Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – 05

Red team vs Blue team

Did everyone survive the snowpocalypse? I know this didn’t happen everywhere, but there was a big snowstorm in my area. Or at least, that’s what everyone made it out to be. There really wasn’t a lot of snow in the end…Sure, everyone else had a snow day and classes canceled but nope, not my University. NO SIREE, WE’RE GONNA HAVE THIS LAB EVE IF IT’S THE SECOND ICE AGE UP IN HERE. But really, it wasn’t that bad, I just jump at any excuse to miss school.

Once I returned from teh blizzard, I had Madoka to warm me up. Kyubei contracted Sayaka, reaching into her heart with his freakish second pair of ears and producing a Soul Gem. It looked more like she was dying than becoming a peppy, magical superhero. It looked a LOT like dying, actually. Is that what it means to be a magical girl?

No sugar and spice to be seen anywhere.

The next day, Hitomi waves off her group suicide ritual as sleepwalking. Sayaka is happy too. Madoka, however, is still very worried about Sayaka. They talk by the river as Sayaka assures her friend that this is what she wants. Don’t worry, Sayaka will protect the city~!

Now the only question is if her wish was worth it. Back at the hospital, she talks to Kamijo about his hand and how surprised he is to have healed. A real miracle. She takes him up to the rooftop presumably for some fresh air in his wheelchair, but that’s not really her motive. His family and close friends are waiting with his violin in hand to give a mini-celebration for his healed hand. He is handed his violin, so he starts to play. The answer is yes – Sayaka’s wish was worth it.

Kyoko watches from afar with her supaa magical gal binoculars~ to scope out her prey. Kyubei warns her about Homura, who he seems to have very little reign over despite being the chief contractor out there. Kyoko eats her waffles, which I am now craving like you DON’T EVEN KNOW, and heads out to relieve her boredom. Madoka knows that Sayaka is going to get hurt somehow, and asks Homura to team up with her. Homura’s breezy reply about Sayaka being fated to die isn’t taken very well.

Madoka decides to help Sayaka herself by following her on her witch hunt. Sayaka plays it off like she’s all confident, but then turns around and admits that she’s nervous. She lets Madoka come for support on the hunt, with Kyubei boring holes into her skull with his crimson stare.


They find the portal in an alleyway, leading them into a world of stationary and writing utensils. The witch familiar appears, inciting a super badass transformation sequence from Sayaka. She makes swords spontaneously appear from her cape and starts her assault on the witch. She would’ve nailed the little bugger if her attacks weren’t blocked by another magical girl. The familiar escapes and she somehow casts a spell to escape from the portal, scolding Sayaka for hunting a familiar before it turns into a witch.

The two have a clash of morals, with Sayaka so fired up that she can’t help but cross swords with her. Madoka is helpless, and can only watch as Kyoko eats taiyaki in one hand and fends off Sayaka with another. Effortlessly. Her spear is apparently also segmented with chains, so she uses it like a nunchuck or a whip to smack Sayaka to the ground. Ouch.

Sayaka uses her regenerative powers to stand up right away and start a REAL fight with her. This time, they’re both in it for the kill. Sayaka fights valiantly, but it’s not long before she’s on her back again. Kyubei uses this as the perfect time to give his “contract with me!” speech. Madoka nearly does it too, until Homura saunters in like it’s nobody’s business and does a hairflip. So who wins this catfight? Well, that’s for next week!

Bonus Mahou Fluff:


Now is not the time for a panty shot, so stop looking.

Stop them? No can do, Maddie. I can only take out peoples souls and give them superhuman powers. You know that!

Whoever drew Kyubei in this scene NEEDS TO BE FIRED.

4 mirrors and a chair JUST FOR THE MIRROR. Vain much?

End Thoughts: Every week, Madoka delivers. Every week. Right from the ominous ceremony at the beginning (is the soul gem their actual soul? Kyubei really does sound like the devil…) to the amazing battle at the end, it was fantastic. I especially liked where Kamijo had his hand healed. I still think something bad will happen to that boy, but for now, it was nice seeing him happy. That small smile that slowly crept onto his face as he was playing was priceless. The whole scene was touching, in fact.

