Bakuman – 02

“The first hurdle a child must leap is their parents.”~

~Uwah, have I told you viewers how much I adore the animation to Bakuman? Seriously, I’ve never loved an anime’s animation more than this! I love the expressions, the actions, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Especially Akito’s expressions, hahahaha (you’ll see a little spam of that later on). Now onto the second episode of one of the most anticipated animes of the season! ;D

Moritaka wakes up the next day from the night he finally gained his drive to create a manga. He reminiscences about the night, as his mother tells him that Takagi is waiting for him.

They walk to school together, discussing the nicknames Takagi has given him of which Moritaka is not pleased with. They also discuss Moritaka’s uncle once again, and Moritaka makes a playful note that he might not team up with Takagi, but thanks him for hooking him up with Azuki.

Shuto makes Akito sound cool while…Saiko “just sounds like an insult”.

At school, as they are taking their exam, Moritaka suddenly becomes overwhelemed at the thought of their difficult-to-accomplish dreams, and his proposed marriage to Azuki if indeed it comes true. He asks to leave to the nurses office, and does, Akito following right behind him.

At the nurse’s office, Moritaka admits to Takagi that he couldn’t breathe, that his chest felt tight because he was around Azuki (awwww). He asks if anything ended up happening between them, but nothing did. They end up leaving the nurse’s office to talk elsewhere since they kept making too much noise, heh.

For some reason this makes me think that they did something they shouldn’t have in there…heheheheheh.

They head to the roof, continuing to talk about Azuki. Takagi actually compliments a lot on Azuki, and the shy couple of Azuki and Moritaka. He also mentions that they should work as a team since Takagi is the only one that knows of Moritaka’s crush, and technically is the only one who can give him romantic advice.

After the deep talk of their smarts, love, and ambitions, Moritaka finally admits that he might just team up with Takagi.

He’s so shocked, hahaha.

Yet, Moritaka has a problem: Since his uncle died from overworking, his parents will without a doubt shoot down his dream. So he goes home, and tells his mother, who indeed, immediately says ‘no’. He does manage to convince her to talk to his father about it as well.

As Moritaka waits for the fate of his dream in his parents’ hand, he brings out the box where he had stored manga and merchandise of the manga his Uncle had made. He tells himself that he’s always wanted to be a manga artist, and that even if his parents say no, he’ll do it.

Finally, his dad comes home, and in just ten minutes, his mother is at Moritaka’s room with the answer. Thinking the worst, Moritaka is shocked to hear that his dad actually approves, saying men have dreams that women wouldn’t understand. (Say whaaat~?) Yet his mother tells him to go to his grandfather’s room and tell him as well since he was the one who lost a son to manga. Moritaka tells him, and his grandfather just says ‘Alright’ and digs into a drawer. He pulls his hand out, revealing a key. His mother is immediately shocked, telling Moritaka that the key is to his Uncle’s apartment.

His grandfather tells him that his uncle’s studio was left alone when he died, and even though Moritaka won’t need it for a while, he still gives it to him, saying there’s no such thing as prepairing too early.

Oh, the wise-ness of elders…

Moritaka takes off to check out his uncle’s apartment, haven’t been there in three years, and calls his partner Takagi in his excitement.~

(Now a little Akito Takagi spam if no one minds~.)

End thoughts: Has anyone noticed they frequently have one eye closed and not the other at times? It kind of bugs me, but at the same time it makes me laugh over how frequent it is x’D Anyways, this episode was also pretty slow, nothing much but getting over a few hurdles with Moritaka’s parents, as ‘Saiko’(Moritaka) said. (I really loved that quote too, it’s so true.) We’re slowly being transitioned into when they’re actually going to start drawing their manga, and the problems that are going to arise with that, so I’m not expecting much to happen in these first few episodes.

I hope I don’t sound too negative about Bakuman! I really enjoy it; I’m still hooked because of the intriguing storyline and…because ‘Shujin’ (Takagi) is just hysterical. I loved that part in the Nurses Office where Takagi accidently laughs really loud! It sounded so funny x’D I’m laughing just thinking about it!

