Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – 10


I had heard this was going to be one of those WHAM episodes where serious shit goes down, but man….Some serious shit went down. Introduction paragraph? Forget that, all I did was plan complete and utter Pokemon world domination with Bass; nothing you need to know about.  LET’S GET THIS STARTED.

What is this shy little meganekko doing on my TV screen? That’s not the Homura we know, but she’s being introduced to the class nonetheless and the mysterious transfer student with a weak heart. Instead of being a wimp, Madoka strides right up to Homura and walks her to the nurse office, chattering to her all the way there. She instantly befriends her.

Madoka was probably the best thing to happen to poor Homu all day. The rest of her day is laden with hard math problems, gym class, and sudden urges to commit suicide thanks to stumbling into a witch’s territory. Just when it looks like Homura might kick the bucket, Mami’s telltale yellow ribbon appears and rounds up the witches. YES MAMI IS BACK, MAMI IS BACK! AND MADOKA IS WITH HER AS A MAHOU SHOUJO!!! Who would’ve thought Homura would be saved by Madoka?

Off they go to Mami’s house for cake, tea and more mahou shoujo conversations. They seem pretty calm about the whole mahou shoujo job and seem to still be enjoying it. That is, until Walpurgis actually appears and kills both Mami and Madoka. Homura can only watch the slaughter as it unfolds, crying over Madoka’s body as it all ends. It’s then and there that Homura makes a wish to redo her meeting with Madoka so she can be the one who does the protecting.

REDO #1: Homura wakes up in her hospital bed, her wish having been granted by Kyubei. Her introduction on the first day of class is now much different, as she runs up to Madoka and professes her love tells her that she’s a mahou shoujo. She’s still not very, um, proficient at it. In fact, she starts off just stopping time and beating things with a gold club. Mami gives her some good advice: steal some guns. When in doubt STEAL GUNS.

All 3 of them can now work together to slay those tricky witches! Homura seems to be useless at first but thank GOODNESS she actually managed to throw her bomb up that witch’s skirt and blow it up. Things seem fine…that is, until that battle happens with the same outcome. They beat Walpurgis, but Madoka turns into a witch. This is when poor Homu sees the truth of Kyubei’s contract.

REDO #2: Okay, let’s tell everyone what I learned about Kyubei! Oh, why don’t they believe me? D= Awww, poor Homura. They do, of course, believe her once Sayaka turns into a witch and they see it with their own eyes. Once again, Homura lands the final blow, killing Sayaka. There’s little time for shedding tears as Mami goes batshit and starts trying to kill everyone. Madoka kills her before she shoots Homura, but Kyoko wasn’t so lucky…

As the only two left, it’s not surprising that they both end up with tainted soulgems by the end of it. They lie there, waiting to become witches. Waiting to die, content that they had done a good job. That’s when Madoka reaches over and gently taps a grief seed against Homura’s soul gem with a slight smile. Homura was meant to live, go back in time and fix everything. Madoka lays that heavy burden on her dark-haired friend and even asks Homura to kill her before she becomes a witch.

REDO #3: This time, Homura means serious business. She ditches the glasses and the braids and struts around military bases collecting guns on her own. Homura plans on completely shielding Madoka from witches, mahou shoujo, and everything in between. If it means not being as close with her, it’s a loss she will bear to save her friend. Of course, it all falls apart when Homura tried to take on Walpurgis by herself. This is the same scene as in the first episode, and it’s where Madoka made her contract. Madoka kills Walpurgis in one shot and then turns into a witch. That’s where REDO #4 leads us into the current timeline.


Homura’s marriage proposal didn’t go quite as expected

If there was ever a wrong way to beat up something with a golf club, Homura found it.

Madoka, don’t make contracts. Also, I organized your underwear drawer for you.


End Thoughts: This episode was nothing short of exquisite. Every episode seems even better than the last, to the point where I can’t even imagine what the finale is going to be like. Madoka only gets exponentially better, it never falters. This was just beautiful, heart-wrenching, and an excellent insight as to why Homura acts the way she does. It makes me want to rewatch the first few episodes to see how she hints at knowing Madoka from before. Really, I would have never thought that Homura used to be such a little weakling.

