Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 20

I’m stuck in a coma, stuck in a never-ending sleep

My “reading week” hasn’t been filled with a lot of studying so far. To make things worse, my friends are trying to get me to play WOW. As if I need another obsession to distract me when school starts back up again. How would I get any blog posts done if I got sucked into WOW?

It looks like everyone got home safe and sound to Yuusari, but that’s where the good news end. Rule: if it doesn’t die in a heart-filled explosion, it’s not dead. The Cabernet is regenerating underground, and could resurface at any moment. The only one who can find it would be Connor’s dingo (not even Connor, just his dingo XD), but he’s still in Lament.

Bandaged Zaji! 8D

Lag tells Sylvette that he’s going to Lament to convince Connor to help them, which transitions nicely into Sylvette asking what the deal with Connor is. Flashback, yadda yadda, and now Connor is on vacation to look after a heartless Sunny in an empty city. She just soullessly bakes cookies over and over.

Lag and Niche see Gus carrying some flowers in his mouth when they arrive at Lament, and end up at a graveyard. Connor is laying flowers at a random grave (…because Sunny is still alive <_< ) and doesn’t look happy to see Lag. He’s pretty gloomy, and even thinks he was fired from the Hive. Lag gives him a letter that says otherwise – they need his dingo to kill Cabernet.

Connor refuses to help and then just leaves them in the streets of the ruined city. Lag and Niche follow him inside the broken down Reverse base and hear how he buried everyone in the town. That’s when he tells them that Sunny is still alive. Lag gets over-excited, asking a bunch of questions about her before they finally arrive in the kitchen. Lag fusses over Sunny and happily rushes up to her. It’s only after a painful pause that he realizes Sunny doesn’t have her heart.

It’s me, except I’m not wearing a dress this time and…Hooo boy, this is awkward.

Connor explains that Sunny lost her heart and that he needs to stay with her until the very end. Lag tries to spin things in an optimistic light as always, saying that Connor should believe in her heart. He tells him to not give up and to take her to Dr. Thunderland to see if he can help her. Connor has been trying all this time to not give up, but it’s been driving him crazy talking to a living corpse as if it has feelings. In the end, Connor refuses all of Lag’s offers.

Lag runs out crying, thanking and apologizing to Connor…Connor at least has the decency to give them Gus to kill the Cabernet. They almost leave with Gus until Niche pipes up that dingoes and masters should always be together. She tells him that Gus is sad, which makes Connor feel horrible. That’s when Sunny comes out and gives cookies to everyone.

Not having tasted her cookies in a while, Steak, Niche and Lag go crazy over her cookies. Their raving over the taste makes her smile in joy. She loved seeing people looking happy after they ate her cookies, which is why she never smiled before…Connor was too sad to have a happy expression after eating her cookies. Once Connor realizes that her heart is still there, he agrees to return to the Hive.

Cookies to Go:

My Steak-dar senses are tingling!

Guys, wait, who’s gonna help me eat all of these?!

I don’t like having hair on my food, thanks.

End Thoughts: Wow, like nothing happened this episode. Connor is a character I don’t particularly like, so it’s obvious that I’m not really going to enjoy an entire episode dedicated to him. I liked seeing what happened to Lament and Sunny afterwards, but found myself slightly annoyed that Connor stayed there all this time looking after Sunny. I know, cut the guy some slack and give him time to mourn his loved one…But he’s living in a ghost town, looking after a former shell of someone who used to be.  That’s not healthy to monitor her every single second until she dies, you’re allowed to do things to take your mind off of it from time to time. <_< He should’ve taken her to Thunderland in the first place since he knows what he’s doing! At least then he can decide whether to move on or hang o for sure

I’m still skeptical that you can have someone get their heart back just because a little bit of it is still there. Unless heart just spontaneously grows back, which would be convenient. Noir MAY have his heart back, but he seems to be a special case. Despite my doubt, that last scene where Sunny smiled was just perfect. It was such a subtle beam of hope that completely changed Connor’s mindset on Sunny. Then Lag ruined it by joining in on the crying. No, Lag, just..hush.

This was a really sweet episode though. I found myself going “awww” a lot. Even if it seemed ridiculous that baking cookies were her “proof of existence.” That sounds so sexist. That bitch needs to make cookies, or else she isn’t alive. And I eat them all. <_< I would have enjoyed it more if Connor wasn’t…Connor. If Connor was just Zaji’s equally cool brother, I’d be just fine. But a girl can’t have everything. *sigh* I hope the next episode is better/has less Connor!

Preview: Reverse is doing…something. They’ve got the kids they saved and seem to be planning their next move. A plan so devilish that Noir actually has a shocked expression on his face, not something that happens often. The threat of Cabernet still remains, so we still might get that awesome battle! Yeosh!


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7 Responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 20”

  1. Kuroneko says:

    Well, at least it was better than I expected, being a episode dedicated to Connor. It`s good to see Sunny alive, but I really wonder if she will have her heart back… So, the series is going to end in… what? 4? 5 episodes? It doesn`t seem like it, but i`m sure there won`t be 3rd season. I`m quite curious about how it will end… I hope it isn`t something too rushed. And I miss the “Zazie of the week” XD.

    • Overcooled says:

      It was about Sunny and Connor, not just Connor, so it wasn’t too bad XD Needs more Zaji though! I miss Zaji of the week too lol. I’m glad someone else actually cares about it pfft~ After all the big fuss over Sunny’s death, it really seems a bit odd if they bring her back all of a sudden. =/

      MAL says it’s gonna be 25 episodes, so 5 more to go. It’s probably going to be some sort of cliffhanger type ending since the manga is still going…I doubt a 3rd season too.

      • Tofu says:

        It was alright, and also how Sunny still has some heart left in her, it gives Lag hope that Noir could still be Gauche but faking it or something. If the manga continues and the anime doesn’t get a 3rd season then I’m basically gonna have to switch to the manga soon :\

        I’ll say Zaji is awesome and having him around makes the episodes more fun ^^

        Oh that MAL thingy… sadly I’ve decided to kill off my profile because of school, I’m the worst at multitasking and my school expects high standards so no more MAL for me nor anymore twitter chats :\ Sad reality we live in….

        • Overcooled says:

          Yeah, the Sunny subplot gives us some hope that Noir will be okay. You won’t regret switching to the manga, the art is nothing short of breath-taking.

          Awww, no MAL or Twitter. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to keep your marks up. It’s sad, but I approve. Good boy, Tofu *patpat*

          • Tofu says:

            I’ll look forward to the manga once Reverse is done ^^ and thanks OC~ Hopefully during holiday breaks I’ll spam Twitter chats MWAHAHAHAHA!!! nah I’m just kidding :]

  2. anaaga says:

    i slept halfway. thank god for summaries >:D

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