MM! – 11

Wait, what just happened?

THE HELL XEBEC?! We’re 2 episodes from the end and you throw us “the episode that never happened”?! Are you serious? Oh well, even in the pointlessness that was episode 11 there was still some humor to be found. I think I would have preferred Daddy issues . . . Sigh~

Mio and Co. are doing their usual at the Second Volunteer Club, trying to cure Tarou of his hella masochism! Mio is beating the crap out of him when he trips and falls, knocking himself unconscious. When Tarou comes to he reveals a shocking revelation; he’s lost his memory! That’s right, amnesia. One of the top five in the list of anime cliches! So let me get this straight, Tarou can survive being flung backwards into a door but can’t deal with a simple fall from head height? I’ve fallen from higher than that and come away fine – Space Pineapples – I don’t see why he’s so different!

Logic: disregarded when inconvenient to the plot.

Yuuno takes Tarou home from the hospital where his family are shocked at first, but upon hearing that he should recover his memory in a few days, quickly start plotting. Later, both his mum and sis claim to be pregnant with his love child, sporting typical fake baby-pillows under their shirts. A horrified Tarou now thinks he’s the scum of the earth, which is not too far off really.

Yuuno gives Tarou a handmade charm in the hopes that it’ll help him get his memories back. He inquires about their relationship, wondering if perhaps they’re lovers. Yuuno lies (with difficulty) and says that they are. At first Tarou is elated, then he remembers that he has alleged love children on the way and asks Yuuno if she’s pregnant as well. She doesn’t have time to answer him though as he touches her, so she punches him out and runs off.

Tatsukichi tries to console Tarou, the sweetheart that he is, when Miyumi bursts in interrupting their bromance. She tells Tarou that he once confessed his love for Tatsukichi (neglecting to mention he was hypnotized) making Tarou sink further in the belief that he’s a complete and utter ruthless pervert.

He stops in at the infirmary where the blue haired Sensei is organizing her pictures, among them is the one of him cross-dressing. Reiterating the previous case and point: Tarou is a mental case.


Yuuno finds Tarou and asks him if he wants to bunk off class and go to the zoo. While there they run into Noa in a giant mechanical giraffe who tries to brain wash Tarou into believing she’s her boyfriend. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I’m not sure anymore! . . . A slightly demented Himura’s lolism kicks in and Tarou and Yuuno escape. She’s still trying to get him to remember her and the stuff they’ve done together, but after he doesn’t the two part ways.

Tarou returns to the school to find Mio is waiting in the clubroom. She demands that he remember her, chasing him into one of the classrooms where Yuuno had also come back to. The two have a confrontation where Yuuno admits her feelings for Tarou and wants to know how Mio feels about him. We’re in full love triangle mode now~ But rather than having any kind of touching resolution Mio smacks Tarou out the window with a baseball bat. Hey, works for me!

Mio and Yuuno rush outside to find a very confused Tarou who appears to have his memory back. Except that he can’t remember the time he had amnesia. So, yeah, he doesn’t remember Yuuno’s confession. Progress? What’s that! The episode ends with Mio telling Tarou never to forget her again. There’s also a minute or so before the preview where they’re back in the club room doing their usual activities. Yuuno declares “she won’t lose” to Mio. Mio better get her act together, there’s only one more episode left!

Extra Screenshots:

Does Miyumi have to choke a bitch?

Holy mechanical giraffes Batman!

What do you do when you WANT and DO NOT WANT at the same time?

This proves Mio can look intimidating in anything.

End Thoughts: Well, what to make of this episode? While I do hate the amnesia angle, some funny stuff came of it as a result. Tarou’s family reactions were particuarly good, as well as when he saw the picture of himself cross-dressing. Cross-dressing seems to have become a very popular way to go the past two seasons. Princess Princess would be so proud! :’)

I’m very nit-picky when it comes to continuity, so when MM! sells its comedy as outlandish slapstick then shows Tarou actually getting hurt by it it makes me rage. It’s like the show is breaking it’s own rules. Psht. Also, they said early on that Tarou would get his memory back naturally within a few days so I don’t see what’s the point of Yuuno and Mio freaking out about it and going to the lengths they do.

Yuuno was great in this episode, though. We saw a different side to her, a more interesting one too, I have to say. Where she ditches her diabetes inducing sweetness persona to lie and bunk off school, and when she stands up to Mio at the end and admits her feelings. I’m not holding out much hope for any real progress next episode as it just looks like a Christmas Party, but hopfully it’ll be as funny as this one if nothing more.

Preview: Looks like some seasonal fluff to end the series!



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32 Responses to “MM! – 11”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Mecha giraffe was awesome! But fail amnesia episode >.<

    As much as he gets his head crushed daily by Mio and Yuno I sort of saw this plot coming eventually! but nice to see things going back to normal, which is kicking and beating the crap out of Tarou.

    Wonder how things will end soon! I know there are two specials after the series ends.

    • Hime says:

      The mecha giraffe was so random XD

      Yeah, on the plus side at least we got the amnesia out the way for the last episode. I’m expecting a lot of violence aimed at Tarou now. If it’s not there I shall be very dissapoint.