I loved seeing all the possible endings Homura got, even though all of them were bad. We already know how sinister the contract is from the current storyline…seeing the characters have to react to that knowledge yet again really makes the idea hit home: they are slaves to this miserable cycle of death.  I felt that more than ever every time Homura had to cry beside Madoka’s dying body. My favourite moment had to be when Sayaka turned into a witch, yet again, and Homura killed her. It was Mami’s reaction that really got me. She’s usually calm and very good at keeping her emotions to herself, to see her spiral into madness in the span of a few minutes once again intensified how life-changing it is to break out of ignorance. Her reaction still makes sense with her character too, since she’s so fond of helping people. The only way to end the cycle is to kill all the witches and then kill themselves. She just got a little too hasty in shooting everyone instead of reasoning it out for a bit longer…

Another thing I liked about seeing all the alternate endings was that MADOKA WASN’T ANNOYING. She was outgoing, cute and USEFUL. I dislike characters (and people) who are all “bawww I’m useless, I hate myself!”…except for Hmura’s past version. Homura took over Madoka’s useless role for a while, but was so adorable that I could overlook her clumsiness. Do you prefer klutzy Homura or refined Homura? I liked Homura when she had her twin braids and glasses, to be honest. Seeing Mami again made me die of happiness. Sayaka…not so much. Honestly, bitchy much? You still have Kyouko lusting after you, so be thankful!

So what does this mean for the next episode? It means that it’s almost guaranteed that Homura can’t beat Walpurgis on her own, and yet, that’s probably what she’s going to have to do. If Madoka becomes a mahou shoujo, she’s going to become a devastatingly powerful witch, and Homura will have to start over if that happens (since she wants Madoka alive). It’s really hard to see this ending anywhere except Homura starting over once again or a new mahou shoujo coming to the rescue. Whatever it is, I’m guessing that something is gonna be added to the game by episode 11 or even 12. I still wouldn’t put it past Madoka Magica to end with everyone dying though. What an ending that would be. Alright, speculate away!


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81 Responses to “Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – 10”

  1. Bass says:

    Lol team Overbassed ftw

    This ep seems so good, that I even changed the header. Not that I watched it or anything….it was all from word of mouth. Great review as always OC :3

    • Overcooled says:

      *high fives* >w<

      Nice header; Sekijitsu always looks sleek and sexy. But really Bass, you're not watching it? Too much for the part of you that's really choosy with art? D=

      And thank you, Bass~!!

      • Bass says:

        Lol I’m waiting for it to finish before watching. I think I’ll bear with the lolis seeing that so many people love this show.

        I dont want to get into it now, especially with the impending show stoppage from the disaster

  2. Anya says:

    I like how Homura Took A Level In Badass and her BADASS WALK OF EPICNESS.

    Mami’s scene was heart-wrenching though… especially how much I’m attached to her… TT^TT

    I was traumatized by this, so don’t want to relive the memories right now…

    I think it’s possible that it’ll have a bad ending. Not bad as in quality, but as in they all die or Madoka becomes a Witch (again). Either that or Homura has to kill Walpurgis herself or redo time again. (Maybe it’ll end at a new timeline – I’m gonna say that’s most likely). I doubt they’ll have someone or some rule or power thing come and save them at the last minute – that’s too Dues Ex Machina y and would suck.

    • Overcooled says:

      Homura walking away from that explosion was just so typical badass, hahaha XD Just recall good moments like that, or else you’re going to go crazy…I swear this show is sucking me in so deeply that i’m becoming too emotionally attached to all the characters o.o

      Considering how relentless this show has been in screwing people over, I wouldn’t be surprised by a “bad” ending either. Please no Deus Ex Machina!!! Madoka is so much better than that!

    • MikADo says:

      Mami’s actions were understandable but still not what i would call acceptable 😛

      • Overcooled says:

        Oh, they weren’t acceptable at all. I would like to at least be ASKED before I’m shot and killed, thanks.

  3. Jenny says:

    I think maybe Homura will die defeating Walupurgis. I still can’t believe Mami went all psycho! That’s so out of character for her. And OF COURSE Kyoko was the only one killed by her.

