Kore wa Zombie desu ka – 02

Zombie, Vampire ninja, magical girl & Necromancer! This show has everything!

More zombie fun time in this week’s Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Looks like we get another strange girl added to the cast. The harem is slowly building for Aikawa, which is alright with me; more crazy characters make things fun. I also listened to the opening song a few times! Such an awesome song.

Plot for this episode is easy to figure with the appearance of Sera, who happens to be a Vampire ninja. Yes, what an odd combo! She arrives seeking the help of Hellscythe and ends up fighting Aikawa to see who should serve her. We also get to see how our main hero got all zombified on us, and how he came across the Necromancer.

Cutest cook!? Not sure, but are eggs suppose to shine like that?

Target acquired, time to KILL!

Thanks, my back was itching…

Let me give you a hand! –shot-

After Aikawa finishes off Sera in a rather strange fight, she leaves and Aikawa returns home to find Sera still creeping around! So much for that ninja pride of hers, Hellscythe gives up and lets Sera stick around for now. Awesome more freeloaders, huh Aikawa? We then visit the wonderful world of flashbacks and watch how Hellscythe meets our currently undead hero and ultimately bringing him back to life.

My ceiling vampire can’t be this creepy!

Sorry, you got killed! Press A to continue…

Oh, and a bit of drama to spice things up with Haruna telling Aikawa to go die as a joke; however, Hellscythe slaps her in response fulfilling the drama quotient. She tells Haruna that death is painful and is not a laughing matter. She accepts the slap and offers her unusual eggnog to Hellscythe consolingly and runs out.

Oooooh! You slapped the magic right out of her! PWNed!

EXTRA Screens!

Dammmnnn girl! What are you hiding in your shirt?! Small children?

Moar bath shots! Let me wash your back, master…

You have failed being TK, try again…

Look at all those gaming consoles! Or her eyes… right guys?

End thoughts:

Well, this episode wasn’t as funny as the first one, but it still had some great moments between Haruna, Aikawa and Sera’s introduction. She seems to enjoy being mean to him in a playful way; tsun much? The ninja vampire thing was unique I guess, unless there are other ninja vampires? I can’t imagine it being too special. Also her design is typical anime girl, giant boobs and sword swinging power! Also can’t forget the glowing eyes.

Second-half was more of story between Hellscythe and Aikawa, which shows off how uber cute she can be even though she says little to nothing except in Aikawa’s mind. I think he has a siscon side to him; how many times does he want to hear Onii-chan anyway? I did wonder how she found him and who killed him! I assume we will eventually find out.

Things slowed down after the whole slapping of the magical girl! But I do enjoy how things can be random WTF to oh-alright calm and quiet story mode. Amazing soundtrack, great stuff during fighting and dramatic sections; nothing left to say other than this show does continue to surprise me.


The preview doesn’t really give much information on what will happen, other than something about a twin-tailed girl. Which we all know are evil, thanks to Freezing! Guess they feel more evil with more hair?

See you next week for more.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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19 Responses to “Kore wa Zombie desu ka – 02”

  1. Tofu says:

    SERA SERA SERA SERA SERA SERA SERA SERA SERA SERA!!!!! <3 <3 HHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGG~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!! Dude, she's the best character in this anime, full stop. ^^

    I really liked this episode (because of Sera? Yaa~) A vampire and ninja combo doesn't come by everyday and with Hikasa Yoko voicing her it makes everything EPIC!

    I really liked how episode 2 continues right from the end of episode 1, usually it takes you to another scene but in Kore wa Zombie, it's a continuation of Ep 1 basically, which I've rarely seen and it's good ^^ NEXT EPISODE PLEASE~~!!!

    • sassy says:

      What? No, Sera sucks. By Sera, I’m referring to the boobs that have a body attached to them. Masou Shoujo Aikawa is the best part.

      • Tofu says:

        I’m ignoring the huge boobs that she has… *sigh* Did they HAVE to give her huge boobs…? But besides her huge boobs, I love her! Her personality and her fighting style, her being a vampire and a ninja and mostly because Hikasa Yoko is voicing as that character! xP

      • BlackLagoon187 says:

        Theres a rule that the boobz ratio is 1: 2 loli’ per harem
        rofl jk

        And yes Mahou Shounen is the highlight of this show 😛
        I was half expecting him to transform during the fight with the ninja…

      • Foshizzel says:

        Those things are a bit TOO huge xD guess every show has the typical huge boob girl who swings a sword or something.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lol yep Sera is interesting and funny to watch xD she really enjoys picking on the main guy! Makes me laugh 😀

  2. BlackBriar says:

    It’s only the second episode and the madness has already set in. Ayumu Aikawa is gonna need some serious therapy when all of this is over. Especially with the cross-dressing pervert zombie thing. Those girls are gonna drive him up a wall with their craziness. But the three of them are really cute and are freeloaders.

    That vampire ninja girl, Sera, is a Tsundere. No doubt about it. She’s awesome!! All “tsun”, we have yet to see “dere” part. And she’s ungrateful. She’s eating, sleeping, insulting for free in HIS house. She’s giving the other tsundere, Hitagi Senjōgahara from Bakemonogatari, a real run for her money and has the same cold composure as the inner Moka Akashiya. I hope it continues to be this good. Most animes like this end up being disappointments.

    • Foshizzel says:

      hahhaha well that is true! He will have some serious issues then again he is already dead. Yes so many cute freeloaders well let shope they can continue to push the fun with this 🙂

      Sera is a cool addition! Always insulting Aikawa poor guy 😛

  3. anaaga says:

    what’s up with this season and tiwn-tailed girl? GGRRR

    ayumua and yuu is my official OTP. and i find sera annoying. probably because she’s in the way of ayumu and yuu. shoo, sera, shoo!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Winter twin tails are either A: Hyper or B: evil!! or something.

      Right Sera can get a bit annoying, I wonder how long she will continue to trash talk Aikawa? Then again it might be her thing.

  4. amado says:

    btw, I learned in randomc.net that the name of sera’s ninja style is the same as the name of assassin’s noble phantasm(fate/stay night)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Nice find! Her fighting moves seemed a bit on the boring side, then again maybe she was toying with him the whole time.

  5. Overcooled says:

    This would be a great episode…if they gave Sera a decent personality. -_- We can’t have TWO abrasive women in the household, that’s just too much. I would’ve liked something…quirkier. If you’re going to make a VAMPIRE NINJA, don’t make her boring!!!! *rage* HOW DO YOU SCREW UP A VAMPIRE NINJA, HONESTLY?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Haha yes agreed! I was fine with just one but two does seem to be a bit much. Not sure on Sera she will probably become very annoying fast!

  6. Kabitzin says:

    I found it odd that the zombie attacks worked so well on Seraphim. She’s also undead, so shouldn’t she be used to tactics like this? Unless… this was her plan all along!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lol true..I didn’t think about it that way, I think she was just messing with him the whole time. Sera wouldn’t leave so easily from the way she acts around him.

  7. Bear says:

    Could take or leave our vampire ninja here, but maybe she’ll develop a bit better in the coming episodes instead of just spewing the same profanities over and over again at seemingly inopportune times.

    Still digging this show though. Episode 2 a little less funny but the more Yuu screentime the better!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes lets hope her character gets better with more episodes, if not she will just become the typical big boob girl.

      Agreed still a fun show so far, yes Yuu seems to be the more popular character.

  8. A-chan says:

    I lol”d hard with ”you fail trying to do like TK XD I thought the same !!! x’DDD
    Really, very good anime, I love Yuu hngg<3

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