Anime Status: JUL-AUG

Time to share some ani-blogging love with Summer Anime Status and more~!

Heyo~ finally had time for the Summer Anime Status after my longest post ever (Fall 2010 review FTW~). Some site update and plugs, before I go on to my top 15. August was a very good month here at Metanorn because we not only got some new blood but achieved some awesome milestone as well. The site has been buzzing with life and many updates; it’s better now to go check out that next page because of rapid posts. I finally had time to sit back and put up my feet after compiling all the judging process and many backend site updates (we are at WordPress 3.0.1 along with some much needed addition of plugins, emoticons and header banners xD).  Who would have thought that my birthday month September, would be bringing the first total site lockdown for around 16hours, causing many heart attacks not only for Metanorn authors/regulars but every Kokido-kombine client (Iso and Eri would agree with me on this >.>). As I said in my announcement post, hopefully it would not happen again but site regulars can always track my twitter for such unforeseen updates.

Site/Admin plugs:

  • Our Headhorn section has been updated with current banners.
  • You can now subscribe to our posts and further comments. If you can’t see the subscribe box for any browser issues, you can always send me your email ID for subscription at [email protected].
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  • I’m simmering up an interesting post about the active authors of Metanorn, which would also include our Fall plans, who would cover what. We plan to cover the first impressions of almost ALL Fall shows except for the skip list so look forward to it~.
  • And, it’s been more than half a year since I started ani-blogging. Wow, time sure flies when you are having fun! ^^

Some Shout outs and love:

  • To the new Metanorn Authors: it’s been awesome knowing you all and am I glad to have a varied team with different tastes! Thanks for being so dedicated and for all the hard work. Much love and adoration to Ryuuko, Hato-kun, Overcooled, Hoshi, Masu and Flags! <333
  • To all the site regulars, WE LOVE YOU GUYS & GALS! <333
  • Much love to the awesome 7, the main admin of Kokido-Kombine.
  • To all the fellow-bloggers from the Kokidokom, if I don’t have your link on the blogroll, drop me an email. ^^
  • To the great Divine (someone I really look up to), who added Metanorn to RC’s blogroll.
  • Bass of Sekijitsu, for being saved from that earthquake in Christchurch! Same for Hato-kun, who lives in the same area. I had such a scare when I heard about it.
  • Mint from Sekijitsu again, just for sending some good thoughts; those stitches sounded scary!
  • Sharing the love for the people behind the DDD Podcast, the only ani-podcast I listen to and whose logo I designed last month; was a fun experience all in all.
  • Happy Birthday to a fellow-virgo, Scamp from the Cart Driver; I swear I’ll get to love Break Blade. XD
  • To Epi, for completing the 100th post milestone; awesomeness! I just checked and I’ve reached that already if I include my posts from Sekijitsu. Wow, I feel like an old ani-blogger! ^^

Sei no~ This will be another bi-monthly Anime Status (the last one being May-Jun), as work has been hectic as usual and I’ve done more of backend work than frontend since past month except for truckloads of music updates. I’m writing this just to get it out of the way before we start off full blast with the first impressions of Fall shows starting this week (Tamayura being the first one is already out, closely followed by Samurai Girls). Also this is my sheer way of dealing with accumulating stress; I watch horror shows and write to deal. Yeah, I know I’m weird and unique (pun intended). ^^;

Disclaimer: Before getting into the detailed comments, let me remind you, Constant Reader, this is a very personal list so expect biasness, favoritism and fangirling. I follow a lot of shows simultaneously and that is the reason my watch list goes in double digits. Also expect spoilers regarding titles I’ve nominated below. So, if you haven’t been keeping up-to-date as per the episodes mentioned, skip them for spoilers. Also, if I bitch about your favorite show, gomen~, I get my choice and same for you! ^_^