The only thing I didn’t really like was that Madoka started to annoy me. She wasn’t acting unreasonable in the least, so I should cut her some slack…But she should have more confidence in her friend, at the very least. She’s acting like Sayaka is going to die no matter what, and that can’t make her feel good. It’s like someone saying “Don’t feel bad if you lose” right before a big game. -_- Sayaka on the other hand proves to be a breath of fresh air with her selflessness, strong sense of justice and honesty. She may cover her anxiety and sadness, but she at least admitted it! I’m really starting to dread the next episode if she kicks the bucket. I mean, SOMEONE has to go down, right? (I…I like the new girl too though…)

This episode brings up some interesting topics for theory discussion two. Kyubei mentioned that Sayaka has regeneration powers due to her selfless wish. So does that mean your powers are proportional to the power of your wish? If your power = your wish strength, then why is Kyoko so much stronger than Sayaka? Could she have made a wish that was actually….good? <_<  Homura must’ve made one hell of a wish too since she seems like the most powerful one there. Now, if this is true, you can bet Madoka is going to make the WISH TO END ALL WISHES thus making her one overpowered mofo.

The other two things are why Kyubei seems unable to stay in control of Homura and how familiars can turn into witches. How did Homura escape Kyubei’s watchful eye? What is it that makes her an “irregularity”? Whatever that means, she’s SPECIAL and will probably stick around for a while. No head-slicey quite yet. Also, if familiars can turn into witches, that makes me a bit more disinclined to think witches are fallen magical girls. Doesn’t prove it wrong, but it makes me go “bwuh?” Anyhoo, there’s still a lot of things left shrouded in mystery, so we can only wait to see which predictions actually come true. See you then~


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42 Responses to “Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – 05”

  1. amado says:

    if I was a girl, I might have taken up kyubey’s deal(as long as that theory of magical girls becoming witches is not true). their situation mirrors my state(I still have a my family though…). I help people a lot, im nice and dedicated, and im not really getting much gratitude for what I do, mostly alone though I do have a few friends.
    at least if im one, I would have a wish, powers and be able to help people even if I do die….

    anyway, I hope sayaka lasts longer for my yuri pair to come to fruition.
    homura, however, is a bit suspicious for me because of her focus on madoka only. she didnt really take note and care of sayaka and is probably there only because madoka might become a magical girl. sure madoka might have big potential but couldnt she try to rope sayaka in as well? is that too hard to do?

    • Dan-go says:

      i have a feeling homura is actually the good one here, she’s trying to prevent madoka for a reason, and by her acts she doesnt seem selfish at all, meaning her ulterior motive must be abit more complex.also kyubei is really really starting to creep me out

      • amado says:

        let me rephrase it.

        I dont like the fact that homura only cared about madoka being a magical girl and didnt even try to stop sayaka being one. sure she doesnt like homura but they might be able to convince her if madoka helps.

        homura might be more likable to me if she is the yandere type instead of kuudere in this one.

        • Overcooled says:

          Not even “if i was a girl”, you can be a magical boy like Kore wa Zombie desu ka? XD And I would take that contract too. Although I take up the not-so-nice Izaya avatar here, I actually spend a lot of my time helping my friends with their problems. A magical girl isn’t such a bad thing when you have the right intentions. …And then we could team up and be even stronger. Keke.

          I also thought Homura’s “Oh, I should have watched her as much as I watched you” was a bit boggling. She’s either met Madoka before or she knows enough about her to have her priorities set on saving her. She didn’t even TRY to stop Sayaka <_< It's suspicious, but not in the way that makes her seem evil. As much as I love my yanderes, I can't see Homura becoming one XD

          • edru says:

            a yandere would make this show perfect. preferably the crazy, wild and possessive kind like Yuno of mirai nikki. and fights as awesome and unstoppable like Yuno.

            I hope a magical girl like that would show up soon…

      • Gunny says:


  2. Xiao says:

    I’ve heard somewhere that a magical girl receives unlimited power after she forms a contract but I’m not sure if that has anything to do with how strong her wish is. So I’m going to bet that Kyoko is more powerful because she’s the more experienced magical girl for now.

    Sayaka’s temper going when she should have ignored Kyoko hey, Mami would’ve done it shows that she is still a rookie in the game and if you’re going up against someone who’s more skilled in magic and fighting (not to mention, she’s quite hot-blooded), chances are you’d probably lose. ^^;

    And ARGH! I wish Homerun-chan would drive an arrow throw that creepy critter already. It’s annoying that he keeps on trying to be the “Easy” button for Madoka everytime there’s a problem. “Form a contract with me! Blah blah blah! Everything will be solved! :3” -_-#

    • Overcooled says:

      That makes sense, but wishes have to play a part in it somehow. Either wishes only determine a side ability (like fast regeneration for Sayaka) or they determine your amount of power, and you just get more skillful at using it with time and experience. It could be a big part of the contract, or just a little. *shrug* I wonder just how much longer Kyoko’s been a magical girl.

