Kuragehime 08-11[END]

From saving the sisterhood to jellyfish-style dresses, it’s all in the end of Kuragehime~.

Kyokai: Hi all, sorry to keep you waiting… Well, as if someone was waiting but with one thing or the other, Kuragehime episodics dived on being updated regularly. So, Hoshi and I bring you a final round  up one of the most awesomest anime of 2010.

Hoshi: -sigh- Yes, it’s finally come down to it, our last (and biggest) Kuragehime post. Over the course of 11 hysterical and unique episodes, this anime has stylishly climbed its way up my all time favorite animes list. There’s so many things about Kuragehime that make me love it oh so much, but I’ll save that for later~. For now, let’s get onto the Kurakimi and saving-the-sisterhood madness!

As a way to make money to buy Amamizukan, Kuranosuke gathers old tea sets and glassware  for a seventies retro look to sell at a flea market. Once there, it turns out Tsukimi’s Clara-themed good weather charm gets a lot of attention and may even sell! Kuransouke ends up bringing the rest of the sisters out to make more and sell them instead of the glassware. Meanwhile, Shu’s father has Hanamori investigate Shu. He calls his friend Sugi, a private investigator, to tail him and find out who the ‘seductive woman’ that delivered Shu’s glasses is. After selling all the dolls, the gang comes back home where Kuranosuke accidently sees Tsukimi pretending to wear her wedding dress. He starts to wonder if maybe he does have feelings for Tsukimi, but of course, tries to deny it. As for tailing Shu, Hanamori accidently calls Shu, thinking it’s Sugi, and tells him, basically, everything.

Shu makes Hanamori take him home, with the Witch following because of her power of blackmail with the scandalous photo she took of them together in bed. Meanwhile, Kuranosuke and Tsukimi combine their otaku powers knowledge of jellyfish and clothes to possibly make jelly-fish themed clothes.They decide to continue working on the idea at Kuranosuke’s house, but they end up meeting the Witch just as Shu comes back with his father. His father (seriously) asks the Witch if they have…made it to home base, in which she says yes. Kuranosuke accuses her of lying, but she angrily shows him the picture she has as proof, right in front of Tsukimi as well. She runs away, believing her. To erase the memory, she drinks sake, which knocks her out, and Kuranosuke comes later, carrying her to her room.

The next day Kuranosuke comes extra early into Chieko’s room to start making a skirt inspired by one of Tsukimi’s jellyfish drawings. While Chieko can only help the duo stitch it, it doesn’t stop Kuranosuke from at least attempting to create a skirt. In the end Tsukimi’s jelly-fish otakuness drives her to help decorate the skirt. Meanwhile, Shu is tricked again by Inari into feeling bad for her and after failing to reach her on her cell, goes to her house where she fakes being dead. When she gets up jokingly, he slaps her (YESSS) and leaves. Kuranosuke convinces Jiji, Chieko, and Tsukimi to finish the skirt at his house, where they transform it into a gorgeous white dress. However, back at the Sisterhood, Mayaya and Bamba comes across Amamizukan, encased in a construction zone!

In the show’s final episode, Tsukimi suddenly gets pumped to create more jellyfish dresses, but the feeling is swiftly taken away as they find out about Amamizukan. However, the construction workers were given the wrong address and the panic seems to end, until Chieko gets a call from her mother. Tsukimi gets even more determined to raise money to buy Amamizukan quickly, and calls on Kuranosuke to help make more jelly-fish dolls.

Instead though, Kuranosuke enters Tsukimi’s dress into a fashion show, where they end up placing first in all the categories. Tsukimi is introduced as a designer as the two walk on stage together, and they manage to name their brand ‘Jellyfish’.

As for Shu and Inari, the two end up meeting each other at the airport; Shu going along with the Prime Minister and Inari taking a vacation after being in a bit of shock at when Shu slapped her. They happen to be on the same plane as well, where it looks like Inari may have a crush on him!

Finally the fate of the Sisterhood is decided when Chieko’s mother comes home and tells them what she didn’t tell them over the phone: she isn’t going to sell Amamizukan! The episodes closes with our leading…ladies and the ever mysterious Mejiro-sensei coming up with a logo for the ‘Jellyfish’ brand~.