    I think Madoka’s so annoyingly useless is because she never became a mahou shoujo so she never got self-confidence. I can’t choose between Meganekko!Homura or Badass!Homura they’re both so awesome but I
    know I’d pick Confident-Less-Whiny!Madoka over the Madoka we have
    now in a heartbeat.

    I really want to re-watch this and most predictions about Homura were surprisingly right. I can’t believe my thought that they must’ve been really
    close was right. I’m not that shocked about the time-traveleing but I am surprise by what happened in the different timelines.

    • Overcooled says:

      I think we’ll get at LEAST one more death the way things are going *nods* Mami’s outburst was totally uncalled for, it completely floored me. I have a gif saved that I just watch over and over…lol…

      I prefer Madoka as a confident mahou shoujo too…<_< and both Homu's are awesome, but Meganekko Homura is just too darling for me to pass up on XD

      It's amazing how strong the power of speculation is! It was bang on. And yes, even though we all had it figured out she could stop time, how could we be prepared for THIS? My God @_@ Mami….T.T

  4. Metalsnakezero says:

    Shocker #1

    This helps with how she develop and grow to the badass Homura that know and really love. She was pretty cute 😀

    Shocker #2
    Mami and Madoka fighting together and Madoka in Magical form.
    Madoka can really be strong once she is able to get somewhere, which is in this case to be a Magical Girl.

    Shocker #3
    I also like the fact that she was stealing weapons from the Yakuza. Didn’t think they have big Machine guns.

    Shocker #4
    Mami going psycho.
    I know some people are a little upset about that but what could she do after knowing they will all be witches? I think she didn’t want to kill her friends when they are suffering as witches so her best logical conclusion was to die now. Keep in mind that she was also going to pop herself off after doing the deed. Poor Mami ;_;

    Shocker #5
    Madoka kills Mami
    The test of the bond between Madoka’s and Homura’s friendship. ;_;

    Shocker #6
    Before Homura heads back in time again, she does the deed and kills Madoka before becoming a witch.
    A perfect drama scene.

    Shocker #7
    The universe is saved but earth is F!
    Whats the point of having the galaxy saved when an whole planet will be destroyed by the very person who wanted to save it? WTF KYUBEY!?

    This episode now placed Madoka Magica is one of the greatest.

    Two more episodes left with many ways it could end. What I think will happen is that Madoka will gain back her memories of her other timeline self, which will enable her to be Magical again. Then she will help a beaten Homura in the fight against Walpurgis. Afterwards, however, is up in the air. Let just see how it goes.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, the entire episode was one shocker after another. SO AMAZING!!! Timid Homura was adorable, even if she does make pipe bombs in her room. At first I thought she was just sorting out her medication, until I saw the BOMBS. You go girl. lol.

      MAMI’S PSYCHO REACTION. While it’s still unexpected, I also think it’s still a logical train of thought for her character. Maybe she came to the conclusion a bit too..suddenly…but if you knew you would destroy the world, the most selfless thing to do would be to kill yourself. lol at Madoka choosing her lover over Mami, although I guess she would’ve been shot next XD

      Oh! I hope she gets her memories back! That would be cool! I wonder if Madoka will get to make another wish..maybe it will help the battle. Well, no matter what, SOMEONE is probably getting the axe. Madoka Magica isn’t known for being a show where everyone lives happily ever after.

    • Gunny says:

      I got at least two .gif for every shocker at this episode @_@ GOD SO AWESOME.

      Show ▼


  5. MikADo says:

    Cool chan I was right! the thing from the first episode was the Walpurghis Night XDDD thats cool dont you think :3
    anyways my thoughts on this episode was “classic”, there were many theories about the dream scene, and parallel world/loop seemed most convincing, I was not shocked at all at the actual content of this episode. It was expectable……. But not how it was portrayed XD The episode was AWESOME!! The depiction! The details! Shaft is really amazing that they were able to show this incredibly classic and somewhat overused story into an amazing episode :3 i love shaft <3 and i hate JC

    • Overcooled says:

      *high five* Yep, it was~! The parallel loop has been done before, but Madoka did it almost painfully well. I’m still reeling from the drama of it all. SHAFT >>>> JC. And I never even pay attention to studios, so that’s saying a lot…XD

      • MikADo says:

        i have a question though, Madoka seems to grow in power after each loop, for example, 1st loop Madoka dies w/o defeating Walphurgis, 2nd dies after defeating Walphurgis, 3rd almost survives, 4th time, she defeated Walphurgis with ONE SHOT…is it QB’s plan to make Madoka a huge gigantic energy mass and explode it at once? or its it another plot of the story :3 ?

