Nichijou – 02

Cake and video games! Sounds like my two favorite things.

Foshizzel:Welcome back, Nichijou fans! To another random episode, after that insane first one I can’t wait to see what kind of over the top scenes we will get this week. So far I love this show out of the new spring line up, there are a few shows yet to be released. Also, I want to give a huge congratulations to everyone who worked hard on our first podcast! Good work! Joining Ness again for a fantastic tag review!

Ness: Hello everyone! Oh how I have looked forward to this episode release. Indeed, this anime for me is a nice relief of stress, tiredness and such. At first I wasn’t planning on tag teaming this with Fosh, but since he doesn’t really know that I’m not on the list for it… I will just tag along hehehe. So here we go!!

Plots this week involves cake and a few random video game references, mostly coming from Nintendo. And also lots of cake in various forms supplied by Nano and Hakase! Also a small bit of Yaoi drawings provided by Mio and her magical notebook.

Mio wants you in the Dai Gurren brigade! Row Row Fight the Powaaaaah!

The episode starts out with the girls playing some strange game on the stairs! A cross between rock, paper, scissors and shooting?! Why not? this is Nichijou! After that we have Mio waking up getting ready for school, only to find that her alarm clock died. Sounds like you are being tricked there, Mio; she then rushes to get to school only to get chased by a strange person wearing a huge bear head.

Run from the creeper pedo bear!

She then gets caught by the pedo bear person! She finds out soon afterwards it was her sister playing a prank on her. Sounds like a really close family? Or screwed up family you can choose the best answer.

That’s right, girls take it to the streets! Mio has spiral power! Look at that drill.

Now for the first highlight of the episode: Hakase, Nano and her amazing cake powers, apparently Hakase modified Nano to always have cake on hand. Nano disapproves of this but it made for a cute yet strange scene between the two. Could you stay mad at that face?! I DON’T THINK SO!

Hakase- “Time to check on that secret project….”


Phase two, MORE CAKE! I think Hakase sold cake to the K-On girls.

I just love her cute milk mustache. Hahaha so cute!

We jump from crazy robot fun to school life with Mio giving Aioi a copy of her notebook, until she remembers she did a strange drawing of Sasahara in it! Looks more like a Yaoi picture of him with someone? Either way she doesn’t want Aioi seeing it or anyone else. So we end up with a high speed chase down the halls of the school, which turns out to be quite epic!

Mio-“You better not lose this OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!”

Drawing classmates in sexual situations is totally normal… right?

The many failed attempts to gain back her prize!

Best scene of the entire episode right here!

Kyo’s, Hoshi’s, Anaaga’s and Overcooled’s faces during their Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi watch…

We then get a bit of time with Misato and Sasahara, planning some club events for school! To wrap up the episode, I was always curious about the gun chick from the opening. However Sasahara completely ignores the girl resorting to playing various Nintendo themed games! Even a Virtual boy and old school grey Gameboy. Ah I remember that brick of a handheld, it ate freaking batteries all the time!

This is just how Sasahara shows he cares!

Misato returns those feelings to him with a rocket to his face.

Sasahara catches on fire LIKE A BOSS!

He gets dressed LIKE A BOSS!

Extra fun

I think Mai put in the Konami code!

Hakase-“Rolling sure is fun guys! Wooooooo hooooooooo!!”

Misato-“I dare you to call me MOE! GO ON DO IT!”

This show will have more cake than K-On before we reach the end.

End Thoughts:

Foshizzel:Another amazing episode this week! I was really waiting to see what crazy over the top event would unfold this time. And they provided me with plenty of laughter this time around too. It was nice to watch Mai, Aioi and Mio messing around with the stair game; kind of a cute moment between friends. And of course, Hakase and Nano! I think I look forward to their scenes the most. Not sure why, I guess, I always have had a thing for scientist characters and robots.

One highlight for me has to be the whole running scene! I really liked that whole part; it started out with a simple misunderstanding and turned out to be epic and crazy! The kinds of things I love about Nichijou so far are the random moments turning into something huge. Another theme thrown at us this week: video games! Mostly Nintendo systems, however that was really cool to see all those old school systems getting shown off.

Second highlight had to fall to the whole roll cake inside Nano’s arm! Seriously, Hakase, you are an oddball and that’s why you are easily my favorite character. Even the cake inside Nano’s head made me laugh, when Hakase said she would install a CD player, hahaha I nearly died! And to wrap up that bit with Sashahra and Misato’s rocket launcher attacks, reminded me of the tyrant from Resident Evil. Especially when he was smoking and walking still, I couldn’t help but laugh at the whole getting dressed while walking bit! So damn pro.

Ness:Oh man, this episode has left me feeling relaxed with such good afterthoughts. The game played in the opening actually looked fun! I never played anything that random when I was a kid. Actually if I could, I would totally play it with my friends now but finding a good place with stairs like that is not easy. Mio’s encounter with the mask wearing stranger was just epic. The recap of passing by something strange, then getting chased down and then having a face off was awesome. But what was even more hilarious was Mio’s reasoning to give the person money and then finding out it’s her sister. The corkscrew comments gave me flashbacks of Hajime no Ippo. Well, whenever I hear the word corkscrew, I will think of that boxing anime hah!