Final PIC SPAM~!!

Hanamori SISTER has got some drawing skillzzzz~


Result of dwelling in your fantasies during school…


The EPIC three stages of our lovely TSUKIMI~!

And lastly, some last minute Kurakimi love~.

Final Thoughts

Kyokai: One thing you have to observe, the spy hired by Hinamori is an IDIOT. He’s supposed to be a detective and he doesn’t know anything!

Hoshi: I know!! And I love how he’s just RIGHT THERE, being totally obvious, and no one notices him hahaha.

Kyokai: Yeah, those dotted eyebrows. He should have been all over Shouko, but no, he’s eating sweets and drinking tea at a cafe~. Anyway, the flea market sequence was hilarious.

Hoshi: Oh yes~ My favorite part is when the sisters couldn’t tell Tsukimi apart from another stylish xD They’re like, “Oh…we didn’t know that was you.”

Kyokai: And Mayaya goes, I already thought DIE at you 200 times, pffft! Though Tsukimi was awesome making all those Claras. She’s SO handy with design.

Hoshi: She is! The dolls, the dresses, they were so cute! I wish they made them for real…

Kyokai: Yeah, would sell better than plushies. And Chieko-san is soooo kowai with her sewing skills. Flashy sewing powers wow! 0.0

Hoshi: DEFINITLY. o____o Okay, so I was seriously trolled when they found Kuransouke’s fake boobs…I was like “OMG THEY FINALLY FOUND OUT!”

Kyokai: LOLLLLL, IT WAS SO GOOD. I could not believe they would go flat chested!!!

Hoshi: I KNOW RIGHT?! Is there such a thing as being THAT flat-chested?!

Kyokai: I was like Eeeeeeeeeep they gonna find out about him. YEAH, He’s A GUY damn it. It just goes to show how clueless and limited Amars are… But Tsukimi looked so cute with the white veil on =3=

Hoshi: Seriously…I was actually kinda mad |’D I was so hyped to think maybe some super sudden development would happen and this other conflict would start but nooooo….And oh Tsukimi looked lovely~

Kyokai: We didn’t get much dorama, awwww!

Hoshi: Yes!! And I thought we would! Then again I’d probably wouldve flaked out if it did…I can’t handle too much drama, hahaha.

Kyokai: Lol! This was always such a comedy/josei show. Things would have gone very heavy if that would have gone to the serious mode. On the other hand, Shouko…….someone just stop her from blackmailing Shu-Shu.

Hoshi: MHM. Every episode I would call out names to her everytime she appeared =3=; AND THEN SHE SHOWED TSUKIMI THE PICTURE ;A;

Kyokai: YEAHHHH BITCHEEE, broke her heart. At least Kuranosuke was there to comfort her…

Hoshi: OH that part I was squealing like crazy~. It was too CUTE!

Kyokai: And how he actually recognized her potential. It was sooooo sweeeeeet.


Kyokai: YEAHHHHHHH ;-; I WANTED MOAR! I wish there was another season.

Hoshi: SAME HERE. Just for some more Kurakimi scenes. At least show them kissing or hugging or something! -SOB-

Kyokai: Yes, please!!! >.> Some acceptance, not just some infatuation that Tsukimi doesn’t even recognize. Also, Kuranosuke’s past; the flashback was sooo gooood.

Hoshi: YEP! I wanted to find out more about his mom…

Kyokai: You find out he’s just lonely and is eccentric because he never got to stay with her (his mom). Maybe there would be more in manga.

Hoshi: Yeah that’s what I’m hoping. This is kinda off topic but I saw a picture of the mangaka for Kuragehime and she is so pretty!

Kyokai: Oh I did, on Manga traders I think. I was like, she’s a bijin.

Hoshi: And she’s writing a manga like this, LOL!

Kyokai: No wonder about that fashion sense. Exactly. But who knows? She might just have had a makeover like our Tsukimi.

