Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 11

Alternatively titled “Connor gets owned”

Studying a lot means staying inside, and that makes me extremely restless. I’m a really athletic person (probably the last thing you’d expect to hear from a crazy anime blogger) so if I don’t get my daily exercise I go stir crazy. It’s like if you don’t take your pet for a walk and then it goes nuts. Except maybe cats. Or iguanas. Do iguanas need walks? Anyways, today’s post is brought to you by not being able to sleep! =D

Things ramp up exponentially later on, but the episode starts off on a dull note. Largo Lloyd (I like the way his full name sounds) and Aria are wondering why Connor, Lag and Zaji haven’t reported at their designated delivery towns by now. Despite missing 3 of their Bees and coming to the conclusion that Reverse is planning something in the North, they don’t seem to be rushing to send someone off to save them. There’s a “woosh” by the window that sounds like Niche though, so that just may be their answer for a good scout.

Back in Lament, Sunny is baking some last minute cookies. Because, of course, she has to do her goddamned slave labour job before she sacrifices herself to a massive dragonfly monster. To make matters worse, some nun waltzes in and tells her to put poison (lol, I thought it was weed) into her cookies to kill one of the Bees. The evil nun reports back to none other than Garrard and his dingo. DUN DUN DUUUN!

Pigtails somehow make her prettier AND not chubby

As Zaji wonders if Lag and Connor will be okay, aforementioned fatty is slacking off and denying the existence of Reverse in Lament. Even Gus can’t handle his BS and has to walk away. At least Connor has the decency to run after his dog. Even though Lag had to dress up just to get into the Abbey, Connor is able to just sort of…walk in…during the commotion. Connor’s exploration is cut short when the girl of his dreams rushes up to him and presses a blade against his neck.

Stunned and a little aroused, Connor manages to be let off the hook as Roda takes off. Lala…I mean…Lag…quickly explains everything to Connor, who is still in a bit of denial. As much as I’m sure Connor would like to further question Lag about his state of dress, they have to get a move on since THE CHURCH IS COLLAPSING. Courtesy of Garrard, they have to jet towards the exit, almost giving Connor a heart attack. Lag is in much better shape, and chases after Roda – leaving Connor behind XD

Sunny finds Connor’s body and somehow drags him to the town square to talk to him. Something is odd though, she’s not her cheery self. “Well, whatever, that bitch has muh cookies” Connor thinks to himself as he chows down. A few bites later and he’s out cold, courtesy of whatever Sunny slipped into his munchies. She takes this as an ample opportunity to play her entire life story in her head.

I hope you like them, they’re arsenic-flavoured.

Sunny was orphaned outside of the Abbey’s doors, so she doesn’t know what a real family is like. What she does know is how to be quiet and pretend she’s happy being poor and starved, while more fortunate children with homes and families have all they want. She has an all-around miserable time, basically. Her hopes aren’t even raised when Reverse comes and offers them food and all the help they need. The only thing in her life that gave her anything fulfilling would be Connor praising her cookies. Wow..did no one else really ever compliment her cookies before? Business must suck.  Oh well, it works out in the end.

Back at the hill, Lag is face to face with Roda. Even without his gun and clad in a dress – Lag tries to fight. This is obviously suicide, and Lag can’t die quite yet, so he’s saved by Zaji. Flirty dialogue and manhandling aside, Zaji announces that he is back to protect Lag while his dingo sends the report to Yuusari. His help is much needed, as Zaji fires a precisely aimed aotoge to hit Lag’s shindanjuu out of Roda’s hand. It’s two versus one now!


Roda doesn’t end up blabbing about Reverse’s secret plan. Awww, maybe next time. For now, a giant dragonfly is overhead, and he’s about to be snatching all your nuns up. Lag is all fired up to save them, but is stopped by Noir. They have a plan to destroy the light of the capital, and they need to make the Cabernet grow big and strong from all those hearts first. There’s no way they’d let some brat in a dress ruin that.

Lag wants to use this opportunity to fire his letter bullet…but Roda stole it! Oh noes, now what?! Zaji flashes a trademark smirk and whips up a scheme on the spot.  Zaji’s well-aimed aotoge shots (and a new, awesome, blue thorn rain attack) gives Lag all the time he needs to get the job done and fire a heartfelt akabari shot straight at Noir. It hits! Oh, how I would’ve bawwed if it missed. Just like the gunsmith said, Noir is able to see Lag’s heart with this shot in a series of flashbacks of their time together. Did it…work?

The Cabernet lets loose a bunch of heart-sapping tendrils to drain all the nuns – including Sunny. By now, Connor has awoken from his slumber and done his best to make it to the hill in time. Based on the letter Sunny wrote him, it was just sleeping potion in his cookies so that he wouldn’t get hurt as she willingly sacrificed herself. She poured her heart into that letter, telling him the hope and love Connor finally brought into her empty life. As the words of Sunny’s love confession ring in the air from the letter, Connor comes across her lifeless body. It’s too late.


Free cookies:

Tentacle rape? In MY Tegami Bachi? It’s more likely than you think.


Lag…stop making it look like Zaji’s trying to rape you…

Sunny…you’re not supposed to cover your eyes when you do the “nya” cat thing…

End Thoughts: This episode even trumps the last episode! Zomg! Tegami Bachi is really getting good now! As per usual, the timing of the flashbacks is expertly placed within the action. Sunny’s past was actually touching, mostly because Connor was so unaware of her presence, let alone her suffering, until now. The conversations they had were trivial at best (“I make these cookies” “DID YOU MAKE THESE COOKIES?” lol, Connor), but they somehow created a very strong bond through these short meetings. Connor was running after the wrong girl all this time, when Sunny was right in front of him. It’s funny how a relationship between a shopkeeper and a customer can be deep without being cheesey.

