Nichijou – 03

Talking cats are epic!

Fosh: Welcome to another random and exciting episode of Nichijou! So far, I think this has got me really addicted and I’m really enjoying all the characters! Aioi is slowly growing on me as my third favorite. Other than that I recently saw Deadman Wonderland and Ao no Exorcist this weekend and damn those two shows are awesome! Anyway time to start the review.

Ness: Man it’s been such a rough night but thank goodness for such animes like this which I always look forward to watching because it makes me feel better and helps me to chillax. So yeah, we got ourselves some good humor and I hope for more epic scenes like the epic sausage save.

Fosh: Story this week follows Hakase and Nano as they find a cat resulting in some intense blush action! And we follow Aioi and Mai this week, which both turn out to be a very funny combination together! Also we get to see the random events around the school, letting some background students get in on some screen time.

Aioi is super charged this morning! She is practically glowing.

We start out with Aioi walking to school with Mio, until she runs off to get her homework. Then Aioi bumps into Mai and walks with her. However, Aioi tries to carry a conversation with her but gets no answer, so she tries everything to get her attention. She thinks Mai is mad about some food she took from her lunches, until she finally figures that she’s unable to hear her because of headphones! Aioi did reveal she broke a wooden figure of Mai’s; yeah this was great and funny watching it unfold, hahaha.

Aioi-“So, Mai wants to have a quiet game, eh? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”

Broccoli attack! GO!                    Aioi-“It’s been five minutes… I can’t take it anymore…”

Oh my god Aioi played that card! The sad puppy look.

SHAFT what are you doing in my Nichijou?! Complete with head tilts and everything.

After reaching the school, we get a bit more of Mai and Aioi comedy. This time about coping homework, I am beginning to see a common theme with Aioi! Do your damn homework girl! After borrowing Mai’s work she finds a random manga drawing of something Mai drew. This happens about three to four times! The payment juice of course. It was kind of funny watching Mai act like nothing was up and seeing Aioi falling apart, hahahaha poor girl.


We then join Nano as she passes a cat, pets it and gives us a mega blush! So damn cute! But she leaves it to pick up some eggs only to return home and find Hakase with the same cat. However, she quickly gives up her worries and pets it with Hakase. So much moe in this scene, you could end up dying a few times; anyway Hakase gives the cat a scarf that allows it to talk. That is until the cat turns out to be a complete jerk to them, but it quickly changes its tune and says sorry! Damn you neko-sama.

Nano’s epic blush, OMG SO CUTE!

Be right back I got to pass out from all the hearts and sparkles.

Hakase-“GENTLEMEN! I have discovered the color RED!”


Nano- “Dude, I think this cat is broken, can we return it???”         Hakase- “Yes, it’s a failed experiment”

Neko sama- “I am sorry, for being a royal ass!”                    Hakase-“Holy crap! It can talk!”

The last bit of the episode is the daily what-epic-event-will-Aioi-do-next section; this week we have arm wrestling with Mai! More juice on the line! Well, at least they aren’t betting money. Aioi ends up losing around twenty or so times. But each time she has a different reason for not being fully ready, which turns into some random crazy animations! This wraps up the episode.

Mio-“Finally, I get some damn screen time, you jerks!”


Clearly Aioi isn’t getting the hint there, Mai!


Mai- “Next time! We arm wrestle on a mountain.”

Extra fun

Aioi- “I just can’t look away. OH MY GOD HORRIBLE! Fan art of me and Mio!!”

Hakase- “Together with this cat will take over the world!”   Neko sama- “After I get some damn milk!”

Just in case, you missed this MORE BLUSH AND SPARLKE POWER!

Mio- “I was completely ignored again, that’s it I will kill you all.”

End Thoughts:

Fosh: Another great week for Nichijou! Although it was a bit slow at the start, I still managed to have a few good laughs during this. The start with Aioi and Mai was great, you don’t get to see those two paired up often, of course this is only the third episode. It was funny seeing all the things Aioi did to get Mai’s attention, I died laughing with all the food she wanted to give her. Who carries raw hamburger meat? Aioi, that’s who, hahaha.

Now with Nano and Hakase! The whole cat event was so damn good, mostly due to the extreme blushing and sparkles; I couldn’t get enough. And finally giving the cat the ability to speak?  Great! Although he was kind of an ass to them; still that managed to be quite funny to watch them want to return the cat. You can also see how childlike Nano can become; I think that was the big draw to her in this episode for me! I mean we know Hakase is only eight but Nano looks sixteen easily.

Lastly, the arm wrestling event! Wow that was great seeing how serious Aioi was treating it, even though she was making up all these random reasons of why it wasn’t working for her. I died when she took her clip-on ribbon off! Hahahaha, yes that ribbon is so hurting your skills. Seems she racked up quite the juice debt now for Mai and poor Mio left out in the cold this episode. Overall not the best episode ever but it still manages to continue being addictive and cute for me; can’t wait for more!

