Durarara!! – 24 [END]

It all started with the trio after all but their journey, I hope doesn’t end here…

Aaaaaah, that’s me sighing after watching this episode. We are at the end finally… I can’t say I didn’t like it but I felt like something was missing in the end. That bittersweet feeling of something more should’ve happened and a LOT along the same lines. Still, it has been an amazing ride of ups and downs, laugh and cries, punches and yattas! A series with a barrage of interesting and well-developed characters most of whom grew with time and shared their mysteriousness. It has been a fun ride in getting to know them better and some of their secrets. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the summary:

After the whole WTF is going on by the Trio, they soon realize the gravity of the situation they are in when Horoda’s Yellow Scarves moves on them. It’s very short lived as an uprising occurs within their ranks and the ex-Blue Squares are dealt by thirty something invisible Dollars adorning Yellow. Kadota reels in more discord revealing how he got to know about Horoda, who had slipped off the scene after Izumi was arrested for kidnapping and injuring Saki.

Kadota’s big disguised entry. Somebody’s surprised alright!

Poor Yummachi and Karisawa got left behind because they stand out too much! <3

Masaomi punches Horoda square on the face—knowing he had played an important role in kidnapping Saki—but averts from a mortal blow because of Mikado and Anri, who are not used to such bloody sights. The three of them literally embrace and make up. They go over each other to take the blame of miscommunication and keeping secrets, proving the fact that they would go to great lengths to protect each other.

Ero-Anri-chan, bear Mikado’s children will you? *drops dead* (-cut,cut- too much dorama)

Before fainting, he tells them to take him to Raira General Hospital as Saki’s waiting for him there. Kadota appreciates Masaomi who lived up to more than his expectations. He also lectures Mikado that it was not that easy to make Dollars disappear because they were invisible to begin with.

Mikado and Anri carry Masaomi to Togusa’s van, while Kadota settles some old score with the ex-Blue Squares. Seeing Horoda flee with his cronies, Celty follows him. Interestingly, she doesn’t get much action as Shizuo’s waiting in the middle of the road—all bandaged up, mind you—to avenge his attempted assassination. Celty scampers off in a hurry, seeing Kinnosuke corner the runaway car fleeing from Shizuo. They are arrested and charged for their crimes.

My wish came true! Run you dumbass oyaji! =P

Celty’s so kawaii when she’s afraid of the cops! xD


On the other hand, Izaya meets Higa, who hands him over the last missing gun from Awakusu-kai. As already guessed by many viewers, the motive to shoot Shizuo was indeed supplied by Izaya and the gun too, not directly of course. Anri dismisses Higa (one of slasher children) and faces off with Izaya, ready to slice him if only to gain understanding of his thoughts. However, Izaya is nimble as usual and dodges all swipes with an amused smile.

Quite a slippery fellow, isn’t he?

According to him, he loves humans and that’s why he wants to see them in different situations. He makes a mockery out of her being unable to love and Saika loving others in her place. He declares war on her as he’s not ready to hand the humans he so loves over to a katana vessel. “Humans are mine after all…”

Simon corners Izaya and lays a good one on him. He calls him a coward and too transparent for his own good. He tells him about Saki informing him about everything and how she has grown out of her obsession of him, her love for Masaomi finally ruling over. Izaya has to fix his own admiration of cowardice as according to Simon, he’s always in direct competition with Shizuo, bordering on a complex.

This was more than satisfying! >:D

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest douche of them all?

As per Izaya’s expectations, it was indeed Namie who told Horoda about Mikado’s identity due to his involvement with the whole Seiji-Harima business. He gets consolation from such moments when people do exactly as he expects but people like Simon and Shizuo never do, to his chagrin. He’s still the prancing and slippery Information Broker of Ikebukuro and would remain so, loving his sickening job to adoration.

Do you know? Humanity hates your guts! Indeed, everyone loves to hate Izzy

Just wait till Celty finds out…

Saki visits Masaomi in his hospital room and they confess not only their feelings but the bad choices they made in reaching such a climactic moment. If it was Masaomi who had abandoned Saki at the worst time, it was Saki too, who had walked into a trap just because Izaya said so. Both know that they are flawed and were completely manipulated by Izaya as pawns but the past is past and they have grown out of the shackles that imprisoned them. Masaomi finally stood up for his friends and Saki disobeyed Izaya, a future now awaits them where they would grow out of their flaws together.


The life of the Sannin friends changes when Masaomi disappears with Saki, while Mikado and Anri pick up the pieces. The town of Ikebukuro remains the same just like its inhabitants:

Mikado reopens the Dollars site, understanding the fact that they are not just any group but the town itself. Citizens may come and go unseen but Dollars would remain and so would their solidarity.