Let’s not forget Noir’s flashback too, which is brief but powerful. The way the episode ends without 100% confirming if Noir has regained his memories (he only said “Lag…” you don’t know if he’s gonna actually quit Reverse just because he remembers that) is a torturous ending…but torturous in the way that it makes you excited for the next episode. =D  The mix of Sunny, Connor and Noir drama really made this episode wonderful. Throw in some Zaji to make me happy, and you’ve got an impressive 20 minutes or so of anime.

I really love how the shindan shots look in the anime. I mean, they look good in the manga, but seeing them in colour just makes it so much more fierce. ESPECIALLY, Zaji’s aotoge. So badass, ahhh~ I know the show isn’t famous for it’s action, but I like whenever the Bees get down to business. Lag is a great Bee, but without Niche he’s a little weak in the combat department. I like seeing him get back-up, and want to see Connor get fired up soon as well! You would think someone who carries mines everywhere he goes would be a little more inclined to use them =.=

Preview: This week’s preview is very vague, so I will be vague too. Roda still looks like she’s trying to stop Lag, and more Gaichuu appear. The fight continues! I shall see you then~


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17 Responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 11”

  1. Tofu says:

    First thing I want to say is I thought of you OC and how you always say Yaoi related things regarding Zazie and Lag xD and omgosh did this episode have heaps!!

    I came to save you little kitty~~~ xD Lala-chan~~~ xD

    Oh I felt so sad when the gaichuu took them away T___T That’s such a sad ending…. no more cookies then? And dammit Conner, it’s sweet at first but you got your arse kicked in BAD this episode ><"

    Well besides that, an epic battle for a very sad but important episode of reverse, I enjoyed watching it but with some sad points mixing in I got mixed feelings (not bad ones xD) Anyways, I just noticed reverse isn't ending soon, they are gonna go till 24 or something! :O I thught it was 13 or something (according to MAL)

    • Overcooled says:

      LOL I’m not that bad am I? AM I? XD (Okay, maybe a bit)

      No more cookies for Connor unless she finds a new chef girl. It’s so sad that she had to die (yeah, didn’t feel sorry for the other nuns, just her) when she just found happiness T.T

      You’re right, MAL says it’s going on into the Winter season! I wish more people followed this show, it’s so good T.T Plus, we start getting a lot of questions answered from now onwards, so it’s just getting good =O

      • Tofu says:

        No no your not bad OC xD It’s all good

        And yes, I felt sad for the little girl too T_T (I actually wanted that old woman to die, trying to poison Conner! ><")

        YAY!!! Reverse extended! xD I'm sure heaps of lurkers are around but they are too shy to comment ^^ Although the most likely chance of Gauche becoming a good guy again in a few episodes is very unlikely since that would ruin a main plot if the episodes are extended

        • Overcooled says:


          Considering I was once a lurker, I suppose you’re right. Oh well, it doesn’t matter, I’m blogging this as long as it’s good kekekeke~ And ohhh looks like someone is skeptical of Lag’s memory-returning powers~

          • Tofu says:

            LOLS I don’t know what skeptical means but it sounds like you saying I’m not putting much faith into Lag’s memory-returning powers is that correct? xD

            Well Lag’s strong but you know what would be good? Steaky… that’s all I have to say ^^ Maybe Steaky will turn into a super powered human like creature saving the day like in Gurren Lagann Boota~ (If you haven’t seen it OC I suggest watching it) nishishishishishi~

            • Overcooled says:

              Oh, well skeptical means you think it’s not true, so you’re wary about it. :3 So yes, that’s what I was implying.

              You and your Steak XD Yes, I’ve seen Lagann, and even then Boota hardly did anything LOL he transformed for like 5 seconds

            • Tofu says:


  2. Foshizzel says:

    This show has mecha?! what!

    -points at mecha bugs-

    • Tofu says:

      To be technical the bugs are robots in a way so it is kinda mecha-ish BUT! Reverse ain’t a mecha type of show… is it? ><"

    • Overcooled says:

      Sorry to disappoint, but as Tofu said, it’s just a stylish way of animating giant bugs. They’re just covered in shiny bug exoskeleton that looks mecha-like. XD

      But if you want them to be mecha then shhh, just pretend.

  3. Kuroneko says:

    I just loved this episode. And the “I came to save you, little kitty” was kind of cute :3 But I am a fan of Zazie, so… And a Noir fan too. And yes, I like Noir, even though everyone hates him… But I guess there isnt a character I dislike. Oh, poor Sunny T^T even if I knew it was going to happen(because I read the manga) it was just so… And I wonder if Gauche is back(probably he`s not)…

    • Overcooled says:

      Bwahaha I loved it too. I don’t mind Noir, he’s just a douchier version of Gauche. It’s not like he can help the fact his memories were erased. =/ I dislike Garrard and his dingo the most in this show >_< Even knowing what's going to happen next, the anime is still pretty touching :3

    • Tofu says:

      It’s alright to voice your view on characters that are hated or liked by most people ^^ Don’t let peer pressure get to ya. But damn Zazie… you make it sound like you REALLL did do something with Lag in this episode and also how you said “I came to save you, little kitty” and “Lala-chan” xD

      The most likely chance of Gauche being back is very unlikely since Reverse has extended the series to 25 episodes was it? I’ll take a look at MAL later xD

  4. Elyon says:

    LOL this episode made me love Zaji even more XD

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