The World Only God Knows – Shiori Shiomiya Arc


By the time you read this, I’ll be long gone, relaxing on a beach in the blazing sun. I’ll be laughing getting an awesome tan, and all you guys in the northern hemisphere will be cold. Though, that wont really be happening, because I’m not a fan of summer. Never have been, don’t think I will be anytime soon. Anyway, I’ve decided to break the space and/or time continuum to talk to you about The World Only God Knows.

Keima is annoyed. Again. You see, Elsie is a bit stupid when it comes to human affairs and he’s getting sick of it. He tells her to go off and catch up on her human history. Eventually she makes her way to the library and is side tracked by firetrucks. Yes. Firetrucks. Wanting to know more about the fascinating vehicle she asks a librarian, who happens to be extremely quiet. Her name is Shiori Shiomiya, she’s extremely shy and Elsie also discovers that she has a lost soul residing in her. She brings Keima to the library and Shiori has collected quite the sample of books about firetrucks for Elsie. And here is where things get interesting.

When Shiori meets Keima, she doesn’t talk at all. However, we hear her thoughts. And dear God are there a lot of them. She constantly contemplates everything she does and goes over situations in her head. It’s almost like she can’t speak. Unfortunately for Keima, he can’t hear her thoughts, so he’ll have to get on with the conquest the good old fashioned way. To start the interaction between the two he chooses his moment carefully. As she goes to collect books to be disposed of, Keima helps her with a book out of reach, accidently bumping her. Being the quiet girl she is, she struggles to thank him and trips up on her words. D’awww.

She gets all embarrassed and tries to run away when Keima makes an offhand comment on why books are pretty much useless in this day in age. She’s visibly angry and walks up to him to give him a piece of her mind, and only manages to let out a small ‘Baaaaaaaaaaka’, which is severely entertaining. After many more encounters and Shiori calling him names, he reveals his plan to Elsie. Make her angry so she talks, is the general plan. Eventually, she tries to stop him writing in his own book, saying that books shouldn’t be defaced, when Keima points out thats she’s really talking out loud. He says he’s flipped her inner and outer voice and giving her confidence to speak. The introduce themselves and once Keima finds a library notice to dispose of books to make way for a media room, he can see the ending!

As I’m sure we all guess, Shiori is extremely not pleased about the Media Room. In retaliation with her new found strength (thanks to Keima) she locks herself in the library and changes all the passwords. When he finds out what she has done, Keima comes along to aid her in the conquest and to keep her company. Unfortunately, the library members cut the power, scare Shiori and she freaks out, toppling books over, burying them both. Because of this, the end up on top of each other (wtf?) and Shiori tells Keima that he’s the only one who understands why she loves books, and why she’s protecting them. However, Keima can see through her. She didn’t lock herself in to save the books, she locked herself in to protect herself. In confusion (because he’s right) she starts freaking out until Keima pulls her from the books, says that he’ll protect her and gives her a nice big kiss. Loose Soul in custody.

End Thoughts


At this point, should be saying something like ‘Jiii~’ but she actually something like ‘Hnnngggg’


Boooooooooooooks. These crazy scenes were actually awesome to watch.

To be honest, that last episode felt like a good end to the series. Just because I know there will be a second season. If I hadn’t of known that there would be one, a 12th episode will be necessary to link it all together. Shiori was easily the best arc out of the lot, closely followed by Mio. After seeing an arc that allowed development, but also over a short space of time, my thoughts on the Kanon arc are a bit twisted now. It just felt like TOO much time had passed. Though, they might have wanted to show that feeling of so much time passing, but almost no progress.

One thing I absolutely adored about this arc was Shiori’s monologues to herself. They were brilliant scenes and combined with the music they used and imagery was stunning. it was like a much better version of the cuts in the Kanon arc, with the musical PIANO signs. Her stare was just so scary as well. It was a painful and soul crushing ‘Ji~’ that kind of disturbed me as I watched and it really makes me glad that the production company has managed to keep every single character interesting in some way. The premise is ridiculous but it just manages to keeo you hooked with the characters.

Even saying that about the characters, Elsie is getting on my nerves. Like I mentioned last arc, she’s not being very useful. And I really don’t see why she has to be so immersed in firetrucks. THEY AREN’T THAT INTERESTING. Though, much fun was had when I said that word in my youth (With my youthful lisp ‘fire’ = ‘fire’ and ‘truck’ = ‘fuc-‘, well, you get the idea) it doesn’t mean they should be that awesome now. As a character, she’s wearing thin. So they better inject some interesting serum into her (eww…) and maybe I’ll be pleased.

Please Lord, why is Oreimo over?


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7 Responses to “The World Only God Knows – Shiori Shiomiya Arc”

  1. Elyon says:

    I love Shiori >w<
    Her monologues were adorable.

    Sometimes Keima's "endings" are just so convincing that I forget he doesn't really love these girls.

  2. Nayu says:

    I didn’t like Shiori’s arc that much. . . It was okay, but she just got on my nerves with her inner monologue after a while. I liked Kanon a lot better, but that may only be because I love energetic pink-haired characters. When I come to think about it, most of the girls are rather similar. I mean, they all showed a side of themselves to the world but had their own insecurities inside. Like Mio was supposedly an Ojou but she was actually poor. Kanon was this famous singer but she was afraid of not being seen, and Shiori was a girl who had trouble speaking to people but who actually had tons to say. If you look at it this way, they’re all the same. . . Anyway, I’m looking forward to the second season 🙂

  3. Junko says:

    Screw the norther hemipshere, there’s bloody 100 k/h winds downs here and it’s pouring. SUMMER?! I BEG TO DIFFER!Ahem..

    I love Shiori. She’s literatly my anime self. Where someone has just said five words, I feel like I’ve thought out a novel. Social awkward introverts FTW! She’s the least selfish I think as well. Rather than Kanon’s (stupid) attention complex, she’s just took her ‘happy place’ to the extream. That and Kanon destroyed my ears pretty well.

  4. A-chan says:

    The ”Please Lord why is Oreimo over? ” XD !
    Oh my Shiori is the best with Mio all this season ! *Kanon the worst hahahaa [sorry, don’t like Idoluuuuu~]
    The scene with books reminds me a bit Fantasia!

    Well I can’t wait for the next season !!!

  5. Starry says:

    Shiori’s awesome! I really like how her ‘capture’ went. It was by far the most exciting and creative ending out of all the arcs. Haha. 😀

  6. Tofu says:

    Best arc EVER!!! It was a very nice finish and I’m happy for her being able to speak up which is good ^^

    Season 2 coming out yesh?

  7. Overcooled says:

    I liked how the arc progressed, and it had a spectacular ending but…I do not like Shiori. Someone who is THAT PATHETIC just pisses me off, and I want to scream “get over yourself!” at the screen. Thank goodness she had Hana Kanezawa to make up for the lengthy monologues.

    Kaminomi has been awesome, I can’t wait for season 2!

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