Happy Birthday, Hoshi and Anaaga~ ♥

Time for this month’s Birthday Party and what do you know! Hoshi and Anaaga share their birth dates!

Kyokai: Regulars can go crazy on the similarity of these two, one of them being their love for yaoi. So, loads of love and wishes from the entire team, some unique creations and special messages from whoever was available to celebrate the birthday of our Manga queen and Yaoi fangirl~

~Wishes for Hoshi~

Kyokai: Aaaah, Hoshi-chan~ <333 You have been amazing since you joined Metanorn, brilliantly juggling up school and aniblogging responsibilities. I’ve enjoyed all your manga posts and with the rest of the team, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and fangirl with you (Kuragehim ftw~). Wishing you all the best and an amazing time on your birthday Taeminizing everything. Enjoy the many presents and cakey~ xD

Overcooled: Happy Birthday, Hoshi! I know you’re a Kuroshitsuji nut so I drew you Ciel wearing Sebastian’s butler outfit (so that he looks less like a little boy and you look less like a pedo lololol). 8D I wish you plenty of Taemin and bespectacled asian boy love on this eventful day. Go get ’em, Hoshi~!

Ness: I was unsure if you were into Ciel or Sebastian but either way, it’s Kuroshitsuji and we all know that it’s your favorite!! But yes! Happy Birthday!! I hope that you have a wonderful day filled with awesomeness and relaxation. So party hard and rock like the hoshi that you are XD~

Foshizzel: Happy birthday Hoshi!! Hope you have a fantastic day! Don’t forget to have a party and eat some cake for us. Here’s a drawing of Rin from Ao no Exorcist, hope you like it.

Hime: Spring is the most awesome time to have a birthday; the sakura are all in bloom, it’s not too hot or too cold, and the anime season is most prosperous! Although I can’t wish you a happy birthday in person; I send many cyber hugs your way! I hope your birthday is filled with copious amounts of shiny bishounen. Here’s a few I’ve been saving for a special occassion. *throws multiple scantily clad boys at you* Have fun, Hosh~~!

Hato: Happy Birthday, Hoshi! I’ll be honest, I have no idea how old you are, but who cares! A birthday is a birthday. We’re the veterans here at Metanorn now (well, aside from Kyo) so that means we get authority over everyone! Everyone, I tell you! Mwahaha! And Happy Birthday, once again.

~Wishes for Anaaga~

Kyokai: Anaaga-chan~ <333 I hope the above ZE love keeps you busy on your birthday and I see you are drafting the next SIH’s episodic as I tyoe. Since we started working on Met’Amour few months ago, you have been an amazing help even when you were not part of the team. Being one of the regulars, the whole team had fun debating many discussions with you and no wonder you were part of the early bird selection. Hope you have a wonderful day, full of many presents and cake; hopefully it will not be a lie! xD

Foshizzel: Happy Birthday Anaaga! Hope you have a awesome day with lots of amazing stuff like cake of course, welcome to Metanorn too! Hope you enjoy the Vampire Knight fan art hahaha enjoy!

Ness: First off, welcome to Metanorn!! Finally the Yaoi Queen is gracing us with her presence and bringing in some awesome hawtie goodness to us BL-fans. But anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope that you get a break from all the annoying stuff and get to enjoy your special day. Hope it’s filled with lots of yumm foods, hawties and more!

Hime: Tanjoubi Omedetou, aanaga! ~~ Though I don’t know you very well, you seem like a total sweetheart and any fan of yaoi is a friend of mine! I hope you have a great birthday. Best wishes for the year to come and your stay at Metanorn 🙂

Overcooled: Happy Birthday, fujoshi newbie! Go on a doujinshi-reading spree while eating cake, you deserve it. Hope you don’t feel TOO old now that you’ve gained another year. Well, no matter how old you feel I’ll always be your senpai ahaha.

Hato: Once again, I have no idea how old you are, but who cares! And unlike Hoshi, you’re some of the new blood here at Metanorn. That means me and Hoshi get authority over you! Best do what we say! *Looks tough* Bah, forget it. You think I’m uke anyway.

