Otome Youkai Zakuro – 11

The past, a tragic love story and Agemaki is left out

Herro-erro~ Been a little busy this past week spending time with my brother whom I haven’t seen in two years. Unfortunately not that much exciting has happened. I just finished dozing on/off for 4 hours while watching my two brothers play WoW. On another note, my sleeping schedule is messed up, so I figured that instead of sleeping I’ll just go ahead and write a review hehe.

Now then, this episode basically gives us all the information about Zakuro’s mother, Tsukuhane. In the previous episode, we were left off with Zakuro running away from Byakuroku after witnessing the fate of hanyou. At one point Zakuro’s pendant starts to glow and in a trance Zakuro walks into a hidden room to find her mother sitting in the center. As Zakuro touches her mother’s hand, the memories of her mother’s past starts to rush in.

A fateful meeting~

Meanwhile at the Spirit Affairs, Kushimatsu explains to the group about Tsukuhane being an Oracle (who commands fox spirits and weild godlike powers). Tsukuhane was a maiden with rare power that the Village of Oracles Chief desired for his own. Tsukuhane was confined away from others and she gave birth to Omodaka (Hanadate) who was taken away from her. The Village of Oracles Chief would visit every night with hopes to get a second child. If Tsukuhane is so powerful, how can she be contained by such an old fart sheesh~

One day Tsukuhane sitting on a tree and staring off at the chief’s home where Omodaka is; fell off the tree as it was being cut down. There she met Enaga who after some rude remarks patched up her foot. Tsukuhane would sneak off to meet Enaga and he introduced her to his small village life.

Love at first sight, now get to work slave

At one point while working in the fields, Tsukuhane witnesses one of the villagers causing a ruckus over his spirited away pregnant wife. The humans believed that spirited away girls gave birth to hanyou but it was actually the Village of Oracles display of power. Tsukuhane rushed off to the chief’s home, demanding for the return of the missing girl. There Tsukuhane was turned away by the chief and heard Omodaka whom was being kept away from her. If only she knew how twisted and demented her son would turn out to be.

Turned away, Tsukuhane seeks comfort with Enaga who after telling her a fairy tale, finally puts the moves on her. Tsukuhane told Enaga everything about herself and eventually ends up pregnant and planned to run away with Kushimatsu. As they were about to leave, Enaga stops Tsukuhane saying that he’ll go with her. But as soon as Enaga finished talking, he was stabbed from behind by the Village of Oracle’s Chief. It was Omodaka who’s been brainwashed by his father, that gave away Tsukuhane’s secret love with Enaga. Little boys shouldn’t be wandering alone in the forest.

From love to tragedy in eight shots

Tsukuhane was taken away and the fox spirit ritual was performed to turn her baby into a hanyou. The ritual involves cutting a fox spirit’s head, pouring the blood on the woman’s stomach and a bunch of dancing masked men. The Oracle Chief’s plan was to have the baby treated like the other hanyou but plans change when they see the lake’s lotus’ bloom in reaction to the newborn baby’s power. Before the chief could see the baby that caused such things, Tsukuhane already escaped with baby Zakuro on Kushimatsu’s back.

Zakuro awakens from seeing her mother’s memories to find Omodaka standing behind her. Omodaka gives some comment about killing Tsukuhane and that she looks the same as she did in life. I don’t understand this, unless Tsukuhane is now a sitting preserved corpse. Anyway, Omodaka puts Zakuro asleep and has her prepared for their wedding. Oh my, we got ourselves brother x sister stuff.

Back at the Spirit Affairs, Kushimatsu continues her story about Tsukuhane. Zakuro’s pendant was actually a tool to restrain her powers and it was getting stronger that Tsukuhane returned to the Village of Oracles in exchange for Omodaka to leave Zakuro alone. Kushimatsu took care of Zakuro, picking up hidden hanyou children along the way ’till they met Amaryoju who helped them out. The only way to get into the Village of Oracles is through a barrier but you need a talisman with the village’s magic in it. Luckily Riken has a burnt talisman that Rangui left behind in episode five when Agemaki and Susukihotaru was kidnapped. So the group rushes to save Zakuro.

