First Impressions – IS: Infinite Stratos

I tried not to put boobs in the preview images, but they just appeared there!

And BAM! Hato makes his entrance! That’s right guys and gals, I’ve returned from my Christmas / New Year holiday. Sorry that I couldn’t be there in person to wish you all well so I hope you guys (and gals) had a smashing time! I got a bit tanned (I guess I can call myself a Maori now…) but now I’m revitalized and refreshed to start my first full year here at Metanorn. Now if only I weren’t so lazy at the moment…

Anyway, moving right along to the point, you’re all here for Infinite Stratos. I’m taking the reigns for this show this Winter, so I hope you’re all cool with that! I think I’m only on two shows this season to make room for my new montlhy game reviews. To start the year off I’ll be reviewing Dead Space 2 when it releases, so keep an eye out! And any games you do want review, give me a shout! I don’t actually know when IS aired because I was probably away, but lets hope the second episode isn’t out like, today!

Overcooled: I was quite looking forward to this one. I’m all for people beating the tar out of each other, whether they’re in mecha suits or not. Add in some school life for balance, and it sounds like we’ve got something good. Did everything blend together well is the real question though. o_o

Hime: AHHH. I’ve changed my password three times now and it still won’t let me into the chatbox! Why does technology hate me? If I tried to operate any of the mechas in Infinite Stratos it would probably just implode as soon as I touched it. Sigh. Can’t say I’m overly enthusiastic about this one anyway. I’m not big on female harems. The mecha aspects  look pretty cool, though. And the character designs are nice enough. Show us what you got, Infinite Stratos!

So we open this episode *in media res* with lots of robots and explosions. There’s a lot of gun shots and yelling and then you realize all the characters are girls. What the heck? And then, of course, you hear some dudes voice, he attacks the bad guy and THEN SUDDENLY OP. It seems we’ll come to that fight later in the series. After the OP, we join some dude in class. In a very futuristic looking school. And for some reason, he’s the only dude in the class. Actually, it seem the only guy in the school. His name is Ichika Orimura and he’s the only man in the world that can operate an IS, the Infinite Stratos. It’s a sort of mecha that was developed and for some reason only women can operate it. Because of that, men are kind of cast aside in society now. Because they are weak. *sadface*

We get this explanation from Ichika’s teacher, Maya Yamada (who looks like Noa from MM, only less loli) and thanks to her, everyone is a little less confused. However, she pulls a Shyamalan and it turns out she’s not the classes teacher. They teacher is actually Chifuyu Orimura, Ichika’s long-lost older sister. And in his class is his childhood friend, Houki Shinonono, whom he hasn’t seen for six years. And it’s rather obvious she’s into him. But he’s clueless. Go anime!

As Ichika tries to get into the studying of the IS, it seems he’s the only one having trouble, being a man and all. He’s also pretty stupid and somehow gets himself in a fight with some british lass by the name of Cecilia Alcott. She’s pretty up herself and seems to hate Ichika but I’m sure the show will find some way of putting them together.

As classes come to a disappointing end for him, Ichika goes off in search of his new dorm room, only to find a barely clothed Houki, who attacks him with a practice sword forcing him out into the corridor. Barely escaping with his life he’s surrounded by even more scantily clad broads and begs Houki to let him in and they sort out how they are going to live life together. Luckily they have whole ‘awkward conversations at the breakfast table’ thing down, because it happens the next morning. They are conversing over their meals when two girls AND A BEARCAT walk up and take seats next to Ichika, probably in hopes that he’ll sweep them off their feet. At that moment, Houki gets a little jealous and storms off. I wonder how long it’ll take him to realize?

However, Ichika can do other things besides play aloof. In their next class, it seems that they have to choose a class representative, or whatever. We don’t do that in New Zealand. Strangely enough, everything thinks it’s a good idea to elect Ichika to be their representative. He’s not too fond on the idea, and neither is our old friend Cecilia. They have a bit of a sexist battle then she offers him a duel. Which he excepts. Bad move, broseph. She’s gonna kick your ass.

End Thoughts


*Cue lyrics from James Brown’s ‘Sex Machine’*

If the sword wasn’t there, this would look a lot weirder.

Overcooled: I was quite looking forward to Infinite Stratos, but I am sorely disappointed. T.T Bitter, even. Okay, so it’s not a fanservice fest so far – THANK GOD. But it is plagued with the most annoying female characters and bad jokes. Their laughter makes me want to punch my computer so hard my fist makes it all the way to whoever the hell did the voices of those random students. Seriously, Alcott and Houki are dreadful characters. As soon as they appear on the screen, I cringe. Hopefully the other characters will be less, I don’t know, MURDEROUS-INTENT-INDUCING.

If you slaughtered the girls and replaced them with decent characters, this would be a good show. The school life/romance/mecha would blend nicely into a nice concoction, and we’d all be happy. But no, I have to sit through some terribly forced character interactions just to get to my mecha fun. MORE ROBOTS FIGHTING. MORE!

