Toaru Majutsu no Index II – 15

Index II now with more high sea adventures!

Still no new opening! But I heard they might have a new one with episode sixteen or seventeen, hopefully. Strange week for me as I did that Freezing three experimental review with Ness and Baku, which was cool! Can see where it takes a while to put up a podcast. A few nights ago I was on skype recording some rather fun karaoke with the SSCSAV aka the Standing Committee for the Coordination of Simultaneous Anime Viewing! Yes a long title. So, I will be fixing and editing that up for the aniblogosphere to listen to! I have to say sorry for not participating but I was cheering in spirit!

Coming to Index II, plot this week follows Touma helping Agnese’s friends from being held captive; yes I know Agnese is now a good guy?! Shocking, huh? Well, not really as this series is known for bad guys swapping sides midway through. After saving the nuns Touma of course wants to save Agnese, since she seems to want to sacrifice herself to save everyone.

Oh hey, it’s you again… the tiny angry girl…

Agnese you’re doing it wrong! Need to charge the speech meter first.

Angese keep your clothes on, damn it!

After some usual fan service supplied by Touma’s magical arm, he walks out to save Angelene and Lucia with Orsola’s help. Before the mission is a succes the ship is then attacked, sending Touma to the ocean where he’s saved by Saiji the Amasuka’s leader with his wooden sub! Talk about old school; I wonder if they have to use pedals to move it, lol.

Saiji getting pretty close to Touma…

Index hates anyone that touches her slave Touma.

Index chows down on Ika Masume T_T                           Saiji- “this guy talks too much…I need more hairgel”

And of course what happens after saving someone? WE EAT FOOD! Well Index does anyway. Saiji listens to another speech about friendship and what not as he rallies his forces to attack the ice ships with the help from the new sub-mates. Sadly she does NOTHING but it’s cool; she’s there for Touma to worry about. The episode ends with Angelene pushing Lucia out of danger, only knocking herself out with everyone shouting her name. Yes, because that always works after getting knocked out…

“YARRRRR WE BE PIRATES! Steal the booty!”                                           “I think Saiji lost his mind…”

Lucia doing her best impression of Captain America! Throw that wheel.

Passed out falling on floor.jpeg


Mmmmmmmmm dat face.jpeg

Uiharu and Saten, when did you two get here?!

We are so getting high later!

When she isn’t passing out towels, she’s a pillow…

End Thoughts:

Is it just me or Index is falling in quality? The first half was mostly chatter filled which wasn’t so bad once they gave us the usual fan service with all the clothes ripping. That happens a lot this episode! Even while Touma was passed out they used his hand, made me a bit mad at Index as he wasn’t awake and yet she still bites him for something he did not do. That aside I guess the towel girl has a thing for Touma much like every other chick that see him, yes indeed his harem is growing every episode.

Agnese switch sides was bound to happen, I blame Touma’s hand! Maybe it makes your brain turn from bad to good or makes you join his harem. So, expect to see Oriana return to help everyone in some future episode, well maybe she will but I wish she stays the hell away. Lucia and Angelene were also more fun this time around, mostly Angelene being very cute when she’s embarrassed. I loved the skirt flip, which made me miss Saten even more from Railgun.

So we had more fan service this time around and talking moments, guess we are due for some actual fighting and magic soon enough! Hopefully this arc does not drag on for two or three episodes. So far the pace of this anime has slowed down, but like the saying goes good things come to those who wait. So, fingers crossed for more of Touma’s story to unfold.


Nap time there, Agnese?

Next week Agnese gets knocked around by the Bishop and Touma jumps in to assist her! Expect a speech about justice and freedom or friendship. One day a character will be able to save themselves from a boss character, then again Touma needs to build that harem and use his hand.

Thanks for reading!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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31 Responses to “Toaru Majutsu no Index II – 15”

  1. Tofu says:

    Fosh, basically everything you’ve mentioned up top is what I felt about this episode xD

    I’d like to see more of Misaka~! (Planning on marathoning Railgun soon…hopefully…) And let me just say, the producers in this might of overused Index’s bite this time around, I think they tried to go with a comedy after the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN used his right hand to de-spell the two. It was totally not Touma’s fault but in a way, it’s just jealousy? Wait… That’s not right O_O

    I wouldn’t mind a Touma X Towel girl happening, she’s pretty hot xD Then again, I adoooore Misaka the most ^^

    Question of the week: What’s one special esper power or magic power you’d want the most~ Mine is Teleportation

    • foshizzel says:

      Lol yep was a fun episode but not anything amazing.

      Well I liked Railgun too, but it was a tad slow for my tastes you should check it out thou! Hahah yes she does love using that against Touma her famous bite attack. Agreed not like he did it to the girls the amasuka’s ones did xD

      Lol towel girl hahaha she is alright I guess, of course Mikoto and Touma works better.