        • Overcooled says:

          For the 2nd onwards she had Homura’s help though, who I’m guessing was slightly more useful than Mami on their first run. Could be a lucky CRITICAL HIT or something, no two battles are the same even if the opponents are the same *too much pokemon*

          The only way I can explain Madoka being a BEAST in the 4th redo is that she became a mahou shoujo under different circumstances, so her wish may have been different. That wish may have altered her powers enough to make her overpowered. But she definitely got a LOT stronger, yeah.

          Kyubei doesn’t retain his past memories(he’s unaware of why Homura is special until later on) so it’s hard to say how it’s part of his plan…unless he knew from the start when he gave Homura her time travel magic what it would do to Madoka’s power level. Not too much of a strength given how sneaky that weasel is. XD

          • MikADo says:

            i hope my speculations will give a hint to the plots of the next 2 episodes

  6. Elyon says:

    It was so nice to see Madoka with confidence for once! She actually had moments in this episode that were kind of…COOL!
    I loved Moe Homura too >w< I prefer her over current Homura, but both are pretty awesome.

  7. Nayu says:

    When I started watching this episode, I thought it was depicting an alternate universe where Madoka and Homura’s personalities were swapped O.O Even their voices seemed different!

    It’s amazing how most of the characters had their personalities changed around at least once in this whole episode. Madoka was useful instead of crying all the time, Homura was timid as opposed to cold and Mami was, well, yandere.

    At this rate, I think Homura is either just going to die along with Madoka on the Walpurgis night, or succeed in saving Madoka and then get married to her and live happily ever after.

    • Overcooled says:

      Me too…Well, I didn’t know what was going on until a few minutes in. Then I picked up on it. XD We have some top-tier seiyuu here, I loved how they changed their voices to match the character’s new/old personality. =D

      Madoka and her husbando Homura will live happily ever after in mahou shoujo heaven with Kyoko and Sayaka. Mami can have Hitomi or something, I dunno. Or just be everyone’s mistress.

  8. Renn says:

    I’m still mourning the loss of Kyouko again. She got what–three lines? ;_; That being said I got a Homura/Madoka fix (and Kyouko/Sayaka fix) this episode. Loved your captions. 😀

    It was cool seeing Madoka so awesome, but now I really don’t want to see her don the frou frou uniform!

    I prefer refined Homura. I wasn’t big on the braids though it was pretty funny when she stole the guns. xD

    • Overcooled says:

      Poor Kyoko…I miss her so much…Kyoko and Mami…T.T Madoka, why couldn’t you die instead? Your existence has ruined everything. -_-

      And ohohoho thanks, I’m glad I’m at least a little bit as witty as I think I am. XDD

  9. anaaga says:

    i was squealing when i saw mami. yay!
    and i like the magical madoka too. i guess if homura didn’t go to the present time, that character of hers will be shaped slowly as the becomes an expert magical girl.
    true, who gives a damn about sayaka? still bitchy at every time line. damn
    poor homura keep repeating the past for the sake of one girl. which never recognize her properly in every time line

    OH, and forgot to say this. this episode breaks down my brain. it’s just so WOW I CAN’T DESCRIBE IT IN WORDS

    • Gunny says:

      So… your brain is like this.

      • anaaga says:

        yes my brain breaks down, by it’s not that bad.
        my face was probably like this though

        • Overcooled says:

          lol, Madoka tends to invoke that sort of reaction..XDD
          I loved seeing Homura slowly turn into the badass girl she is now. It took a lot of events to turn her into that. Loved seeing everyone again except Sayaka, she can go die in a pit of fire.