Hoshi: I was just going to say that~

Kyokai: There are many Ugly Betty’s who become Princesses :3 Hahaha, we read each other’s minds :3

Hoshi: Fangirl Telepathy~ LOL



Kyokai: Fangirls will rule this world one day, my prediction xD So, Epi 11 is going on the background of this chat and I’m  seeing Kuranosuke going all batshit crazy over Tsukimi to start designing. He has been such an important part in making her buck up to her strength.

Hoshi: Definitly~ I’m thinking maybe thats why they didn’t show more romantic scenes with the two because they wanted to show us that, that he’s giving her confidence and helping her branch out more, in a way. Thats my theory, I guess hahaha

Kyokai: Could be and also happen the fact that because he likes her so much he is doing all that, remember the first episode? He just happened across and saved her and kept on visiting her because he just wanted to SEE her. Even if he doesn’t know himself he’s in love, he’s doing everything a person in love does, support their partner in every way possible

Hoshi: Ahhh, yes yes I remember now. You’re right~ Revising my statement:  Its more like they’re showing us the emotions hidden underneath the physical things people in love do, like kissing and hugging and all that. I feel like I’m trying too hard to sound smart…|’D

Kyokai: Lol xD But it’s true, it’s not all about hugging and kissing after all. It’s a connection with another person on a more profound level.

Hoshi: Exactly, because in some (not all) shoujo manga, they fall in love just randomly like that and I’m like, “HOW?!” Its sort of breaking the mold on that, that there is ACTUALLY some connection between the two.

Kyokai: Yeah, and that is what you see in the end of epi10. When Tsukimi is pinning that skirt, she hurts Kuranosuke and he still lets her continue, same for letting her use his mother’s pearls. I mean, imagine, someone like Shu would have a heart attack if she had done that but not for Kuranosuke. He motivated her and she made a masterpiece of a dress. He looked so pretty in that dress though. THE BEST TRAP EVER!

Hoshi: OH GOD HE DID<3 HE IS THE BEST TRAP EVER!! No one can surpass him xD

Kyokai: YEAHHHHH Not even Maria xD

Hoshi: NOPE XD

Kyokai: I remember when I was watching the last episode I was like, chatmonchy you were so good, I would miss listening to you every week.

Hoshi: Same here ;-; When I watched the last episode, I started sobbing at the end, and the ending song didn’t help hahaha |’D

Kyokai: DAWWW~ That was one epic scene when Kuranosuke was blushing and she was doing her awakened mode. Also, the construction company are such trolls. I thought they lost the Amamizukan…and we find out: Oh sorry, madam; wrong house. DUDE!!!

Hoshi: ME TOO. I was freaking out like Mayaya practically. THEY TROLLED US TWICE, MAN

Kyokai: YEAHHHH! Brain’s Base! *shakesfists* But who knows that could be in manga as well >>

Hoshi: Most likely…SHE’S TROLLIN US hahaha!

Kyokai: Yeah……. ;-;

Hoshi: I feel like every show this past Fall had some sort of troll moment.

Kyokai: Oh yeah I agree totally. Kuroshitsuji’s troll of no Ciel and Sebby was the biggest troll. I should have added that in my list >.>

Hoshi: You shouldve…I remember going WTFFFFF?! when they ACTUALLY appeared. Totally trolled…

Kyokai: YEAH

Hoshi: I think anime production companies learned the word and are using it to mess with us…

Kyokai: That was A-1 Pictures…Poor fangirls -___-

Hoshi: MHM A-1 are majors trollers. Gosh we get so off topic hahaha!

Kyokai: LOL we did, back to topic xD That dress, that fashion show…


Kyokai: What potential. She’s a GEINUS!

