Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 16

The “bros before hoes” code has been broken!

I’m having a fabulously lazy day today. I’m usually not the type to slack but ugh…I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING. I just want to laze about and play video games all day *sigh*. But no, I can’t do that. There is homework to be done, food to be cooked and posts to be written. If you couldn’t tell, I at least managed to pull myself together to do one of those XD

The hunt for the missing Gauche has now begun. Sylvette and Lag head to the Hive to see if Gauche just went back to Dr. Thunderland’s lab, but he hasn’t seen Gauche since he left yesterday. If any of you remember the Honey Waters arc, good old, mutated Hunt is back as Dr. Thunderland’s assistant. Even his wife has a job that doesn’t involve…illegal activities…now. In fact, she’s working a rent-a-dingo agency and is making Roda work for her!

It turns out that Roda survived that nasty fall, and managed to stumble her way to Yuusari. Sarah stopped some guys from flirting with her and took her in. She’s pretty reluctant, but Sarah does a good job of lowering her guard. Her ears perk when she hears her mention Gauche’s name, so she leaves to stalk him without saying thanks or bye.

Do you remember the last episode? In case you didn’t, we’re just going to reuse footage from the last episode and have Roda adding in her commentary as Lag and Gauche go on their delivery. Luckily, she doesn’t follow them for long. Instead, Sarah spots her hopping from rooftop to rooftop and guilts her into revealing she’s a dingo AND into working for her. Persuasive skills, I tell ya.

Who’s the better stalker…Sarah or Roda?

Sylvette and Lag go to Largo’s office to ask what to do, but he doesn’t seem all too concerned. “Meh, just ask some peeps to help you or something.” Lag and Sylvette split up to find the government rebel, with Lag taking a detour to Sarah’s employment agency. They have a nice little reunion as Roda listens in on their conversation. Again, the keyword Gauche sparks her interest, and sends her off in a flash to find him. Niche is the only one who recognizes the feel of her stare.

Sarah, I’m happy to see you too but…please stop stripping.

So they go BACK to Largo and he doesn’t help AGAIN. So Lag and Sylvette opt for a crying contest. In this contest, everyone loses. Niche is tired of this tomfoolery and straight up leaves them to their crying. You can leave it to Niche to be the only one to make actual progress. Lag and Sylvette try to do their search yet again. The only notable thing about their efforts is that Roda saw Sylvette cry over Gauche, then decided that having Gauche to herself was more important XD

Look, even Largo and Aria don’t want to deal with this BS

Niche flits around the city in search of Gauche, only to find Roda. Roda openly provokes the blonde, still going “failure” this and “failure” that like she owns the place. But Niche has had a lot of time to improve which Roda was sitting in a ditch and shuffling along, so this fight ends up a lot differently than their first one. Niche changes her hair into TWO MASSIVE FISTS and pummels the crap out of Roda. Roda doesn’t understand why she’s so weak (all possessive women are weak, fufufufu) all of a sudden…


Gauche..er..Noir steps in and saves her. Niche tells Gauche to come back but he insists that he’s Noir. He proceeds to scoop up Roda and walk away like a BAMF. That’s right, he just chose a hot chick over Lag. Niche just stands there in devastation until Lag comes. He can hardly believe what Niche tells him. Gauche never really did come back…

Bonus Screenshots:

You’re telling me there’s a show where a guy looks through his fingers like this and sees dreams? CRAZY TALK!

And if he REALLY wants to intimidate people, he makes duck honking noises.

I bet Noir wishes he wasn’t wearing gloves so he could touch those legs~

No caption, just pure AWWWW.

End Thoughts: This episode turned out to be a bit more boring than I expected. I expected a frantic search to find gauche with everyone panicking over the escape of a member of Reverse. He’s robbed a lot of Bees of letters, so couldn’t he do that now if he’s conveniently in the city where the Hive is located? But no, they let two kids do the bulk of the searching. The reaction to the news “Gauche vanished” should be more like HOLY SHIT than Oh?. It made me not care that Gauche had run away at all, since it seemed inevitable for any of the to even find him in such a big city, based on probability.

The Niche x Roda fight was much needed to break up the averageness of the rest of the episode. I like my fights, and it was a really good way to show how much Niche has improved as a dingo. Not only that, but the way Noir appeared in front of Roda was really well-done. He swooped in from nowhere like he was Batman, AND THAT IS COOL. Other than that, Tegami Bachi actually had a bit too many flashbacks and seemingly useless scenes this episode.TOO MUCH DILLY-DALLYING!

I’m starting to worry. We have officially entered anime-only material now. This is not the way Gauche reveals he is Noir in the manga. Lag thinks he’s Gauche for like..AGES…before it’s revealed. And the way it’s revealed is different too. I’m not really satisfied with the way the anime did it, making you suspect he hadn’t changed at all from the start, but it’s not terrible. What I’m worried about is what the hell is going to happen from now on. We’re practically caught up, minus some “sidequests.” Will we get a good ending? I really don’t know. I really don’t.

Preview: Oooo, this looks good, actually. Lag manages to find Noir, but he doesn’t look all too happy to see him. Garrard, Largo and Jiggy do…something. Um..it looks important though! Stay tuned to see if Lag gets shot by Noir again!


