Beelzebub – 13 & 14

Horrified faces abound~

The Spring season has totally knocked me off my feet. I’d forgotten what it was like to have show to really get excited about. And here I have TWO! Deadman Wonderland and Blue Exorcist are shaping up to be just amazing. I’m literally vibrating in my seat waiting for them to get subbed. Whats your favorite so far? I’m actually still watching Lotte no Omocha, too. I think it’s funny is shot in stupid kind of way.

But anyway, there’s an Ability test at Ishiyama High and Oga trying to study. but Beel has other plans, like resussetating the worst joke in the show…Great, thanks Baby Beel. Just when we thought it was dead.

Idiots. Idiots everywhere.

In the spirit of tests, Satan decides it’s about time Oga and Beel underwent one to see how they are progressing. So while the whole school is frantically trying to study for the test (and failing) So they take the test and whoever gets top marks Oga will pawn Baby Beel off onto.

Guess who gets top?

Yup; Furuichi.

Well, he’s gotta be top something. ZIIING!!! The second half of the show is more Hilda focused; following her daily activities while Oga’s off being a badass at another school.

So many different kinds of wrong

They meet up at the end though and share a little moment. Well, Hilda does, Oga is clueless as usual. It’s still sweet, though, nevertheless.

In episode 14, Kanzaki’s been stewing on his defeat by Oga. One of his lackey’s thinks he’s figured out the secret of Oga’s power though, they figure it’s the baby on his back. So, their plan…



Oh thank God, Beel being adorable. Please wash those images from my head! Beel’s bothering Oga to take him outside so they meet up with Furuichi and head to the park. His intention is to meet MILFS. Oh, Furuichi. They bump into Kunieda (still not recognizing her) and she tells them that her little brother is missing. You remember, Puffy McHamster Cheeks. Kazaki finds him.


Que cuteness in 3, 2, 1…


There’s more fluff going on elsewhere, too, as Kunieda, Oga and Furuichi are searching for Kota.

Yeah, he’s a real samaritin

Now the ending of this episode is so friggin unbelievable your face might melt right off. It is just badassery, and sheer WTF-ness. So, Kanzaki is inspired by Kouta to take on Oga, but just as he’s going to do his double heel kick he stops, leaving Oga be. Walking off into the sunset he meets up with Shioyama and Natsume.


Must resist “Sex on Fire” joke…

I’m upset by the lack of yaoi doujin between you two as well

Like mother like son

Plesse tell me I’m reading that wrong

Kanzaki is so badass *_*


Nope,…still badass


Episode thirteen was a bit of a bust. Not much happened and it seemed more like filler than anything. I suppose it was kind of nice to see Oga’s family interact with Hilda since we hadn’t had much of that before, but I would much rather have been watching Oga kick some ass. The school testing was pretty weak but I was actually looking forward to the demon test, but it seems like we’re just ignoring that plot point for now. Sigh.

And my God was episode 14 awkward at the start. But then when Kanzaki teamed up with Kouta…I could not contain my laughter. He is just like another version of Oga and Beel, except it was funnier because I didn’t expect it. I know I started out hating Kanzaki and Himekawa but they have seriously made me love them with episodes like these. They are just hilarious. You have no idea how relieved I am that the second half of Beelzebub is staying strong.

But back to episode 14; the end of this episode…I just don’t even. The music, the cinematic animation, the whole tone shifted to something hilariously serious. This was one of the funniest episode yet, the whole thing was TOO MUCH. The next episode promises to be a good one too with Tojo finally appearing. I can’t wait!


Next episode we get to meet Tojo! And holy shit was that a Zebul Spell on his arm?!


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7 Responses to “Beelzebub – 13 & 14”

  1. umi_no_mizu says:

    I agree that the ep 13 with the test stuff was kinda boring. I didn’t really like the last half of it cause there wasn’t enough beating-the-living-daylights-out-of-stupid-random-thugs-ness >__>

    • Hime says:

      I know what you mean, they even tell us Oga’s off punching people at another school. Why couldn’t we see that? D:

  2. cassi says:

    I hope Tojo makes it interesting again because honestly the show starts to get boring.

  3. Dan-go says:

    DOUBLE HEEEEEEEEL-land infront of oga…awkwaaard

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