          • Gunny says:

            wth they’ve done to Sayaka… She’s such an envious fag now.
            Homura FTW \õ/

  10. Yumii says:


  11. Reaper says:

    Everything has now been connected! I can’t help but feel sorry for Homura, having to go back again and again each time, unable to change the future for the sake of Madoka, especially related when I’ve been doing some amateur writing eerily similar to the story (though nothing about mahou shoujos and incubators of course) 😛
    The amount of times Kyubei died…he must have been pretty full after nom nom nom on each of his previous corpse, as well as Mami’s breakdown…i have to say, coming from her, it’s expected, she wasn’t particularly…stable.
    As for Sayaka…well…Homura tried to warn you but…
    Can’t wait for the next episode! I really wonder how the current future/arc/timeline will finish when Homura’s tried about every way possible. maybe she should eat kyubei…

    • Overcooled says:

      The pieces are all falling into place! Homura’s backstory sure was heartbreaking. She’s been through so much…Ohoho, writing about time travel, are you? Interesting, Reaper-san~

      Mami was an emotional wreck on the inside, so in hindsight it wasn’t that odd. But I still jumped when she shot Kyoko o__o


  12. amado says:

    *sigh* its tiring to defend sayaka so il just leave it like this.
    actually, homura only decided to steal guns when sayaka wanted her to fight with other stuff besides bombs cause she might get blown up because she’s a melee(and she did get blown up).
    sayaka was probably just joking around but of course she wouldnt believe homura at first, she didnt really distrust her but she also doesnt trust her completely. a lot of people dont believe that a person is from the future and are distrustful of them.

    and some info I found about kyoko: “Right before she sacrifices herself to kill Oktavia, her soul gem and her hairpin meld into something resembling a key. Notice that Oktavia looks like a mermaid. The Melusine, a creature from European folklore, similar to a mermaid in some versions, who holds a key in her mouth. The one who takes the key from her will earn her love.”

    since the only pair here thats canon and I like is sayakaXkyoko. while I do understand homura now, sympathize, and like her to some degree, she is not in my fave list of characters.

    • MikADo says:

      learn to love the HOMURA :3

      • anaaga says:

        i love homura 😉 TEHEH

        • Overcooled says:

          I doubt any of them really believed Homura (or wanted to), Sayaka was the only one verbal enough to say “what the hell are you talking about?” Completely logical – but the girl just irks me. In the beginning I loved her, but she’s too smart-alecky for me, and watching her go crazy just made me shake my head. Homura isn’t my favourite either…Mami is XD

          I don’t even like yuri that much and I like KyokoxSayaka. So cute! The pairing is being hinted at like crazy, especially with that whole key thing now.

  13. Jo says:

    The most gut wrenching part was when Homura’s scream when she had to kill Madoka..

    Hoping for a happy ending, but it doesn’t feel like we’re going to get one..
    Homura really has to get less cryptic, and communicate properly to Madoka…then maybe we’ll see something good happen.


    • Overcooled says:

      Oh man, that scream was just soul-searing *shudders* Probably more moments like this to come.

    • MikADo says:

      I thought the 4th loop’s scream when she couldn’t stop Madoka making a contract was the most soul crunching scream i have heard so far

  14. Foshizzel says:

    Amazing episode! Great to see Homura’s past life and how she gained her time powers! Machine gun+magical girl= AWESOME

    This was also very dramatic seeing Madoka die like that hmmm but good stuff 😀

  15. Sebz says:


  16. Da5id says:

    Why does everyone keep saying Madoka became a witch in the 4th Timeline? Kyuubey only says she is destined to become the most powerful witch, but she never becomes one while Homura’s there. And as of yet, she’s only turned into a witch in the 2nd.

    • Dan-go says:

      the instant she becomes a puella magi, she inevitably fixes her fate as a witch, as such ANY time line in which she becomes a magi is a failure, which darling little homura learns in the 4th try after discussing with kyubey, after several failures to even get past the walpurgis. The one possible plot inconsistancy is that in the first timeline, kyubey saw the need to create ANOTHER magical girl, homura, despite already having met his energy quota, but this can be explained away by madoka’s possible death causing the need for kyubey to once again collect energy

      • Overcooled says:

        What he said.

        Even though we never explicitly see her become a witch, she’s going to. Kyubei isn’t lying, Homura saw her become a witch in the first redo and it’s bound to happen again.