      Flight of course 😀

  2. Ican helpwithindexquestions says:

    Why does everyone think every girl joins toumas harem.? If every girI joined his harem this series would be a bit stupid. I think people misunderstand this series. As a novel reader I can agree that last arc was meh but really the story is good and characters awesome.

    • foshizzel says:

      Oh thats just an inside joke for a few bloggers of this show nothing more the girls do all end up falling for something Touma did either helping them or saving them.

      Well I didn’t mind the last arc either, they just dragged it on for a bit long and Oriana with it. We did get to see more of the story for index which is always nice.

      I gotta read some of those novels sometime, I love the manga’s for Index and Railgun.

      • Tofu says:

        LOLS yeah… we’re just joking around xD HAREM!!! I for one don’t like reading manga as much as watch anime (I prioritize anime over manga and like… I know I’m missing out heaps of stuff, but that’s just how my brain works) I still haven’t started Railgun and my holidays are nearing to an end!!! T____T

  3. Ican helpwithindexquestions says:

    Novels are definitely better. It was number 1 in japan in this light novel contest. Touma won best male character of light novels and accelerator was second. Misaka won best female light novel character. Index last order and itsuwa are in there. It illustrator was number one. I think that’s it.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Wow nice! I have to get my hands on them sometime, I do love the characters they are fun to watch and follow.

  4. Jrow says:

    Reading the impressions, I realized that, well, I guess I slept thru the last 8-some minutes of the ep. Might give it a quick rewatch.

    And yeah, I really liked Saten-san a lot on Railgun. Has she ever cameo’d any in Index?

    • Junko says:

      Oh man I loved Saten. I don’t think she’s cameo’d so far but she better

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know! Saten was my favorite in Railgun mostly because she had no real powers, yet she still is able to help when needed. I sure hope she pops up somewhere! I was so sad to see just uiharu and no Saten anywhere.

      Well not much happened just Agnese is now going to save everyone from danger. So guess she is a good guy now?

  5. Junko says:

    Skipped half of the episodes, as nothing or major importance was said. Either that or it was all blinding obvious.

    Fact; 9 out of 10 girls Touma incounters will develop feelings for him. Despite being utterly minor characters. Unless they plan on making her yet another main-yet-soon-forgotten character.

    TL;DR Pick up your game Index!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well I agree there not much has actually happened, only a few episodes they were talking about Touma’s progression and the Imagine Breaker.

      Right that is where the harem joke is coming from, like you said 9 out of 10 girls he fights or runs into begin to develop feelings.

      Hahah yeah we can hope, I have a feeling they will end things on a cliffhanger then throw out a movie.

  6. Ican helpwithindexquestions says:

    Yes he does get a harem but it ain’t the main focus. They actually go by category though. There is love,like,and admire. I’ll just stay quiet and let u see for urselves. Though next weeks ending (if it shows) won’t help my argument.

    • Foshizzel says:

      True not all the girls love Touma, it’s just as you said some like,love and admire him.

      Well they do have a episode for Mikoto and Touma to do something together, you can imagine Kuroko won’t sit by doing nothing xD

  7. Ican helpwithindexquestions says:

    If there was a third season it would be the best season.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Not sure how I feel on a third season of Index, I still think a movie is what they would aim for. But who knows I just hate seeing JC staff push a series into three seasons and still have problems pushing the story.

      Mostly looking at Shana and Familiar of Zero.

  8. Ican helpwithindexquestions says:

    A movie wont cover much. Wouldnt even cover an arc. Ova? Yes. An OVA will be needed

    • Foshizzel says:

      Really? hmmm well I suppose ova would work after all Railgun had an ova but didn’t really extend the series much.

  9. foomafoo says:

    LOOL. That Tatemiya and Touma picture made me think something so inappropriate. -_- *blames the caption*

    Index is taking its time as usual. I hope we get to understand already what’s with the Rosary stuff.

    Lucia’s behavior in this episode is rather inconsistent… I honestly thought she’d go batshit insane again once she is touched by Touma. (or simply see him)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahah yes! I figured most would like that one lol..

      Right it has been taking it’s sweet time huh? I hope so too!

      Well Touma was knocked out so maybe she wasn’t really able to get to mad at him for that.

  10. BlackLagoon187 says:

    The only harem Touma needs is Misaka and the sisters, ’nuff said (tho misaka loli is Accelerator’s obvs)

    I may be wrong on this one but I think the part were Touma broke Agnese’s clothes was the only time he wasn’t hit/bitten/hit by esper powers because some other chick thought it indecent o.0

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahah yep! pretty much then again Touma might not like loli! I think he just puts up with Index.

      Yep now that you mention that yes you are right, well she would have done something but! Orsola stopped her lol she probably would just slap him again.

  11. Ican helpwithindexquestions says:

    The manga is behind. The novels are ahead

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I have been reading the manga’s for both Index and Railgun, I have to look up the novels some haven’t been translated yet =(

  12. Ivan Helpwithindexquestions says:

    The second and some of third season is complete. The latest novel has been almost finished

  13. Ivan Helpwithindexquestions says:

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