~Enjoy the day and have lots of fun, girls! KANPAI~


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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39 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Hoshi and Anaaga~ ♥”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    Happy B-day to both of you.

  2. zabobinator says:

    Happy Birthday! 🙂

  3. Namika says:

    Futaridomo omedettoooooo~! ^O^

  4. anaaga says:


    happy birthday Hoshi! hope you have a fun trip, and please don’t get yourself caught when you’re on a Taemin-hunting. and you promise me Yunho, remember that >:D

    everybody just have to mention that they’re my senpai huh. somehow i feel bullied. but don’t worry, no matter how old I am everybody here is older than me >:D
    thanks guys for the birthday wishes. I will not disappoint you guys and will read/watch lots of yaoi today.
    and don’t worry hato, there are tough muscular uke, most of them are tsundere :3

  5. Foshizzel says:

    HAPPPPPPPY BIRTHHHHDAYYY to the both of you! Woooooooo!! Have some cake <3

    Hope you enjoy the artworks!

  6. Dan-go says:

    otanjoubi omedetou!

  7. Vivi says:

    aaah happy birthday to the both of you!! I hope it’s super super special and everything!! yay yay yay

  8. Tofu says:

    Oh god my eyes! O_O Korean and Yaoi…. “OTL

    Nah jkz, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOSHI AND ANAAGA!!! Wait- what!??! Anaaga is part of the Metanorn team!?!? :O CONGRATS!!!

    Btw Hoshi, was I the first to wish you happy-bday over msn/skype? ^^ Hope you didn’t injure yourself while working.

    Have fun all!! Don’t party too hard!

    • Hoshi says:

      And yes you were actually ^^ Even though I ended up only getting an hour of sleep, I managed to keep myself fully awake…with KPOP lulz.

  9. sassy says:

    생일축하해 호시

    And happy birthday to anaaga, too. I’ll overlook your bl-craze this one day only.

  10. bakuhasu says:

    Hmmm what to say…. To the Taemint, Music and Kpop buddy thanks alot for fangirling with me over these last few months about Kpop. This hobby wouldn’t have been the same Without U ( Sorry about the 2pm reference). But yeah happy 18th! You only turn 18th once! I hope Taemin appears in your doorstep to say Hello! Sadly it ain’t the same with me and Lee Joon… Also this doesn’t mean that I will do those type of things that you asked me to….

    o right happy birthday anaaga

  11. Carla says:

    Happy Birthday!!!
    I hope you eat a lot ^^

  12. TSRL says:

    Happy birthday to both of you, yaoi-fangirl. XD


  13. Alynn says:

    Happy birthday both of you! Hope you have good ones!

  14. BlackBriar says:

    Hahah!! This Yuri and Tsundere fanboy wishes a happy birthday to both the Manga queen and Yaoi fangirl. Cut the cake and celebrate and many more in the future.

  15. Bass says:

    Happy birthday you two!

    Now go out and have some fun, eat some cake and kill some boredom >:3

  16. Gunny says:

    happy birthday peeps! :3

  17. Anya says:

    Happy birthday~~~!!!! Eat lots of cake~ (but not too much or you’ll regret it :3)

  18. Ruby says:

    YAYY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOSHI AND ANAAGA!! I lovee both of you lots ^.^ hope you guys have lots of fun/cake/presents/hugs today :3

    • Ruby says:

      p.s. someone should tell me who the next birthday girl/boy is, I wanna draw a picture too!~ practice my skills >:D

  19. Hoshi says:

    ~First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANAAGA, MY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!<3 When I found out we shared the same birth dates, I was actually really excited x'D Don't worry, Yunho will one day be arriving at your house in a big box with a bright red bow on top ;D IT'LL BE YUNHO TIME EVERY MINUTE, EVERY HOUR, EVER DAY LOLOLOL.

    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and drawings!!<3 I’M NOT WORRRRTHYYYY

  20. Happy birthday Hoshi and Anaaga! Have some awesome ones!

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