How can the series end without a chat being shown? So, that is what happens and Masaomi joins the chat with the screen-name of Bakruya with Kanra’s (Izaya) reference. Mikado soon finds out from the way Bakruya chatted that it was indeed his friend.

When will you die Kanra-san? Not too soon I guess… =.=;;

Mikado is quite sure that Masaomi would return someday. He readies Anri so that both of them could get angry at him and then laugh as they usually did on his return. A lot changed yet nothing changed at all.

End Thoughts: This has been an awesome ride, a series that has captured the audience’s attention and retained it. In today’s anime industry, when good stories are dwindling, average/run-of-the-mill stories paired up with okay animation and addition of fanservice has become a practice. Drrr! has been a breath of fresh air since it started airing last winter and became one of the best of the lot. What made it so different? The long list of characters could’ve actually screwed up the plot but it never happened; that and a unique storyline centered on a normal-looking city is what made this one WIN.

Though, I’m not totally satisfied with the end as it seems something was missing. Am I feeling that because I won’t be seeing the characters I have come to love? Well, that is that but not a lot got explained in the end on why Izaya did whatever he did. We got seriously trolled by him: I AM THE BOSS, BITCHES! But, then nante ne~! (Just kidding!) *add some moe-blob animation here* As predicted earlier, it was quite evident that an ultimate boss would be an epic fail in case of Drrr! because there are just too many things to consider. That is what happened but what about that war and the promise of Valhalla? Would Izaya just roll over and die? Ah, if only it was that easy! xD This was one of those missing links that left the watcher face-palming if the urge occurred, that is.

Also, does all that “I love humans” mean Izaya is not one? It won’t be new in Ikebukuro as Celty’s presence proves it but that would be just too good to be true. Imagine Izaya as an Oni with horns? Well, plausible and quite wondrously so but I don’t believe that. Jokes aside, after all these episodes, we still haven’t found out much about Izzy-kun and his motives except for his fixation on Shizu-chan, who he hates from the bottom of his heart. He’s also very nimble and possesses an IQ of a genius and ability to wreck city-wide havoc while simulating on his weird game board. Shizuo is too pure-hearted for his own good but has a formidable nemesis that he has to deal with sooner than later!

The sweetest moment was the reunion of Saki and Masaomi with total lovey-dovey-ness. It was almost ironic in a way how both of them said “I know” and possessed an acute flaw in need of healing. They definitely suite each other with their respective pasts and hopefully would grow out of it together.

Poor Mikapuu though, to have Anri say that she might’ve liked Masaomi and that’s why she felt alone but then again she’s, er… not really sure how she should feel. There goes Mikado’s heart into a ditch but there’s time and knowing him, he would continue to be there for her. With time, Anri might just discover the secret of how it feels to like someone and be liked in return.

From the war that Izaya declared at Anri and the knowledge of so many light novel volumes still lying around somewhere to be animated; we might just as well get the second season. Hopefully! Brains Base, you better…! If that doesn’t happen, there are always those summaries and actual novels to fall back on.

Of all, I would miss Shizu-chan the most, the fortissimo of Ikebukuro and one of the most interesting characters of Drrr! Why was he only in one scene? Like last episode, Brains Base, C’MON!!! Not to mention the Trio, Cutesy Celty, kakkoi Kadota, dependable Togusa, eccentric yet awesome Yummachi and Karisawa, Simon, Dennis, Seiji, Harima, Namie, Shingen, Shinra, Kinnosuke, Kasuka, Tom, Kaztano, Ryo and of course, the smexy bastard Izaya! It would not be the same weekend without these eccentricities but hopefully more to come soon from Brains Base and summer season.

As reported earlier, there would be an additional epilogue Special DVD episode of Drrr!! releasing in February, 2011. Too long to wait, so will look forward to the announcement of season two… :shakesfist

Final nugget for the lulz! Ja ne~

PS: This time around the ani-stats would have a lot of stuff from series ending comments and what I’m looking forward to in Summer Season. I think it would be one of my longest post so, well, look forward to it~! For quicker updates and chatter, I’m available in Twitter land.


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43 Responses to “Durarara!! – 24 [END]”

  1. edohsama says:

    Yeh, it wasn’t exactly the ending I expected and theres plenty of room for another season~ Let’s see what happens later~

    • Kyokai says:

      Here’s to another awesome season and announcements to be done soon! ^^;

      *hands first comment cookie*

  2. little1 says:

    wah, the ending was not really something i expected as well. It seemed a little unfufilled per say. I really wish we get to see a 2nd season! There’s still so much from the novel i want to see!
    I wonder if the special dvd episode has something to do with one of the omake? as in when some of the characters: erm let’s see it was: anri, mikado, mika, seiji, shizuo, kadota, karisawa, walker, not sure about togusa, anyhoo, they all eat hotpot at celty’s home and recollect on old memories! I really want to see mikado’s past with masaomi, anri’s past with mika, ah yes and also shizuo’s past with tom!

