A Channel – 05

Buying, wearing swimsuits are a PAIN.

~OH SUMMER, COME FASTER PLEASE! As a high school senior, I don’t think I’ve ever been waiting for summer so much before in my entire life. This week’s A Channel has just added fuel to that fire as I’m literally biting my nails in anticipation. Plus, now that the So-Cal temperatures are starting to rise in preparation for summer, I would really like to swim in a nice, clean swimming pool, uwah.

Summer heat is just downright unbearable for some, including the tiny Tooru. Run suggests that they go to the beach and surprises her with a new swimsuit. However, it turns out that even in the smallest size, her swimsuit is too loose and actually slips off…

Luckily, Tooru hides under the covers just in time as Yuuko comes into the room with ice cream. Yet she soon exposes herself after hearing that Run and Yuuko were going to split an ice cream together.

Nagi also has some trouble with swimsuits when she tags along with Yuuko at the mall and stops by a swimsuit store. It seems like everything Yuuko tries on is just perfect for her body, leaving Nagi a bit depressed. The swimsuits end up getting to Nagi and she gives in by buying one. Afterwards, Yuuko texts Run about going to the beach finally, and of course, agrees, much to Nagi’s dismay.

The girls board a train and head to the beach once they’re off for summer break! As one last swimsuit trouble, Tooru finds out the swimsuit that Run gave her is actually from when she was in elementary school, leaving poor Tooru into despair, at least for a little while.

The rest of the day is dedicated to beach fun with a little playing in the ocean, some sand castle building on top of a napping Yuuko, shrine visiting, and of course, sight seeing.

As evening hits, they decide to head back home but not without a bit of complications with Yuuko’s hair getting stuck on the train doors, and a final conversation about…tans~.

Summer Special Pic Spam!:

It’s like her boobs are the only thing keeping her afloat.

Emo corner? Please. It’s all about the Despair corner now; it’s air-conditioned.

TAKE THAT YUUKO! *celebrates victory with pretty bras*

Tooru used Sneak-Attack Stomach poke!

Why does this remind me of the Little Mermaid? (Btw Nagi looks gorgeous)

The dog pile of your nightmare (or maybe a fantasy for some of you….?)

End thoughts: I really want to go to the beach now, even though I absolutely HATE going to the beach. I even want to get out of my nice, air-conditioned house and go outside for once! THEY MAKE IT LOOK SO MUCH FUN! I’m sitting here, sipping iced tea, going “I want to play with my friends! ;3;”.  Then again, it’s just too damn hot here. You step outside and all your energy is literally melted away.

Anyways, again, this was not the most thrilling episode, but it was cute. I do see them trying to fit in some comedy from Run’s ditziness, but it doesn’t necessarily work for me and I found myself more annoyed than giggly with Run, which sucks because I love her! However, I did find the whole castle building on Yuuko and Run going out to the ocean with a net looking for fish pretty funny. I also couldn’t help but crack up in the beginning when Tooru’s swimsuit slipped off! |’D While I felt sorry for her, I couldn’t help but laugh (I’M SORRY TOORU I STILL LOVE YOU!).  Speaking of Tooru, she looked so adorable when she saw Run’s gift to her! I was like, “AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!”. I doubt I’ll ever get over her cuteness. I also have to say, at that part where Yuuko was depressed thinking people saw her as huge; GIRL IT’S COOL BEING TALL! I mean sure you hit your head when entering a small car or feel like a giant next to small kids, but I think it’s totally fun, hurrhurr (I’m like Yuuko in that I’m the tallest of my friends, minus the nice body though, ughhh).

All in all, another refreshing episode of A Channel! I have high hopes for next week’s episode though as they showed a lot of interesting images in the preview, heh~.


I’m actually really excited this time around for the preview! It looks pretty interesting as we see the return of the health teacher, Run cutting Tooru’s bands (OH LORD), and some after-school night outing at the school hopefully accompanied with some ghost stories, heheheheh. Until next week then~!



A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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12 Responses to “A Channel – 05”

  1. Zabobinator says:

    My exams are almost over…and then I shall bask in this cuteness. xD

    • Hoshi says:

      Trust me, it’ll be a big refresher :3

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Damn looks like a great episode! I shall watch this one later, and yes summer needs to arrive too even thou it gets so damn hot over here in FL -__-

    • Hime says:

      You complain Fosh, but down in deep dark Scotland we’d welcome a bit of heat. It’s been raining and cold here for a week 🙁

      • Zabobinator says:

        Nah…FL gets rather horrible sometimes. The humidity down here is something awful.

        My sympathies though. I’ll trade you for a week! xD

      • Hoshi says:

        ~Honestly, I’d rather it be cold and rainy than have to face a whole five months of mother freaking heat down here in So Cal. SO UNBEARABLE I WANNA CRY…

  3. amado says:

    I dont think there was a beach chapter in the manga yet.
    still, they did great in this.

    as usual toru figures out whats wrong with everybody(referring to the yuuko’s hair at the train door).

    • Hoshi says:

      ~There was, but it was rather short because the ocean ended up having jellyfish in it, or something like that xD Yeah, they completely changed it from the manga, but it was very well done.

  4. Dan-go says:

    i just loooove yuukos faces, her expressions just make me lol

  5. Metalsnakezero says:

    Damn, Yuuko is hot!
    Nagi looks good too, even with a seaweed on her head 😀

  6. Reaper says:

    It would like to ask, they are in high school right? Yuuko=E? Really? RL doesn’t have anything like that…
    All jokes aside, aw, Tooru, she’s just the character to love. Yuuko has the generally nice air around her, whilst Nagi is the laidback/thinking character. Run…I don’t think this show is even about Run anymore. It’s about Tooru and how small her clothes can get before they actually fit XD Oh and the secret to Yuuko’s slim body.

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