Bakuman – 11

Christmas, manga, more Eiji, and a second season; what more could you ask for?

~While I didn’t have time to draw one of my horrible doodles because of stupid Final exams, I do bring good news if you hadn’t heard already from Anime News Network: BAKUMAN IS GETTING A SECOND SEASON NEXT FALL!! *throws confetti* I have never been so happy to hear news about a second season to an anime before 8’D I’ve grown so attached to this show that the thought of it ending almost made me cry (while I was in class too, heh). This was the anime world’s gift to me for Christmas, hahahaha.

Anyways, onto our Christmas-y/Love themed episode, we start off with…EIJI, who’s moved into his apartment in Tokyo finally. His editor comes by to not only check up on him, but also gather another one-shot. It turns out Eiji might become quite a nuisance to his neighbors…

Meanwhile, Saikou and Shuujin are focusing on their submission to Shounen Jack’s NEXT, and even get onto the topic of how much they’d sell their own mind for. Of course, this leads to Saikou getting all mushy-gushy romantic on us…

Same sentiments, Shuujin…

While Saikou fantasizes, Miyoshi actually tries to get him and Azuki to go on at least one date as she invites them to go with her and Shuujin to see the Christmas lights. Of course, they both refuse, leaving Miyoshi and Shuujin alone together.

Is it just me, or does Mashiro look really perverted right here? x’D

Takagi, WEAR WINTER CLOTHES ALL THE TIME<3 *hides fetish for Winter jackets*

The two go on their date, and towards the end, talk about their two best friends and their extreme stubbornness to not even go on at least one date. Shuujin believes that if Azuki started dating him now, then she’d end up being focused on him rather than her dream, which is why she cried when Saikou asked if they do have to wait until their dreams come true; she had to chose him, or her dream.

It’s straight back to manga however as the boys get to work on the name for their submission to NEXT, as well as study for their Entrance exams into high school. They of course succeed in both getting into their choice high school and in submitting their name to Hattori-san.

Valentine’s Day also comes around, and Miyoshi delivers chocolates to Shuujin, and chocolates from Azuki to Saikou. (Which are cute chocolate pencils 8’D <3)

Saikou, Forever Alone…until his dreams come true

Move out of the way Valentines Day as we come to the day, the agonizing wait for Mr. Hattori’s phone call to see if they made it in…and indeed, they do!

Stress, stress, stresssssssssssss…

BANZAI!!! (Why does Saikou have such an UNFF face? XD)

But with good news comes bad news as Hattori decides to tell them that Eiji has the front cover with a 50 page story, and that they might be used to make Eiji look good since they are about the same age. Yet they aren’t dissuaded, and even Hattori gives them a boost a encouragement as the episode closes~.

MINI Pic Spam (because Finals are a bitch and Bakuman was all I was looking forward to today)~!!


Shuujin: Damnit…Miyoshi found out about the Bakuman Enthusiasm Injections we were taking…
Saikou: Eh, whatever. Looks like she’s been taking them herself…

Best. Picture. of Shuujin. EVER.

After Finals Reaction No.1: So tired you’re just like “FINALLY IT’S OVER! Screw this s–t…I’m sleepn’.” (A.K.A Hoshi’s reaction).

End Thoughts: This has to be the best week in the Bakuman world, I swear. First off, SECOND SEASON ANNOUNCEMENT, HECK YES! *high fives…anyone who wants to* Second, we wanted ‘moar Eiji’, and WE GOT MOAR EIJI! IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! 8’D Now we finally get to hear some more normal sentences out of this crazy boy! I loved the beginning where he just suddenly started acting like a crow in the middle of public. Kinda makes me want to do something weird like that too…it just looks fun to do, heh. Eiji is also kind of adorable, I have to say! The way he was sitting in his chair when he was like, “Tokyo subways and places with a lot of people scare me,” left me going, “Awww!”. I totally feel for you, Eiji~.

Again with the Miyoshi and Takagi couple…THEY’RE SO CUTE TOGETHER! I can’t help it! |’D I think I’ve mentioned this about two, three times already? I’m terribly sorry, but they’re the only couple I’ll completely fangirl over. While Azuki and Mashiro are getting out of the picture and becoming a bit annoying, Miyoshi and Takagi take the spotlight and are really just more fun. It seems like Love and all that romantic stuff is starting to come out more and more now that they’re together. I’m not necessarily complaining because the anime does make the lovey-dovey stuff a bit comedic, like with Saikou’s hysterical fantasizing; I’ve just noticed that it starting to become more apparent, which is nice.

Ah, I’m still so hyped up over the news of another season that I think I disoriented myself a bit hahaha, so I apologize for the crappy summary and hysterical end thoughts. I was just thinking too that Shounen Jump anime’s are always relatively long, have you ever noticed that? Reborn!, Bleach, Naruto, D.Grayman, Death Note, and others have/had a lot of episodes (and some are STILL going on…yeah you know who you are) and I thought to myself, “Is Bakuman going to be the shortest Jump anime series?!” Looks like I was wrong, heh. It would have been nice but, I think I’d rather see more Bakuman episodes~.