Before fawning over Fall, Summer line-up was not impressive at all if you look at the number but it has not been as disappointing as I was expecting it to be (at least we got some good titles). From the Summer review done, I’m following 80% of the shows; watching almost everything except for Nuraaskdjhaskjdhaksjh and Seitokai (Ryuu, don’t kill me! xD). Interestingly enough, I will be watching some of the ones I didn’t mention on the list and steer clear of some out of pure habit:

  • Mitsudomoe for one, was just too loli-fodder for me (there’s something more than disturbing about kiddish looking characters making sexual jokes)
  • Strike Witches 2, if I didn’t bother with season one, why would I for two?
  • Blessing of the Campanella… Asobi ni Ikuyo… Sekirei… See point two and fanservice galore. Look here, I already have a backlog of many good shows that I need to marathon so not wasting my time with these.

Definitely watching: I need to catch up to Sengoku Basara Ni, Legend of the Legendary Heroes and Break Blade because the first few episodes/ preview was enough to pique my interest.

15. Bleach (281/?): Uh… I am so behind this…. I’ll marathon this at some point but fatstarr just told me that fillers are back so I think I’ll stick with the Manga for now, which I’m enjoying more these days finally that some progress has happened! Bishie looks of Ichigo with overgrown hair helps too. XD

14. Uraboku (22/24): It’s almost at its end and alas to the seiyuu-wonder (Hiroshi Kamiya, why are you not doing more shows this fall?!) that kept me hooked to this. When is Starry Sky releasing anyway?! Oh right, I just got my answer of that: Autumn (Dec 2010). This shouldn’t be called bromance at all because the main pair were male/female in their previous lives and there’s seriously no development whatsoever. If anybody watched this expecting something like Koi Suru Boukun Yaoi-goodness, you will face epic fail!

13. Naruto Shippūden(176/?): Finally caught up to this and the Pain arc was not so bad. Except for some blobby animation in the middle, it ended well with Naruto being the village hero. Well, I already knew that as I’m following the manga. xD

12. OVAs: Both these get honourable mentions just because.

  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 4-Koma Theater (9/?): This is the Omake by Arakawa-sensei, which were included in the manga now animated for the DVD releases. I literally PFFFTTT in many places because it was so funny. E.g., Scar baring his bosom (wearing a bra no less!) to hug Winry because he killed her parents and want to be both mother/father to her… =_= Also, Mustang singing a silly lullaby about his tyranny, while Hughes makes his last call to him…. XD
  • Tatami Galaxy Special (1/3): Did they really show Ozu as an octopus? Well, somehow very suiting but the story was pretty much again doused in Captain Nemo references. I was just happy to hear Sakamoto Maaya!

11. Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi (10/12): I was a bit weirded out by this series in the beginning because of the character design of Ryouko resembling Taiga from Toradora!, who I didn’t particularly like and followed the series mostly due to Ryuuji; that badass delinquent look suited him so. Also, Ryoushi didn’t help matters with his scopophobia and the annoying narrator. I got through it all just because the way he grew on me and all the silly stupidness that supporting cast can cook up. This was not a classic for sure but a light entertainer for sure. Ryuu(ko)’s doing a brilliant job in covering this for Metanorn.

10. Amagami SS (8/24): Anime based on dating-Sim game… hmm. Usually, I would run as far away from this I can but as I sample everything; I did and the first episode wasn’t that bad. The animation was good, especially the lighting and the character designs, likable with silly quirks and fetishes. The progress was amazing and I think a major factor for keeping me hooked. Personally, I liked Kaoru-arc more than Haruka because that seemed more natural and identifiable rather the almost fake scenario that played out in the first arc. I’m literally steering clear of the Sae arc because truthfully, I can’t stand her voice at all and as Flags makes a point of narrator reproduction (it’s a trap!), srsly I’ll stay away! Though, I’m looking forward to Nanasaki and Ayatsuji arcs.

9. Kaichou wa Maid-sama (23/26): Episode nineteenth will remain to be my favourite just because it not only showed the megane-Usui but the cute interaction between the main couple. Also, finally Hinata gets introduced who has been in the OP for like since the beginning! This just proves that J.C. Staff really didn’t plan this series well. With only three more episodes to go, I would like to know more about Usui’s past and resolution about the main couple. Even if I trolled my readers in the current review I did, I hope we get a good end to this one.

