Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 24

I hate bugs…

Cool-chan here. How was your day? Sometimes it feels like no one cares how your day went, so at least I’ll have asked you if no one else did. I could even add in compliments like “my, you look gorgeous today!” or “the way you stare into the monitor at me is so alluring!” but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I don’t like you guys THAT much. Before this gets awkward, let’s move on to why you came here in the first place, shall we?

As expected, the Cabernet shakes off their shindans like water off of a duck’s back. The Cabernet doesn’t have any gaps for them to shoot their shindan into, hence Steak’s fit in the last episode. Everyone stands there helplessly as Niche tries to cut through the exoskeleton with brute force, but fails. The creepy crawly just skitters away without a scratch in search of bigger prey in Yuusari.

Yuusari evacuates before the giant bug actually gets there, so the only damage done is to buildings. Awww, no screaming people getting smooshed. D= Reverse is right behind Cabernet, watching the rampage and awaiting for it to destroy the Hive and suck up all that heart! Except…nothing is in the Hive. Reverse got punked by Aria! Dr. Thunderland and the Signal ex-thriplets were all concerned about the safety of the spirifails, not wanting any more people to be needlessly sacrificed.

With everyone turned against them, they still manage to act smug. You would too if you had a giant insect decimating an entire city. But guess who’s there to stop it? MAKA! The Cabernet tries to make a move for where the evacuees are, but the great Maka blocks the way. I guess Lloyd wasn’t going to Canada, he was going to beg the Maka for help. And maybe have a little rendezvous with Jiggy, I mean…they look awfully close now…Um…

Um, Lloyd, you don’t have to hold on to me anymore…we’re not moving…

Always the ones to laugh last, Reverse pulls out some spirit amber and summons a mini mob of gaichuu as they escape. By now Zaji and friends have arrived in time to fend them off, telling Lag and Noir to go on ahead and fight the Cabernet. The Maka isn’t holding up so well, and the villagers are right next to the battle. At one point Sylvette even tumbles into a hole, saved in the nick of time by Roda. Tired of idly watching, Roda shoves 2 children towards Sylvette and jumps into the fray.

Lag is still being a bit of a crybaby. He’s reluctant to work with Noir because he’s not his precious Gauche, wahhh wahhh. Instead, he lets Niche get beat up attacking Cabernet as he laments his position. It’s only until Niche deflects a deathblow from Lag and tells him that “Noir is Gauche..but…not…but he is!” that Lag smartens up. But for now, let’s watch Niche and her big sis beat the hell out of that gaichuu!

Well, okay, they make a crack in the armour. Still, it’s a badass tag team. The badass only increases when Roda finally gets to the arena and saves Niche. Looks like everyone is here for the final act! Lag and Noir aim their shindanjuu at the Cabernet who is now grappling for villagers and let their hearts resound. The Cabernet doesn’t explode, but it lights up like a Christmas tree and then slumps to the ground without harming anyone.

Lloyd and Jiggy casually arrive at the scene, asking Noir if he’d ever come back to the Hive. Even though Lag has no accepted him as Gauche 2.0, it’s inevitable that he’s going to go his own way. However, this is just the calm before yet another storm as Lawrence trololols his way into the scene and sacrifices his heart to revive the Cabernet. Somehow that scrawny guy had enough experimentation done on him that his heart was good enough for a gaichuu to sprout wings. Well, that kind of sucks. No, I lied, you know what really sucks? This is the third time someone is saved by a character jumping in front of another, and the one time Noir does it he frikkin DIES. GODDAMMIT LAG.


Bonus Godzilla-Dragonfly Chaos:


Hurricane strength wind? Bitch, I’m Jiggy Pepper, I don’t feel no WIND.

Incoming brofist!

