Durarara!! – 25

Kyo-Special Two: Are you ready for some Drrr! AWESOMENESS?! Ikebukuro ni Yōkoso!

How can Durarara!! not be part of my special anniversary trio posts? Like Cool-chan hinted, while reviewing the first special of Durarara!! the wait is over and this is second of three surprises for completing a year at Metanorn. You can cheer me on, while I do some crazy updating and ninja missions in the backend.

Well, this was scheduled to be my first one but as it seems my third post will be a bit… ahem, delayed… I upped the KnK Medley OST release to leave a Drrr! impact before the day becomes old and dies to give place to another. This special is like a full circle for me as I started my hopefully long-lasting aniblogging journey with this show; my first ever completed series. I felt very nostalgic seeing this episode and even played the OP thrice just to take in the awesomeness yet again. I miss this so MUCH!!! >.<’’

It all starts with the usual chat-format of Dollars’ site with the trio (Mikado, Masaomi and Anri) being joined by Celty and Izaya (minus Shizu-chan but he’s coming soon so no worries there). Yes, our favourite gang, the one we love and have come to miss… Not the time to rant towards Brains Base so moving on, the supposed timeline for this episode is right after twenty-fourth and it’s a holiday too so everyone has their own version of plans. But of course, knowing Ikebukuro, nothing happens as planned so you can imagine, Yagami Light would totally fail.

Also, just like any other episode, everything starts with a glimpse of climax and then wind back and then down; literally like that old spice commercial of: look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me… and ad nauseum; you catch my drift. Someone has already threatened to kill Hanejima Youhei (Shizuo’s brother) online and this certain post has already caused quite a commotion, which is quite believable with Satoshi Tajiri’s demise rumour spread recently as a reference. Being a total professional though, Kasuka decides to wear a cupid’s visage and strut around Ikebukuro to find the Number One Couple with the live broadcast of “Love Love Star Chance Program”. The lovey-dovey couple would get to appear in a scene with the heartthrob in his upcoming movie.

Live broadcast can sure be pretty interesting in Ikebukuro

Shinra’s so MOE and DAWWWWW~

Denial: Did you hear something? At least, I didn’t…

A simple scope out of downtown tells the viewer that the Dota-chin gang has upgraded their van with a TV so they would be watching over the whole event. Celty’s planning to enjoy a lot of recorded tube but Kasuka distracts her, while Shinra manages the kitchen; yep, role reversal ahoy! Izaya’s twin imoutos Kururi and Mairu finally make their appearance, stalking after their idol Youhei and are overly familiar with Shizuo (who is skulking around to keep an eye out for the rumoured killer after his brother). He suggests a simple thing for them to meet his brother on further pestering. Not to forget Simon, who is flashing promotional signs of his sushi joint every chance he gets; it’s cool to be tall, yo~

I say the same thing but for a different reason altogether.

While scouting downtown, Kasuka meets Seiji (remember the psycho couple?) and Harima, who vows in front of a live audience that they are most lovable couple of the universe; yeah sure, Harima, in Psychoville, you get turned on by being stalked via 20 cameras… Also, Namie seeing all this blows some big bucks destroying the TV of Iza-nii; jealous much, onee-san?

Kasuka intercepts the contemplative-Mikado while he was mulling over Anri agreeing to a movie with him, even if only to talk about what happened between Dollars, Saika Children and Yellow Scarves. His memories of the first date resurface with the shy Mikado being all gentlemanly for asking out Anri, whose nervousness Masaomi and Saki enjoy, watching the broadcast from a distant city.

After the good introduction and nostalgia later, the rumoured killer surfaces with a shiny knife in his hand, threatening Kasuka. Like he looked scared but Shizuo saves him with a flying hoarding board, the perp in question wasn’t heard from no more. Though, it was all a trap by Izaya to lure Shizuo out with the right supply of information. If you are looking for a deep reason look somewhere else, because you should know better that Shizaya is the One True Pair (the Fujoshi mind can take over anything) and they would chase each other forever… or so does Karisawa thinks with the chant of seme/uke. Teehee.

Let’s Get It ON, BABY!