8. Darker than Black OVA (4/4): The last OVA was much high-paced than the previous ones; though things happened exactly as we thought it would. Yin branching out to Izanami and a lot of explanation after season one timeline. I’m hearing the whispers of the third season of DtB already; I just hope it doesn’t get milked to the point that people who love it come to hate it.

7. Katanagatari (8/12): Shichika sure has grown from the unfeeling katana to a man, who would take responsibility for his actions. The fight with his sister was one of the tensest moments in series. Also, who else thought that Togame’s short hair suit her more? This is going really well and I enjoy each episode release per month. I love to read Xiao-chan and Hato-kun’s reviews for this.

6. Giant Killing (23/26): Aaarghhh… this is becoming such a pain these days! The last cliffhanger was such that I wanted to scream and shout (which I stifled because it was 5am in the morning! >.>). The production quality remains the same (not the best out there), though the subject matter of football and lovable characters keep things interesting. I just hope they don’t drag the current game till the end; only three episodes are left damn it! >.<’’

5. Eden of the East Movie 2: Now, this was a good movie. It helped that I watched this in Blu-Ray and animation details were awesomeferric! Of course, I enjoyed it more because I really liked the series. This was much better compared to the first (which had even more confusion added to the mix), because it had a good conclusion. Akira would always be Akira and Saki would always support him; the only thing I really missed was his ‘bang’ shown only once in the entire length of the movie.

4. Kuroshitsuji II (8/12): I marathon’d the first season this weekend and I can’t wait to catch up to the current episode, like SOON (IF only I had more time!). I’ve steered clear of Hoshi’s reviews just to not get spoiled but they were tantalizing to say the least! I’m a big Ono Daisuke fangirl and who would not melt under the gaze of Sebastian, one hell of a butler? Bonus points for Sakamoto Maaya voicing Ciel, the best Shouta hands down. The character singles released till now have been highly amusing, I mean have you heard the fangirly Fukuyama Jun’s Grell? The cute and calming Yuki Kaji’s Finny Mirai no Omoide; Sasuke the singing sensation, Sugiyama voicing Will after all (the only thing missing was the clicking sound of his clippers XD) and last but not the least OD’s Aru Shitsuji. Yes, we are a bunch of fangirls at Metanorn. xD

3. Highschool of the Dead (10/12): I am amazed to see this on my top 3 because I usually shy away from fanservice/ecchi. But forget about that for a minutes and I would jump just to see a zombie-fest and whaaa Madhouse?! I’ve been their fangirl for some time, not only because they are releasing Supernatural animation in Jan 2011, mind you, but have animated some of the animu that I really loved: Aoi Bungaku, Death Note, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Hellsing Ultimate and Youjohan Shinwa Taikei are just to name a few. Couple that with a gory zombie-fest and I would sign up like Sunako-chan from Wallflower going fufufuu~ to match, without turning into a perpetual Chibi though.

I have to agree that sometimes fanservice is too much on your face but then again it’s followed by either some awesome team fighting sequence or brooding monologue by Takashi. Pure win in my book; also Nobuyuki voicing Kouta was like the best decision ever! Did I mention I really like Saeko? I have this affinity towards strong female characters with purple hair (remember my Senjougahara fixation? It’s still there! See a pimped kimono-laden version of her on my twitter XD). I don’t know how Madhouse would end this series because there’s no end per se except you fast forward to some months when all the zombies have decayed off and the only humans remaining would be the winners. We’ll see with only two more episodes remaining….

2. Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin (10/13): Though I really like you Occult Academy but I’m sorry to say, Shiki took your top spot. You were so near it after that amazingly emotional episode this week. What started as a mundane ghost busting mission, turned out to be a brilliant eye-opener for Maya’s character and plot progress in general. I wasn’t sure about this at the beginning of summers; though I became sold on it after watching the first episode. This had Kyokai written all over it. You would ask, why? Well, being a tsundere helps… not to mention sharing some traits with Maya; just don’t think I wear a white band and the same clothes throughout… ^^;; With only three more episodes to go and pulling up a looming death scene; I’m definitely on tenterhooks for this one and only wish it to end well. I like to read Vivi, Joojoobees and Kabitzin’s thoughts on this one.

Overcooled and I noticed something yesterday, all Shiki fanart in pixiv is NatsunoXTohru! ^3^

1. Shiki (10/22): SHIKIIIIIII!!! I not only love your name (Ryougi Shiki anyone?!) but the fact that you are one of the best horror anime I’ve watched. Not to mention, you are one of the few shows I watch on 720p, at night and with headphones on like a hardcore horror otaku. You have given me few jumps, many OH-SHIII, OH FUU-s during the journey and many lovable characters that I fangirl over constantly (see the main image and Shiki Metanorn header banner). Also, I have a special place for the anime I review, like I cover this for Sekijitsu. This series has really gone above my expectations of delivering exactly what I wanted: suspense filled horror moments that leave you on the edge of the seat, loads of skeleton in the closet, developing characters, thriller of acute cliffhangers and excellent background music that gels well with the whole pacing. From disliking Natsuno in the first episode, I’ve come to love his tenacity to face fears head-on, same for Toshio who is fighting with all his might.

Even when I already know most of the characters would be turning vampire in the next two-three episodes, leaving only Toshio and the Tanaka siblings. It was still heart-wrenching to see Tohru doing the deed PWN’ing Megumi in the process. This was one of the best yet surprising scenes from Shiki. I can’t wait for the next episode and don’t even talk to me about a hiatus. Like, NOOOO!

o. Special mention, Kara no Kyoukai: I just need to take this out of the system that I’ve finally finished all movies. This will remain to be one of the top favourites of mine, not only because I simply love Shiki’s character, but my love for Sakamoto Maaya started from here. Also, Mikiya’s mai waifu~ XD After I was done with it, I felt like the story was not over yet and I needed to do something to rekindle the feeling of sadness and elation. I went in search for finding stuff online and interestingly no one really got into the depths of it unless you count a podcast done by flags. Maybe I’ll do some collab work on this if I get time. But, while drafting this post, Baku posted up this gem on KnK from the RRFDP archives, which I’ve already talked about. To all the hardcore fans of this series, listening is a must. Ufotable also made the fans happy by announcing an Epilogue release bundled with the Blu-ray box set in February 2011; so looking forward to it.

From the backlog, recently completed: Kara no Kyoukai, Cencoroll, Elfen Lied, Kuroshitsuji, Kurenai and Denpateki no Kanojo.

On-Hold: TTGL (1/27), Working!! (3/13), Buccano! (4/16) MariaHolic (1/12), Mushishi (2/26), Clannad/ After Story and Paranoia Agent. You can check a detailed list at MAL.

Fall 2010 Watch-list: Fall looks simply awesomeferric to say the least! I’ll be watching most of the below:

  • Arakawa Under the Bridge S02
  • Iron Man – 3 episode test
  • MM – 2 episode test
  • Bakuman
  • Tegami Bachi Reverse
  • Hakuouki S02
  • Star Driver
  • Psychic Detective Yakumo
  • My Sister Can’t be This Cute
  • Samurai Girls – 2 episode test
  • Panty & Stocking – 3 episode test
  • Yosuga no Sora – 2 episode test
  • Otome Youkai Zakuro – 2 episode test
  • Shinryaku! Ika Musume – 2 episode test
  • The World God Only Knows
  • Togainu no Chi
  • Soredemo Machi
  • Index II
  • Kuragehime


  • Tamayura
  • Bungaku Shoujo
  • Yozakura Quartet
  • Megane no Kanojo
  • Occult Academy Specials
  • Kuroshitsuji II Specials
  • Mardock Scramble Movie
  • Bleach – Jigoku-hen Movie
  • Onigamiden Movie


  • The ones in bold are the ones that will be making or breaking the season in my opinion.
  • The ones without any comments are the ones I’ll be following regularly.
  • 2-3 episode test would determine if I’d continue watching.