Hakase and Nano’s interaction feels more on the light side compared to Mio with her classmates. Yet, to think that a child would be awesome enough to build a robot is something. But the purpose of the robot, well the functionality is quite sad on Nano’s part. I thought that Nano having a key on her back that makes her toe shoot was funny and sad. But to add to that, Hakase’s adjustments on Nano to have a arm storage of a cake roll was so random but funny. Then to add to that, Nano’s forehead having an opening like a CD ejection was just LOL. Oh so sad, yet oh so funny. Poor Nano, most likely the most abused person next to Sasahara. Which reminds me, it was good to see some more of Sasahara’s character along with Misato. But oh no, seems like Mio has some competition for her love.

The school scenes are pretty awesome. We know that Mio is an aspiring mangaka, her recap of something she forgot and it leading to her notebook drawing was something. But what was even great was that the actual drawing was BL! I need to remember that they’re in high school even though the characters feel younger hah. But to think that someone would forget leaving such a drawing in a school notebook is funny. As well, the obvious gestures towards Yuuko and that leading to an epic running in the hallways scene was just cool. The animation in the scene, the feeling you get from the characters and the chase had me in awe with a great impression for this series. Indeed, it seems like the creators of Azumanga Daioh has stepped up a notch and so far it feels like this anime stands out against its predecessor. I hope for more epic humor and action. Until next time, lataz~


Episode three: what will Hakase show off with Nano?  Maybe a toaster!



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31 Responses to “Nichijou – 02”

  1. Starry says:

    Hahas. Lotsa cake. But K-ON’s cakes look more delicious though. *drools*

    • Tofu says:


      • Dan-go says:

        yup, but they don’t come out of robot body parts nor o they give the preview to the next episode 😀 ufufufufu

    • Foshizzel says:

      Wooooooooo Cake!

      True that they did have great cake artwork 😛

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    Why put cake in Robot girl?
    Oh it doesn’t matter, as long as it is funny.
    I liked Mai’s flat reaction to the code, realizing that she used the wrong words when she was walking up the steps.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Indeed very funny stuff this week! I think Nano will be the highlight of everyones week with this show! Never know what will happen next.

      Ohhh that’s what it was? Nice I was lost during that stair scene but it works.

    • Dan-go says:

      Why do we need to question the all knowing mind of hakase! 😀

  3. MikADo says:

    Roll Cake + Rich Milk = Heaven XD
    also the chasing part made me think
    “am i watching evangelion? or Guren Lagaan?”

    • Foshizzel says:

      Rollcaakeeeee <3 so good loved that part the most.

      Hahahha yes animation was WTF insane so much running and crazy music.

      • Dan-go says:

        I LOVE THE ANIMATION!!! it’s so smooth even though it’s styled on a four panel, and it still feels like i’m watching a series of four panels

        • Foshizzel says:

          Agreed the animation is fun so far, it’s an art style I have no issues with so smooth and colorful!

  4. Gicchan says:

    Fufufu. Gurren Lagann crossover? xD

    This is getting very funny and lovely, Hakase is my favorite so far!

  5. Eri says:

    I just can’t get enough out of this show, it’s pure laughter all over the place. The running scene was definitely one of the epicest moments in anime comedies.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed I can’t get enough of this either so fun and random, yes I hope we will get more epic events like that 😀

    • Dan-go says:

      I hope every episode has an awesome moment like the weiner or the running section, SUPER SAIYAAN WEINER GRAB

    • Ness says:

      Indeed, the running scene was one of the best. But to make it even better, the cause of it.. the BL! Hahaha

      • Foshizzel says:

        God that running hahaha I loved that scene! I might have to start a collection of the best Nichijou scenes…and make a video on it? We shall see xD

  6. Dan-go says:

    Who is Mio’s seiyuu, i love her so much!

    • Dan-go says:

      actually scratch that. I JUST LOVE ALL THE SEIYUUS!!! BAHAHAHAHA the Sweet bun coming out of the poor robot’s head!

      • Foshizzel says:

        Hahaha yes all around great voice work! It is hard to choose between all of them, I still like Nano and Hakase <3 science types.

        • Dan-go says:

          Does your sub say hakase? mine just calls her “professor” she’s so adorable rolling around on the floor making funny noises

          • Ness says:

            I watch the show via Crunchyroll and it says Professor

            • MikADo says:

              they both mean the same thing so wat matters? shes adorable thats enough :3

          • Foshizzel says:

            Yep my download version just spells out professor but like they said it still means Hakase! So things work out.

  7. Gunny says:

    dat bear ¬¬ scared me for life…lulz oh God… and Hakase is such a genious *-* I feel bad for Nano, but Hakase is like a god to me so she can do/modify whatever/whoever she wants to. I’m fine with that… AND DAT MILK MUSTACHE *¬*

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahaha yes that bear was nuts! Agreed Hakase is so pro, ah ya Nano is probably freaking out but she can’t hate the face of Hakase! It’s to cute!


  8. bobbierob says:

    Hakase is awesome, Nano is kyaa~ and Yukko is the BEST CHARACTER IN THE SHOW. I swear, if Yukko left, half of Nichijou’s hilarity would just go down the drain. And I was laughing so hard through that chase scene I literally couldn’t breathe. xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep much love for both Hakase and Nano so fun to watch, LOL yes that chase scene was also nice left me laughing 🙂

  9. Yi says:

    More silly randomness! And some cuteness.

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