  2. Tofu says:

    Another MM! post! YAY! xD

    Throughout the show I felt sorry for Tarou.. I mean come on, after he lost his memories, the sister and the mother fakes a unborn child!!! You’d feel so bad if you did that to your family! And also I really liked the way Yuuno reacted when Tarou asked about them being together~ nishishishishi~~ ^^ Yuuno KAWAIII~

    Hiruma….creep… that’s all I’m gonna say (especially how he reacted in this episode)

    And I also want to ask… Is there ACTUALLY a way of curing Masochism and Androphobia?

    The preview pictures look cool…wait, is that Tarou and Mio!?!?! what do they have in there mouth!??! :O Till next time on MM! xD

    • Hime says:

      I know! Tarou seemed so genuinley disturbed and upset by what was happening. It was like d’aww, just give the poor guy a break. Without his masochism he’s a really normal guy. xD

      I dunno what they did to Himura in this episode, he was so braindead. Noa must have used her machine on him.

      I don’t think there is a cure, since it’s like a fetish.

      It’s a stick of Pocky in Mio and Tarou’s mouth. It’s like Japan’s version of Lady and the Tramp, with the spaghetti.

      • Tofu says:

        LOLS I see, thought so xD

        I didn’t know it was a Pocky :O But I get what you mean by the spaghetti thing~ ^^ Very romantic scene

    • MikADo says:

      i agree that even though it was just fiction, it was quite disturbing that Tarou’s family actually denied his identity 😛 still, its just fiction, so i should get too into it 😛

  3. Overcooled says:

    I hate when they throw in amnesia for one episode just for kicks. =.= It’s like they can’t think up any more “zany situations” so they revert to it.

    Wow, the series is really going to end without solving anyone’s problems, isn’t it? XD Mio is too textbook tsundere for me, I want Yuuno to win this love war! (Or for it to just end with everyone killing Tarou lulz)

    • Hime says:

      I think Mio started out with potential, but decided it was too much effort. xD

      I’m for YuunoxTarou, but next episode looks very MioxTarou heavy, what with the possible Pocky smooch. So I’m praying they’ll resolve something in the specials.

      • Overcooled says:

        I know T.T But I’ve seen that pocky smooch a lot without it ever leading to anything. As long as it’s not one of “we’re back where we started” endings, I’m good XD

    • Dan-go says:

      Y?!?!?! are you serious? she’s weak, has no real character, is poorly designed, and is overtly underwhelming, Yuuno is boooring, and it’s not even funny when she beats the crap out of Tarou…*see working!! for how to do a funny/decent androphobe

      • Hime says:

        Working!! is a good example of …well a show better than this one. And I see your point, Yuuno is very generic, but so is Mio so we’re kinda stuck for choice here. xD

        • Dan-go says:

          yeah but theres something about mio, maybe the amount of energy put into the character, that really seem to give it a refreshing feel…also no noraxtarou ship supporters?

      • Overcooled says:

        Yuuno isn’t as “interesting” as Mio, but her character is a lot more consistent. Mio is a sadist but she…wants to help people? While in the beginning I thought we’d see more of her sympathetic side, it turns out she’s just in it for her own, selfish satisfaction of feeling like an almighty God who can solve anyone’s problems. She’s horribly in denial of her feelings and she’s so abusive to Tarou that I start to question her sanity more than Tarou’s. At least Yuuno is normal and actually undergoes DEVELOPMENT.

        Ugh, sorry, rant about Mio because she’s such a bitch. Yuuno may just be “a nice sweet girl” but she has a bold side, a playful side, a competitive side, a girly side..Okay, i’m gonna stop <_<

        • Tofu says:

          woo! go OC, I’m with Overcooled although I like the fact that Mio is Mio because of her name x3 but I’m gonna say Yuuno takes first place in MM! for me

        • Dan-go says:

          Well she’s not a sadist…she has a superiority complex, thus to please herself she helps others by what she sees as herself sharing her greatness unto others, the consistency and her percieved sadsism is derived from the fact that she ENJOYS being superior to the “weak” Tarou. Yuuno is too cliche and boring for me

          • Overcooled says:

            You don’t think Mio is a sadist? I think she’s a sadist AND she has a superiority complex. I mean…they even had a sadist competition, and the whole show is about a masochist. If she was just hungry for power, then she wouldn’t have to be violent, she could just verbally reprimand him to get the same effect.

            That being said, I don’t blame you for thinking Yuuno is boring. :3 Compared to most characters she IS on the simple side, I just prefer her over Mio and the other choices Tarou has in this show (lol Noa)

            • Dan-go says:

              she’s not hungry for power, a superiority complex is when you believe yourself to be better than others…btw i’d kinda like shizukaxtarou because shizuka is so freaking win just for lols

            • Tofu says:

              I want to see some Tatsukichi X Miyumi happening but it seems like Tatsukichi is trying to avoid Miyumi in a way… Oh well, let’s see what happens in the next episode 😛

    • MikADo says:

      I hate it too 😛 amnesia is so over used episode material XP
      and i agree that it would be funny that Tarou died because of his masochism and the series end there XD

  4. Hato-kun says:

    Oh man, I thought Tarou’s Mother and sister being pregnant was pretty hilarious. Mecha Giffare was also pretty awesome.

  5. amado says:

    seems there are little people who support mioXtarou 🙁

    • Dan-go says:

      MIOxTAROUUUU FOREVA (i’m sorry Yuuno has no real personality, and no punching males in the face does not qualify as personality)

    • MikADo says:

      i support XD

  6. MikADo says:

    man this epsiode was so cliche-ish but it was forgiven
    just because they had a mecha giraffe XD

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