When the series actually shows the mecha battles, I am impressed. There are a few moments where the animation looks a bit off, but overall it’s fast-paced and fun. I’m not exactly the resident mecha expert, but I love the designs of the IS suits…compact, yet teeming with fearsome weaponry. I’ll keep watching in hopes that the ladies smarten up…or just shut up and fight. Both would be ideal, or else I’m just skipping through dialogue scenes to get to the mecha fights.

Hime: A mecha rom-com; what could possibly go wrong? Nah, I’m only kidding. This first episode wasn’t that bad. They did a good job of not making the only male in the show a colossal pervert, which if done right is funny enough, but it’s been so over-used these past few seasons that it just makes me hit my head off my desk now. He was surprisingly normal, I was so relieved. I thought they’d either go with the annoying pervert or death by immense nosebleed at not being able to handle so many females in one room. I’m glad they went with neither.

Though I do have a particular bone to pick. I know the british chick is kind of annoying but why insult our cooking?! Even though I don’t really consider myself to be “british”, since I’m from Scotland that one did sting. Everyone’s always hatin’ on our food! Hetalia does it all the time. LAY OFF JAPAN. Just cause a few mad brits each sheep’s arse every now and again…. >_>

But I digress… it was a kinda slow episode which was unexpected but with the promise of a fight next episode it can be forgiven. It’s nice to see they are actually being bothered with plot instead of just going FIGHTING ROBOTS BANG BANG SMASH. Though judging from the OP there is a high chance of decapitation while fighting in a giant mecha suit WITH YOUR HEAD EXPOSED. Why would you do that? Put on a helmet you fools!

Wrapping it up; I’m all for mecha suits of death, but this one is a bit too much of a boob-fest for me.

Hato-kun: Well, it was bad. Color me surprised by not having one-thousand breasts onscreen at once. They kept the fan service to a minimum which I respect, but that doesn’t save the show from being tormented. I think this might be one of the shows that will suffer from ‘Terrible First Episode Syndrome’. I say that because I can actually see myself watching this show, and not for the wrong reasons. What I had a hard time believing was how chill Ichika was with everything. I haven’t seen my sister in years! Oh all good, she’s just a teacher at some school. Oh look! My childhood friend I haven’t seen for six years go to my school! I’ll just act like a noob. Oh look! I’m the only dude in a school full of girls! I’m celibate. Really, bro?

One thing th really interested me was the fact the IS’s aren’t actually used for battle. Which I find a little odd. Think of them as suits in which you play super sports. Super Aikido, Super Judo, Super Soccer, Super Rugby, Super Golf (?). But no fighting because all the dudes would get pwnt. I’m thinking do they really need an academy like this to train people how to play Super Polo? There has to be some sort of conspiracy. That is what will keep me watching for the time being at least. That and it seems a requirement of piloting an IS is you need to wear a swimsuit. Fine by me, I didn’t make the rules.

But being the downer I am, I’m going to end on a low note. I am, once again, not so hot on the mecha designs. Sure, they are a lot smaller, but really, it’s an anime! Make something that looks out of this world! Why couldn’t it be a school where every one is trained to use and ARS suit from Vanquish? I want a damn mecha anime where the mecha designs are sleek and almost suit like! I guess that’s not really mecha though. That’s just sci-fi.

A preview I can actually preview! Next Episode! Class Representitive Run-off! The battle that was teased at the end of episode one will most likely take place! I’m hoping for lots of explosions or an incredibly entertaining game of Super Golf.

Well, that’s the first episode of IS for you. The episodics will continue as per usual and I’m also covering that new Oniichan anime. So look out for the first impressions. Because it’s hilarious. And a special note, keep a look out for a review of a certain Disappearance coming soon. As soon as I cap that three hour monster.


I'm Hato, born and raised in glorious New Zealand and a self-proclaimed awesome person. I started writing here in July and I'm loving it so far! I'm Metanorn's go-to Moe Man (lol) and the games guru, so don't be shy to say hello!
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25 Responses to “First Impressions – IS: Infinite Stratos”

  1. Namika says:

    Well….. A lot of bipolar thoughts are flowing through my head right now…..
    First of all, THANK GOD that the fanservice is on an adequate level and the main character isn’t some masochist/loli/tsundere/too innocent/pervert…… Thank god, that Ichika is so normal! ==”
    But the female characters were horrible…… Leaving the classic tsundere Houki aside, Cecilia just made me want to squeeze myself into the monitor and dissect her! @-@ dissectdissectdissectdissectdissectdissectdissectdissectdissectdissectdissect other characters were okay, no more exceptionally irritating ones besides these 2. And I actually liked Ichika’s cool attitude towards everything. “Ah, so you’re a representative of a whole country? Good for you.” “Sis, you were gone all those years, teaching in this academy?.. Oh, okay.” And the fact that he didn’t react to him being the only male student in the whole academy was rather…interesting. And I actually like his seiyuu very much too ^^
    I’m definitely watching this show, even though it’s nothing special. What drives me is the hope for some awesome robot-fights and new characters that will make up for the bad ones……..And the possibility of a conspiracy/revolution/war, whatever..*Code Geass fan* But this was a BAD first episode!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hato-kun says:

      In a way his casual attitude was great. He wasn’t all like ‘Whoooooooah!!!!’, but he was just a bit too chill for my liking.