Ness: Wow, I procrastinated on submitting my end thoughts for this, for about 6 hours on and off. But anyway, yeah!! This was a nice episode and good mood mellower for me. The beginning part of Yuuko following Mai around was amusing. Poor Yuuko spilling out all of her horrific deeds that she’s done to Mai while Mai just walks along ignoring her. I totally thought that Mai was actually sleep walking to school because I think that Mai is just that epically cool. Not only is Mai smart, she is also devious. Most people would just let their friend see their homework, but Mai has her ulterior motives. Yuuko pushed to bribing Mai for the homework and using some random manga scenes to push Yuuko that far was awesome.

The return of the cat, Sakamoto-san was awesome along with how they acquired such a talking cat. When watching the scene, I was like “Nooooooo! Don’t give it the ability to talk, you’ll regret it!”. Besides, who would want a pet that would tell you off in such a way. OSAKA lingo was the best though, especially coming from a cat! But what was even funny was that after Nano and Hakase fought over keeping the cat and then seeing it talk; they both had the same thought of throwing the cat back to where it came from.

The extreme arm wrestling challenge for Yuuko was just sad in a pitiful and humorous way. All of those excuses for losing was funny but at some point you could feel the pity in it. Mio and Mai’s blank stares and reaction after a while was just giving off those WTF vibes to the point that you felt the pity for Yuuko. I don’t blame Mai for being that mean in counting up the times that she won which equaled to how many juices she got. Man, 23 losses, you would think that some normal person would give up by then. But Yuuko is awesome in that she was still at it. For some reason now, I feel that Yuuko is kind of like Ritsu from K-ON! Ah well, can’t wait for the next episode with that mysterious voodoo doll that the Vice Principal dropped for the Principal to stumble upon. So ayashii~


Voodoo magic after school?

Next week, who knows?! Expect more Hakase and Nano getting into more epic adventures with the talking cat! Hopefully, Mio gets some love next time? Anyway thanks for reading!



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16 Responses to “Nichijou – 03”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    Head tilting in a non-SHAFT show? Unheard of.
    Also, you can learn more of Masao’s Adventures if you just paid more juices to Mai-chan 😀

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahaha I know right! 😛

      yes buy her a vending machine filled of juice! Then she will tell us everything xD

  2. Hato-kun says:


    Loving this show. KyoAni is my cocaine. And other illegal substances. Like Power Rangers.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh did you?! It was going to be that or

      “Next time, we arm wrestle inside a volcano!”

      Good show agreed it is the highlight of my week, never know what to expect I think that’s what I love it.

      Damn good Power Rangers! I watched the new stuff like that sometimes and go, damn I used to love this…hahaha

  3. Renn says:

    Man, Aioi is such a brat. I remember disliking Mio in the pilot episode, but now I love Mio and not Aioi.

    Sakamoto is my favorite character though the punchline wasn’t as funny because we’d already heard him talk in the pilot. Still, I’m really liking the show thus far 😀

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL yes Aioi loves to cause trouble huh? But seems Mai is immune to such things! By the end of the series Aioi will have a large juice debt you can count on that.

      Ah yes Sakamoto damn such a funny character, even thou he almost made Nano and Hakase cry! The jerk hahaha

  4. MikADo says:

    Hakase is like the cutest thing ever PERIOD

  5. Dan-go says:

    HAKASE IS SO RIDICULOUSLY FUNNY BAHHAHAHAHAHAH i love nichijou, but this episode is a little bit laid back in comparison to the other 2, hopefully it won’t totally slow down

    • foshizzel says:

      YAY yes Hakase is awesome >:P

      Yeah this episode was a bit more calm than others xD

  6. Elyon says:

    I think Mai is my favorite character now, even though I kind of saw the headphone thing coming.

    “Besides, who would want a pet that would tell you off in such a way”


    • Foshizzel says:

      HAhahah yes goat guy needs to make another return!

      Mai is awesome great character and so damn sneaky, in a good way! She will have a ton of juice by the end of the season.

      LOL damn talking cat so mean! hahahaha

  7. And we follow Aioi and Mai this week, which both turn out to be a very funny combination together!

    I was quite surprised myself! I knew Aioi (such a weird-to-pronounce name…) had the goods but Mai was still low-tier. Gurl mos DEFF brought her A-Game!! YOU GO GURL!!! =3 She’s probably my new fav character.

    That Masao-manga scene was hilarious! If I could create something just as intellectually compelling, then, my god I’d make millions!! MILLIONS!! Poor dad, though; got laid off, haha!

  8. Hana says:

    Talking cats and Nano blushes are indeed epic! 😀 And speaking of Nano, I love how she’s both the most mature and the most childlike character, in a way. I’ll certainly look forward to hearing more about her, and Hakase’s, backstory, and to your (team) posts! XD

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