Star Driver OP1 Single – GRAVITY 0

STAR DRIVER: Kagayaki no Takuto OP1 Single – GRAVITY 0

I’m going to be very busy this week so expect late reviews. However, Hato, OC, Hoshi and Masu are on it so enjoy the reviews. For this single, I definitely liked the OP with the upbeat feel. Anime in itself? The jury is still out on that count.

Artist: Aqua Timez

2. Tsuki no Curtain
3. Pocket no Naka no Uchuu
4. GRAVITY 0 (Instrumental)

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3 Responses to “Star Driver OP1 Single – GRAVITY 0”

  1. Whisper says:

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to the ED single – the more I listen to it the more I fall in love with it!

  2. Minato says:

    Where can I download the song sang by the fish girl?

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