      • Namika says:

        Well, tastes differ. I personally, liked his chill attitude very much. Well… unless the “chill” feeling doesn’t become “slow to get” style….
        But it was definitely great, that he wasn’t going all “OMG” and “WTF”…

        • Hato-kun says:

          Ahaha, a slow to get series. Ichika and six people in a room all around him explaining what the hell is going on and he’s all like ‘I think I get it… or do I?’

  2. Tofu says:

    So…much…hate for this show wherever I go… T____T

    Personally I think it was awesome, although the story line and the concept seems stuffed up, suits used for extreme sports and a blonde chick who act’s all top shit (well that’s a tsun for you, but worst than Kirino) and here I hoped she’d be like Mugi from K-ON T____T In reality, if a guy was to be surrounded by girls in a school, you wouldn’t think about how lucky you are or get all excited (well maybe for some…) but the common reaction is… isolation, you realize your the only guy, and it’s uncomfortable to have so much attention, almost scary… O_O

    Well that’s a bit off topic, but yes overall I liked this first episode and I stand by my opinion and I believe it will get better, I’ve seen characters like the blonde chick who I hate first but forgive afterwards cause they show another side to them, as for Houki Shinonono….Houki….Shinonono….. HNNNNNNGG~~~!!! <3 <3 I adore her so much~ She's got that Mio side to her from K-ON and also she's voiced by the almighty awesome HIKASA YOKO~~!!!! <3 <3 Too bad she didn't voice in the OP or ED, hopefully we get a special like from Occult Academy "Love Machine" xD I'd also like to note that I hate CGI… but IS is a pass for me, looking forward to the next episode and hopefully this isn't a one sided battle for me although it already seems like it since no matter where I go abouts on the net, IS receives hate, it needs more LOVE man~ T____T

    • Namika says:

      It’s not hate, it’s healthy criticism)))

    • BlackLagoon187 says:

      I see we’re bringing back the “HNNNNNGGGGGGGGG”-ing to Hato’s posts. :O

      Gave this anime a shot cuz MIO~~ is in it and I strangely like the anime even tho it’s another harem show (maybe b/c I recently marathoned Strike Witches 2 0.o ), I can’t pin point why tho :3

      • Tofu says:

        Yes BL yes, we are BRING IT BACK!! HNNNNGGG~~~~~~ <3 Houki~~~ =3 I don't care if she's tsundere, she's awesome! xP

    • Hato-kun says:

      You would talk about Shinonono, wouldn’t you!

  3. Jo says:

    I thought it wasn’t too bad…
    The guy is thankfully relatively normal for once, so you gotta give them credit for that…

    This whole training for sports and competition is probably just a cover, since they’re actually doing battle in the opening scene. Treaties can always be broken..


    • Hato-kun says:

      It was kinda sad what they said in the episode, how if there was a war between men and women, men wouldn’t last three days.

      I mean, we wouldn’t last three days anyway. There would be no one to make us sandwichesOOOOOOOHHHH BUUUUUURN.

      I’m kidding.

    • Hato-kun says:

      And I approve of your wordpress picture. Ritsu is always welcome on my articles.

  4. Dan-go says:

    lol hato, ure monthly game reviews are going to be costly on you 😀 around 100 AUD per game for the ps3

    • Junko says:

      Don’t worry, he hires most of his games. And when he buys them, I end up paying for some of it somewhere.

    • Hato-kun says:

      I’m going for the Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition! Life-Sized Plasma Cutter!

  5. Junko says:

    I actually liked this tbh. It was a simple introduction to a simple series. Didn’t take itself overly seriously. I liked that tsundere-chan was deredere before tsuntsun. I didn’t like hime-chan so much, but I was impressed by her gaijin-voice acting (IT’S CC!!), and meganneko-sensei was pretty cute. Not a fan of the other sensei though, derp.

    • Hato-kun says:

      Oh God, it’s CC? I don’t know how I didn’t pick up on that. Severely disappointed now. And the other teacher was much more badass that older Nao. Or was it Noa? I dunno. The green-haired loli from MM.

  6. anaaga says:

    meh, i think this show is so-so. thank god there’s not a lot of fanservice though. i think i’m gona cry blood if i see more big boobs. i think the mecha looks ugly though =/

    i have a lesbian crush on chifuyu <3

    • Hato-kun says:

      I hope you mean cry blood from your eyes. ‘Cause I’ll probably do that as well. Get some A’s and B’s up in this bitch!

  7. Will says:

    Out of context:

    Hime, you made me think of something… expect a password reset link soon on the experimental chatbox ^.^

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