Shiki – 19

Well look who’s winning now~

I’m technically not even supposed to be writing this post, seeing as I have exams everyday from Monday until Thursday. The thing is, I’m the opposite of a procrastinator, once I know something is due, I have to do it OMG RIGHT AWAY OR I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE. Anyways, head’s up, will most likely be posting less often, (I would only be able to do blogging at night, which is the time of day I simply can not study) until exams are done. D=

So it turns out that Chizuru got hit in the head with a rock before she could get away. Always prepared, Toshio pulls out a stake and hammer (hidden in his lab coat? How the hell do you hide something like that?!) to finish the job. After a false alarm where Chizuru nearly bites him, Megumi’s dad ends the blonde shiki’s life right then and there without hesitation.

Toshio explains everything he knows to the confused villagers. They take everything in, some of them stirring in anger as they recall how the shiki took their loved ones away from them. He suggests that they hunt them down, since the police doesn’t exactly have an anti-vampire hotline, and tells anyone opposed to it to just sit quietly at home.

Seishin and Sunako are sitting together in the Kanemasa mansion when WHOA SHORT SHORTS. DEAR GOD, GET IT AWAY. I CAN SEE EVERYTHING, MAKE IT STOP.

Look what you did! Your clothes made Sunako cry

Back to normal people wearing normal things, Toshio continues his lecture on how to kill an okiagari. Although having everyone hold hands like a big, happy family would be just swell, co-existence isn’t likely to work out. Toshio tells them that he tried to find a medicine to heal them by working on his wife. Oh, so he wasn’t just sticking random stuff into her! That makes it all better! ….No, not really.

Shiki: where neon pink blood and sparkly tear globules unite

Despite me questioning where he got his degree if he thinks sticking PESTICIDE into someone’s arteries can cure a disease, Toshio proves to be reliable at recruiting the villagers. A few, like Tohru’s dad, opt out so they don’t have to ever cross paths with their son. With this, they plan to set out at dawn to kill any okiagari they can find, blocking off the roads so they can’t escape.

Just as their resistance reaches a high note – the power goes out. It’s not much of a problem for now though, since it’s almost morning. A group of women ehad out with a flashlight to try to collect information about any houses that could have okiagari in them. They end up passing by a house with a girl who is keeping her okiagari mom locked up so she’ll just feed on her and a decaying mother in a bathtub with her son. SO TWISTED, I LOVE IT.

The shiki are not without a strategy themselves, and they’re all readying themselves for the human’s attack. Masao, once again, clings to Megumi like a lost (fugly) puppy only to be kicked right in the kisser. Megumi then walks over to cliff and whispers “Yuki-kun” to the wind in her creepy-ass stalker voice, which is like an entire octave higher than her normal voice.

Spit, tears or sweat? Your guess is as good as mine

Meanwhile, Ritsuko is still suppressing her urge to kill as Tohru watches painfully. He tries to get her to devour the fat nurse, but she refuses. Tohru’s overactive tearducts spring to life once again as he bawws like mad. As Tohru sobs, Gackt is making plans for revenge!

Tohru’s seiyuu (Okamoto Nobuhiko) = <3 <3 <3

Next on our deliciously dysfunctional agenda is Kaori, who is an emotion trainwreck reduced to hiding in her closet clutching a baseball bat. After chanting “Megumi is coming to kill me” a few times, she slinks out of her hiding spot and poises herself at the door to kill Megumi when she enters. Except, her dad enters. “Close enough” Kaori thinks, and slugs him to death. The end.

Damn, being Shonen Bat is hard, isn’t it, Maromi?

Lulz, yeah, it’s not the end, I lied. To remind us that the shiki aren’t useless, Tatsumi powers up on Seishin’s blood, giving us a promise of a comeback. Meanwhile, Seishin is completely drained. Somehow, he’s still convinced that coming there was a good idea, even when he’s hooked up to an IV in a basement. How is he supposed to protect Sunako from an angry mob like that? He barely has enough strength to even talk! Realizing that Seishin is stuck there, Sunako talks to him about his novel, his suicide, and how shiki reasoning answers all of his questions.