    • Kyokai says:

      I sure feel not fully satisfied with the end but I guess, I can blame to on my very high expectations bordering on a rating 10. Overall this has still been one of the best.

      The current one releasing in August, titled 12.5 might have the omake you are discussing, while the 25th extra episode was specially written by Narita and is reported to be like an extra Epilogue rather than showing the end of the series.

      There’s so much that we need to see, like how Mikado mans up and I’ve read those excerpts to be really curious about his character in these early volumes and of course all the characters we have come to love. ^^;

  3. Olga says:

    I absolutely loved these past 24 weeks of durarara. Definetly going to miss all the unpredictaleness 🙁
    A second season would be a dream come true. The ending gave me the same feeling as Full Metal Alchemists manga ending. Kinda empty, and of course kinda sad. Use
    I have lots of free time open to anime now that summer’s over. Can anyone reccomend something as magical as DRRR!?

    • Kyokai says:

      I’m sorely going to miss Drrr! and my weekends would never be the same. With FMA ending next week and Bakemonogatari’s last epi out. My 3 most favorite shows are ending leaving me :sad2

      If you haven’t watched Baccano! this is the time to go for it. Also, I’ll soon be posting ani-stats over a barrage of series so you might find few nuggets to follow from there. ^^;

  4. amado says:

    I read there’s a durarara OVA this summer…

    • amado says:

      whoops meant “specials” not OVA

      • Roger says:

        We’ll be getting episode 12.5 in August, now 25 I can see being hotpot day but I dunno what this one’ll be about

        • Kyokai says:

          @amado, just as Roger said, 12.5 releasing in August while 25th next year in Feb. Btw, finally about time for me to go hit those Drrr! summaries now that it’s finally over! ^^;

          @ Roger, there are more chances of 12.5 to be the hotpot day. In case of 25, Narita drafted something special as an extra Epilogue in extension to 24.

        • Roger says:

          For them to rename it 12.5, I’m assuming it’s shot in the timeskip between 12 and 13. Though yeah, it’s looking like they’ll both be anime original

  5. Joojoobees says:

    I loved the series and didn’t have a problem with the ending at all. My only complaint is that they haven’t announced the 2nd season yet!

    • Kyokai says:

      I am so going to miss this! Here’s hoping for a quick season 2 announcement!

  6. szz says:

    i’ve got to say, i was a bit disappointed with the ending. i just felt like there were too many plot holes, such as celty’s head, which i really wanted to know more about. however, durarara is still one of my favorite anime, and i really hope they will continue it!

    ahh, well, this just provides more possibility for a second season! wonderful post, and im looking forward to reading more of your entries!~

    • Kyokai says:

      Definitely the EPICness that is associated with Drrr! was missing at the end. I wanted more of my favorite characters but oh well, every good thing must come to an end. I’m looking forward to that second season announcement right about now!

      Thank you for the compliment! Hopefully, my next post would be my longest here! ^^;

  7. I_Love_IZAYA says:

    Supposedly, episodes 25 – 26 will come with the final DVD of DURARARA!! in March of 2010. Here’s the link:


    I just think it’s stupid that creators of anime do that. I want to see an anime in it’s entirety and not have a wait a damn year for something I’ll probably forget. . . . . like Bakemonogatari . . . . . .

    • Kyokai says:

      You mean March 2011 right? Actually they have renamed the first DVD special as 12.5 (releasing in Aug ’10) and the second one 25.

      Ah, Bakemonogatari pains my heart. Goddamn too long for that last episode and now same is happening with Drr! It’s stupid for successful anime to torture loyal fans like us! :sad6

  8. Namika says:

    OK, first things first. :glasses I LOVED the EPIC come-back of the great Fortissimo!!!! 😆 XDDD he’s just too kick*ss great!!! :cheer:

    so, on the other hand, exactly as I expected, the end turned out as nothing I’ve expected. ==” but that’s Durarara for you :tea I kinda felt stupid, because I didn’t know, how would they handle all this complicated events in just one episode and it turned out so simple…. 🙁
    however, the end was a bit…. dry if you may. :sigh and I’m pretty sure, that there will be another season! :cheer: already looking forward to it! :runs:

    • Kyokai says:

      Shizu-chan’s too kakkoi for his own good! :love:

      The end not really dazzled me as the whole series but then again, I remember all those good times and WHOAs! and WTFs! that Drr! causes so will definitely miss this and look forward to S02! ^^;

  9. Flags says:

    Tch…..just when I started to like Namie…

    • Kyokai says:

      She does get better lines in the novel but her best in series: You know? Humanity hates your guts!

