IS: Infinite Stratos – 02

Don’t bring a lightsaber to a sniper rifle fight. Doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it?

And so we’re back for a second week, the second of 12 weeks in fact. If you recall the first impression, you’ll remember that while I wasn’t amazed, I was pleasantly surprised at the fact they cut down on breast screen time. I think a lot of us were thankful for that. But, can the second episode stay almost breast free for a second time? Well, yeah. Pretty much.

As you can recall, Ichika was challenged to a duel by the wonderfully British Cecilia Alcott. However, there’s a slight problem with that. You see, Ichika doesn’t actually have an IS. And the school can’t supply him one because he’s a dude. When all hope seems lost, Chifuyu cuts in explaining that he’s being supplied with a government IS, which is incredibly rare. Despite there being an entire school for training IS users, there are only 467 IS Cores on the entire planet. An IS unit needs an IS Core to function, so without the Core, no IS. As some smart ass student explains all this, she mentions the creator of the IS Core, Dr. Tabane Shinonono. Shinonono? That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Oh yeah! That’s because it’s Houki Shinonono’s older sister. How convenient.

So he’s got an IS. A personalized IS at that. The duel is set and it looks like he could actually have a chance! What could go wrong? What about the fact that he doesn’t even know how to pilot an IS? The first time he piloted one was during the examination and even that seemed to be a complete mistake. He’s not learning anything from classes either, so how on earth is he going to beat Alcott? Quite visually disturbed about this, he asks Houki for help, asking her to teach him about the IS. Her embarrassed reaction is almost painful to watch (mostly because Ichika just can’t take a hint) and she eventually gives in and accepts….

And beats him senseless over and over again in kendo training. It seems that Kendo is actually a brilliant way to train yourself for IS combat (I’m really not sure why) so they continue with that for some time. As the day of the duel arrives Ichika finally receives his personalized IS, Byakushiki. For the second time piloting an IS he actually seems to be pretty damn good. He activates the suit and Chifuya mentions that they only have a certain amount of time to use the arena, so the machine will have to sync with Ichika during the battle. He flies(?) out into the arena to face Alcott in her personalized British IS, Blue Tears. He spots her up in the sky, trash-talking and such. He says some cliché badass anime lines and then SUDDENLY SNIPER RIFLE.

That’s right, Alcott’s weapon of choice (oh God, I feel like listening to Fatboy Slim now) is a sniper, and she pretty much owning Ichika. As he soon finds out while looking for his weapons that his IS, the Byakushiki, is a close-range fighter. Because of this, he seems to only have a sword at this point in time. He gets his ass kicked by missiles and all sorts until he finally gets the hang of piloting the machine. His energy supplies start to run low and all hope seems lost, until his IS finally syncs. It transforms into the Byakushiki V2 (not really) and his sword transforms into a lightsaber. As he dashes towards Alcott to deal the final blow, his energy reserves deplete completely and Alcott claims victory. Turns out that his new lightsaber sword actually drains his own energy to hurt the opponent. As green-haired mechanic puts it, a double-edged sword. It was also the sword that Chifuyu used in a certain battle before she turned old and crusty.

As Ichika and Houki are walking back to their dorms, Houki asks in her usual painful manner whether or not Ichika would want to continue his training with her. Be nice though incredibly clueless he agrees and Houki gets all happy. Everyone lives happily ever after and Alcott thinks of Ichika in the shower. Nice to know there’s nothing new in the world on Anime.

End Thoughts

The best thing about that one IS going to NZ? It goes to Wellington. That’s right, I’m the second dude who can pilot an IS.

Robot turn her on. Now that the class knows, her life is over.

Thunderbirds are go!

“Don’t worry. This is only my second time piloting an extremely explosive and expensive piece of machinery that not everyone understands. I”ll be fine.” Yeah right.

How are they keeping this up?! Two weeks and two episodes without any large amounts of fan service? They must be loosing stock or something because this seems to good to be true. They will probably have the mother of all hot springs / beach episodes and everyone will be talking about for years to come. The pace certainly slowed down this episode and they explained a few finer details about the IS, and to be honest that’s what I’m really interested in. I don’t care if someone’s older sister actually invented the goddamn thing, I wanna know how it works! Of course it would base itself on a sort of ‘living machine’ principal where the machine syncs with you and all that jazz. Could you relate it to the heart of the cards, or something? That would be awesome.

