Toaru Majutsu no Index II – 18

Index and Accelerator, match made in heaven or hell?!

Welcome back! Finally the episode we all have been somewhat looking forward to, well if you are a fan of Last Order getting the most screen time since season one. Well, I’m her huge fan so this was exciting; I probably should do some fan art of her soon! Kind of sad and happy this show will be ending shortly.

This episode’s plot has Last Order meeting Touma, Accelerator looking for her and actually helping out Index, which was so weird! ‘Course we have a Misaka sister with Touma and Mikoto! Sheesh times three with her. So, odd characters being somewhat paired up together this week.

Kanzaki-“Maybe if I spam the wash button, it will go faster”

Slumber party?! Hell yeah!

Washing machine failure or win on Kanzaki?

Touma takes a break from Mikoto/Kuroko and gets a visit from a Misaka sister who is still on the prowl looking for the Last Order. He ends up on a mini date with her buying her a ring and a necklace. Of course, she takes this another way as something bigger and we get a surprise visit from Last Order! Grabbing Touma’s arm tightly, Mikoto didn’t really react much to the tiny version at all; I guess all of them are connected.

Misaka sister-“Oooooh….frog, do want”

What? They come in small too?!

The world should have blown up with this meeting….

Misaka sister loves it when you run away!

After the fun with Mikoto and the many versions of her, Accelerator is forced to go look for Last Order and has a chat with Aiho about his past. He really isn’t all that bad after all and is helping Last Order as a way to I assume save himself? Either way things are somewhat better for him. Before Accelerator can find his tiny friend, he spots a half passed out Index and feeds her after which the two of them search for their friends.

Accelerator-“please…explain why I AM WALKING THERE”

Last Order must weigh like nothing…

-Index-“Hey….Hey…Hey….are you listening?! HEY!!”

Yes, he ignored you, much like everyone else!

And in the final few moments of this fun adventure, Touma gets another visit from Last Order. Touma is actually nice around her and even helps adjust the band on her stolen goggles. Accelerator walks around with Index, not really sure why but he puts up with her for a few moments until he spots Last Order, while Index runs off to Touma. They never really let Touma see Accelerator, which I wanted to happen; however, they probably would have blown up the shopping center coming face to face with each other.

Such was funny scene! Touma, you are so good with kids.

Last order giving her wave of cute away to everyone!

Dem teeth, Accelerator!                              Last order-“I was on an adventure!”

Touma wants to trade sidekicks…

Extra powers

Wet clothes is a theme this episode! Stiyl is immune to this fan service.

Misaka sister doing her Mio impression; yay stripes!

Last Order is the true mastermind behind everything!

Accelerator really hates crank callers or technology?

End thoughts:

Not much to say other than decent episode this week; not much happened action-wise but a few characters got some extra screen time. Namely Accelerator and Last Order, they did poke more at Accelerator’s past briefly which was nice to see. Not that he really truly cares much about helping people; however, he does lend a hand to Index so maybe he’s trying to become a better person. Not sure how long he could actually put up with Index compared to Last Order. I was a bit disappointed he didn’t bump into Mikoto or Touma; then again maybe that was a good thing!

Second half was more slapstick between Touma and Last Order, kind of bummed there wasn’t any reaction to her from Mikoto. Then again like I said they are all connected to each other, but still would have loved to see something happen. I would have loved to have Kuroko pop up and see Last Order, just for pure laughs. Also, it was funny to see Kanzaki with the other nuns, I wish she would do something non fan service though, like I dunno FIGHTING?!

Hopefully we will get back into a decent story progression and plot! Not many episodes left so I am wondering how they are going to wrap everything up. The opening does reveal a huge fight breaking out soon. They did show off the wandering AI girl which I remember was pretty important in the previous season.


Dramatic rain always means something serious…

Next week! The start of the awesome battles, coming soon! Accelerator has another big fight with what I assume is another high level five like Mikoto. I have trawled many fan pages and saw a similar character he fights, but it looks like he will have a hard time with this guy. But that is the kind of fight I love to see not one that is so just one-sided.



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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32 Responses to “Toaru Majutsu no Index II – 18”

  1. BlackLagoon187 says:

    haha I guess they gave us a preview of how Accelerator and Touma will unknowingly help each other and yes Touma should trade sidekicks xD

    Speaking of K-ON it apparently comes back in manga format this spring.


    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahaha true that, it was fun seeing Accelerator with Index and Touma with Last order and yep they helped each other without knowing it was cool XD

      Yeah i saw that

  2. Junko says:

    Accelerator, sweetie, you need to stop looking so angry all the time, you’re going to get some serious wrinkles otherwise

  3. Ican helpwithindexquestions says:

    That’s not a level 5 that fights accelerator.

  4. Kabitzin says:

    I can sympathize with Kaori, since it can be hard to get a washing machine to stop once you’ve started it. However usually the problem is getting the door open, since it won’t unlock unless you put it through a drain cycle.

    Why did Accelerator have to walk the whole way to Underground City? Couldn’t he have taken a bus or subway or something?

  5. Tofu says:

    awww… you had to mention Mio’s panties didn’t you xD

  6. Dan-go says:

    even the MISAKA’s love gekota NAWWWWW so cute

  7. Reaper says:

    I liked the episode with the development. Usually, it’s like Touma but Accelerator’s pretty important to the whole plot of things too. I’m actually glad they gave face time to his love-hate relationship with MISAKA MISAKA to, ironically, make him more human

    As for the next episode…who votes for Kanzaki walking into battle with the open kimono?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah they did make Accelerator more human this episode, he may not come out and say it but he does care a tiny bit for Last Order! Just shows it in a different way.

      hahah yes! Best idea ever xD

    • Dan-go says:


  8. Dan-go says:

    Do you think too many people have the possiblity of a romantic arc with touma?…even Kanzaki gets nervy about him… in the end it’s not going to happen, or it’s going to be with biribiri chan…but in all likelihood i have a feeling that they’re just going to wuss out, and have him just be friends with everyone…which is fine…i guess

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well I was told Touma does have a day dream about Kanzaki wearing a revealing bikini during that whole dream episode in season one, that is in the novels.

      Well the new opening tells you who is in the Touma “harem”

      Well also was told something will happen between Mikoto and Touma, but sadly probably near the very end.

  9. Dan-go says:

    just saying the new 2nd op single is out for index 2

  10. Ican Helpwithindexquestions says:

    Only 4 people will actually love touma

  11. Ican Helpwithindexquestions says:

    Itsuwa. Index. Misaka. And the imoutos as u can see but I count them as one. Kanzaki is a maybe

    • Foshizzel says:

      True Index and Misaka are right on the spot, Kanzaki I agree maybe she does always think about him huh? seems crazy,

      Then again not sure if there is much “romance” going around in a series like this, but it is some what there.

  12. Ican Helpwithindexquestions says:

    Romance would kill it I think. It’ll come but the serious story is just starting

  13. MikADo says:

    JC staff gets so much better when they are not doing battle scenes…. why cant they do it like they do it on the new OP?? i mean the OP is just awesome 🙁

  14. Dan-go says:

    my god after watching ep 19 you realise all all the little things we don’t notice in ep 18, ie stiyl’s anger with the archbishop, the minor back story to accelerator…it’s alot better planned than we all initially thought. This episode is the tee, and episode 19 is the drive…episode 20 is going to blow us all away

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