Bakuman 19 – 20

It’s summer, now winter, now spring, now…wait, what YEAR is this?!

~Those thumbnails at the top pretty much describe my entire facial expression process these past two episodes. I was put on another one of those emotional roller coaster rides, cursing Saikou all the way. My dad actually walked in on me while I was pounding my desk and yelling at Saikou through the computer screen, heh. Anyways, with this post I’ll have FINALLY caught up to Bakuman! My recap post yesterday took me about two weeks due to school, a repairing social life, and the typical procrastination lead by my future lover Taemin and the people who create such gorgeous edits of him. While today I’ve been very, VERY distracted by this, I won’t let my manga boys down! ENTHUSIASM INJECTIONS LET’S GO!

Onto Episode 19, poor Takagi doesn’t make the cut, and Mashiro firmly decides to go solo. They meet each other the next day and discuss it, Takagi even giving back the copy key to the Studio back to him. Takagi tells Mashiro that he was spending his Summer working on names, as well as spending it with Kaya. Mashiro understands, but the two still decide to split.

Mashiro has to unfortunately tell Hattori about them going solo, and already shows him his idea for a mystery manga. Hattori steps away to call Takagi, and ask him what happened. He finds out Takagi is also writing a mystery story, and decides to lead the two into creating their own separate mystery mangas.

The next day he calls Takagi in and explains his sly plan to get them working together again. He tells Takagi that they’ll work on a name together for the next two years, without telling Mashiro about it, until he comes up with something great so they can ask Mashiro to draw it for them. However, Hattori would have to stop him from teaming up with someone else, or getting serialized on his own. Takagi doesn’t want that for him, and says if he could make it on his own, then let him, and when Mashiro says he wants to team up again, he will.

After a month, Takagi visits Mashiro on the roof, where he gives him FIVE names to help him re-draw. When Mashiro recognizes that he’s also writing a Detective story, Takagi tells him everything about what Hattori had planned. The boys, now friendly with each other again, decide to also by a bit sly and fool Hattori by telling him they’re still working separately, but are actually working on ten names, which they’ll present to him in six months.

The two boys and Kaya go back to the studio, where Mashiro gives Takagi his name and character design. They start discussing as usual, but a problem arises when Takagi tells of Hattori giving him tons of mystery movies and novels to use as references. Kaya decides to help by watching and reading them all for him, which we would save him two months to work on their names.

The boys quickly get started, and continue to fool Hattori about working separately until they bring in their names to Hattori. After reading, Hattori finally agrees with the idea to let them get serialized while still in high school, but with two conditions: they have to submit this newest manga of theirs as a one-shot in Golden Future Cup and make it in, and bring in a nineteen page chapter for it every two weeks as a rehearsal for real serialization.

After their meeting with Hattori, they come across Fukuda, who is also going to submit something for the Golden Future Cup. Their meeting revs the boys up, and they go back to their usual hard-working self’s, giving Hattori a chapter every two weeks.

Finally, after a few months, the trio waits in the studio for the call about the entries that made it into the contest. The phone rings, and there’s a few minutes of tension, when Takagi finally says they’ve made it into the contest!~


(Ridiculous) Mini Pic SPAM o3o


HAHAHA We’re trolling Hattori!

Mashiro thinks he’s such a boss just because he can ride a bike with one hand in his pocket…

Reference to Death Note? HURR HURR (Hattori looks pretty creepy here)

The crash effect of Enthusiasm Injections…


Takagi’s face here has to be one of the best WTF faces ever xD

End thoughts: (LAME LAME Pic spam captions are LAAME) Oh, I’m so happy the bromance has made it through -SOBS- It’s just too weird without them together! I would say they came back together rather quickly, just one episode, but apparently in the Bakuman world, one episode is a month. Plus dragging out any more episodes of them being separate would just kill me. My poor fangirl heart would’ve burst at some point….

So we’re back to the manga making episodes again, which I’m glad, but now Hattori is making it so much more intense now. It is for good practice though, like he said. Imagine drawing a chapter every week with all the work like drawing in the backgrounds, adding tones, etc.? I can barely finish a comic in one week! This is why I’d probably never make it as a manga artist; no consistency and too much procrastination |’D I’m actually happy we get to see Azuki do her voice acting, and her singing apparently. Mashiro’s reaction to Azuki in that video was so cute! Kaya on the other hand was just laughing her ass off hahaha XD Did anyone else find that scene where the girl asks Takagi if he and Kaya are going out so hysterical? They acted so nonchalant about the whole fiancee thing, and then their faces afterward got me cracking up XD The poor girl was like, “Okay I’ll be backing away now….”.

-sigh- I’m so sad we had to get a little break from Eiji; I’ve gotten too used to him having so much air time. I definitely know we probably won’t be seeing him as much now that the preview for the next episode is showing that we’re going to get some new characters! It’s look like more rivals too, so I’ll be preparing myself for some more drama to come AGAIN. Ugh, there really isn’t much to say for these two episodes, so I’m sorry if my end thoughts seem very odd. It was just the typical Bakuman style with a big success at the end. Next week though, with these new characters coming along, I just know we’re going to get some more zest, which I’m eagerly waiting f or~.


AHA! This must be the rumored episode where the legendary HYDE from VAMPS is going to be voice acting! I KNEW there was going to be something with that KOOGY guy! (I shall never doubt my instincts again…) Plus another new character, a female this time? Next week’s episode is gonna be EPIC. CAN’T WAIT~!!


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4 Responses to “Bakuman 19 – 20”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    The ED makes the new girl (artist) look like she will be as important a character as Eiji. Seems difficult to believe.

    Anyways, I’m glad Saiko’s attitude improved. I was kind of annoyed that he thought he could walk away with #1 so easily after seeing how his uncle failed, despite years of very hard work. This time, when Hattori places conditions upon them, he accepts that they need to prove themselves, which is a much more realistic attitude than, “Whaa! We only got 4th place.”

  2. Dan-go says:

    new giiirl woooot, needed a female competitor, lets do this booyyss,so pumped for next episode

  3. Overcooled says:

    HYDE IS DOING VOICE ACTING? I guess since Gackt did some seiyuu work, Hyde had to join in LAWL. I didn’t like Koogy too much in the manga but meh, as long as Hyde gets to voice something XD Looks like the anime is finally getting to the meaty bits.

  4. Tofu says:

    Just finished Ep 20 and damn that’s crazy! They are finally getting back to there own manga “Shady Detective Trap” which looks really good! And I’m enjoying Bakuman even more again!!! THANK YOU ENTHUSIASM DRUGS!!!!! I’ll need it for the upcoming tests today and the day after and the day after and the day-….. ^^”

    Miho getting a singing role is pretty impressive, it DOES make you think she’s advancing more faster than Mashiro but hey, voice acting does seem to be more easier than writing up a manga and then getting serialized then etc etc etc… Just depends if you have the talent or not.

    I felt bad for the girl who got shutted down but damn was that funny! xDD “are you…going out together?” “yeah, we’re getting married too” “oh…oh…alright… I’ll just…go away now” *heartbroken!!!* maybe not…z


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