And like I said earlier, it’s just so goddamn convenient that Houki’s sister just so happened to INVENT the IS Core. That might as well play a massive role in the story, and it’ll probably come in fairly soon. Oh, and she’s gone missing as well! Gone into hiding, making a massive IS army, most likely. Or captured. Why must you make it so obvious! And I apologize for my false information last episode, they don’t actually play super soccer or super golf. They do actually fight, but only for recreation, which is a little disappointing. I would’ve paid to see super golf.

And I’m truly sorry, people who are fans, but I just don’t like the mecha designs. They look alright when the characters are inside them, but just on their own they are ugly. And it doesn’t help that the 3D tech they use in the battles just makes things look ugly. I really think 3D is what anime needs to catch up on. You’ll be surprised how much 3D is actually in anime episodes you watch, and it usually goes unnoticed. However, when 3D is used for the characters, that’s where it sucks. If they invested in a new tech that used mo-cap, then I would be interested. Have you ever seen a properly mo-capped 3D scene in anime? If you have, please let me know, I wanna see what it looks like.

Judging from the preview, it looks like we’re gonna get introduced to a new character! Not only that, but it if I’m not mistaken, it could be a loli character, and a Chinese one at that. She’s the Chinese representative and is also another friend of Ichika’s. He’s pretty popular, isn’t he?


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11 Responses to “IS: Infinite Stratos – 02”

  1. Kyokai says:

    What’s up with the twin-tails and moe fangs. Though, I’m still watching the revival of Natsuno and if not loving but liking it.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Well this episode sort of changed my mind on the “mecha suits” a bit more glad to see it was not all CGI-ifed and what not.

    And of course the childhood friend is falling for the main muhahaha good stuffs! and the blond is falling for him to..soon all the girls will want him.

    The fight was lame too, then again he is still learning the controls.

  3. Tofu says:

    WOOT!! More Houki~!!! x3 This show’s just been epic all the way for me~ The blonde chick (I don’t even care to try and remember her name) has a pretty awesome IS suit since I’m a big fan of Lockon Stratos Niel in Gundam 00 who is the sniper of the group ^^ and and it’s those BITS!! *pew pew* and then get sliced… as usual… where’s HARO in this!??!! Dx

    But I have to agree with Hato, I’m not liking the IS suits nor am I really liking the CGI (I never really liked CGI stuff to being with) Although, it was decided amongst discussion that I unconsciously take a liking to most tsundere’s :\ I don’t know what a person who likes tsundere’s called but I’m no longer a siscon, I thought I was but not I wasn’t, it was a mistake ^^

    Bring on the next episode!!! And by the title it seems like it’s another childhood friend… *sigh* I didn’t think they’d use that excuse again…kinda dull :\ The Next episode after this one! Yandere maniac who is also the third childhood friend… O___O Please…no…

  4. What are the chances that the Chinese IS representative just happen to be the childhood friend of the only male IS pilot in the world? Did she move to Japan at some point in time and just happened to move to the same school as Ichika? She must wear contacts because Chinese girls usually don’t have green eyes! Good old anime logic.

    I actually found the battle to be pretty interesting, especially how Chifuyu managed to analyse her brother’s every move. For me, Cecilia got less annoying, Houki got cuter and Ichika just remained himself. Throw an energetic girl into that mix and hopefully we’ll get an interesting combination or at least some better humor.

  5. Bear says:

    I had to drop this one. It’s my first drop of the season out of all the shows running. I realize every title is riddled with cliches and tropes to some extent – but this one is just overload.

    Our busty glasses teacher has never had a boyfriend and goes all Kyuuuun-mushy-mushy when somebody says the word in class – FUNNY! Our first childhood friend the semi-tsundere wasn’t enough – we need ANOTHER childhood friend that looks almost identical to the first but has a fang and lighter hair color. The mecha battle was beyond contrived – HE EMERGES FROM THE FLAMES, IT TURNS OUT HE WAS ONLY FIGHTING AT HALF POWER in his one of 400 some odd in the world custom mechas. The stuck-up girl he fights with for… class representative… falls in love with him that very night. I mean, bleh.

    How much do you want to bet that childhood friend #2 is a troublemaker?

  6. I persevere(fuck my vocabulary), This show shall kick ass until I say “Rio is the best shit ever”

    And that was a Pyrrhic victory by Cecilia

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