      *goes to plunder anni-fiesta*

  10. amado says:

    well luckily anni_fiesta is currently translating vol.4 and s/he is pretty fast…
    just check it out now if you want to know: http://anni-fiesta.livejournal.com/

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh, awesomeness! xD *continues to plunder anni-fiesta*

  11. ichigopocky says:

    Ahhh no more Drrr!! :sad5
    The last episode was awesome but still feels like that wasn’t a very fulfilling ending and maybe the fact that nothing was done about the whole head thing that leaves it open for a second season. I want to know what happens with the head and I want to see the three friends reunited. Also Izaya. just don’t like him. but seeing him get punched like that was awesome. I just love him and hate him.
    Thanks for all the reviews and can’t wait for the summer session to start.

    • Kyokai says:

      I feel the same, seriously. :orz

      Thank you for the compliment and commenting all the time! <3 Would be posting the season ani-stats and summer season roundup hopefully soon.

  12. nagi says:

    bring out the 2nd season already!!! :tantrum:

    anyway, i noticed that metanorn has no summer 2010 updates. busy people?

    • Kyokai says:

      You and me both, nagi. Need it NAO! :rage:

      These few months have been very busy for Metanorn authors so yea~ we are definitely delayed in posting about Summer but I’ll be rounding up my favorites with the ani-stats this time around so hopefully that would cover it!

      Thanks for always visiting and keeping up with the site! <3

  13. miwa says:

    I liked the ending. It wasn’t anything outrageous, but I think everything went well. The author isn’t someone who’d do a deux ex machina or a Gurren Lagann-esque ending. So for now, I’ll wait for the episode 25-26 to come out. 🙂

    [first time to comment]

  14. Gami says:

    Now that DRRR’s over, will you pay more attention to Hetalia?

  15. Kyokai says:

    @ miwa, Thank you for the first visit! Honestly I loved Drrr! I guess just because I had so many expectations from it that’s why the end left me wanting more.

    @ Gami, Teehee. We’ll keep on releasing their music and it’s all up to kanzie to pick up the episodic reviews.

  16. Kabitzin says:

    Masaomi needs to work on his stamina! One blow and he faints, all the time!

    • Roger says:

      He took two blow from steel pipes and faints after like 20 minutes. A sniffling coward like say, Kadota would robably look at the crowbar and faint.

      • Kyokai says:

        @ Kabitzin, He had been such a chicken but at least in the end he redeemed himself.

        @ Roger, I would say this for Nasuijima (pervy teacher) more not Kadota. :S

  17. Esther says:

    i really really really love durarara. especially in the first season, they did the suspense thing really well, gradually introducing newer secrets to the viewers, despite the disputes between the different parties in the group.
    so i actually expected quite a lot from the ending. (something like baccano!?) it all went well i guess, keeping up with the ‘invisible dollars’ concept – we’re all in there, doing something, every day is deja vu…nothing is truly happening… but i really did want and expect it to change, like how a simple life can be enjoyable. i was quite let down from the ending itself…i thought more things would happen. it was all too expected – all the parties find out about each other and reconcile, talk to each other about it (which i thought was too brief) while masaomi got together with saki, but everything else stayed the same. i don’t know. it felt too empty. it felt like it wasn’t really an ending……baccano! made you feel satisfied. but this wasn’t really……………………….

    • Kyokai says:

      I think that sense of unfinished business was left for a reason so that they can make another season because believe you me, there is enough material for that and much more from the original light novels.

      If you compare the first arc to the last one, definitely a lot missing. How would I love to see more!

  18. Junnie says:

    I hope there will be a 2nd season for DRRR! as there are much more novel characters to be introduced in the anime~! <3 Show ▼

    You know, just by reading can never satisfy my appetite XXXXD

    • Kyokai says:

      I’m totally with you for another season! After the end of the specials, I SO WANT MOAR! The twin sisters are definitely moe-moe kyun, not to mention I can’t wait to see Akane animated. Oh, Brains Base, stop making us wait… >.>

  19. Miyu says:

    I can’t believe I only caught this show now.
    Then again, I should thank awesome Metanorn for introducing it to me in the first place, I started watching yesterday and just finished (‘:
    It’s been a great ride and I’m praying for a second season!

    My favourite character is Kida-kun!♥ I absolutely adore Kida/Saki & I also ship Celty/Shinra because they’re such a lovely couple even though Celty’s headless and Shinra has some.. uhm.. problems. (DISSECTING HUMANS AT 4?!)


    • Kyokai says:

      Drrr! is simply love. I am still waiting for the second season, damn it! Brains base is such a tease! ;-;
      Btw, there is a Special out for Durarara!! – episode 12.5; catch that and see how awesome it still is.

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