Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 22

You are someone else…but I am still right here

You know what day it is? It’s POKEMON BLACK/WHITE RELEASE DAY AKA THE LAST DAY I WILL DO ANY SCHOOLWORK EVER FOR THE NEXT FEW MONTHS. For those of you who got it in advance, don’t get smart with me and brag about it. You’ll ruin everything. I figured I should get some blogging and homework done before actually buying the game and sinking into an abyss of Pokaymans, so here we go. This may be the last you hear of me for a while…

Those who couldn’t become spirit (from here on…”Spirifails”) are being herded through a dark, underground passage to Yuusari. I think they know they’re not exactly going to a 5 star hotel here based on how they’re being treated. Noir can’t rush in to save his dingo quite yet since he’s currently washing up onto shores and appearing in bread stores. Just doing his thing, borrowing shindanjuus from minor characters and going on his merry way. The usual.

Just before Noir can make a beeline (Ha, BEEline. Unintentional pun!) for his Gaichu-hunting gig, Sylvette just happens to be there. It’s her natural talent, really. Sylvette uses to opportunity to tell Noir that even if his heart is gone, he’s still her brother. While Noir admits he could never live like the old Gauche did and that he must leave, Sylvette sucks up her tears and wishes him a safe journey. She only loses her composure at the end. Also, Noir hugs her.


The news of all this chaos is taking time to reach Aria, who is only starting to put two and two together. She heads to Dr. Thunderland’s lab only to find it empty…that is, until she proceeds deeper inside and sees all the Spirifails gathered around an operating table. Dr. Thunderland is apparently another Reverse member, and he’s quick to give Aria orders. She WILL help them.

Connor is the fattest character ever. His mines are fueled by HUNGER. Him being a heart attack/diabetes case waiting to happen aside, he managed to set off all his explosions without a hitch. Before the boys can start their Cabernet hunt, Garrard shows up and starts shooting at them with a real gun. Niche deflects the first few bullets, then goes on to fight Valentine one-on-one again. Lag is protected a second time by Zaji, who paralyzes Garrard with his malice before dragging Lag off.

Not shown: Lag doing nothing

Lag gets shot at AGAIN once Garrard is on his feet again, so he tells Zaji to go on without him. As per usual, Garrard takes his sweet time reloading, aiming and pulling the trigger. This is the perfect time to tell you how horrible the government is and how horrible you are for working with them! So how will Lag escape? Earthquake again. An earthquake and a mine explosion.

Instead of Cabernet, some other Gaichuu rears it’s ugly head. Reverse isn’t as ill-prepared as the Bees had previously thought, and they attracted a decoy to keep them busy as Cabernet regenerates. The plan goes swimmingly…all 3 of them are in the tentacles grasp of the Gaichuu within a few minutes. The series could’ve ended then and there if Noir hadn’t stepped in and obliterated the pesky insect. The episode ends with Noir standing there gallantly, as most Tegami Bachi episodes do.

Bonus Screenshots:

MEANWHILE, IN CANADA *walrusmobile*

Despite our confidence in the plan at first, Connor could indeed tell the difference between butter and arsenic

If he takes off anything else, I’m outta here


End Thoughts: Pretty good, pretty good~ Tegami Bachi doesn’t like it’s going to slow down or falter any time soon. It’s a nice mix of drama and action. Tegami Bachi has a tendency to get a little melodramatic at times, but most of the emotional parts were actually heartfelt. I wasn’t looking forward to Sylvette’s meeting with Noir at all, but it turned out to be the most touching scene in the episode. Sylvette handled everything with the class of a real lady, letting Noir go and do his thing even though she missed him so deeply. I expected an irritating sobfest, too. Sylvette really is 100x stronger than Lag.

