Beelzebub – 07

The horror of the “Park Debut!”

Urg, I had such a crap weekend. Was struck by three days of random dizziness, and bumping into walls. I nearly tripped over the cat basket and fell down the stairs because of it, that or I’m just really clumsy. FML. I spent most of it looking forward to Beelzebub anyway, since it always manages to cheer me up!

So after last weeks traptastic episode, 7 opens to Kanzaki and Himekawa fighting over a banana in hospital, (metaphor?) when that guy that looks like Kallen’s brother comes to visit. He tells them about a girl named Kunieda who might be able to take Oga out.

There can be only one!                                                         There’s a double entendre if I ever heard one

Family bonding is going on however at the Oga household. And we see that Oga was evil even when he was tiny. Oga’s mum suggests they make their Park Debut and try to make some friends for Beel his own age.

So they go to the park, where Furuichi is wearing probably the most appropriate t-shirt for his character.

You shouldn’t advertise the fact, Furuichi…

After he makes some excuse to leave Oga tries to launch Beel into conversation with another baby . . . Literally . . . This leads him to meeting with someone else his age who is looking after their little brother. They decide to work together with their Park Debut, and do a good if not traumatizing first try.

Whoa, the kid can really fly…                                                                           …Wait.

Beel and the other little baby have the cutest fist fight ever but ultimately Beel loses and when Oga turns around the kids have disappeared. Luckily they’re just in the sandpit making a figure of Satan, yano, as you do.

So the other mothers of the park call in a cop to kick Oga out since they’re not too keen on his methods of parenting. He mouths off a little too much for Oga’s tastes so he proceeds in taking out the trash before the girl can land a hit.

She is of course Kunieda Aoi, the force to be reckoned with Himekawa and Kanzaki were alluding to at the start of the episode.


Oga, stop trying to get rid of the mark! It looks cool!

I don’t ever think I’ve seen Oga looks so horrified xD

Can you feel the love tonight? Or,, either or.


WINNER: Cutey McHamster Cheeks

Don’t worry, when I’m embarrassed by nose disappears too

Kunieda’s harem of karate babes


An altogether slower episode but it was still entertaining. I thought Hilda finding soap operas was hilarious, and Oga’s continuous fail at trying to make Beel’s Park Debut was ingenious. This is where the fact that Oga’s a delinquent shines. I think it’s because the idea of a Park Debut is quite realistic, you know, going out to meet other parents and share advice. The other stuff we’ve seen Oga deal with has been more on the supernatural level, with crazy nappies and electric shocks. But there’s something about having him interacting with normal people that’s so much more hilarious. Maybe it’s just how awkward it is, I don’t know.

The animation was a lot better this episode, too, especially on the scenes where Oga is mock proposing to Kunieda, with all the sparkles and blushing. That joke was by far my favourite of the episode. Yeah, it’s been done A LOT, (Hell, KnT makes its living off misunderstandings) but it was still awesome. Speaking of the animation, Oga had some of the most epic faces this episode, too.

Kunieda’s little brother is so damn cute! I love his little teddy bear hat. I wonder who would win in a cute-off between him, Baby Beel and little Yakumo? Kunieda herself was pretty funny, I’m looking forward to seeing her kick some ass. But wtf was up with that police officer? He was like the biggest asshole ever. He would be a good parent for the son of Satan…


A new challenger appears! Looks like Hilda’s mummy position is being jeopardized by Kunieda.



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18 Responses to “Beelzebub – 07”

  1. Namika says:

    I’m loving this anime more & more!!! This episode was even better than the last, if you ask me. I just LOVED seeing Oga in a situation like that LOL
    OMG *~* I’m not into kids(I hate them) but babies ……. *drolls* that fight was so CUTE *~* I can’t stand it!! x3
    Looks like we’ve got a crush on the horizon :3 Let’s see next time )))

    • Hime says:

      For me nothing can beat trap!Furuichi, but I have to say it is totally awesome seeing Oga in these situations xD Cause he just fails at them completely, but doesn’t really care.

      • Namika says:

        Yeah, he’s strong and bla bla bla, but he absolutely fails at simple socialization without even caring. And the thing that makes this even better, is the fact that he’s actually a great guy <3

  2. Snowley says:

    Ku-ni-e-da! 😀 I love her, she’s kind of standard fell-in-love-with-the-main-chara girl, but still she’s very funny and intelligent ;p

    • Dan-go says:

      standard…except she’s the gang leader of the strongest gang in the region?

      • Snowley says:

        No, hm I don’t know how to describe it, but any other character like this exept her annoy the hell out of me.

        • Hime says:

          She seems very different when she’s just out in the park and then turns all badass when she lets her hair down and goes all karate kid wardrobe.

  3. MikADo says:

    The series is finally picking up the humor from
    the comics 😛 im looking forward to watch the next ep

  4. Aro says:

    I finally understand what moe is. How many episodes will this series have?

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