Oh gosh, Moritaka’s little ‘I can’t breathe’ thing was so adorable<3 I couldn’t help but say, “Awwww!” when he was talking about it. His whole expression when he sees Azuki, that blushy, surprised look, is just so kyuuuuute (That’s right; I spelled it ‘kyute’, that’s how freaking kaiwaii it is)! I could screencap that face all day. I don’t remember if I mentioned this in the first episode review, but I think Azuki and Moritaka’s promise to get married when they accomplish their dreams is the sweetest thing ever. It’s so innocent, and really, just sounds like something out of a fairy tale or something<3.

Despite the episode being a bit slow, it did have excitement at the end. I felt this sort of adrenaline when Moritaka obtained the keys to his uncle’s apartment and he was running to it xD I was like, “GO SAIKO, GO!” (Kinda sounds like ‘Psycho’, hahaha). And right when I’m feeling that rush….it ends. Damn you semi-cliff hangers!

Preview: Our two boys head into the studio, uncovering, as the narration said, “Warm memories,…and a shocking truth.” Oooo, I wonder what this shocking truth is?

I can’t help but stare at all those manga in the back…that’s the dream of a manga collector. Anyways, until next week~ ;D



A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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6 Responses to “Bakuman – 02”

  1. Xiao says:

    Hmm, it was a bit slow, yes, but I wanted to jump for joy when Saiko’s dad and grandfather gave him their approval on what he wanted to do. Honestly, his mother may have had all the good intentions in mind but she was going about it all the wrong ways and I wanted to slap her and say “B*tch, let your boy chase after his dream! >:(”

    And she still wouldn’t let up at the near end. Ugh, the worst side of parents. =_=

    But whatever, glad that obstacle is done and out of the way. Gah, I can’t wait for the next episode. Saiko seems pretty pumped up to get started so it’s plenty of awesome that he’s finally on the same wavelength as Takagi (or is he called “Shujin” now? xD).

    And I had to “aww” at the part where Saiko said he couldn’t breathe when he’s in the same room as Azuki. Guess it’s not the brightest idea to propose marriage and receive a positive response on the night before exams. lol xDD

  2. Joojoobees says:

    I wasn’t that impressed with the first episode’s artwork, but this one got my attention. I think it’s fun that he gets something passed down, like a celebrated warrior’s sword.

  3. FirstImpulse says:

    This is one of those anime that makes you wonder why all of the rest can’t be as good- nice artwork, a very accesible story and characters that just make you downright happy.

  4. Namika says:

    uwaaaaaa~! :kyaa:

    The hard days of waiting are indeed paying off !! I just ADORE Bakuman, it turns out great! Yes, the speed of the 2nd episode was a bit slow, but it’s still all good. It’s not necessary to follow standards, right? Even if it is, Bakuman is still made perfectly.
    OMG, I bursted laughing at Akito, when he did that in the nurses office, it was just SO hilarious!! When he suddenly started to laugh(loudly) and with that ridiculous expression!… It was the best!! :XD: I love him already!! :tea
    Are there any people or couples like Takagi and Azuki?? ❓ I think this world forgot the word ‘innocence’. But nonetheless, it’s so cute!!! :woo
    Next episode, please!! :baww2:

  5. Overcooled says:

    Oh God, I’m far too impatient for this. I was dying of tension the whole time, I wanted to just run and grab the manga to do some speed-reading AHHHH. It felt too slow to me for some reason o____o I’m just so in love with the plot, I want everything to happen all at once LOL

    There was a lot of talking this episode, but it was by no means a boring episode. I also laughed at Shujin’s super loud laugh XDD It was so perfect…

    Must. read. manga. before watching. O_O

  6. Kyokai says:

    This was such a good follow up episode. Like JJB said, I was not very impressed with the first episode except for the two boys; Takagi some more because he just made me laugh.

    Also, now I understand why Moritaka and Takagi are so WIN~ They make an awesome team and I can’t wait to see their accomplishments and failures.

    I liked this wayyy better than the first episode. Not to mention Abe voicing Moritaka, hear me go Touma~ XD

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