Hoshi: I KNOW! I’m like Tsukimi make me a dress 8’D

Kyokai: Hahahaaaa! I hope you find your Kuranosuke xD

Hoshi: I SHALL ONE DAY! It will be one of numerous dreams that I have LOL

Kyokai: When episode 11 was more than half done, I was like nothing’s happening Dx Something HAPPEN ALREADY! But at least there was some flash backing from Tsukimi. I will say it again, TRAP LOOKED BEAUTIFUL

Hoshi: Kuranosuke: Ruining girls self-esteem with his amazing trap skills XDD

Kyokai: Yeppp, he’s too beautiful for girls

Hoshi: Seriously. Okay I have to admit, that last scene with Shu and Shouko was hysterical XD

Kyokai: Yeah it was xD

Hoshi: She has a crush on him HAHAHA

Kyokai: I was not expecting this at all, I mean, Shouko going straight. That WITCH. That scene where she’s dispensing coffee and has a blush, I was like whoa girl, you got turned on by some slaps! Such an M XD

Hoshi: PRICELESS XD YES! I swear when Shu slapped her I was like YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Kyokai: YESSSS

Hoshi: I seriously jumped up in my chair lol! GO SHU-SHU!

Kyokai: I was FISTING TO THE SKY and going YEAAAAAHHHHH! Very well deserved


Kyokai: I guess, the ending was not finalized at all. I mean, it did not have that feeling at all of being a finale…

Hoshi: It didn’t. I was a little disappointed…



Kyokai: YEAHHHHHHH, It was sooooo gooood. And I love it when he says, totally oblivious, WHY AM I DOING THIS?


Kyokai: YEPPP

Hoshi: I was happy they showed the uncle one last time, speaking of Kura-pyon~ xD

Kyokai: Mangaka’s logo was awesome. I should hire her in my company’s creative xD

Hoshi: Hahahaha!

Kyokai: Hahahahaa, in school’s clothes and then some hawaiian shirt…Anyway, Cheiko’s mom, spitting image – was not expecting that

Hoshi: SAME HERE I was like WHUT. It was pretty funny though! I think she’s a fangirl for some actor or singer xD

Kyokai: AHAHAHAA, would be great


Kyokai: Hahahahaaaaa, there are many years for that to happen xD

Hoshi: Following singers to the ends of the world…oh lord. Yeah long, LOOONG time xD



Kyokai: Brain’s Base should do another Natsume Yuujinchou for this. Looking back, this has been one of the best of the year

Hoshi: Definitely. I never expected how awesome this show turned out to be!

Kyokai: Yeah, my expectations were not only met but taken overboard

Hoshi: Exactly, I’ve actually fallen overboard and fell into the ocean of obssesive love for this show xD

Kyokai: Lulz! I want a Kuranosuke figurine~


Kyokai: I wish I could get something like that on my visit to China but I’m not very optimistic about it….That would be SO GOOD! He’s better than Barbie :3

Hoshi: YES HE IS. Move over blondie, the trap’s coming in

Kyokai: OH YES

Hoshi: Whats so awesome about Kuranosuke is that he looks good as a girl AND a boy. Like in that scene in Tsukimi’s room where he has that ponytail…he looked really good *___*

Kyokai: YEAHHHH BISHIE! You don’t always find that in a trap

Hoshi: Exactly, that is why Kuranosuke is the king of traps! The self-proclaimed manga queen has decreed it LULZ

Kyokai: Yep, new award for him!

Hoshi: Yes yes~ -sigh- Such a good show…


Hoshi: ME TOO…A LOT…

Kyokai: This just makes me miss fall even more…Such a good season, so many good shows, compared to Winter, which is not that good >.>

Hoshi: It was too good of a season~ I feel like all my opinions on shows turned out to be total opposites…I’M WAITING FOR SPRING

Kyokai: Really? YEAH So MANY GOOD SHOWS *A*


Kyokai: *A*


Kyokai: Stein-Gate

Hoshi: YES~

Kyokai: Sket-Dance and I forgot some names >.>

Hoshi: Yeah me too, I just mainly care about Deadman Wonderland LOL

Kyokai: We have been waiting for that since FALL! I WANT IT.

Hoshi: YES. THE MANGA IS TOO GOOD. I almost bought it too.