      Sayaka should have just used her words, not her sword to get her point across…and left once she realized it was pointless. I doubt she thought this far ahead, but Kyoko will probably intervene if she ever attacks a familiar again. So might as well deal with it now. Regardless, Sayaka really ticked her off and that was a baaaad move…

      Kyubei is so predictable…he turns every circumstance to THE PERFECT CHANCE TO MAKE A CONTRACT!!!! Ugh. Well, I want Madoka to make a contract with him, but it’s still creepy XD

  3. Dan-go says:

    gaaaaaah, you and your japaneseyness…i need to w8 for the sub :S

  4. Metalsnakezero says:

    The whole ability from wishes thing does question what kind of a wish Homura, Mami, and Kyoko made. And even more so for Madoka as it is the one that determines the plot point of the story. Does Mami have some type of a life ability from her keep living wish? What was Homura wish that allowed her to use bombs and probably time travel?

    Awesome fight, wasn’t expecting Kyoko to be a spear user.

    Now expecting art of Unlimited Blade Work for Sayaka.

    • Gunny says:

      time travel as a power, not as a wish… is too aceptable. Given the circunstances and all the speculah that homura is from the future and now that we know that kyuubey do not remember of making a contract with her… so she made a wish to protect the humanity (or something likely) sometime when Madoka had already became an magical girl (and was probably aiming to destroy the world or something worse) so that she could use her powers to go back in time to prevent madoka of doing it again, based in the theories… oh god… this is funny.

      • Overcooled says:

        I hope Kyubei talks more about what the wishes have to do with things, and how they’re related to their powers. Because if Homura can time travel thanks to her wish then she must have wished for something huuuge. Unlimited Blade Works DO WANT.

        These theories are getting pretty intense, but if she’s from the future, it would explain why she knows Madoka so well and wants to protect her. I’m not sure if I completely buy the “I’m from the future” theory, but I won’t write off the possibility of it being true. Pretty much anything is fair game at this point XD

        • Nameless says:

          Theory: Madoka wishes to bring someone back to life —> becomes a witch. It would kind of go with the wishes determine your power, just in a freaky sort of way.

          • amado says:

            dont think so.
            homura said to madoka directly that its impossible to revive people. madoka is too busy and stressed to think of that kind of wish.

            besides, it will lose its touch if it goes for the “bring him/her back to life” plot and be the same as every other magical girl genre. it is a deconstruction of the genre.

            • Yumii says:

              Well Homerun Homura moves faster then a water drop falls to the ground -> extreme speed/time traveling -> Wish something like “Go back/forth in time before/after X happened/didn’t happen”?

              Also: I really like Kyoko too. Her weapon was awesome.

            • Overcooled says:

              It would be creepy if her wish backfired because it was so strong and made her a witch, but I think that would be too complicated for a contract system. Kyubei wants magical girls, not witches, so he wouldn’t want his precious resources going to waste JUST yet. As Amado said, bringing people back to life doesn’t seem to be allowed here D=

              As for Homura fining a loophole with time travel in order to change things…there’s probably a limit to what she can do. Otherwise, she could have made things almost perfect, no? Not that time travel is quite so simple, of course @_@

            • Yumii says:

              Oh don’t worry. I’m sure it’s just us not getting the bigger picture…


            • Gunny says:



            • anaaga says:

              @ Yumi: LOL

  5. Gunny says:

    Yay! Madoka once again… and no MOANING LESQ~ this week… :'(
    Show ▼

    I almost cried when Kamijou played Ave Maria… with that sunset and all… oh god *-* But I thought that he was quite normal, you know… is not everyday that a “miracle” actually happens :p
    That fight scene was cool. I didn’t expect that Kyoko was a spear user (THAT SPEAR *_*), double thumbs up for her.

    Now this show is starting to scary me for real. Maybe I’m just a scared-cat (wich is the most likely)… but this is becoming more creppy as the episodes are launched.
    Show ▼

    • Overcooled says:

      Haha, Kyubei and Kyuubi would make great pals. It can be the new Naruto. No one believes me when I say this show is legitimately scary…

      This future thing still sounds so weird to me, but it technically works XD I wonder if her wish prevents her from Kyubei watching over her or if she was actually contracted by someone else.

      I loved Kamijo’s scene too…He’s not even a main character and I was totally engrossed.

