Shiki – 07

It’s Masao. He’s back.

Konnichiwa minna-san~ Cool-chan here~ *bats eyelashes* <3 Sorry, just thought you might like some cuteness before we delve into the creeping terror that Shiki brings on.  Contrast, you know?  After our set-up episode last week, Shiki is starting to once again, slowly ramp things up….Kekeke~

After our recap, the first thing we see is Masao’s ugly face.  Looks like he’s not too pleased at being stuck in a coffin.  Right after that, we see Akira and Kaori again, still being stalked by Tatsumi.  Just as some nerve-wracking sound effects start playing, and we assume a bloody murder is about to occur…Natsuno appears. I can’t tell what’s actually scary for you guys because I’m not affected by horror, so you’ll have to tell me what the scariest part for you was LOL.

WE’RE GONNA DIE OHSHHIIIIIiiit’s just Natsuno -_-

Natsuno quickly leads our sibling pair away from the house, explaining that they were being watched.  I guess Natsuno was checking out the house too…Anyways, Natsuno notices Akira’s bat and asks him if he also thought something was up with the creepy house.  Akira glomps Natsuno (I assure you, the use of that word is highly appropriate here) with tears in his eyes, relieved that someone else noticed that the town is haunted.  You would think that more people would be aware of this. Natsuno leads Akira and Kaori somewhere farther from the house to discuss the deaths.  Natsuno saw an undead Megumi and Akira saw an undead Yasuyuki.  A suggestion arises from Natsuno: let’s dig up Megumi’s grave to see if it’s true. Makes sense.  This just might turn out more fruitful than borrowing books from the library.

Oh, and Tatsumi is STILL watching you.

Back to feigning compassion for Masao, we get to see his final days of death.  Apparently, he locked his door, which is partially why he was being ignored.  Damn, guess his parents weren’t cruel afterall. However, Masao is under some heavyduty hypnosis by our resident Librarian vampire.  He visits Masao every night to suck his blood, and Masao is utterly helpless. Come on..librarian vampire doesn’t sound scary at all. AND LOOK AT HIM! Please tell me no one was freaked out by this because I was snickering my ass off.


Our next series of creepy moments involve a panicked, grave-ridden Masao who is literally clawing at his coffin to get out. But what’s that sound? A shovel? Masao is greeted by a night sky and the figure of Tatsumi staring down at him. Masao, your seiyuu did a good job of making you sound like a jerk, and now he’s doing a good job making you sound like a jerk who lost his voice.  In Masao’s struggles to speak, he realizes that he isn’t breathing.

Tatsumi explains everything. Typical vampire stuff: no sunlight, no stakes, no starvation.  Another interesting fact: only special people wind up coming back to life.  Hiromi…wasn’t so special. Masao gets a sick smile on his face when he realizes Hiromi is dead and that he’s one of Tatsmi’s “special friends.”

Masao is given a choice…kill people or die of starvation.  Tatsumi makes it very clear that he’s the man with the pants, and not to screw up.  Especially since he can withstand sunlight, and Masao can’t, ha ha ha.  Tatsumi prepares a weak little boy and a glass of blood.  We see Masao bare his fangs, then dive for….the glass. Coward.

No more Masao for this episode! Yay! We return to the clinic, where Ozaki-sensei’s next plot is to keep a patient there overnight to see what happens.  (NOOO DON’T DO IT!!!) As per usual, villager are dropping like flies. Muroi comes to visit again, and Ozaki apologizes for being so harsh to him.  After a nice, tense lead-up, Ozaki reveals…IT’S THE OKIAGARI!


Muroi almost FAINTS, which for some reason I found to be extremely adorable, and mutters “Toshio…” over and over as the aforementioned doctor explains his theory.  The examples make sense, except for the fact that his thesis is “it’s vampires.” and anyone would think that to be silly.  Muroi is very sensitive to the occult, so I can see his very much adult reasoning eventually crumbling. He will agree with Ozaki sooner or later (maybe only when it’s too late? kekeke). For now, he looks like he’s terrified of the magnitude of the situation if Ozaki is correct…I mean, look at his reaction.

Gravedigging time. Kaori gave an entire speech of how she didn’t want to dig up Megumi’s grave, but somehow ends up with a shovel in hand over Megumi’s grave.  Wow, good job there, way to stand your ground.  The episode ends with Natsuno sticking his shovel into the grave.  What will he fiiindddddd~~???

Nightmare Fodder:

As per usual, Megumi looks prettier when she’s dead.

I always thought Tatsumi’s character design was silly. Until now.

SUPER SUMMARY: Masao is revived and makes odd gasping noises for an entire episode.



End Thoughts: I liked this episode, very creepy throughout.  Plus, we got to see the Okiagari side of things, and their role has been enshrouded in mystery for quite a while.   It’s a solid episode…it still has a lot of explaining and setting up, but there’s still a lot that’s entertaining.

Ah, Masao.  As much as we all hate him, he’s a good choice to show us the vampire transition.  With his over-exaggerated emotions and tendency to lean towards evil without the blink of an eye, he provides a rather interesting study.  If we had seen Tohru’s, he’d be too reluctant to do anything bad and it wouldn’t be as scary.  Megumi would just be annoying. And the librarian…just no. In fact, the creepiest part of this episode are the shots of Masao’s weak, bloodless body, and how helpless he is when he’s dying. Not to mention the terrifying gasps he makes.  Can you imagine being visited by a monster every night and not being able to do anything? Dying alone in a dark room?

