Making of Kuroshitsuji II – OVA

And you thought Kuroshitsuji couldn’t come up with any more crack…

~What time is it? YUNHO TIME It’s time for another hilarious dose of Kuroshitsuji OVA crack! That’s right; we’re now going to be put into a world where Kuroshitsuji has literally taken over the world! New York, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, you can’t escape the new phenomenon!

And with all good shows and movies, there’s usually a guarantee they’ll come back with a sequel, which has happened here in Kuroshitsuji‘s case. Ciel, our lead actor, at first didn’t want to do the series, but after reading the script, he felt that it was indeed worthy to perform.

Oh, arrogant Ciel, how I love you so…

A;LSFKLFKGJF SUMMER CLOTHES! Adds points to Pedophile status

Now it’s time to reassemble the whole cast for this new production, including Finnian, Mey-rin, Bard, Tanaka, Agni, Sohma, and even Madame Red and Grell, who’s quite irritated at being filmed without makeup.

Of course they didn’t forget to add new rivals, the Trancy team where Alois is actually pretty polite, Hannah is just a stubborn diva, one guy plays all three triplets, and Claude takes two months to learn his fabulous tap dancing scene.

I could creencap this boy forever~ SO CUUUUTE.

Our beloved characters turn out to be real pros with their acting, even despite some mistakes, unruly cast mates, and accidents on-set.

PAUSE. IT’S COMMERCIAL TIME! Shinigami Will would like to show us the super-effective tree trimmer which comes with a lawn mower if you order now, so order now! (Sexy Ronald recommends it~)


What’s Kuroshitsuji without the darling Elizabeth? It’s Lizzie’s “I’m one heck of a fiancee” where she’ll shows us even more behind the scenes from Ciel eating sweets, to Lau acting like a mime, to Sebastian’s birthday party.

Our little lady also showcases the other cute, leading ladies of Kuroshitsuji. Men, you may return to this fandom now.

Mey-rin, why you so adorable?

You thought The GazettE made the opening? Please. It’s all about Dro&Cell! Drocell Caines is on vocals while Pluto’s on bass with his kick-ass Bone bass guitar.

Now without further ado, the trailer for this beloved sequel is finally revealed; full of fierce action, the fear of approaching death, fated confrontations, and danger to London.

But there are many secrets and mysterious as well, such as the appearance of a…UFO, and his father! It even looks as if Mey-rin is Ciel’s sister, and Finnian (err, Tanaka) is his grandfather!

Plus, Alois turns out to be from the 23rd century, and Grell is pregnant with who’s baby?

Suddenly Claude comes in, sending the moon towards Earth to plunge it into darkness! Is the only who can save the world Queen Victoria? Why yes, but not without her MECHA! While she pushes back the moon, Sebastian is left to defeat Claude in the most epic battle of the century.

Hopefully you didn’t take this too seriously though…~

End thoughts: This was one of my most anticipated Kuroshitsuji OVA’s other than Ciel in Wonderland because it sounded just so interesting. It surely did meet up to most of my expectations (as you can tell by the NUMEROUS screencaps), and, as Kuroshitsuji always does, gave me that twist I really didn’t see coming.

First off, I loved, loved, LOVED them being in normal clothes! Yes, this is something extremely weird to fangirl about but seeing Ciel in that cute little summer outfit…PFFFFFF<3! And Alois too! So freaking adorable, the both of them. Even Sebastian and Claude (who I personally don’t really find attractive /shot) looked great. I thought that was a cool touch~. I also loved some of their off-set personalities. I remember when I originally wrote about the OVA’s, I expected Alois to be this total, bitchy diva, judging from his character in the series. Instead though, he was actually really polite; more two-faced though after seeing that part on Lizzie’s segment, heh. Ciel was pretty arrogant (as to be expected), Hannah was pretty bitchy, and Claude was just…weird. One of my favorite scenes has to be that part about him learning the epic tap dancing scene from the first episode xD Also, THERE’S SO MUCH BOOB-AGE GOING ON IN THESE OVAS! I honestly think they’re making it up for all the BL innuendos going on in the main series, you know? The male makers of Kuroshitsuji are seriously having their fun with this.

Not only was the whole Behind-the-Scenes look extremely amusing to watch, but that last few minutes of the actual trailer to the finished product was just pure, epic, hilarious crack. I don’t think I stopped laughing until Tanaka popped up in the end. At first it was pretty normal, and then that spaceship comes out and I was sitting at my desk like, “WHAT THE–“. Oh lord, and then Grell is pregnant with I’m guessing Sebas-chan’s baby HAHAHA! SCANDALOUS~ Of course, to top it off, Queen Victoria has a freaking MECHA! That’s just epic. I honestly want MORE of this crack (mainly more Queen Victoria with her mecha). *starts praying for more crack in the next OVA*
Oh, this has been very amusing indeed, and with that, I’ll be off until the next OVA. Until then~!!


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10 Responses to “Making of Kuroshitsuji II – OVA”

  1. ichigopockysticks says:

    Kuro has completly surprised me yet again…. I have no words for this just laughter ^.^ Iove this show so much and season one is on netflicks now too

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yep, they just keep shocking us fangirls x’D


  2. Starry says:

    I loved it to bits! It mad me LOL to no end. Gosh. It’s even weirder then then two Alice in wonderland OVA.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Surprisingly it was weirder! I was like, “Nothing can top that 1st part of Ciel in Wonderland…”. WELL, I was wrong, hahaha.

  3. MikADo says:

    I LOVED this OVA XD
    i love these OVA’s with weird bits everywhere

  4. Yvoon says:

    OK…that was totally wierd…BUT THE MOST AWESOM OVA I HAVE EVER SEEN!!

    AHH, Kuroshitsuji…you never cease to amaze me XD

    i look froward to seeing this XD

  5. Orange-sama says:

    I was half speech less and half rolling on the floor.
    This was outrageously funny, it didn’t fit the *seriousness* of the main story and I gave me a jump start.
    Some parts…some parts I was just…P(°Д°);;;

  6. Robin says:

    Where is everyone seeing this OVA?!?! I want to watch!!! 😀

  7. Lucy says:

    The OVA was awesome 😀 but if that were really the second season, I would be so very disappointed xD
    Preggo Grell?!

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