As the two converse about killing only because they have to, the villagers don crazy masks and break into both the Ebuchi Clinic and the Funeral Service Place. Shiki all over the place are being driven out into broad daylight and brutally killed. By now, Sunako is asleep, and Seishin is left to think about the notes Sunako left on his story and why she is so eager to read his works.

Toshio and Beardio (The io’s~) break into the mansion with a mob of villagers, smashing all the windows so that the okiagari won’t be able to return here. Toshio sees some food, and figures Seishin must be in here somewhere. What will happen if/when they find Sunako and Seishin? Who knows…but Seishin seems a-okay with being killed at this point.

Bonus Screenshots:

“Wow, I didn’t know Tatsumi had any medical knowledge to set up an IV” “He doesn’t.” “Oh…”

Hammer and stake. In muh pants.


The Queen of Hearts. And spades. And aces. and diamonds. <_<

End Thoughts: Another. Amazing. Episode. My God, Shiki is just RELENTLESS now. I had to leave out a lot of random 30 seconds scenes when summarizing it, JUST SO MUCH HAPPENED. The full-out battle between humans and the okiagari has officially begun, with a legion of villagers on Toshio’s side now. I’m sure a decent amount of people are just holing up in their houses and refusing to come out, but the rest of Sotoba is focusing all of their efforts on killing the okiagari. It’s really giving them a run for their money, especially since they can’t do anything during the day. You can bet Tatsumi and Gackt will make some sort of spectacular comeback though, being able to come out during the day and such.

I would almost certainly help people kill okiagari if I was there to see Chizuru’s death. Even if I had to kill relatives or close friends – hey, I’d do it. Hopefully I wouldn’t be the crazy little thing Kaori has become though. I love seeing her this messed up though. From tame and ordinary into a neurotic trainwreck whose first instinct is to bludgeon you to death with a baseball bat. Ahh, insanity~ Getting off-track here though. Making a decision to kill someone like, say, your own son, isn’t an easy one for most of the villagers. Half of them probably just joined out of peer pressure, but I am glad Toshio’s army is so fearsome as a result of it! Yay, peer pressure!

So much happened, I don’t even know what to mention now. UGH. But really, how are the okiagari gonna get out of this mess? With all the humans in groups and wielding weapons, they’re not even safe at night. It’s not like they have super powers aside from being a dentist’s nightmare. I’m guessing Gackt and Tatsumi will just tank through everyone to make for it, and the rest of the okiagari will have to employ some very sneaky tactics to stay alive and kill villagers whenever they can. They must still have access to some houses, so there’s a blood supply somewhere for them…But wow, once you have an organized gang, they go down fast. =D By the way, I am not rooting for either side…I just hope one side completely obliterates the other LOL

Preview: This looks even MORE epic than this episode. While the villagers keep on with their rebellion, Natsuno springs into action against Gackt (who I should probably call Seishirou by now, but whatever). Werewolf versus man with a gun? We shall see. Other interesting tidbits are a message in blood, Sunako crying (SEISHIN, DID YOU DIE???) and Ritsuko probably dying as well. It feels good to be covering Shiki right now~



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49 Responses to “Shiki – 19”

  1. tariii says:

    wow, are they like promoting the outfit from the Shiki x LaForet event thing? (

    THIS EPISODE IS EPIC. They changed/skipped quite a lof of things and it still works.
    Geeee. What’s with the tight short outfit Tatsumi was wearing? >_> it’s just… very disturbing.

    • Overcooled says:

      THIS IS A THING THAT EXISTS? I am pleased.

      Tatsumi’s outfit is awesome from the waist up. Below there is dangerous territory.

  2. Captain says:


  3. Clinton says:

    the girl with the decaying son is Meada if you read the extras from the manga they focus on her

    also the women that has the shiki mom is living a good life and it going fine for her until Meada comes along

  4. Sebz says:

    Chizuru has this reader’s sympathies, despite her bitching. And we finally got to see some sorrow from Sunako’s face (and the outfit’s awesome with the four suits).

