MM! – 12 [END]

The Mio that stole Christmas~

Christmas cannot come soon enough, my computer is constantly crashing and I keep getting the blue screen of death. Santa’s bringing me a laptop and I could not be more grateful! So, onto the finale of one of the more ambigious shows of the season~

Mio and Tarou are Setting up Christmas trees on Christmas eve so that people will write their wishes and hang then on the trees for Mio and co. to grant. Unfortunately only two put their names on the slips so those are the only ones they can gate-crash try and help.

It’s just like L and Light, isn’t it?

Turns out they are both restaurants – opposite from each other. What are the chances?! The group split up into two saying that whoever does best can do whatever they want with Tarou for a day (again!?) the teams are: Mio, Tarou and Tatsukichi. Yuno, Miyumi and Noa.

Noa’s struggle with boob envy

Tarou and Mio disguise themselves Clark Kent style, thinking that wearing glasses will stop anybody recognising them, and enter the rival restaurant. Miyumi comes over to suggest they share a stick of Pocky since they’re a couple, how she doesn’t notice it’s them I don’t know. JUST PUTTING ON GLASSES DON’T MAKE YOU A NINJA. Either way Mio’s pride gets the better of her and she decides they’ll do it. What follows is so cute and awkward~ It’s times like this I almost favor the MioxTarou pairing. But just as they’re about to Pocky smooch Yuuno sees and jealously interrupts them. Boo~

I told you it wouldn’t work, Lois

Back at the failing resturaunt, Mio decides to re-make the menu, triggering Tarou’s masochism with how bad her pasta is. Naturally, the others think this means it’s awesome but when they have a taste it’s enough to send everyone else into a coma.

Meanwhile, Yuuno, Miyumi and Noa have set up a stall outside their respective restaurant and are selling cakes complete with a charm from the girls. This inspires Mio to use her trump own card: A cross-dressing Tatsukichi and Tarou! So begins a fanservice war between the two resturants. Blood was spilled, stockings were ripped, bodies fell like snowmen in spring. Oh, the inhumanity!

Tarou makes a pretty hot woman

Once the competition is over they’re all relaxing when a little boy comes into the restaurant Mio and Tarou had been campaigning for. Turns out there was a birthday party booked there and Mio and co. used up all the food when they tried changing the menu. Realising they’ve probably just ruined a small child’s birthday the group quickly start preparing the restaurant.

Tatsukichi tries to get some last minute cooking done while Noa and Miyumi go out to buy the cake and other supplies. Tarou and Yuuno set up the shop with Mio’s help and in the end they manage to throw a pretty awesome birthday party.

While they’re singing happy birthday Tarou hears Mio sing her own name and finds out from Michiru-Sensei it is Mio’s birthday today too, but that she hates it because she was always alone. He texts everyone and they start planning a surprise party for her.

He takes to distracting her while the rest of them decorate the clubroom, making fun of her flat chest and having her chase him all over town.

Mio is the Terminator

Anyway, they finally end up back at the school where they unleash Mio’s surprise party. She’s actually moves to tears, it’s one of the few out of character moments Mio has that feels genuine, not tacked on or just there for the dorama. Anyone whose friends have thrown them a surprise party will know just how sweet and natural that scene was. Everybody: D’aww! That being said, they really didn’t have to cram all of it into the last, not even half of the epsiode, but the last quarter. So, points deducted! All in all though, it was really sweet and did it’s job of being seasonal fluff while giving Mio a nice little character boost that made me like her a little more.

Extra Screenshots:

Drangon Ball Z Shojo Style

The most awkward RP ever

“Hey guys…is your refridgerator running?”

And to all a good night~

Final Thoughts: XEBEC! –shakes fist– . . . They had a panty shot. A full up-skirt shot of Mio. Way to keep it effing classy. I wouldn’t have minded as much but they lasted 11 episodes without one! This was the equivalent of pinching someone and running away. You’re still angry, but it’s too late to do anything about it! Grr. This definately isn’t the kind of show I usually watch, and I tell ya, if that panty shot had appeared in episode one there’s no way I’d have gotten here to the end. But I’m glad I stuck it out, even if it was one of those shows I had to watch with my headphones, since it would be hard to explain to my non-anime watching family. XD

On the whole MM! was effortlessly entertaining to me, it had it’s low moments of course but most of the time I was trying to contain my cringey laughter at Tarou and Mio’s antics. Tarou is embarassing and I think that’s why he’s funny. And if it wasn’t Jun Fukuyama voicing him I think I probably wouldn’t have been able to stand him, since he’s the only one who can seem to make embarassing endearing instead of annoying. Yuuno was most interesting to watch as she was fleshed out more than Mio who seemed very much to feel however a particular scene wanted her to feel at the time. She wasn’t so much of a character as she was a plot device. At the same time I don’t hate her, she was fun to watch at points, but still a little too much of everything I’ve seen before and don’t like. She reminded me a little of Shana actually.

If it feels like I’m focusing too much on the characters it’s cause MM! is pretty much entirely character driven. If you don’t like these guys this show will be hell for you since there is little if no plot to be found xD The episodes just sort of happen…which isn’t a bad thing so long as you’re not wanting a show that questions the very nature of how you think. No. Like I said before, it’s brain candy, pure and simple and one of the more…interesting comedy romances I’ve seen, anyway. To summerise: MM! is loads of daft fun, if you like slapstick and need a 20 minute break from sanity check it out.

Merry Kurushimimas All!



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9 Responses to “MM! – 12 [END]”

  1. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Man that final panty flash was kinda unexpected xD

    I was indeed quite shocked since I don’t recall Mio ever having any kind of panty flash scenes till now (A parting fan service gift I guess) 😛

    Tch! That pocky game was so close too but the interruption was kinda expected…

  2. amado says:

    pretty decent anime but at least a bit better than most harem, ecchi, comedy series.

    too bad yuuno interrupted mio and tarou, that was too close…

    I thought that miyumi knows about tatsukichi’s crossdressing skills, I thought that thats how she fell for him because she is obviously a lesbian, now she is definitely bi.

    • Hime says:

      I do think it’s a cut above most, not by much -mind you, but still xD

  3. anaaga says:

    LOL at the fridge text

    only at the last episode i have a liiiitle respect for mio. only a liiitle

  4. Overcooled says:

    MM! wasn’t a bad way to kill time each week. Sometimes you have to slog through some really drawn-out scenes to get to the good parts, but I’d like to think they’re worth it.

    Okay, so Tarou ended up with NO ONE, but I’m still okay with the ending. Also, no one was cured. o.o The panty shot didn’t bug me, but this is coming from the person who thinks the level of fanservice in Highschool of the Dead was tolerable. XD

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Yay last episode was a good one! plenty of laughs and Tarou getting owned as always. Can’t wait to see the specials coming soon! In the end great series for lul factor, ending was a bit Mehhh but they have more to do with this.

    Out of Mio and Yuno not sure who I like more xD both are equally crazy.

  6. Eli-la says:

    I didn’t even notice the panty shot o.O
    Observativeness fail xD

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