Agemaki, how you’ve been neglected this episode. Here’s your close up~

Meanwhile, Daidai (Byakuroku’s sister) talks to herself of her frustrations and jealousy of being left out of everything. Rangui appears with the intention of using Daidai. Poor Daidai, how innocent and now you’re going to be used by an evil jealous spider woman.

Little weak girls are easy prey

Extra Shots:


If you don’t know how to wash clothes, then have the servant do it

“I’ll keeel you, I’ll keeel you all with my ‘godlike’ powers stare

Awe, kawaii Zakuro… beware of your onii-chan~

Ending Thoughts: Oh how I can’t wait for the next episode to come. I was getting into the episode that before I knew it, the ending credits came. I hate when that happens when watching something. On another note, I noticed that the opening song was changed a little with Omodaka taking off his mask and the ending song you see Omodaka hovering over Zakuro. How creepy this guy is. Yeah, I’m calling him Omodaka now instead of Hanadate haha.

I was not expecting to find out that Omodaka is Tsukuhane’s first child and putting that with him wanting Zakuro, it just turns the situation into something else. But it’s something common to see that when a power hungry being wants to be more powerful, consuming something of its own kind would do the trick. A type of preservation of their kind which makes them even more powerful.

Anyways enough with the incest crap, I think that this episode was pretty good. The art and effects had me in awe. Compared to the previous episode, the scenes and close up shots had the same feel of depth and emotion. The tragic love story between Tsukuhane and Enaga was something I expected but it was touching indeed. It’s sad though that Tsukuhane never used her ‘godlike’ powers to do anything about her problems. What exactly kind of powers she might posses, I guess we’ll never know. As well, I’m still wondering what state Tsukuhane is really in because as mentioned above, Omodaka said something about killing her. Hopefully they will go back and touch up on this in the next episode.

Preview: A ceremony for Omodaka and Zakuro’s wedding is taking place. Agemaki and the group races to save Zakuro before the sun rises.


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13 Responses to “Otome Youkai Zakuro – 11”

  1. Dan-go says:

    wow, that was really quick ness, claps for you for getting this out so quickly

  2. bakuhasu says:

    Beato as Tsukuhane? Rena as Zakuro and Virgilia as the Spider Chick….? Man Chiaki Kon as the Director really throws alot of seiyuus from her two infamous previous works ahem* Umineko and Higurashi. But yeah surprisingly Agemaki is left out, but this episode itself is awesome just because we get more of the mysterious and less crazier Tsukuhane (watch Umineko no Naku Koro ni and you’ll know what I’m talking about…). For 07thExpansion/VAKey fans just a little less crazy, and less sad…..

    I want my Yandere Nakahara Mai sooooo badddddd….

  3. anaaga says:

    I CRIED. I’M SUCH A GIRL D: can’t wait for the next episode!

    and omodaka is having a crush on his half-sister?

  4. Alynn says:

    I love Zakuro’s mom, and baby Zakuro was so cute.
    And Omodaka, GTFO. Zakuro belongs with Agemaki, dammit!

    • Ness says:

      I know!! I was like.. Omodaka, die!! Zakuro x Agemaki forever! Haha~ We’ll get more of Agemaki working to get Zakuro in the next episode.

  5. wonton jr. says:

    Zakuro’s mom is so awesome XD…. but omodaka is Zakuro’s …half brother??? -_______-…

  6. Elyon says:

    Tsukuhane disappointed me. I was sitting there with my eyes glued to the screen just waiting for her to go yandere and unleash all of that epic power, but instead she let a little human man trample all over her. D:

    • Ness says:

      I know!! Srsly, whats with the mention of her having godlike power but all she did was cry.

    • Dan-go says:

      This point was so valid it needed to be stressed several times over

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