Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 23

Oh boy, it’s flashback time!

Pokemon! I mean, hello! What has everyone been up to since last time we met up like this? Homework? I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve had my fair share of the putrid stuff in the past while, thanks to test season. *shivers* A good Pokemon session is always good to calm the nerves, at least. But homework and Pokemon aren’t related to Tegami Bachi, which was released a teensy bit late this week around. Let’s see what Zaji’s been up to!

Noir makes his dramatic entrance and points a gun at Garrard and Valentine. He asks them where those who couldn’t become spirit (again, my lame name for them shall be spirifails) were taken but they don’t know. Before Noir can bust a cap in their ass, Lag and Niche step in front of him. Um, you guys, you were just fighting them…Lag further acts like an idiot by trying to shoot another shindan shot into Noir.

Who drew Niche this episode? WHERE’S YOUR MOUTH AT, NICHE?

Cabernet used earthquake! It was super effective against Lag and Noir, but the rest of them managed to evade it. Garrard and Valentine took the opportunity to run away. The two albisians wind up in an underground limestone cave with a conveniently placed body of water to break their fall. Noir looks kind of injured, but he refuses to let Lag help, still keeping up his cold-hearted act.


Lag is still doggedly trying to get Noir to remember his old heart, and doesn’t hesitate to point his gun at him again. Tired of having that thing shoved in his face all the time, Noir shoots his borrowed shindanjuu at Lag, destroying the spirit amber in the process. The cave is flooded with Noir’s memories. Not Gauche’s, but all the memories Noir has made in his rather short lifetime. How does Lag react to this? He cries, duh. When a wayward memory of Gauche meeting his mom a long time ago in Akatsuki arises, Lag gets very excited (and cries some more).

Noir still firmly explains that he isn’t Gauche, he’s Noir, and he doesn’t remember even a shred of his life as Gauche. Lag resigns for now, handing Noir a shindanjuu to fight Cabernet together. Using the path Niche made, they head back to the surface for some action. Connor sets off his mines to lure the Cabernet out into the open, and it works like a charm.

Okay, um, is that even Cabernet? WTF is that thing? Whatever this wingless wonder is, it doesn’t waste time in whipping out a massive amount of tentacles. The Bees all weave and bob in between the onslaught (except Connor. Can you imagine him trying to run?) to get in closer for a good shot. Steak starts acting weird, but they all ignore it and fire a simultaneous shindan at the Cabernet.

Bonus Screenshots:

Um, guys, could you have at least TRIED to get back to the surface?

Replace your Slapchop with the Nichechop! Order now!

How I get people to watch this show: I tell them it has a LOT of tentacles

Zaji of the week. DAT TINY FANG

End Thoughts: Stall for time, LALALALALA, STALL FOR TIIIMEEE!!! No really, all that happened was Lag and Noir fell into a small pond and then everyone fired one shot at a giant bug. That’s why this post is so darn short – there’s not even much worth commenting on. If it wasn’t for the pretty art, I might have actually been tempted to skip the flashbacks. They’re really stretching it out for the last few episodes, aren’t they? Two more to go and so they’re saving all the action for 24 and 25 to give some sort of one-two punch combo. Or maybe just bet it all on episode 25. If you’re not OCD like me and can actually skip an episode, I can safely say you’d be fine leaving this one out if you’re pressed for time.

The best part about it was seeing Lag’s mom. Okay, so she was extremely blurry, blindingly white and impossible to really see, but we got to hear about her. So…she stole Gauche’s heart? From what I could see, she seemed to be powering the artificial sun. Or if not powering it, giving SOME energy to it. Perhaps she sent Lag away since she couldn’t take care of him, since she obviously didn’t want to part with him. But she had to. They were really quite vague about the whole thing, so I wouldn’t be surprised if any of you got a different impression.

The second best part (i.e. anything other than these 2 things I’m mentioning were pretty pointless. UNLESS Zaji was in the shot) was that Noir wasn’t magically transformed into Gauche. Lag is going to have to inevitably accept Noir as he is now. He is a man with a NEW set of memories that Lag has to respect. Noir isn’t Gauche, but he isn’t a bad guy. He has since moved on and obtained a new identity. Lag’s decision to call him Noir after stubbornly clinging to his ideals for so long was really refreshing. Thank you Lag for acting mature, even for just a moment!

Preview: WELP, LOOKS LIKE THAT ATTACK WASN’T VERY EFFECTIVE, NOW WAS IT? Should’ve listened to Steak. That Cabernet is wrecking Yuusari like that episode of Pokemon with the giant Tentacruel. Do you remember what I’m talking about? Ahhh, good memories. Everyone looks surprisingly happy though, I cannot fathom why. Happy endings so soon? Cabernet just might be the mini boss before Lawrence and freeing those who couldn’t become spirit, methinks. See you theeennnnnn~


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8 Responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 23”

  1. Elyon says:


    I'm glad Lag's mother is finally being mentioned again. Hopefully they'll explain what she's doing more clearly soon and why she was taken away. I don't know if this makes sense, but I got the impression that she is the artificial sun…o.O

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m beginning to think we won’t see him at all OTL. Last minute dramatic entrance maybe? P..please?

      Yeah, they certainly didn’t reveal a lot about her. I’m not sure if she can actually be the sun itself (since it’s that giant fetus creature) but I think she could be a part of it or connected to it somehow.

      • Elyon says:

        I hope so ;_; He’s just to cool to be unimportant…

        • Tofu says:

          More Jiggy would be nice and of course, the mother definitely has something to do with the overgrown fetus xD If anyone has noticed, the mother looks like the figure in the church window holding a baby during the OP

  2. Tofu says:

    I totally forgot about Lag’s mum… O_O But it’s good to see that she’s mentioned and apparently she’s the reason behind Gauche losing his heart? What the- we only have 2 episodes to go and a new sort of idea appears? Isn’t it too late to add in any more plot holes? (That’s what I think)

    Steaky is awesome once again ;D Too bad they don’t show him much now… same goes for Jiggy pepper… who the hell was that guy again? That’s what some people are asking at the moment because of his so-short appearance in the anime :\ I want more Jiggy…

    This episode itself wasn’t that bad personally, a bit dull at parts but not that bad. But OMG! Overcooled!! Why does one of your screen shots make Noir look like his trying to pretend to be the grudge or ring? LMAO!!! xD But Lag seems… I won’t say.

    More Jiggy please~~!

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, guess they felt like dragging her back into the story o_o No plot holes yet until they actually do some explaining…but if they don’t explain it then we have a problem <_< Jiggy doesn't appear much even in the manga, but he at least had a big role in the Cabernet battle there!!! T.T and yeah, that screencap...I didn't even wanna put a caption, it was just so easy...LOL

      • Tofu says:

        If they don’t explain it then we need a season 3 >:D But I don’t think there is one…not that I know of…

        That’s sad that Jiggy ddoesn’t get much air time but I’m sure your very happy for Zaji’s amount of air time ;D

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