The fight pic-spam starto!


I know this feeling… Oh, so well… Shizaya you have ruined me for life…

That leads us to the downtown showdown between Izaya and Shizu-chan with a lot of low-weight baddies that are not worth even mentioning. Even if Izaya wants to only just piss off Shizu-chan, before going underground for some time, his underhanded tricks of a truck accident did not work twice. The comeback was so EPIC that I literally rolled on the floor laughing at “Who the fuck hasn’t grown up?!” It literally had the feel of “Orewa dareda to omotte yagaru!”


Did we just get some fanart made into canon? YEP!

You have to agree, the thing that we SO LOVE about Durarara!! are these batshit crazy Shizuo scenes, where he just throws everything within his grasp like a smexy beast. If you add Izaya in the mix, it equals to EPIC ENTERTAINMENT. And that is what happened with the powerful and acrobatic chase around Ikebukuro and much display of power even from the characters that were recently introduced.

Someone call the Twincest brigade~

New Age, Disco Dance~

All’s well that ends well?! Lol, you must be joking, right? Not in the Durarara!! version of Ikebukuro for sure. You would ask, why am I saying that? Well, that little runt who got out of the train is actually Aoba Kuronuma (not Sawako’s brother, mind you), who will soon be joining Raira Academy. His role is much more than being Kouhai to Mikado and that is all I’m going to say. And yes, welcome to Ikebukuro, chumps!


HAWTNESS is sometimes in genes and Heiwajima family has plenty~

Does that mean…. like the twins…. *Fujoshi powers activated*

This chick doesn’t need your saving, Mika-pu

Hello… Is it me, you’re lookin’ for?

Three cheers for… Celty, the Pacifier!

Mission Accomplished and MOAR business for Simon~ Sometimes, stalking helps.

The POWUH of Miami Vice

Psychosis is genetic too

Come back next season, damn it!

These eyes will haunt you in your dreams~

End Thoughts: Do I think this is the end of Durarara!! HELL NO. This episode just proves it that Brains Base will get off its lazy ass and do another season on this brilliant storyline. WHEN is the big questions; if I take Natsume Yuujinchou as a reference, the first two seasons were quick like Arakawa Under the Bridge by SHAFT, though the third is quite unexpected and coming after two years. Omori is quite methodic so I’m not sure when he will be able to tame the storyboard of Durarara!! season two but I definitely see it coming in the near future. I’m going to rely on hope for this? Oh, how have you forsaken me, God!

At least my lament from the last episode review was heard about MOAR Shizuo:

“Of all, I would miss Shizu-chan the most, the fortissimo of Ikebukuro and one of the most interesting characters of Drrr! Why was he only in one scene? Like last episode, Brains Base, C’MON!!!”

I can’t say, the first special wasn’t brilliant but comparing the two, this is EPICER, most probably just because it had more Shizuo-craziness. Also, the chase, which you can never go wrong! Every important character showed up. Sure, Kaztano and Hashim weren’t around and many other minor characters like Ryo, ero-sensei, etc. and who misses the gas-mask-creep anyway? Now, if you talk about Shiki, he already got coverage in the first special so we are covered for all the interesting characters.

This was a great way to finish things; closing business for a season yet leaving some stuff behind for a hope of second one, because episode twenty-four needed some winding down, which no one got. Having been a long-term fan, I’m currently sifting through the available summaries of volumes that have not been animated yet. I can only tell you one thing, you haven’t seen nothin’ yet; Ryohgo Narita writes brilliance into the characters in such a manner that it leaves you totally convinced that they are that powerful or even wearing such a plain or timid visage, they can do so much. Everyone has been pretty disappointed with Mikado but he’s going to be one strong leader, the glimpse of which we only saw on that episode where he revealed himself to be the mastermind behind Dollars. Would Masaomi be back? Will Anri accept Mikado’s love? What is Izaya’s next diabolical plan to use Celty’s head for acquiring forever bliss of Valhalla? Would Shizuo and for that matter Dollars, Yellow Scarves and Blue Squares just shuffle around? Ney sir! So, I’ll look forward to some more EPIC WIN from Durarara!! if it ever gets another season and I persist, it should! Till next time, Ja ne~

PS: I took 1,448 screens for this episodic… Call that obsession. >.>

For the love of you all, linking the gif’s direct link here (NO HOTLINKING OR I WILL CUT YOU!):


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40 Responses to “Durarara!! – 25”

  1. Mint says:


    I want that second season right now.