        • Da5id says:

          But that’s the thing: SHE STILL DOESN’T BECOME A WITCH. In both the 1st and 3rd timeline, she dies before that can happen, which is the only for sure way for a Mahou to avoid becoming one. And even if she doesn’t die in the 4th timeline, and is destined to become one, SHE STILL ISN’T ONE YET.

          So yes, she became the most powerful Mahou Shojo. Yes, she destroyed Walpurgis Night in one shot. Yes, therefore, she is DESTINED to become the most powerful witch and destroy the earth. BUT SHE NEVER BECAME A WITCH. She was on her way, BUT SHE DIDN’T BECOME ONE WHILL HOMURA WAS THERE. So, to say she did when she didn’t is an outright lie. Homura and Kyubey are talking in future tense about it happening. It has not happened yet when Homura leaves for the fifth and current timeline.

          • Overcooled says:

            So you’re saying there’s a possibility in the current timeline that Madoka can become a mahou shoujo and defeat Walpurgis without becoming a witch, yes? Okay then, since we didn’t explicitly see Madoka become a witch, the possibility isn’t zero. So yes, it technically COULD happen that Madoka can meet certain conditions in which she doesn’t turn into a witch. I see what you’re hinting at now XD

            It’s just so heavily implied that no matter what, she’s gonna be a witch (and if she dies to get out of it, Homura will reset everything) that it’s hard for me to see things working out so nicely for her. The fate of becoming a witch has been shown to be inescapable. I see a more “everyone dies” ending in the future where not a lot of things work out for our poor mahou shoujo.

            • Da5id says:

              No, you’re not getting it. I’m talking about what actually happened and taking it at face value. Not about would could’ve happened or what was most likely to happen. That went out the window when Homura left that timeline. The point is, Madoka didn’t turn into a witch before Homura restarted the timeline in the 4th timeline. She did in the 2nd. We saw that very clearly. But she didn’t in the 4th. It was going to happen, yes, and it would have…had Homura not restarted the timeline from the beginning again.

              As for what will happen in this new timeline…that’s all up in the air. I’m not even gonna try guessing, because I will most likely be wrong.

            • Overcooled says:

              Um..okay. Then yeah, we never ACTUALLY saw her turn into a witch with our own eyes lol. Sorry for making your comment more complicated that you intended.

  17. amado says:

    so apparently the 3rd manga is a prequel to the anime:
    its mahou shoujo oriko magica, features mami and kyoko.

    • anaaga says:


    • MikADo says:

      i heard about that, checked it out, and didn’t like the illustration 😛 though i say yeay for more madoka :3

    • Overcooled says:

      I WILL READ THIS, THANK YOU. Mami and Kyoko, my 2 favourite characters.

    • Gunny says:

      SO… Kyoko and Mami are risin’ a child, and her name is Oriko? @_@

      Anyway, good to know this, since I had rewatched epi 1-9 last nite (God, Homura ;___;) and I really wanted to know the past of these two. Also, what did Kyoko knew for her to think that killing other MS would help Kyuubey in some way?

  18. Bluemist says:

    didn’t expect Homura to be the klutz at the beginning

    …. waiting for next episode.

    • Overcooled says:

      Homura really made a leap from bumbling meganekko into kuudere-like badass. Damn.

      Waiting is hard…

  19. Dan-go says:

    MEGANE HOMURA MOEEE!!! most epic epic epic time episode EVER

  20. Dan-go says:

    also tremendous insight into homura’s almost lack of care for the world around her, life and others have become devalued in a world where everything can be remade in the blink of an eye, the only constant in her life is madoka

    • Overcooled says:

      Homura became so moe~~

      And you’re right, it really shows how dedicated she is to Madoka and no one else. Homura has always been extremely focused on only Madoka, not even helping the others (like Sayaka) unless it benefits Madoka. She’s almost frighteningly loyal.

    • MikADo says:

      I think Homura is close to a yandere :3
      I agree that the only motivation for her to go on, and also the only thing that is keeping her sane is Madoka, and the promise she made to herself

      • amado says:

        nah, she’s just a kuudere.

        if she was a yandere, id like her more.

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