The only thing that really annoys me is how when someone is about to die, they are instantly saved. Garrard can have pinpoint accuracy in shooting a gun out of Lag’s hand one moment, but then lapses into a state of blindness when he tries to shoot Lag as he’s motionless on the ground. Don’t shoot them to get their attention first, JUST SHOOT THEM. It’s a common villain thing, but the guy must have missed every single shot. Is he senile or something? There are a few set amount of Deus Ex Machina’s that the show uses over and over. Lag about to get shot = Niche will save him with hair or Zaji will shoot the bugger. All the bees are caught = someone else shows up and saves them. The only surprising thing is that Connor actually helped Lag escape once. I know this is common in anime, but really…don’t do it like 5 times in one episode, it makes me feel like Lag is more useless than he already is.

Finding out that Dr. Thunderland as the one experimenting on those who couldn’t become spirit was a genuinely shocking moment. In hindsight, every other person who was in the crash during the Flicker developed a fierce hatred for the government. Will this all wrap up neatly with a bow on the top or just break down in the end? I’d hate for all this momentum to be lost.

Preview: Wow, what a skimpy preview. All we know is that Noir is going after Garrard and Valentine, but if that wasn’t Captain Obvious from the end of that episode I don’t know what is. Apparently we get some Noir flashbacks too,



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10 Responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 22”

  1. Tofu says:

    NOOOO!!!! OC, don’t leave us for Pokemon Black and White! D: What about the weekly Tegami?!?! lols

    Alright, I must agree with you that I hated the fact that Garrad couldn’t shot Lag while he was on the floor, and especially when Lag and Zaji were talking!!! I mean COME ON!!! D: I don’t want him to die (just yet) but at least wound the kid, make it more realistic… I admire Sylvette’s will to take in everything and keep it together, she’s a stronger person at heart and this proves Lag is more of a crybaby than Sylvette ^^ Gosh… I don’t know what happens onwards cause I don’t read the manga but I hope Noir will accept the fact that his Sylvette’s brother and then in the end, live with Sylvette and Lag as Noir (not Gauche) so in this cause, starting over again. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    I didn’t want to believe that Dr Thunderland was a REVERSE member… At first I thought that he was able to rescue them and try to heal that grey-ish wound some of them have eg: Roda on her arms… but I guess that’s stupid of me to say since he was affected by the “night of the flicker” so he would have some rage inside of him…

    It really does make you wonder whether the Letter Bee’s who work for the government have the right answers to things or the Reverse organisation has the right answers, like if I could save the world by sacrificing myself and kill of the umm… that big star (forgot what it was called) and save other peoples lives, I’d gladly do it, remember that episode where they saw a womb-like baby inside of it? It was freaky yes but also, you would think, that things evil, we have to destroy it… so wouldn’t that mean that what Reverse is doing is sort of correct?

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m playing Pokemon even right now lolololol I’LL DO MY BEST

      I don’t want Lag to get shot either, but I don’t want Garrard missing for no reason…<_< This is Tegami Bachi here, so I wouldn't be surprised at a fluffy, feel-good ending after all the betrayal XD Speaking of which, there are a LOT of traitors. I want to deny Thunderland's position as a Reverse member too, but it just adds up perfectly... Yes and no. I'm sided more with Reverse too, but they're both in a sort of stalemate in terms of being morally correct. Reverse is sacrificing many people in order to stop the government who are ALSO sacrificing a lot of people. To be honest, they kind of need that sun so they can see...even if the sun is positioned over the government capital, the light still reaches most places.

      • Tofu says:

        Now I feel like getting the game… but I’m not sure if it’s out in AUS yet… hmm…

        True, but no ones ever 100% correct… even in the real world we have POLITICS!! :@

        Did they ever explained what happened to the sun?? The REAL sun?

        • Overcooled says:

          It’s probably out there. Well, if it’s out where Bass is, you can’t be that far behind if you’re behind at all XD BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT. I WOKE UP EARLY TODAY TO DO WORK AND PLAY IT BEFORE SCHOOL AHAHAHA

          I think someone saying 1 + 1 = 2 might be 100% correct…But that’s just me being a jerk. When it comes to complex moral situations, there’s no clear right or wrong XD It’s subjective.

          I don’t know what happened to the real sun, actually. =/ I don’t think they really explained it. Hmm.

  2. anaaga says:

    the amounr of traitors here are unforgivable
    but then, the manga is the same either.
    what happens to my pure tegami bachi? ;__;

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