    Izaya’s sisters, Oh my god, are indeed Izaya’s sisters. Do the Orihara family practise gymnastics from a young age or something?! Yuri action 😀
    It’s good to hear that there is even more material to be animated – HOPEFULLY BRAIN’S BASE WILL MAKE A SECOND SEASON (OH AND KURAGEHIME TOO :D)
    great post Kyokai, I’m feelin’ the great warmth that is Drrr! love 😀

    • amado says:

      actually, only mairu can do that because she goes to a certain gym…

      • Oh really? I really need to start reading the manga o.o

        • amado says:

          novel, the manga is way behind. its still vol.1

          check this link for translations of vol.(still currently being done but 4-6 are done). dont worry, the anime did vol. 1-3 so you wont miss anything.

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL! Such epicness only happens for Drrr gif goodness! Have to capture ALL moments! Had loads of fun compiling this and yes, Kuragehime too! Omori needs to multi-task, damn it! >.<''

  3. Reaper says:

    DRRR!! for the win~!
    It was so great to just wake up one morning and see this was out! It has been too long since the last episode 12.5, Durarara!! withdrawal is not so great…but this ep satisfied everything, from Mikado’s and Anri’s tentative relationship, searched for by Yuuhei, Masaomi and Saki chuckling up north of Japan, whilst Shizuo (headpole!) and Izaya rips through the town with the usual awesomeness! Their meeting cracked me up, with the mouse and cat game the highlight; Spiderman has some serious competition
    After watching this ep, I can’t help but get the feeling a second season will be coming sooner than later (hopefully!). The ep had a whole bridging feeling, the OVA between seasons. Hopefully, I’m right coz DRR!! IS LEGENDARY!! Just like Shinra and Celty 😉

    • Kyokai says:

      YESSSSSSS! This was such a good surprise. I can’t wait for the next season but damn it, Omori got busy with another Natsume season and he is sure obsessed with that manga. I would love for this and Kuragehime to get another season. I hope its sooner than later.

      So, yeah, Durarara!! is LEGEN-wait for it–DARY! :3

  4. Bass says:

    Wuttttt a new Durarara release?

    Crap I need to watch this asap, Ill get back with my thoughts soon XD

  5. Tofu says:

    I like those twins… what? xD

    Sadly I can’t view the GIF’s if that’s what they are called :\ Maybe I got bad net.

    After a long wait for this one episode… what can I say? No matter how long the wait was, like what Reaper said, it’s worth the wait!! I can see the resemblance of Valentines and Episode 25 ;D Smooth Kyo smooth~


    • Kyokai says:

      You got bad internets, Tofu, it all worked fine for me. xD

      This has been one of the best specials out there. Oh man, if only I can get more with season two…. =3=

  6. Alynn says:

    This episode was so full of win!
    Izaya’s sisters, Shizuo vs Izaya… intense destruction…

    I missed Durarara so much! Still hoping for more episodes (and another season!).

    • Kyokai says:

      I know right? I miss this so much…. =____=

      The wincest was brilliant and I want MOAAARRR!

  7. Foshizzel says:

    This was a great episode! So much Izaya and Shizuo! And I had no idea Izaya could wall run like spiderman! That was nuts with all the street signs. But that’s why we love Shizuo! Just for being completely insane.

    Izaya’s little sisters! Whoaaaaa those two are “interesting” what was with that kiss?! Hahaha Yuri+incest? And the fans rejoiced. Hopefully we can see them more if they do another season! Fingers crossed that they do another.

    Great post Kyo LOL so many screen caps! Was fun!

    • Kyokai says:

      The acrobatics were amazing and mannnn, Shizaya makes the world of Drrr! go round! The cameo by his brother was really cool. xD

      I never thought there will be wincest in here but wow, this special upped another notch with that. I can’t wait for another season!

