And of course Meme being creepy yet cute again?



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20 Responses to “Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 03”

  1. Reaper says:

    Makoto, makoto…telling off your aunt about her inappropriate behaviour then rubbing your face into your pillow in an attempt to smell her scent…feel the irony…XD
    Glad to see there was more to Meme than just a pretty, older version of Erio herself (almost like a younger twin sister…difference being hair/eye colour and a few body sizes…age does that to you). What she said now makes me wonder how everything started, and to be honest, I have no freakin clue. Love it when an anime does that; then again, easily perceived plots are quite the disappointment cough Gosick cough…:)
    Glad to see Makoto exploring more with the other members of his harem class; Maekawa’s blank face to Ryuuko’s almost child-like mentality (meaning her curiosity). Not sure if he’ll accept the next drink concoction from Ryuuko if it tasted like battery acid XD
    Waiting to see how Erio’s reintegration into society comes along, especially when one of them as a broken arm and is laid up in hospital for a month…actually, imagine this. Makoto’s sitting up on his bed, arm casted, waiting anticipatively for the hot nurses when a familiar aunt’s voice drifts through the door…heheh, I’ll leave your imagination at that!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Poor Makoto! Surrounded by all these girls, even thou Meme was throwing herself at him this episode and I laughed I knew she would be back in the room after getting booted xD

      Lol yeah guess you can tell what Erio will look like older! Agreed almost like a sister.

      Lol yeah nice to see him keeping his options open, then again theres just Ryuuko and Maekawa to choose from Erio and Meme no!! No incest pleeasseee hahah. Yeah I like Ryuuko the most, I like the oddball types she keeps reminding me of Yui from both Angel beats and K-on.

      Yeah I am waiting on that as well, we shall see how long she can last being “human” LOL Meme the aunt? OH GOD hahah

    • Dan-go says:

      just saying. VICTORIQUE!!!!! good character design (or just being well drawn) can usually hook people with or without plot.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Well I wont deny that Victorique is damn cute too! Although the show fails for me, however I can’t bash it because I know a few that really love it despite the fail.

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    This show is strangely awesome.
    I do get the feeling Ryuuko is trying to get Makoto with the whole “I didn’t want to wear my helmet” thing. Well sooner or later she’ll use her Kyubey powers to get him :3

    Oh Meme, you so great. I think she should use her Kyouko powers to really seduce him.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed this show is strange and awesome at the same time! Very fun stuff so far.

      Hahahaha yes Ryuuko seems to be a fun girl, and yeah damn that QB va! But I can’t hate Ryuuko to much for that.

      LOL Meme yep she is obviously trying to get into Makoto’s pants somehow.

  3. amado says:

    now were going somewhere.
    erios is cute, whether with the futon or not.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh yes things are going somewhere finally hahah

      Erio yessss so cute with or without the mattress good point 😛

  4. Starry says:

    I havent been watching this, but I must say that the art is really nice. O.O

    I love their eyes! >.<

    • Foshizzel says:

      Totally! The artwork and character designs are really nice, yeah the eyes are detailed I love them!!

  5. Dan-go says:

    I sense something awesome in the build up. i feel like it would be a major let down if they just have it with erio being an alien. just lazyness on the plotwriters behalf. much the same if it turns out shes just bats*** crazy. But i really dont see how they can play it any other way. so hooked to this right now. and DAT ED

    • Tofu says:

      I umm… also blog on another site so like… if you ever have time..ya know, I blog Denpa Onna and Moshidora so… visit me..? not like you have to or anything… just..putting it out there ya know.. Dan. XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      There is something awesome being built up for us, well lets hope Erio still maintains her “odd” factor somehow I don’t think the change will be to dramatic.

      Yes DAT ED! Loved the video at least even if the song didn’t change.

  6. Kyokai says:

    This is getting quite surreal. Not your particular SHAFT show but they are doing a good job creating enough hook for the audience to clue in every week. Erio is just sooo kawaiii and I’m loving all the ED animations.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes very surreal! And agreed we get bits of information every time, Erio is really cute! They did a great job on the designs so far all the girls have something cute about them.

  7. edru says:

    correction: meme said not to fall for erio if he just finds her beautiful.
    aka he should love her not for her looks but for who she is. she’s giving her to him if he can accept erio.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hmmmm true xD

      Yep this is a good point as well, I think Erio gets along quite well with him then again it’s more brother sister relationship for me between them.

  8. A-chan says:

    I loved the ”Toki wo kakeru shojo” moment
    ”Tomare tomare tomare TOMAREEE” xD Makoto and Erio are very cute together, but I love also Ryoko and this weird Aunt!!
    Oh my this episode 3 proves me how I love this anime!!! can’t wait for the others episodes

    w I love comments under the pictures!!! x’DDD ”body pillow x’DDDDDDDD!!!

    ps : EBI 😀 !!! *ikamusume*

    • Foshizzel says:

      Erio and Ryuuko are my favorites so far! Meme is close but more like a 5th haha she is fine when calm xD

      Thanks! She practically wanted to stay the night in his room haha.

      Yes! xD

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