      Oh man, blackouts suck…I don’t mind the snow, just give me my internet D= And darn, I still need to watch the last 5 episodes of Evangelion….XD

  6. Jenny says:

    When Sayaka was acting so cheerful and happy and then when she held Madoka’s hands like Mami did I was so scared. Warning bells were going off in my head. It really confused me when he said he wasn’t sure if he contracted Homura. Maybe that has a double meaning. But I’m sure Kyubey’s not the ONLY contractor out there. I also think the wish only affects their powers a little and you get stronger through skill or experience. I’m really starting to hate Kyubei. When he tried to contract Madoka I felt like kicking him in the face. The scene with Sayaka turning into mahou shoujo DID look like she was dying. I’m starting to think they give up their souls for their wish.

    • Overcooled says:

      As soon as someone is truly happy, they die. That seems to be the tired and true pattern, which is why I’m so worried about Sayaka ;_; I don’t want her to dieeeeeee

      Either Kyubei wasn’t the one who contracted her, or Homura is just special in some odd way that makes her able to rebel. I’m probably more inclined to think there’s another contractor too..or at least..WAS one.

      I have no idea how much their power is determined by wishes, but I think it determines a significant amount. The rest is all skill and experience though, that I agree with.

    • Gunny says:

      Well, the name is Soul Gem for some reason. (:

  7. anaaga says:

    someone please give me the date when i should fry kyuubey. i’ll make sure i’ll put lots of bbq sauce on his red eyes
    sorry for the very sadistic image but GOD I HATE HIM SOOO MUUUCCCHHH
    nevertheless, this episode is awesome. not as bad-ass as the guns, but still good. not lots of information except homura givve hints too, but hey, we need some relaxing episodes too right? 😀

    btw, i just found out a manga spin-off of this anime. the costume is ugly though. meno likey =/

    • amado says:

      I heard that there will be 3 mangas:
      Puella Magi Madoka Magica – will be about the anime
      Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice – different characters.
      Puella Magi Oriko Magica – will be after anime ends.

    • Gunny says:

      Need to read this. For more theories @_@.
      Thanks to Madoka, now I think that every cute thing has an evil side. I’m not pure anymore D8.

      • anaaga says:

        unfortunately, the kazumi book is a different kind of story. more like a spinoff

        blame kyubey for that xD

        • Overcooled says:

          I don’t like BBQ sauce, how about teriyaki?

          Anyways, that fight was amazing. Compared to MAMI’S HEAD GOT LOPPED OFF, yeah, this would be a quieter episode. But by no means did it not have hints and revelations about the true nature of mahou shoujo in this anime. I’m hoping for a revolution of dark mahou shoujo anime after this.

          3 manga? That sounds a bit excessive if they’re all starting at the same time…I would prefer they did a season 2 (depending on how this ends) and ONE spinoff manga. <_< Maybe I'm just too lazy to read. I GUESS I SHOULD JUST BE HAPPY THAT WE'RE GETTING MANGA INSTEAD OF COMPLAINING THOUGH. Haha...ha..

        • Gunny says:

          Still… spin-offs happen in the same world as the original, dont they?… maybe they have the same kyuubey as contractor? I don’t even know who the hell is kazumi…
          D: AHHH still taking a look at it.

          I hate Kyuubey so far. I don’t even think he is cute anymore… And I just thought in Satsuya turning into a witch D: (random thoughts are random)

          Show ▼

          • anaaga says:

            hmmm in the synopsis, it’s said that kazumi “escapes from the darkness inside a suitcase” and then she’s in an unknown room with an unknown man. basically she lost her memory

            goddamn, imagine satsuya all misshaped and ugly with red eyes…DNW D:

            oh, so we’re doing pics now? xD
            even the kitty is scared by episode 3
            the hottest K-pop rapper isn’t impressed with Kirino’s reaction

          • amado says:

            its not yet sure if it is a spin-off or at least not me since I cant read japanese….

            it could possibly be in the same universe and time just diff locations, same universe and same location but diff timeline, or alternate universe, same time and location, etc.

          • Overcooled says:

            I will worry about these manga…things…when the show is done. I have no clue what to expect from the quality wise, I just wonder how they’re gonna draw the witches/witch scenes. I can only read katakana so I don’t really know what’s going on either with these spin-offs. I’m sure we’ll get more details later though :3

  8. foshizzel says:

    Magical girl fighting other magical girl! AWESOME I wish she did more damage to Sayaka before Homura stepped into stop them.

    Damn Kyubei was drawn into some dramatic effects, especially during the contract with Sayaka, that shadow effect was pro!

    Stuff keeps getting good! Can’t wait for more!

  9. Gunny says:

    Gosh I’m scared. For real. Just found this and my mind is not ready. D8

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