Bakuman – 04

With great dreams, there’s always something you have to sacrifice~.

~One of the reason why I came to fall in love with anime and manga was because whenever I was going through a very emotional, very stressful time, it always came through for me to give me some sort of a message to help. I’m not joking actually, it’s happened numerous amounts of times, and whether its some other worldly being that’s doing this, I don’t know. The reason I’m confessing this is because this week’s Bakuman certainly did come at the right time for me 8) Sure, it wasn’t any big special episode but it did have its good moments (especially the appeareance of the popular Jump titles that Shuujin was reading xD) and helped my mindset. ANYWAYS, away from personal things, let’s get on with episode 4!

Diligent Saikou (I’m going with Saikou instead this week, you guys) starts to practice drawing at his uncle’s studio every night, and being diligent that he is, ends up losing a lot of sleep, even falling asleep during his midterm (that’s scary o___o).

After school Shuujin asks Saikou about why he’s so tired, and after their discussion, Saikou ends up giving him the duplicate key to his uncle’s apartment.

They head off to the apartment where Shuujin sees Saikou’s drawing for the first time. Yet as good as they look, Saikou says they aren’t necessarily good for manga and begins to explain the importance of the G-pen, which is good for manga. It’s very difficult to use, which is why he was practicing so much with it, but he needs to master it because its better to use. Saikou explains the other types of pen, screen tones, and the whole process of making just one page of a manuscript. Check here rothwelldouglas for latest episodes of Bakuman.

I SEE YOU HIKARU NO GO. Don’t think you can hide from me!

Despite all the practice Saikou does need for this, Shuujin tells him he should at least study for tests. He says he knows, but he has to at least put effort in the manga practicing since it’s a requirement, which leads him to explain the Kawaguchi Tarou type of mangaka (the three requirements for mangakas who aren’t geniuses); one is hubris (conceited-ness basically?), two is effort, and three is luck.

Shuujin would be dissatisfied with luck being in the end…

With that, Saiko continues to practice drawing, while Shuujin decides to read all the manga his uncle has.

Let’s play I Spy: Manga version! 8D I spy Uryuu, Light, Luffy, Goku, and…Hikaru no Go!

The next day the boys are at a convenience store, Saikou buying drinks when Shuujin tells him to come over to him. Looking at the latest ‘Jack’ issue, they see a page showcasing the semi-finalist winner of the Tezuka award who is FIFTEEN.

I didn’t catch that Naruto was on the cover until the second time I watched it x’D

The boys are quite shocked, and even Saikou gets a bit annoyed at this person, Eiji Niizuma.

It certainly sends a shockwave through Saikou as he realizes that they are other people aiming to be manga artists as well, and some of these people have even more talent than him. He then tells Shuujin of his plans to go to North Yakusa high (a lower high school I’m guessing). At the park, Saikou says it’s so can have more practice drawing manga. Shuujin mentions that he might be apart from Azuki, but he doesn’t mind saying it’s more romantic.

“The DNA of a romanticist!”

Trying to be like your uncle now are we Saikou?

Shuujin also decides to go to the same high school as Saikou, saying that since they are very serious about this manga, it’ll be much easier for them to be in contact with each other. The boys then get back to the topic of Eiji Niizuma and his serialization, and about editors, saying that it’s not guaranteed they’ll get a good one. He even provides a quite…moving  story about one particular editor.

Oh lord, if my Advanced Composition teacher shredded my essay, I’d cry….

Suddenly, Shuujin asks, “Wanna meet an editor?”

Typical Bakuman reaction ensues

He tells Saikou that they can call one up and tell them they have a manuscript they want to show them. But wait, they don’t even have a manuscript! That’s when he continues to say that they could plan to make one by the end of summer, and give it to ‘Jack’ since it is their best bet to get it serialized and turned into an anime (which is soooo true).

He looks like he’s plotting something evil….

Saikou enthusiastically agrees, and the two hurry off to the studio. On the way however, they spot Azuki, her mom, and her little sister.


Saikou and Azuki both get blushy and embarrassed as they pass each other shyly. But they continue to stare back at each other, blushing all the way.

Meanwhile, as the episode closes, we hear a phone call for…Eiji Niizuma, his editor on the other line discussing about his serilization as he does some rather interesting noises over the phone….

