The World Only God Knows – 03

Tell me, why did it come to this?

Ever wonder what The World Only God Knows episode three is like? Well, BAM! Here it is! With Fall now in full swing (and other shows creeping up behind, like Katanagatari and Amagami..) things are beginning to get hectic. It’s that time of year where the RL starts affecting the NRL. Which really sucks, doesn’t it? I’m sure we all know a bit about that. Anyway! TWOGK 03! Is Aoyama rich? Or poor? Or a bit of both (middle class, I presume)?

We pick up from where we left off, Keima and Elucia eavesdropping on Aoyama’s conversation with her servant / butler thing, Morita. It seems, that she is indeed poor. And from this small conversation we realize that not only is she poor, she’s alsoa  bit of a bitch about it. Her father was owner of some laaaaaarge company, but now he’s dead, so the income is next to nothing. Because she’s still caught up in this rich lifestyle, she’s spending money left, right and center. This proves too much for Morita and he storms out of the apartment, exposing Keima to Aoyama. That’s right. He knows her secret. It’s the end of the world!

Because they share an earth-shattering secret, Keima has a chance to win her over. He decides to become her new chauffeur, transporting her too and from school in increasingly extravagant carriages attached to his bicycle. Rather quickly, she begins to accept his presence and even smiles while beating him with a whip. However, it seems she doesn’t like smiling, and walks off all moody whenever she does. Wanting to find out why she’s acting the way she is (Dude, she’s probably on her period), he finds an envelope by the door, the same one from last episode, yeah? And guess what he says when he reads it? “I can see the ending.” /sigh.

Turns out it’s an invitation to some giant-ass rich person party. I think it’s safe to assume she was invited because of her fathers position, but is she really wanted though. Before they enter the party ground, Keima joins her in the garden and asks for her help in dancing, because he can’t. Understandable. He is white, I guess. As they hold hands to try and dance ( :3 ) they get all embarrassed while Elucia watches from the sidelines. Unfortunately, they get picked on by some fat cats, poking fun at Aoyama and her father. As they walk off laughing, Keima steps into the ring…

…And asks her to stop acting rich. Pretty much straight up. She doesn’t want to give up her ‘glamourous’ life style because she wants to be her fathers daughter and continue his legacy of riches and all. He grabs her, asking her to choose between Keima and her father. As she had been spending more time with Keima, her fathers memories had been getting weaker and weaker, and she was enjoying her time with Keima. And then, without even an answer, Keima kisses her. The Ghostbusters show up and shut that shit down (not really, I just wanted to say that) and everything pretty much returns to normal. Apart from the fact that Aoyama can’t quite keep her eyes of Keima…

End Thoughts

Keima’s glasses never end. It’s disturbing…


Hipsters became worse and worse.

The prospect that she’s hundreds of meters above the house yelling into the sky is truly terrifying.

The end of that episode was a little weird, mostly in he way that she actually got the soul. She didn’t really give him a definitive answer, and he kinda just smooched her himself. Is that weird? Does anyone else find that weird? Or just me? Maybe I’m just a nice guy. Either way, it was good to finally see Aoyama free from the stupid richness she was in. I mean, who even wants all that money. Pffft. Money is dumb anyway.

While it’s a little odd seeing less of Elucia, it’s not a bad thing. In episode three, she was kind of like Jasper from Fable III. She’s a main character, but she’s not always there. Which I think is great. While she’s not annoying per se, she’s just not the sharpest tool in the shed. Though,we didn’t need that whole “Waaaah, I dun wanna be a maaaaaaaid.” Or something like that. Sheesh.

All up, a great episode once again. Aoi’s voice work was superb once again, but sometimes her voice is a little too over-expressed for anime, if you get what I mean. I’m interested to see how all the girls will come into this again, so I just want them to speed up releasing the episodes! Two a week! Do it! No wait, then I’d have to write two reviews a week. Stick with one!

Once again, no preview, but does that matter? Because of the server change we couldn’t posts for a short time so episode 4 is already out! So now I’ve got to write a review for that! Ore no 4 is hopefully out before the next epeisode. Katanagatari 10 is on the horizon and the Nanasaki Ai arc from Amagami needs attention. So much anime, so little time ;(


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2 Responses to “The World Only God Knows – 03”

  1. Overcooled says:

    I read giant-ass rich party as giant ass-rich party. Somehow, they both work.

    The kiss was sudden, but I think that it was what pushed the little loli into fully giving up her heart to him. She just needed that extra shove.

    *gets out whip* Hurry up, I wanna read your reviews right after I finish those episodes.

  2. Tofu says:

    I found this episode to be really sweet and for the next episode I’ve already seen it (not gonna spoil) but honestly this episode had more relevance than the next one which is out already.

    I full cracked up when I saw her with the whip (kekeke… not thinking…kinky are we now?):P

    Hmm… It’s definitely embarrassing to ride someone to school but it’s really sweet too! This question goes out to the girls: Would you find a guy sweet and even fall for him if he was to commit himself to you and take you to school everyday? ^^

    @ Overcooled:I would feel so sad if I was to be in Keimas situation after all the hard work getting the girl to fall for him and lose those precious memories…

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