Zaji of the week: the closest I’m gonna get to him being surrounded by bishounen sparkles

End Thoughts: Interesting, looks like the Cabernet is headed for Yuusari in the manga too! I wonder how similar the manga will be to the anime ending…hmm…Whatever the outcome, the anime seems to be doing quite well with the twists and turns. The first ZOMG was that Thunderland wasn’t actually evil…It wasn’t THAT shocking since they left a bit of leeway for us to still question which side he’s on, but still a nice little twist. The second ZOMG was MAKA APPEARING, which I literally went “no…no way…” to. HELL YES, MAKA ACTION. If only it was slightly more useful…all it did was stall for time. Third ZOMG was Niche’s sister appearing too. Somehow I didn’t make the connection that her sister would come along with Maka for the fight, so the tag team effort of the two blondes was like the cherry on top of it all, fufufu.

Fourth ZOMG was Noir dying, which was less of a shock and more of me getting kind of pissed off. Lag…you are NOT worth having a hot guy die over. Can you, like, take off his shirt and pretend to treat his wound so we at least see his abs to make up for it? Or his pants? SOMETHING AS A MEMENTO?! Seriously, characters jumped in front of attacks to save one in the last second a bazillion times this episode, and the only time it’s fatal is when Noir does it? Ugggh. Well, at least Zaji is okay. If he died…No, let’s not think about that..

Reverse kind of sucks. Is Reverse really only Valentine, Garrard, Lawrence and a bunch of circus freaks they found washed up on shore? How the hell did they get anything done with so few people, especially with half of them dying? They must have really overworked Noir and Roda when they were on their side. I don’t like how pitiful Reverse seems now that their numbers have dwindled so much, but I guess Cabernet is meant to be the final boss. Speaking of which, 25 is the last episode. Are they really going to be able to kill Cabernet, address Noir’s death, deal with the spirifails, capture Garrard and Valentine and have a happy ending for everyone? I mean, the sun is still gonna be there at the end of the day, right? Is the series going to end with NOTHING changing? The government hasn’t been involved in any of this…Shouldn’t they be the final boss? I’m worried about a rushed ending…

Preview: It looks like Noir is really dead. Sure he might pull a “sudden happy ending syndrome” and revive, but that would really ruin the mood…Anyways, after everyone bawwws, they regroup and get ready to shoot down the Cabernet. See you at the final showdown~


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7 Responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 24”

  1. Tofu says:

    The Maka made an awesome appearance and I thought it was going to own the gaichuu… sadly it got owned by the gaichuu :\

    Noir dying is… oh damn. After all that frantic work of trying to save Noir, then accepting Noir for who he is, he goes off and dies on us D: Even in the preview, they made it seem like his dead… Then again he might not be dead.

    JIGGY PEPPER!!! WOOT!!! xD After talking about how little air time he gets, finally he shows up! Jiggy! You answered our prayers!! LOLS

    I must say that I never thought of Dr Thunderland as bad until I had a discussion about it amongst some others. ;D His too awesome to be bad, but yet his bad-ass~

    How many episodes are left OC? I hope they don’t flatten everything into one episode, rushing the whole ending but usually results in a fail or bad cliff-hangers which you just hate the series for…

    • Overcooled says:

      How could something as badass as the Maka lose? OTL AND NOIR TOO! Come on, you can’t have all the badass characters losing…Now if they revive him it’ll just be dumb -_-

      I forgot how sexy Dr. Thunderland was until I went back to read the latest manga chapter. DAMN.

      Oh, and as I said in the post just one more episode to go. They’re gonna have to blitz through everything or give us some half-assed cliffhanger…D=

      • Tofu says:

        Oh you said it in the post? :O I must of missed it.

        Everything stuffed into the last episode is going to be so bad T____T I hope the producers know what they are doing…

  2. anaaga says:

    well thank god i haven’t started watching this. i’m watching this for the sake of noie, and HE DIES!?

    fuck this shit

  3. Overcooled says:

    The anaaga is displeased.

  4. lidoxbecky says:

    Now that was pretty depressing. seeing Noir ‘die’.. saving Lag no less. where was his dingo!?! Roda! she didn’t save his life ;-;

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