So, what? Do all manga artists in Japan carry One piece, Death Note, Hikaru no Go, and Bleach in their manga collections?! x’D

End thoughts: Oh Shuujin, you and your crazy plans~. Saikou is actually AGREEING with him now! You can tell he’s getting more and more enthusiastic about this, which is such a big change from the first episode. I guess that’s good x’D Anyways, I’m really excited for this new character, Eiji Niizuma! I’ve heard lots of stories about him from people who have read the manga…and yeahhhhh, we know he’s going to be the crazy one, which is why I’m like hella excited for him so he can cause some ruckus in this anime! >8D

I also totally feel for Saikou and Shuujin when they saw that Eiji was only 15 and already getting serialized in ‘Jack’. I get a bit jealous too when I see people younger than me that are already famous, or have won writing contests and such (I love you Taemin from SHINee, and Minzy from 2NE1 but GAH! Totally not fair |’D Sorry, Kpop references…) But it was good for the boys because in the end they got really serious about their goals and even fast-forwarded their plans a bit.

Of course, I HAVE to mention that cute walking scene between Azuki and Saikou<3 Oh gosh, it was sooooo cute! I was giggling like a mad woman, heehee. This couple is just so adorable. I love the fact that they’re so shy with each other! (Oh great, now I’m starting to sound like Shuujin…). They have to be favorite couple so far. Why? Because their romance is really nice, innocent, and even a little old-fashioned, almost like a fairy tale, but not so much to where it’s cheesy. They made it a bit more realistic which nicely balances it out, which I’m seriously loving ^^

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. It was yet another information one, but also sort of like a mental instigator with jealously and reality hitting our boys.  They had to realize what about their school duties, and all the work that have to do to get better and start this dream of theirs. Simply, they’re being tested to see if they can do this, or not~.


Preview: Typical stuff from our boys maybe, plus we finally get to see more of Azuki and her best friend. I’ve started to realize that Bakuman‘s previews for their new episodes hide a lot! So while this preview may seem boring, who knows? We might get some spectacular surprise, but, unfortunetly we’ll have to wait until next week~!






A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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14 Responses to “Bakuman – 04”

  1. SB says:

    😀 TAEMINNN <3

  2. Joojoobees says:

    I really like their plan. They put a time on it, so now I feel they really are trying to do something. Meeting the Editor, doesn’t mean being accepted (as the story about the shredder made clear), but they do have to try to put together the components they previously discussed (namely the name and the manuscript). Just completing something to turn in is a big step in the right direction. Plus this is a much more tangible goal. That makes it so much easier to by into it.

    Very excited to see more Bakuman.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~That’s very true. And if their manuscript does get rejected with just the skills they have now, as Shuujin put it, then they know they have things to fix and will come back with something better, so either way it is good for them 8)

      I am too, it’s getting better and better each episode :thumb:

  3. bakuhasu says:

    Currently on the latest chapter on Bakuman and boy does it feel refreshing to see these guys at base one and starting everything out. Again they always show some sort of promise and at this point (if you haven’t already) invested in the characters. I also find the Jump (or in this case jack ) references to be interesting…..

    A very verryy verry solid adaptation soo far and I can pretty much guess where the series would come to a steady halt.

    I soooooooooo can’t wait till Hattori gets introduced ahhhhh!!!! Such a BAMPF if it ends in THAT WAY with him it will be awesome!!!!!

    Oh btw I am a fanboy for Taemin (going to listen to Hello! after this comment), not so much Minzy fan as me and my buddy have this thing going on with me going for Dara~~~~~ and him going for the ever so cute PARK BOM! Finally get to talk about Kpop with one of the Metanorn folks!

    HEHE..,.Going to ruin your fangirl here

    Show ▼

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yeah I’ve heard the latest chapters of Bakuman have been pretty intense, or so some people have told me. Also, the Jump references always crack me up for some reason x’D I’m used to seeing parodies but here they’re like BAM! the real deal.

      Heck yeah man! Always come to me for Kpop! I was actually going to leave out the Kpop reference but in the end I was like, “Nawwwww~”. I kinda wanted to see if you’d catch it, MWUAHAHAHA ;D Oh gosh, there isn’t a day where I don’t watch or listen to ‘Hello’. I love their dancing in that video (but not as much Lucifer heehee). Uwahhh~ Park Bom is so adorable! I love all the 2NE1 girls, CL being my favorite though because she’s so bad ass.

