Hourou Musuko – 03

The theme this week is very important. Remember the theme. REMEMBER!

You guys are in for a treat. Not only was Hourou good this week, but over in New Zealand, a certain game released, which I’ll be reviewing for your pleasure soon enough. Let me give you some clues as to what it is. Clue One: It’s scary. Clue Two: It’s Dead Space 2. Got it yet? Good. Because the game is awesome and my review shall also fall into the awesome category. But for our sexually confused animated buddies, read on!

I guess because the start of the episode is about boobs, that’s the theme for the episode? So, this weeks episode is themed around, you guessed it, boobs (or lack of)! At basketball practice Chizuru tells Takatsuki to start wearing a bra. Takatsuki is so shocked that she actually falls over and just doesn’t move. Chizuru on the other had, finds it hilarious. It seems that the cultural festival is just around the corner so suggestions are being made (Haunted House! Cafe!) and they are all pretty crap. That is until, Chiba stands up and suggests they write and perform a play. A gender-bender play. People seem hesitant at first (like Shuuichi and Takatsuki) but somehow that decision was voted in. Chizuru gets all excited about it after school and as ‘The Gang’ is walking home, Momo somehow stirs up something with Chiba. Chiba exclaims that she actually hates everyone and goes her separate way. Chizuru admires her, Takatsuki looks sad.

We also get some story from Maho, Shuuichi’s sister. She sits at work with her friends (as you know she’s a model) when she receives a suspicious text from someone. She rushes out of the room to make a call, leaving her friends a little confused. Turns out she has a boyfriend and was trying to keep it a secret. Cue jealousy! Back in the realm of Gender Bending (The new element to bend in Avatar!) Shuuichi gets a call from Takatsuki who tells him he should write the play. Turns out he has a knack for being creative and writing stuff, so he knuckles down and gives it a shot. Turns out it wasn’t such a good idea because he ending up working through the night and heads to the nurses office at school the next day. Due to some strange cosmic coincidence Takatsuki is there to, and ready to ask some awkward questions, like if Shuuichi would ever want to wear a bra. She says she never wants to wear one and wishes she was flat like him. Don’t we all just wish that sometimes? (Nope)

During the school day Maho’s boyfriend comes looking for Shuuichi, asking if Maho was sick. He also asks if later on after school he can drop by their house so he can pay her a visit. As he walks off, Makoto notices that his voice was breaking, and this worries him deeply. He decides that to preserve their youth, they need to dress up as girls and record themselves before their own voices break. When Shuuichi records himself Makoto tells him to use his sisters name (no idea why) his sister happens to walk in at that exact time. The doorbell also rings and Maho forces Makoto to open the door, because as it turns out it’s her boyfriend. He runs into the house at the sound of Maho trying to rape Shuuichi and tells her to get back into bed (not because he wants to do naughty things, but because she’s sick). He actually sounds a little pissed off because she was trying to get Shuuichi to stop wearing girls clothes. Maybe he’s sympathetic?

When Shuuichi hands in his finished script to the teacher, he’s not the only one. Chiba also hands one in and not to pick and choose, the teacher tells them to collaborate and write a script together. Chiba invites Shuuichi to her house to and promises not to do anything weird this time (what happened last time?). As they happily head off to her house we have a small insert of Chizuru groping Takatsuki to check if she was wearing a bra. She wasn’t. At Chibas house she starts acting a little weird (happy) and asking if Shuuichi wants to wear any dresses. He says that she’s acting weird again and they get down to writing a script. However, Chiba relates their story to Takatsuki and Shuuichi and becomes depressed. Again. And to finish the episode in true dodgy Japanese fashion, the day Shuuichi becomes a man and stares at Takatsuki’s bra. Choooice.

End Thoughts

That girl next to Chizuru WISHES she had boobs like that.

She has come for you sooooouuuuuls.

Heeeeeereeeeee’s Johnny!

After playing Dead Space 2 for almost 3 days straight, it’s kind of strange coming back to something sane. Everything is all bright and fluffy. It was really quite scary seeing Chiba act not so depressing and all. I mean, you can EASILY tell that she still likes Shuuichi and that she really does support his interests in cross-dressing. Or maybe it’s not a ‘like’ thing anymore and she is just trying to be his friend? In any case, Shuuichi shouldn’t really be so harsh on her, she’s just trying to be nice to him. Like suggesting the generbender play. Though it’ll probably get awkward when his classmates realize he actually enjoys dressing as a girl.

Makoto’s personality is forming quite a bit as well. He’s most likely gay and does enjoy cross-dressing like Shuuichi, but the way he delivered some of his lines seemed a little off. And to be honest, he didn’t really look like a girl compared to Shuuichi. Maybe he has some sort admiration towards Shuuichi because, well, he actually can look like a girl. Makoto will probably have some self-esteem breakdown at some point. He might have a cry and about being a chubby kid with freckles and glasses. Oh God, that will probably make me really sad ;_;

Takatsuki obviously had a few problems going herself. I guess when you add in ‘bewbs’ to the equation of a pre-pubecent female cross-dresser, you’d mostly likely get a few bouts of angry. While development is fine if it’s slow, I’m looking forward to when she tells Chizuru that she wants to be a boy, because there’s probably two ways she’ll take it. She’ll most likely think it’s awesome and join her when she cross-dresses OR she’ll actually think it’s freakin’ weird and bail out. Hopefully it wont be the latter because so far Chizuru is my favourite character. Dat laugh.

Ooooooooh, oooooooooh! Someone gon’ get maaarrieeeeed. Someone gon’ get maaaaarrieeeeeed. I think. Isn’t that what happens when you give someone your name?


I'm Hato, born and raised in glorious New Zealand and a self-proclaimed awesome person. I started writing here in July and I'm loving it so far! I'm Metanorn's go-to Moe Man (lol) and the games guru, so don't be shy to say hello!
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8 Responses to “Hourou Musuko – 03”

  1. Aro says:

    I’ll start following this series if someone can promise I won’t drop a few IQ points XD

  2. Nayu says:

    This show is so fluffy and cute and everything~ It’s so wonderfully adorable, yet it deals with such a serious issue, I just want to huggle every single one of these characters 😀 Especially Takatsuki-kun~! She’s such a wonderful girl ! Forgive me, I fangirl over this once a week and that apparently isn’t enough so I have to do it over here too 8D

    I actually feel like reading the manga, just to know what happens next without having to wait for the anime to come out :D. But then I don’t know if I have the courage to catch up to 90+ chapters. . .

    • Hato-kun says:

      I bet MY favorite character could beat YOUR favorite character in a fight!

      And I have been tempted to read the manga just to see what happens. Resist temptation!

  3. Junko says:

    Did you just call this sane? I think you need to leave the house.

    Big sisters boyfriend is giving me a shouta-con vibe. Probably not but I can wish.

    • Aro says:

      what’s a shouta-con vibe?

      • Hato-kun says:

        Think of a loli. Add a wang. That’s a shota.

        Shota-con implies that Shuuichi’s sisters boyfriend wants to get all Michael Jackson up ins.

    • Hato-kun says:

      Yeah, this is sane. And to admit something, I haven’t been outside since January.

      He’s deff a shota-con. You can see it in his eyes.

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