    Seishin’s role is still confusing though. While taking care of Sunako is the only thing he could do at the moment, his last thoughts were that he might’ve had ill will against Sotoba, right? Isn’t that kind of pro-shiki and anti-Ozaki?

    ha, glad you took note of Megumi’s shift in pitch for Yuuki, though.

    • Overcooled says:

      I didn’t quite feel sorry for her, but I felt a bit bad for Sunako, who even shed some tears.

      Seishin is pretty much on the shiki’s side right now, so that’s not surprising. He’s kind of just an immobile lump right now though, so his role is contemplating things and giving us insight o.o I got the feeling his last words were also mentioning that he doesn’t care if Sotoba hates him and tries to kill him.

      lol yeah, Megumi’s voice could be a dog whistle when she says Natsuno’s name XD

  5. BlackBriar says:

    This episode was great but I have to admit, it was hard to watch. My mindset completely shifted when I saw the Shiki being attacked. The villagers looked like insane psychopaths with those masks on. Watching this, I had actually forgotten all what the Shiki did and focused my anger on Toshio. You’d never thought he was doctor, more like witch doctor now. Well, it’s official. I’ve caught Seishin’s Shiki-sympathy syndrome. I want to see Tatsumi and Seishirou’s counter-attack on Toshio and the villagers. It’s true, take him out and the rest will fall apart without a leader.

    • Overcooled says:

      Oh Briar, you really are like Seishin, while I’m like Toshio :3 I saw the villagers being less like psychopaths and more like really efficient workers. They certainly got the job done fast. The masks might just be an easy way to recognize one another, although something like a red bandanna would have sufficed, not sure what the mask thing is about. (For symbolism, I guess).

      So now it all depends on who slays the leader first…I can’t wait!

      • BlackBriar says:

        Well, well, well. It seems Seishin’s Shiki-sympathy syndrome is infecting a good number of people. Make a section for those who are with Toshio and the villagers and another for those who are with Sunako and Seishin. Though I’m sensing some Twilight effect in saying that. That’s weird. I’m sure Sunako is gonna be feeding on him the moment she wakes up to regain her strength. He is obviously going to let her drink even though his body is failing with every bite. But he’s pretty resistant. Any other villager would have died by now. He let Tatsumi have some of his blood, so there’s no way he’ll refuse number one occult novel fan. Already, it takes serious guts to betray your kind and go off with a vampire, the leader of vampires no less. Seishin Muroi has my full respect. What must it be like to be a vampire’s pet human? Sounds cool and interesting.

        • Overcooled says:

          You’re certainly not the only one XD It sounds Twilight-ish, but you can’t help but take sides. Besides, Shiki would never sink down to the level of Twilight…

          Sunako has no other food source aside from Seishin, so this is highly likely (unless she attacks a villager..but there’s a huge mob of them, so good luck with that). Seishin doesn’t care about his body anymore, he’s just a slave for the vampires now. The only one who cares about him is Sunako. I would NOT want to be in his position. >_<

  6. Namika says:

    I’m at such a loss of words now…….. O____O I don’t even know, where should I start!!!!!!! Ok, I’ll still try to be as adequate as I can……>_>
    I just loved the moment about the insane girl keeping her okiagari mom locked up and 2 people decomposing in the bathtub. It was so gross, so sick, so wrong, but I enjoyed it SO much! OMG, I’m so twisted fufufufu~! Somehow, watching such insanity makes me feel weirdly content))))
    What’s with the ‘fashion’ of this show??….. oO” Tatsumi’s outfits are something beyond anything I’ve ever seen….*shivers* However, I have to note that I’m kinda taking Seishin’s side more and more and starting to feel sorry for Okiagari. Call me crazy, but I do. The slaughter of them all doesn’t sound bad though…… >3
    3 episodes to go, (if I’m correct) and from a steady pace we suddenly rush into the heated battle between humans and Shiki. I’m so tired of saying this, but I want more, now!!!!! ><"""

    • Overcooled says:

      I loved the insanity too, it’s little things like that that make Shiki so enjoyable. It also keeps the squeemish otaku away, which is their loss.