      And thank you~ Drrr! has always been my FAAAAVVVOURITE! xD

  8. anaaga says:

    i fuckin love this episode. LIKE LOVE IT

    • Kyokai says:


      This was so much filled with SHIZAYA that I totally fangasmed! xD

  9. anaaga says:

    btw, book 4 5 6 are avaible to be downloaded as pdf files right?

  10. Junko says:

    I was never a huge Durarara fan but this special ep was honestly hilarious. It was also funny to post about this with some Durarara yaoi goodness all over Hato’s FB~

    • Kyokai says:

      What, what whaattt? C’mon, how can you not be a fan of Durarara!!? And damn, I missed all the yaoi goodness posts on Hato’s FB. =3=

  11. Carla says:

    I was waiting for this since the episode 12.5…
    I was just sitting looking for some interesting things (like that kind of things that could cause me a nosebleed) and I found that this chapter was out.
    I just can’t describe my reactions, but if you want an idea… My cat’s face (he was next to me) was like this O_O…
    I made pop corn and I put sleeping pills in my family’s food (I don’t want them to see me in my otaku mode on…)
    I’ve no words to say how awesome was this!!
    The fight was amazing!!
    Where the fuck is Kida?… I think that looks like Venecia.
    Everything was so nostalgic :3
    Awww *_*, I really want a new season, but Izaya said something about leave the city 🙁

    I read this and I realized how pathetic I am…
    Sorry if I wrote something wrong, I speak spanish :3

  12. Hoshi says:

    ~This special literally had EVERYTHING I ever wanted in a DRRR!! episode. ShinraxCelty goodness, KASUKA ACTUALLY LOOKING HAPPY (lulz), freaking EPIC Shizou and Izaya fighting, Izaya’s sisters (who I completely love despite the twincest XD), and of course AnrixMikado couple cuteness<3
    Brain's Base did an AMAZING job on this and I swear I'm going to get a chainsaw if they don't hurry up and make a second season *A*

  13. amado says:

    well im not really sure that that is aoba. I think it really was just some other kid.

    durarara has 9 vol. currently, and since the first season had 3 vol., its quite possible for a 3rd season to come.

    and we finally see the twins, I love how mairu saves kururi and they kiss.
    yay for twincest, even though its the yuri kind….

  14. berrish17 says:

    woo hoo!!!
    awesome fights~!!

  15. baka_girl says:

    Another great episode!
    Even though it’s just a special eps, it was awesome!

    One thing that was weird in my opinion, how come Shizuo already out of breath while Izaya still smiling like nothing happen? (around 02.20-02.40)
    Isn’t Shizuo supposed to have better stamina than Izaya?

  16. amado says:

    anni is currently translating vol. 9
    I get to see more of the orihara’s now.

    • amado says:

      its also interesting that mairu and kururi cant push izaya into a truck, mairu instead tries to knock out izaya.
      you have such great sisters izaya…

      also another siblings fighting around, and they fight good enough to make izaya almost think it was shizuo.

  17. MikADo says:

    hurrays to this posting
    episode 25 was pure AWESOMENESS :333

  18. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Derp jsust what I was hoping for, AWESOME some Shizzy X Izaya moments

    I already miss Shizuo calling out “IIIIII-ZAAAAAAA-YAAAAA-KUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN~~~~”

  19. Namika says:

    I swear, the moment I will see the announcement of the second season, I will go outside and kiss the first person I’ll see. O_O I’m saying that I will be happy as hell, btw, don’t get me wrong ^^”
    But this feeling won’t go away, almost for a YEAR now !! I’m so sure, that we will get another season!! Y00sh!!
    I’ve got my hopes up, Brains Base, don’t disappoint me! I want more Shizzy-madness *~*

    • MikADo says:

      ditto that =3= me gona kiss anyone, even my neighbor’s dog :3

  20. Nayu says:

    The Orihara twins were the highlight of the episode for me… I love them already ! But the chase between Izaya and Shizzy was amazing as well :D. I only wish there was more Kida

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