Beelzebub -12

There’s fluff on the horizon~

My posts have been a bit delayed this week as I left my respective homeland to travel down to York, England! I’m hopefully moving there after summer for college (away from the parents, hurray!) and my internet access has been limited. I’ll get Supernatural 6 out later this week and Hoshi and I will be covering the very belated Goulart Knights OVA, so look forward to that.

As alluded to in last weeks preview, Baby Beel has a bad case of night crying which is keeping the whole neighbourhood awake.

Time for some male bonding!

It fails…

So they change tactics and decide to try and tire Beel out during the day so he will sleep at night and not cry. Oga first tries letting Beel ride around on his back, and this works pretty well.

Well, at first anyways…


Next they decide to put Beel between two loving parents, i.e. Hilda and Oga. Oh lol, this can only go well. Actually, it appears to work, that is until Hilda’s night wanderings wake him up.

The next day at school…Kanzaki, through divine intervention, decides now is the time to attack Oga, while he’s worn out.

Unfortunately…Kunieda beat him to it.


Himekawa also has a shot, but as you can imagine, fails epically.

No…Fuck YOUR life!

Oga then comes home to hear that Hilda’s taking Beel back to the demon world. Oga looks so sad and forlorn, no way he would actually miss the baby, right? Psyche! It was a dream. But it was a good chance to see Oga’s sensitive side.




FACE….FOOT? Oga’s sister is DOIN IT WRONG.

Hilda is hot like mexico~Rejoice!..

Why do I know that song?

Random Beel cuteness~

Himekawa’s rape face

“Got your nose!” Beel’s master at this game.

Mega D’awws here~

The weirdest thing I’ve seen this season…


It’s good to see Beelzebub’s momentum is withstanding. This was another good episode, it was more sweet than funny, but, hey, I can do sweet. Especially when it’s Oga showing his soft side. I can’t even describe how cute it was when Oga was having the dream where Beel was taken away from him, his poor wee face! He looked heartbroken. It was nice to see him appreciate Beel, and to show how much he actually loves him. I love all their little bonding moments, they are just adorable.

Besides that the episode was very standard; people try to attack Oga, Oga kicks their ass. Kanzaki and Himekawa dish out varying degrees of fail before slinking back to their classrooms to lick their wounds. Kuneida is still in love with Oga and misunderstanding his every move, which is still funny, but will get boring quickly. They need to keep ramping up the humour in this show in order to keep it fresh and prevent it becoming dull and repetitive. Which it has been guilty of in the past.

Next episode; it’s Beel VS the cat again.



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  1. anaaga says:

    they had an episode with tojo already?

  2. Dan-go says:

    Yeah ummmm, where the heck did this other kid come from??! also who hates the art in the new ed?! but beezlebub never fails at making me lol 😀

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