      Goodness gracious, another Seishin type person! In 3 episodes (yes, you were right~) we shall see who wins. It’s going to be so. in.tense.!

      • Namika says:

        ‘Intense’ is a bit weak word to describe what’s gonna happen…… O_O Even my wild imagination can’t run that wild…..
        But I think, that just a plain victory of one side would be too plain for Shiki.
        “Goodness gracious, another Seishin type person!” – is it good, or bad??? O^O

        • Overcooled says:

          Intense is too weak? I’m gonna need a new word then…

          Haha, being on Seishin’s side isn’t a bad thing at all, I just personally am with Toshio on this one XD

  7. Snowley says:

    I enjoyed Tooru’s cry. A little too much. Does that make me a sick sadistic bastard?

    • Namika says:

      No, you’re not a sick sadistic bastard. You are on Cool-chan’s and my side! ^^

    • Overcooled says:

      We’re all in the same boat. I’ve noticed everyone who comments on Shiki posts are all sadists LOL it’s like a gathering place for us.

      I want Tohru crying as my ringtone.

      • Namika says:

        Nice idea des **
        Yess, Shiki is an oasis for sadists like us! And Cool-chan is Metanorn’s queen sadist))))

        • BlackBriar says:

          I’m loving this oasis. I know this is my sadism talking but I wonder how Toru would react if his brother and sister became Shiki. If Akira is gonna become one and go after Kaori and her ultimately becoming one herself in the end. There are so many awesome possibilites to would entertain sadists like us. That’s why this anime is so good. I want to know so bad!!!!!

          • Snowley says:

            Thank you Metanorn, you confort me psychically so much.

            BlackBriar: Oh yes, I’d love to see this DRAMA. *maniacal laugh* But I presonally am counting more on some vapmire-double-suicide >) Also Masao dying some painful, humiliating death.

          • Overcooled says:

            Guys, where are we gonna go when Shiki is over? D= I need to make a “sadists unite” section somewhere or something…

            I think Tohruu’s family is safe as long as Tohru agrees to kill things (unless they betray him), but that would be a treat. I’m sure he would go absolutely insane, and Natsuno would have to help him. I have a feeling something twisted is going to happen to Kaori, too~

            Masao has to die. This is a must. XD

  8. ichigopockysticks says:

    THe next one better be insanely epic.I am way to addicted this show. But really who do you think would win. Shiki or Humans and where was Natsuno I wanted to see wut …”lovely”… outfit he had on this week.
    I think I am gonna cry when this is over.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I’m placing my bet on the Shiki to win. Yeah they’ve got a setback but looking at Sunako, they have no intention of rolling over and die. I’m expecting a comeback from them, a devastating one. Because Sunako is too cute, Megumi is too hot and Tatsumi is too badass to go out like a bunch of punks. I wonder if Natsuno will stay on the human side. The preview made it look like Natsuno and Seishirou are about to have a conversation. If so, I wonder if Seishirou will get Natsuno to switch sides. And I still want to know if Seishin and Akira will become Shiki. Seishin’s most likely going to be turned by Sunako’s hand.

    • Overcooled says:

      I agree with Blackbriar in that the shiki will win…Humans just can’t compete with the supernatural. Natsuno may be special, but how much damage can he do against someone as TANK as Tatsumi? Plus Gackt. Really, it could go either way though. Shiki is a pretty macabre show, so having the bad guys win would be a safe bet.

      I want to know what happened to Akira too..T.T

      I’m very unlikely to cry but damn….I’m gonna be sad when it’s done too…

      • Ichigopockysticks says:

        I loved akira he was my favorite human. I really hope he surprisingly didnt get killed and will come back a kaori will stom be psycho with a baseball bat. But yeah I am sorta hoping the shiki will win in the end I really excited to see how everything will turn out.