So, wow, A LOT to look forward to, I’m already excited! Till next time, Ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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36 Responses to “Anime Status: JUL-AUG”

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  2. Namika says:

    About the top-5, I couldn’t agree with you more! Though, for me this season was a bit of a let-down, I still have my expectations high. Most of the shows made me “No way in hell!” on the very first episode, so I was following only a few of the Summer season. Shiki is definitely one of the best shows not only of the season, but I think of the whole 2010. Don’t mind me, it’s a very personal and inadequate opinion, but I still get the feeling.
    And the fall series list looks great! There are so much that I’m aching to see, I can’t wait! :tea

    • Kyokai says:

      I agree with you, Summer was not impressive at all. In the beginning I thought I would be following very few shows and my watch-list was still pretty meager with 5 shows that I regularly followed. There were so many fanservice shows. =.=;;

      You might be right about Shiki being the dark horse of 2010! Definitely can’t wait for fall! xD

      • Namika says:

        Yeah, summer season was filled with all type of fanservice galore, it was a bit too much. Shiki is definitely the dark horse of the year, they made it perfectly. The pace is a bit slow sometimes, but that’s okay with me.

        And thanks for the shout-out! We all love you too! :love:

        • Kyokai says:

          At least there’s many more episodes to look forward to so we fans are all good to go.

          And thank you Namika-chaan~ <333 We adore our regulars and you have become one of the most. So, awesomeness! ^^

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  4. Overcooled says:

    Ara ara~ I send you a few NatsunoxTohru pixiv links and the next day I see NatsunoxTohru first thing in the morning on the website lol. Not that I’m complaining, I need people to fangirl over this pairing with. Even though pixiv is indeed bursting to the seams with it XD

    SITE UPDATES AND SHOUT-OUTS! YAY~ Thanks for the shout-out 8D

    I like your list~ (Uraboku disappointed me a bit too T.T). Shiki actually wasn’t my number one until episode 10 came out and blew me away. Time to share my top 5~

    5. Katanagatari
    4. K-ON!!
    3. Sengoku Basara 2
    2. Highschool of the Dead
    1. Shiki

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL~ This image was edited two weeks ago but it took all my fangirl strength to not post some of the awesome fanart I browsed through yesterday. ^_~ You gotta love pixiv~ <333

      And of course, all the love my team. xD

      Btw, my top three had been very erratic until of course that episode 10 aired of Shiki, made of pure WIN~! This reminds me I gotta catch up on Sengoku… I'll chalk up to a weekend marathon someday.

      • Overcooled says:

        Ahaha so it’s a coincidence then. XD Yes, I love lurking on pixiv and Tumblr for my fanart fix *drools a bit* Kekekeke…

        Episode just destroyed everything this season XD Sengoku Basara 2 is doing awesome in my opinion SO YOU SHOULD MARATHON IT! YES! I might like it more than season 1 since there were moments where my jaw literally dropped this season. SO INTENSEEEE

        • Kyokai says:

          You are seriously tempting meeeeeee! I love the characters definitely. But, I gotta catch up on Index and Tegami bachi first because Fall is not that far and I need to enjoy these two for sure! 😉

  5. Hoshi says:

    ~GAH I need to watch Shiki! *A* If it’s got the #1 spot then I seriously need to marathon it…so much to watch, so much to watch!

    I can’t believe they BARELY showed Hinata in Maid-sama D8 He’s so adorable, how could they just barely bring him in? =3= This is one of the reasons why I totally ignored the anime….

    And AWWW, thanks for the shout-out Kyokai!<3

    The new headers up are really amazing by the way *A*
    The Durarara! one is love, but I think we need a Kuroshitsuji one too! x'D Gotta represent Kuro, hahaha.