Kyokai: But we have gone off topic again xD lulz

Hoshi: We have AGAIN lol

Kyokai: Let’s finish this~

Hoshi: Yep -sob- ;A; Dear Kuragehime anime, you were fun to blog about, especially with Kyokai and I having these awesome fangirly conversations about you, your cast of characters, and your need to tease us with few Kurakimi moments. I pray someone named BRAINS BASE makes another season of you so we can continue this. If not, well, I’m gonna have to buy a chainsaw and do some damage (and demand another season of DRRR! as well). At least we have your specials though!  I will miss you! Love, Hoshi~

Kyokai: KURAKIMI, I will miss you seriously. You have entertained me a lot and not to mention the Amars and every other character of Kuragehime. As I said in a previous review, even the bad roles I had to sympathize with by the end. I wish you come back to us in a second season because I sure want to know about Kuranosuke some more and would love to see Tsukimi bloom to a successful designer.

This has been a fun journey and aniblogging is awesome when you watch the stuff you come to love. Reviewing Kuragehime with Hoshi has been bubbly and SISfisty~ Hope you enjoyed our babble. Here’s to another season, Ja ne~


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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12 Responses to “Kuragehime 08-11[END]”

  1. wonton jr. says:

    AHHHHH NOOOOO! I just got over Kuragehime being over WHY MUST YOU POST THIS TO TORTUE ME AGAIN???? One of the best anime this year TT.TT I miss it again now.

  2. Amutofan123 says:

    Haha, I love the detective. xD I seriously thought that everyone was going to find out that he was a boy when they found his fake boobs. I love the Amars, but God, they are stupid. Wahh, I want more Kurakimi!!! I’m really missing this anime… it was way too short. 🙁 I’m so glad that volume five could be animated. Of course, it skipped parts and added stuff in that wasn’t in the manga, but I’m so glad that I got my fashion show. I love that scene. Man, I want a second season so bad, but Brain’s Base hasn’t even given is a Durarara second season yet (I still have not given up hope though!). This was such a fantastic anime. Though… the ending didn’t feel like an ending.

  3. Trusx says:

    At the very last Kuranosuke/Tsukimi scene I was screaming at the computer “JUST KISS HER ALREADY!”
    I love how Hanamori couldn’t draw a person or a place but did an outstanding job at drawing his car.
    We all want more KURAGEHIME!!

  4. Junko says:

    Well, that’s that then, looks like I’m gonna need to make some room for some more manga..


  5. zabobinator says:


    This was my favorite anime…and it’s oooovvveeeerrr. I’m gonna miss it.

  6. Nayu says:

    Gah, I still haven’t watched the end of Kuragehime. . . Internet problems+not wanting it to be over= still not watching it. But I’m probably going to give in because of the fashion show~! I love fashion shows, I’ve wanted Kurako to participate in one ever since this anime started :).

    However it’s too bad we still don’t know who the manga-ka is. . .

    Omori Takahiro, you’d better do a second season for this AND Durarara, or else. . . *turns mystic eyes of death perception on*

  7. Tofu says:

    Oh my gosh… That’s such a LONG post! But I’ll be voicing my views this time~

    Kuragehime was a surprise for me at first, I didn’t think it was good till everyone said it was so I gave it a try and damn it’s good! xD I really liked the whole happy, buddy-buddy lifestyle and everything that revolved around Tsukimi, although I’m one of the people who prefer a Tsukimi X Kuranosuke rather than a Tsukimi X Shuu combo ^^

    The ending… well, it dissapointed me, it could of explained more and elaborated, it’s a cliff hanger making you suffer, hoping for a second season which is very unlikely T____T Althought I really have to say… Kuragehime was a good show, but not the best in the season it was released (I forgot what season). I know, I know, you all hate me xD *runs away*

  8. Namika says:

    There’s no way this is the last of Kuragehime….. T_____T (I was wondering, when were you gonna publish this post btw XD) The ending was quite disappointing, if it truly is the end of this anime, because a lot of stuff was left halfway…… T____T
    I want another season of this!! ><"

  9. Alynn says:

    UWAHH I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S OVER! I demand another season I:

    Just a random comment, but I want Chieko’s sewing skills!

  10. Giraffe says:

    The “WORK IT GURL!” caption is fantastic!

  11. Dan-go says:


  12. Kuragehime needs a second season!! D:

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