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17 Responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 16”

  1. Tofu says:

    They SOOO need to show more of Jiggy xD

    YESS!!! Another Tegami Bachi post! It was alright, a bit slow paced for the first half until we get some action going on which was epic. A re-match between Roda and Niche!

    I gotta say, I’m just like Lag when he entered the pub full of smokers, when I was small I used to follow my dad into a sports bet pub and there is always smokers around so I guess my growth got stuffed up cause I breathed in too much of that shit… :\

    Roda was NAWWWWHHHH~~~~!!!! (starting to like the younger version of Roda, especially in that screencap) ^^ but of course Steaky was even more HHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG~~~~~~~!!!!!!! <3

    Till the next episode! Hopefully it would be better…

    • Overcooled says:

      Just add in a little more JIGGY PEPPAH and this show would be perfect. For now Roda and Niche shall suffice XD

      Ughh I hate people who smoke too. It smells nasty AND it kills you. I had a friend who smoked. That..didn’t last long. LOL. Secondhand smoke really kills, doesn’t it D=

      Slightly younger Roda is adorable. Steak looked so fierce this episode LOL Lag was such a mess, he should be more composed…like Steak.

      • Elyon says:

        I…totally forgot Jiggy Pepper existed O_O He needs more screen time.

        • Tofu says:

          He totally needs more screen time, just listen to the fan girls raging in the far distance …………….*silence*………………
          Okay, maybe I was over exaggerating about hearing them xD

          Secondhand smoking is actually worst than firsthand smoking which is such a shit! We’re dying faster than those who smoke around us [email protected]

          LOLS Without Steaky, you can’t call this Tegami Bachi anymore xD

          • Overcooled says:

            I for one wish he would get more than like one or two episodes of screentime! He’s such a cool character, but he’s never there so I always end up forgetting about him too >_< Well, the smokers probably inhale their own secondhand smoke too, so it's all good LOL. As long as you're not around smokers for too long, ahhhh

  2. Xiao says:

    D’aww, Roda so lost without her Noir is so cute~ <3

    And it was nice seeing Sarah and Hunt again. lol, I was wondering if they were ever going show to us that rent-a-dingo agency. Nice to know they're making use of old characters instead of throwing them away after the first appearance. And I'm even more glad that we didn't have to deal with that useless dingo Lag hired in the manga (saw him somewhere during this ep). That would've been such a waste of time.

    Anyways, Niche and Roda's fight was awesome. But what the heck, is Lloyd going to be responsible for all that damage?! I'm surprised nobody got killed. xD;

    As far as the anime-ending is going or coming, I expected this from the start since we skipped so many manga filler so this will probably the final season for Tegami Bachi. Which is fine with me. I don't want the anime to drag on just because the manga is still going. :/

    • Overcooled says:

      Isn’t Lag supposed to rent a dingo? I think they’re just going to keep that fail dingo as a cameo (I saw him too. Trying to extort money from a Bee, no less XD) since that part was pretty…lame….<_< I hated that dingo, gah! I like how everyone just walks by and ignores all the damage Niche causes. Like "oh, a chunk of a roof fell off, let's not even put up caution tape or anything lulz" They're so easy-going XD I bet it just magically disappears and no one pays for it. The same way it magically never hurts anyone. I was surprised they even made REVERSE, so it makes sense to end it here. Let's hope they don't screw it up~

  3. Elyon says:

    Roda and Aria need to have an epic cat fight XD
    You know, even if he is Noir, it’s pretty screwed up to outright betray your own sister after seeing her so happy. TwT

    • Overcooled says:

      I would love to see them start bitchslapping each other and clawing at each other’s eyes XD And yeah…Noir is kind of a dick for stringing everyone along and then abandoning ship -.-

  4. AkatsukiYuki says:

    NOOO~!!! I WANT GAUCHE X ARIA!!! NO RODA!(lol, she’s cute as a dog… ==)

  5. Starry says:

    Niche over Roda anytime! 😀

    I’m glad Niche showed Roda’s whose the boss this time! Let’s see who’s the real *failure* now, hohoho…

  6. anaaga says:

    wait, what? NoirXroda??? I DEMAND MY ARIAxGAUCHE/NOIR!!! roda is a freakin dog!

    • anaaga says:

      and yeah, it is an official anime-only now. in the manga, gauche isn’t running from laurence, and the traitor aren’t the two ppl from the center. i was surprised when i found out about the traitor in the manga >.>

      and roda is waaaaaaayyy cooler in the manga

      • Overcooled says:

        I picture HOWLING when I imagine Roda, so it’s weird to see her with a human…lol. So Gauche can have Aria, but otherwise I don’t care much for the romance aspect XD

        I wonder if they’re still going to do the whole Cabernet hunt with Jiggy, Zaji, Aria etc. because I REALLY liked that. The manga made the traitor thing a lot more shocking, yeah XD But Roda is the same in the manga and in the anime to me, not much difference o.o

        • anaaga says:

          roda doesn’t blush that much in the manga. and she can jump! especially in the latest chapter that was just released :3

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