      And about the spoiler…*silently goes into your room and kills you in your sleep* LMAO okay no, I actually went “AWWWWWW!!<3" really loud and didn't get mad xD I could kinda tell they were from the opening song, but I didn't think he'd actually propose to her! So cuuuuuuuuuuuuute~ I can't wait till that happens in the anime. Thanks for that! 8D

  4. Tofu says:

    I’m more of an anime guy because i hardly have time to read manga’s or even go library plus there’s no anime stores ANYWHERE where i live… T____T but after hearing so much stuff about bakuman which is an anime on manga i decided to give it a try and to be honest up till now i have not regretted it, i guess most of the anime i watch would of came from manga’s and through manga’s it would be serialized into an anime (just wanted to share that thought)

    For the episode i really liked the cheesy/corny part where Saikou and Azuki took a few steps then looked back and blushing x3 i’m the type of guy who enjoys that sort of romance in anime format and not the mention i would DEFINETLY start tearing if ANY of my teachers ripped up my work ><"

    BAKU!!!! I will kill you in your sleep MWAHAHAHAHA! :steal

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yeah I know how you feel :/ My situation is like yours but reversed with manga. I have little time for anime (the only reason I’m watching more now is because of being on Metanorn) and I have easier access to money. I’m glad you watched Bakuman! ^^

      Oh yes that moment was just so priceless! :woo

      I KNOW RIGHT?! LET’S GO TOGETHER!!! (I actually wasn’t mad hahaha, so maybe not x’D)

      • Tofu says:

        GASP!! my comment was cut! was it too long for my computer to process? :O nts: get new computer and new internet!!!!! oh i didn’t really want to kill baku xD i’m a nice person really i am ^^

  5. Xiao says:

    My god, all those things manga-ka must do for one page alone is more than enough to drive me insane…I’D RATHER WRITE NOVELS!! lol xDD;;

    That’s why it’s so awesome they’re not deterred by all the work they have ahead of them, or their rival for that matter. It’s kinda early to be tipping hats off since they haven’t even thought of a name yet but when they finally have a successful series running in Jack, I’ll be doing just that. :thumb:

    lol, the shy couple scene was indeed very cute but it had me snort a bit because you’ll only find this kind of ideal romantic setting in fiction. Bakuman, you’re such a manga. lol xDD;;;

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I know right?! |’D Writing a novel is WAAAYYYY easier! This show is seriously making me appreciate my manga artists more<3

      Oh yes<3 If it were me, I'd be giving by then! (I'm hopelessly lazy sometimes) And you're right about waiting to tip off your hat; let's see what kind of stories these boys are gonna do!

      Seriously |'D I didn't realize the cheesy-ness until the slow eye movement looks hahahaha~.

  6. Overcooled says:

    Never apologize for k-pop references, especially if they’re about Taemin.

    Anyways, it’s great to see the boys working so hard…even if it means falling asleep during a midterm @_@ Balancing school and manga is never easy T.T Just balancing READING manga and studying is hard enough lol

    Yeosh, I hope they show more of their rival soon~

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Ah yes, true true because Taemin is just amazing xD

      Yeah it is |’D If I don’t have time to read manga, I’ll read during times in class when we’re allowed to read LOL. I literally hide it in whatever book I’m supposed to be reading .

      ME TOO~ 8D Yay for rivals who stir up the plot!

  7. Namika says:

    I think that from now on there will be a bit more ‘action’ in the series, since they decided to make a manuscript and meet an editor… + the appearance of that crazy Eiji guy will heat up our hysteric duo ^_^ can’t wait to see thaaaaat~! :runs:

    But I can’t leave over that scene with Azuki and Moritaka…. It was rather annoying. :kill Well fine, the first time they stopped and looked behind was natural, I guess… But the second time, ever so slowly, with sloooooooow eye-opening and all that…. :pfft come on! It was too much! :XD: Snot alert!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Oh yeah~!!! :thumb: That’s why I love these sudden plans Shuujin comes up with because we’re getting our action finally!

      Oh really? Hahahaha! I have to admit though, the slow-eye opening part was cheesy XD I even laughed to when Azuki’s eyes took like twenty seconds to open.

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