  9. wonton jr. says:

    Grr! Stupid Megumi! She made Kaori go all messed up >3< and I've just noticed the fashion in this show is very… interesting…

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s either good interesting or “oh god, look away” interesting…I still love how they always change it up though!

      I like seeing Kaori all messed up! She has more of a personality this way.

      • wonton jr. says:

        Haha yes though Tatsumi’s outfits are way beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

        Hmm yea as much as I like Kaori before, she’s a too “normal every-day girl” for Shiki, making her messed up makes her more “normal” in Shiki standards XD

        • BlackBriar says:

          Lol. That entire situation is nowhere near “normal”. Thanks to the loss of her family, Kaori has completely snapped to the point that she struck her own father with a baseball bat. Batter up. And it’s a homerun. She’s in a state of despair. Psychological trauma, anyone? Certainly there’s a nasty little surprise waiting for her. It’s just a matter of time. She’s Shiki bait.

  10. anaaga says:

    I WAS STARING AT TATSUMI’S, er, BOTTOM FOR A WHILE. I’M A HAPPY WOMAN!!! tatsumi looks like a gigolo. hehe
    maaaan the anime is less bloody than the manga. i want more blood on toshio’s coat! (>.<) me want more blood!
    they also skipped a couple of things…but oh well, so far so good with the storyline. i think they changed the story though, since i don't remember any chapter where gackt was fighting with natsuno (YES I DOWNLOADED THE ONE WITH THE PREVIEW!!! :D)
    hmmm seems like there's little chance for the shikis to survive nw, with most of the villagers turning against them. but then the anime shift on the okiagari's point of view nw. bleh. it's giving me the impression that they want the audience to sympathize on both humans and the okiagaris. i'm still siding with the humans though. yes i’m pretty sadistic xD

    • Overcooled says:

      Really? I’m usually the first one to complain at a lack of gore, but Shiki seems not very shy in that department. If the manga is even BLOODIER, well, that makes it all the more tempting to read~ I wonder how the story will pan out in comparison to the manga, hmmm

      I sympathize with the humans more, if this were real life…but yeah, as long as there’s a crazy battle I’m good. XD

      • anaaga says:

        if you love blood, then you HAVE to read the manga. now in 3/4 of the chapters are full of blood. and the manga is pretty sadistic too now :3
        i’m so impatient that i started to read the chinese raw xD

  11. Elyon says:

    There should be a Megumi vs. Chizuru vs. Tatsumi vs. Sunako fashion face-off or something xD

    • Namika says:

      No, Tatsumi vs Natsuno, not Sunako))))
      But a really sharp remark…… I’m for Natsuno and Megumi (oh, how I hate to admit it O_O) !!

      • Elyon says:

        I think I’d be for Tatsumi xD I can’t get over that badass pimp jacket/sunglasses combo from last week

        • Namika says:

          Don’t forget the SPIKES! xD
          Man, Shiki fashion should get a whole another department, or a style. Like – SHIKI-Rap shorts and hood combo blazer, or the SHIKI-Modern Vampire-pirate…..(like I mentioned before… I suck at funny names TT^TT )

          • Elyon says:

            Yes!! I don’t usually go for particular brands, but I’d be all over that XD
            (Aww I actually thought they were pretty good)

      • Megumi says:

        We share the same opinion!!! I can’t wait for episode 20! I’ve finished all up to 19!!!

    • Overcooled says:

      This needs to happen. NOW.

  12. Foshizzel says:

    Lol pink blood! xD

    Great episode this week! things are getting very good 🙂 need more Shiki!!

  13. amado says:

    did toshio almost got shot like in the manga?

    • Overcooled says:

      Err, not yet. Seishirou shot a stake out of his hand a few episodes back, but that’s the closest he’s been to a flying bullet.

      • amado says:

        then they changed something, which was also an important turning point.
        im too lazy too write it down but I suggest to read the manga. dont worry, they are practically at the same point in the manga now so there probably wont be spoilers.

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