    • Kyokai says:

      YES, you gotta!!! Shiki is made of pure win and now you know it. xD

      Hinata is so adorable!!! Only 2 more epis are left so I’ll definitely catch up to the manga afterwards. And your wish is granted, enjoy the awesome OVA banner. Sebby with bunny ears FTW~

      As I said, all the love for my team. ^^

  6. Epi says:

    Hey thanks for the shoutout!

    I am very impressed by the sheer amount of anime that you’ve watched this summer. I’ve only been able to follow 5 shows myself, so it’s quite an accomplishment! I’d personally rate HOTD above Shiki though, although after episode 8-10 it’s definitely moving up a few notches.

    • Kyokai says:

      You are welcome! ^^

      My top three were very erratic and changed continuously after every episode I watched but I got really taken with the recent episode of Shiki and Occult and so the change.

  7. bakuhasu says:

    Thanks for the Shoutout Kyokai! Giving shoutouts and doing it better than I in this awesome awesome post! Again as always showing much love to Metanorn and am currently motivated to start editing episode 11!


    • Kyokai says:

      Hehehee~ all the love for buddy sites. So, you are very welcome!
      If this made you motivated to edit out ep11 then that’s brilliant! ^^

  8. ichigopocky says:

    I loved everything in your top five and I cant wait for the fall season to start and go watch kuroshitsuji this week was O.O … I hate vcliffhangers so much 🙁
    same goes for Shiki and sadly my anime watching has gone to only friday and sat
    thanks for the post

    • Kyokai says:

      Tell me about it! The current episode of Kuroshitsuji was a mind-blower! Wasn’t expecting this at all! A lot of shows would be around next week btw. D:

      Oh school, no one loves you yet you are important. Gambatte ne~ :love:

  9. Xiao says:

    Ah, so many things to say! Well, first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KYO-CHAN~! <333 Hope you get a lot of nice gifts. ;D
    Secondly, happy half-year anniversary of ani-blogging! Let’s stretch it for another good 9 ½ , mmkay? Lol XD
    And I shall make this quick since I, too, am swamped with work. Ugh, as much as I disliked the summer lineup for being plain boring, I still want my summer back so I can lazy around and not have to worry about school at all. It’s going to be a jam-packed term alright. Good luck with handling yours. ^^;
    But damn, you’re still following a lot! I’m only keeping track of like one or two and dropped like four or something. That’s bad, never dropped so much shows for a season as far as I can remember. o_O
    I’m kinda glad Ookami-san is almost done. I enjoyed it a lot but I don’t think I really loved it or anything. Ryoushi is an adorable guy who made it worth it, despite that he didn’t cure his phobia yet but eh, you can only do so much in 12 episodes, I guess. I really liked the secondary characters as well. Ryouko doesn’t impress me much and her tsundere traits just deprive her more from originality in comparison to past tsunderekkos. But that’s just my opinion. *shrug* :/
    On DtB, my sentiments exactly. I’m not really all that hyped up about a third season but if Hei and Yin’s going to be in there, then OKAY 8D but there’s a fair good chance of it happening since it’s such a popular series. But less on the Gainax endings, plz. D/
    WAAAHH!!! You actually read my long-ass posts?! That makes me so happy! Thank you~! *huggles* <3
    lol, but I’m really glad the show’s holding your interest. Ep 7 was indeed probably the best episode of them all so far. The only thing I’m worried about is how people who take the ending.
    And yes! I do think Togame’s short hairdo makes her look much more cute! X3
    And that’s about all I have to say. Shame cuz I thought HOTD was pretty entertaining but…well, I think you can guess. ^^;
    Ah, I also added Kara no Kyoukai to my marathon list now since I keep hearing how good it was. ^^
    As for the fall season, hmm, I’m watching 6 of those that you’ll be regularly following and two of which are still up for debate. Heh, if I’m crazy enough, I might even blog one. Ack, I’m going to be so dead-stressed. |D;
    Well, yep, that’s all. Thanks for your (now bi-monthly) anime status. I can’t wait to see which ones you’ll pick up and review next month. 😀

    …btw, is your car fixed yet? o.o?