It seems like Miyoshi is going to keep bothering Saikou about going on a date with Azuki before they graduate, but of course we know what the answer is going to be…and, how are our boys going to do on their first publication?

Also, before I forgot, HAPPY (EARLY) HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! ^^
I hope whatever you are celebrating is very merry and fun (and that you get presents ;D)~.

Until next week then~!!



A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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19 Responses to “Bakuman – 11”

  1. Xiao says:

    Yay~ They’re finally going to get published! *happy* ^^

    I’ve been watching this in a laidback manner over the past weeks so it’s good to see their hard work pay off. Now I’m more interested to know how their interactions with Eiji will be. Hehe. 😀

    And while I think Miyoshi can sometimes be cute, date or not date, I wish she’d wear some decent pants in the middle of the friggin’ cold! -_-;

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I know it’s exciting! I couldn’t help but hold in my breath while they were waiting even though I already knew what was going to happen x’D

      Ooooo~ Same here 😀

      Seriously!! I was like “GURL put on some pants please!” x’D

  2. Junko says:

    Welcome to Tokyo, Eiji-kun! Hahaha, I love his character so much, it was brillient to see him running around like a kid in a candy store.

    Anyone else killin’ for the Goodsmile trading figure set >D

  3. Dan-go says:

    BLACK CROOOOWS, Eiji still disgusts me though, y do all the manga readers like him?

  4. Namika says:

    I can’t describe how much I like this anime! *hearts*
    And the second season…… If Bakuman keeps being so hysterically awesome, I don’t mind watching it a couple of years ^^ hihiii(Bleach follower)
    Eiji is still irritating me, but hearing normal speech from him was quite….refreshing o_o
    Ka-ya-chaaaan~ Gan-ba-reee~! ^____^ I grew to like her very much! she’s just such a kickass character, I love it!!! ^O^
    Can’t wait to see the next ep, looks even more interesting! *0*

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hahahaha, same here actually XD It’s just too good!
      And Kaya is awesome!! At first I found her a bit irritating, but yeah, she grows on you heehee.
      Oh yeah the next episode is definitely going to be interesting ;D

  5. Overcooled says:

    I’m not a fan of how they animated Bakuman, but those Christmas scenes looked really good!

    Bakuman gets pretty intense later on, so making a second season is a good idea. =D

    My reaction to finishing finals is going to be “screw this, I’m playing video games for 2 weeks straight now” XD Hope things weren’t too stressful on your end of things~

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Really?! I think its pretty decent x’D Yeah the Christmas scene looked lovely *A*

      AHHHHH I CAN TELL |’D SALKJFDGSLKFGHF I bet I’m going to cry at some point…

      LOL, I actually ended up not being so stressed out because I would procrastinate and look at my Tumblr dash filled with Taemin and 2Min hahahaha x’D

  6. Tofu says:

    WOOT!!!! SECOND SEASON NEXT FALL!!!! xD I’m all pumped up about it after hearing the news. MORE ENTHUSIASM INJECTIONS PLEASE~ *injects* oooh~ oooooooohh~~~~ OOOHHHHH YEAH~~~!!!

    Episode 11… What can I say? It was pure awesome, I practically shot my fist in the air when I heard they got into Jack NEXT (Did anyone else do that?) Alright I’ll just keep quiet then…

    Damn you Saikou, I want to try some chocolate pencils~ They look so nice! x3 And while we are at it, does anyone receive chocolates hand made by other people besides your relatives and family members?

    So… Since there will be a second season, who wants the OP to change or stay? xD (I don’t mind having it stay…) DON’T KILL ME!!!! T____T

    • Hoshi says:


      Hahahaha, it’s okay Tofu~ x’D I held in my breath even though I knew they would get in…

      Ah, I don’t ;A; I WISH THOUGH! I’d love that person forever hahaha. Those chocolate pencils do look good though~


      • Tofu says:

        ahhh… same here, I don’t receive chocolates at all xD I guess it’s because if you do then that person has a thing for you even though it might just be kind to but others don’t view it like that, oh wells ^^

        With the song, I still haven’t gotten it yet xD BLUE BIRD FTW!!!! Such an awesome song 😛

        • Hoshi says:

          ~Yeah!! People are all like, “Oooooo! Do you two have a thing for each other?!” And I’m like, “GAHHHH NOOOO =A=;”
          Some people…Maybe one day I’ll get homemade chocolates! *A*

          Ehhhh I don’t think so…it’s too slow for this anime! We need something more Rock-ish, like the ending!

          • Tofu says:

            AHAHAHAHA If you insist Hoshi, some J-Rock would be nice ^^

            • Dan-go says:

              awww Hoshi, i’d make you homemade chocolates any day

  7. Kyokai says:

    YES, they are finally getting published into NEXT, but wait, being overshadowed by Eiji… I so want to know more about him. Why he’s so cocky yet creative. xD

  8. Nalit says:

    I just realized…I have the exact same coat Shujin has. O_o

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