Morita-san wa Mukuchi OVA

Hanazawa Kana cuteness and implied shoujo-ai. Double treat right there.

Oh my, Morita-san has been subbed since like FOREVER, probably before the universe even existed *remembers Madoka*. Yet, I’m reviewing it only now. As a Hanazawa Kana fan, I failed… orz” PLEASE FORGIVE ME, KANA-SAMA!

Like SYD, since this is just an OVA, there’s no proper plot for it. This OVA is filled with random gag about the cute Morita-san. Random is all right as long as it’s CUTE

The first two minutes of the OVA isn’t really animated. In the first two minutes, we get to see Morita’s friends talking a bunch of nonsense. Which I find to be unnecessary. It’s something like this:

Everybody’s depressed when Morita isn’t there. THAT’S HOW POWERFUL MORITA IS

Morita is a taciturn student, more taciturn that any other person alive in that school. She’s so silent to the point where people always misunderstood her

Morita: “I-I’m not try to peek at your skirt! I swear!”

Actually, Morita isn’t silent. If you ask her advice whatsoever, she will answer and think about it thoroughly. The problem is, she will think about it IN her mind. Since this is just a normal school anime, nobody here has the power to read other people’s mind. Morita is doomed to have nobody listening to her every time she talks to herself in her mind.

Morita’s thinking. DO NOT DISTURB

Who can be blamed if Morita like this? We should blame her mom. Morita’s mom gives her advice to think thoroughly until she finds the exact precise answer to avoid any misunderstanding. While in reality, Morita’s mom always says that every time she found her husband cheating on her. I don’t get how they still can be so rabu-rabu every time the husband cheats. C’mon, HE’S CHEATING ON YOU!

Obviously, Morita’s mom is a softie when it comes to men

Thus, Morita san will always be misunderstood because of that. Poor Morita-san.

That’s what you get for thinking for  more than one panel

But it’s ok, since Morita’s expressions are clear enough to be understood. When in doubt, JUST LOOK AT HER FACE

This is the only time where Hazawa Kana can’t bake

Still, Morita is doomed to be misunderstood. Even the boys in her class misunderstood her. Only in a different way than the rest of us girls

Female friendship is twisted into something else


That moment where you meet your Fated One…

In Morita-san, you get sparkles even when you brush your hair

Miki unconsciously fall in love with Morita’s smooth legs. But that’s understandable

I find this cute. THIS IS CUTE

Morita and Miiki make a great couple

End Thoughts:

Phew! Such a short review, isn’t it? But it’s so random it’s pretty much impossible to put all in here, so I think it’s best if I just describe Morita here >.<  This is the problem I have with these kind of OVA: it’s so random. It’s fine to have random moments being put together, but at least have a plot about it. SYD is also random, but they have a proper plot for each episode. Nichijou is random too, but they’re not that random; each episode has, like what, 3-4 different stories? That’s not a lot. But in Morita-san, it’s just 3-4 minutes (or maybe less) scenes lumped into one episode. Probably because it’s an OVA they’re making it extremely random like this *remember SYD OVA*. Probably because this tells the daily life of Morita, that’s why it’s random. But nnngggghh, I don’t like it when it’s too random, because I judge anime based on their plots. >.<

Nevertheless, I did have fun watching this. Like SYD, daily life looks enjoyable in Morita-san. Nobody here is complaining how boring their lives are, which I don’t get why some people do that. Also, HANAZAWA KANA IS IN THERE. I had constant eargasm when I watched this OVA. Gosh, her voice is sooo sweet! And what’s better? All of those cute voice Hanazawa- er, I mean, Morita makes. It’s so…..MOOOEEEEEEEEEEEE. Also, there is lots of implied yuri in here. Like LOTS. My yuri fangirl was happy every time I saw those yuri moments *squeal*

The lack of proper plot bothers me a lot, but there’s lots of Morita cuteness here. I’m not into cute stuff, but there are some characters I allow to be cute (such as Sawako and Kobato), and Morita is one of them. Something is definitely wrong if cute voice such as Hanazawa voices some bulky woman. Anything Hanazawa Kana-related is allowed to be cute! And Morita’s cuteness cancels out any flaws in this OVA. I know that’s illogical of me, but there are some things in this world that even don’t make sense if you think with logic. Watch Madoka, and you’ll know. 😀

But I think it’s better if they stick with one OVA only. And I hope it stays as one.


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5 Responses to “Morita-san wa Mukuchi OVA”

  1. Yvoon says:

    yay~ another Hanasawa Kana debut. her voice is amazing~

    so soft and moe moe. well, depending on the character. 😛

    i think i’ll watch this since it looks like a slice of life.:)

  2. Starry says:

    The ‘silent in real life but thinks alot in her mind’ personality reminds me of Shiori! =o She voiced by Kana too.XD

  3. Elyon says:

    Hanazawa Kana just plays these shy girls so well >//////< She can make any character cute just with her voice.
    "The moment where you meet your fated one."
    Was that a Maria Holic reference? XD

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