    • Kyokai says:

      Thank you for the advance birthday wishes, Xiao-chan~ <3 *huggles* It's on 19th btw. xD Lol, I swear a time would come when I'll wear a red kkimono, smoke a slim pipe and while sitting near a fire place, give my life achievement interview or something… Oh God, did I just say that? Scratching that, hopefully a long journey ahead. xD

      There were times when Ryouko really pissed me off. I totally agree with you, her tsundere trait is no good at all. I like Ringo better or even the Prez, whose eye colour we finally saw! xD

      Of course, I'm going to watch if there's a season three, more so in case of Hei/Yin. It was never made clear that they died or not so well, there are definitely chances but I don't see any improvements in the endings. T__T

      That reminds me I gotta finish up the 8th Epi. Katanagatari is definitely keeping my interest and Shichika/Togame are so cuutteee!!! <333

      I can actually say now that I trained my fanservice-ignorance power via HOTD this Summer but I sure guessed why you left. xD

      Oh, you definitely need to see Kara no Kyoukai, it is one of the epicest movies of all time. There's a reason why a sizeable number of people simply lurve it. We'll talk on twitter once your are done. xD

      I'll look forward to what you'll pick up for blogging but my one sure-shot is definitely Arakawa season two. The rest depends on what my other teammates want and can manage.

      Time sure flew this summer; I didn't get much vacations but hopefully I'll take a week or two off before the year ends. Gambatte for your upcoming term~! My car's all fixed now, just have to get that last coat of paint. My wallet is lighter this month. -__- But I shouldn't complain, I really got saved with mere centimeters. ^^

  10. yanagi says:

    thank you for the banner updates! I’ve been wondering what show the “starry sky” banner was from. now i know.

  11. Suzuku says:

    I have to disagree with you about the ones that will be making or breaking the fall season. IMO it’s:

    Star Driver
    Panty & Stocking
    Ore no Imouto
    Kami nomi zo
    Index II

    This is just going by general fan reaction on AnimeSuki, 4ch, and 2ch and my own estimations based off of PVs, staff, and hype.

    • Kyokai says:

      There’s definitely a lot to choose from when you are talking about like 20+ titles in a season. As I said before, my reasoning is very much dependent on personal choice and preferences. I intentionally stayed away from season twos but we agree on three titles anyway. ^^

      I’m already catching up on Index and Tegami Bachi so that I can enjoy their season twos.

  12. Flags says:

    Chu Chuuuuuuuuuuu!!! All Aboard the “Busy Time of the Year” Train. I’m currently boarding from my three hour contemporary literature class; you?

    P.S. Your face is lame.

    • Kyokai says:

      Tell me about it and damn, three hours?! Sucks to be you! =P

      And its not lame, how can you call Senjougahara lame?

  13. hammerhammer says:

    nawwww where did you get that toru and natsuno picture??
    they are so adorable! > <

    alot of awesome anime next season.. can't wait!

    • Kyokai says:

      I dug this up like a month ago from pixiv so can’t even link you right now due to laptop change. There’s loads of NatsunoxTohru goodness at pixiv, so check it out if you are a fan. xD 😉

  14. Joojoobees says:

    It has been a surprisingly strong season, with many enjoyable shows to watch, and now Fall season approaches with what could be some great shows. Somehow I thought I would get through more of my backlog, but it just never happened. Oh, well, good times still ahead!

    • Overcooled says:

      The fall season looks preeettttty good indeed. =D I have high hopes~ Yeah, I always a list of shows where I say “I need to watch this” ….but I never do. <_<

    • Kyokai says:

      Fall is going to be hella busy with too many good shows to catch on. And don’t even talk about backlog, it’s always THERE, whatever you do there will always be good shows that you would want to watch. It’s a vicious circle really. -__-

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