Ozaki’s explanation provides a lot more insight on the intentions of the vampires.  The sick people are under hypnosis, and they move form the village so that they don’t raise Sotoba’s death toll.  This keeps a low profile, except for the fact that these moves are rather blatant…Also, Ishida from the village office died at about the same time the list of deaths from the surrounding area disappeared.  How strategic. His ways of dealing with it are a little more adult than the teens, in that he’s not going about digging up corpses just yet.  He’ll go all out once he’s absolutely sure of how to deal with this.

Comparing Ozaki to Akira, Kaori and Natsuno…Hmm.  Well, Akira is a bright kid and not much seems to get past his sharp eyes, but he gets way too caught up in things.  I can see him getting too carried away.  He’s not wrong just yet, but if he becomes insistent on the wrong sort of things…Also, Natsuno is eerily calm for a boy who is digging up the grave of his ex-stalker who killed his best friend….I would expect a little bit more fear from him.  I know he’s supposed to be determined but…come on…digging up a grave isn’t exactly the sort of thing you should be used to.  I guess Kaori had enough anxiety for the both of them.

Next episode is going to be intense.  We have to find out what is in that grave, what that chick in Ozaki’s office is gonna do, and who Masao is going to kill next.  They can’t ALL end up as fake cliffhangers where it’s just like “OH LOL IT’S NOTHING”, such as Tatsumi watching Akira and Kaori turning into…nothing.  WELL, ’tis past midnight here in Canadaland, so I must be off now. Until next week. Please have lots and lots of nightmares to tell me about~<3



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15 Responses to “Shiki – 07”

  1. Namika says:

    whoa…. they sure revealed a lot on this episode…. I guess you can call it a “generous mood” or something like that)))) a lot of explaining and information. We still don’t know everything, but my interest only became stronger, and I simply can’t wait ’till the next episode.
    I think, that Natsuno’s idea digging up Megumi’s grave won’t end well. Tatsumi WAS eavesdropping on them after all, and the soil above her grave looks too fresh to be a month old. After all that time the grave would look at least a bit more flat. Still not sure about that though……

    The most reassuring thing was that Toshio finally came to a right conclusion. The theory about vampires DID explain those deaths all the way to the smallest detail, regarding the “tiny” problem. Vampires are supernatural creatures and there is no proof of their existence, but Toshio still bought is too easily. Muroi-kun on the other hand seems almost suspicious. If he’s sensitive towards all this supernatural stuff, he shouldn’t act so horrified after hearing Toshios hypothesis about the Okiagari.[I think, the name is correct…maybe…. ^^” ]I became even more interested in this character. [Muroi] let’s see if they will uncover some facts about him. And why the hell did he try to kill himself in the past?? I think, he’ll have a big role in the upcoming events. Just, what kind of events? I’m highly intrigued now. I can make up a few versions of how the storyline will develop but can hardly be sure that I’ll hit the spot.
    But hey, that’s what I like about the series the most! ^^

    • Overcooled says:

      Oh yeah, I forgot Tatsumi could do something other than watch…ahaha ^^; Hmm, so either 1 of 2 things can occur, at least in my mind. One: they find Megumi (don’t know how), which will make Kaori never believe Natsuno or Akira ever again and cause the two boys to be frustrated. TENSION! Or Two: the grave it empty and now they continue to investigate. I can see #1 happening, but not sure how they’d stick Megumi in there without her dying from the sun.

      Uwaa, you are so right Namika~ Muroi may be sensitive to the occult, but that might mean he knows firsthand just how terrifying the okiagari are…Hence the reaction. If next episode is a Muroi-centric episode, I will be very happy.

      Shiki likes to keep us guessing, ne~?

      • Namika says:

        absolutely, Shiki is the type of anime which plays on your mind. And may I say, I like it! I’m always in for the anime which can shaken my mind a little. Shiki is definitely one of my favorites now, but I still don’t want to judge too quickly. Chances are that it will totally overcome all of our expectations…. >>

        uwaaa~! I would be so glad to see more Muroi-san in the next episode! :runs: putting senseless fangirling aside, it still would be very very good :see

        :tea well, we’ll just have to wait until the next episode….))

        • Overcooled says:

          I like anime that make you think, too. I’m so glad that I got to cover Shiki because it’s one of my favourites this season as well <3 I'm scared to predict if it will lower in quality or not in the future, because I want it to always be awesome XD

          Muroi~~~~ I want to see more of him too! Kekeke

  2. ichigopocky says:

    AHHHHHHH why did it it have to come back :scared
    anywhos i think it would be sorta cool if Tohru did come back but we aren’t to sure about that.
    Also since I saw the part where cat eared hair dude (forgot his name) was listening to Natsuno and the other two about digging up megumi’s grave I think they came up with a plan to where they put her back in her coffin in the ground or a look a like or a decaying body or something because as you pointed out these aren’t stupid vampires (like some certain movie/book)
    just my thoughts thanks for the post

    • Overcooled says:

      I know….Of all the people to come back to life… T_T I’m biased, so as long as Tohru gets more air time – even if it’s just him brushing his teeth – I would be happy 8D

      A decaying body makes sense. If Tatsumi stuck Megumi in there she’d die from the sun though, wouldn’t she? o.o The only problem is if Megumi would decompose that fast…Gahh, I don’t know anymore! Now I’m starting to question what’s under all that dirt…

      • ichigopocky says:

        It better not be edward cullen but i yeah i forgot if they dig up the grave with megumi in it she would be exposed to sunlight and die hmmmmm I guess we just have to wait…… I don’t like waiting

  3. bakuhasu says:



    you can’t pick a better person to show us what does it takes to be a vampire…

    • Overcooled says:

      I know, why couldn’t he not be “special”? -__- Someone give me a stake…

  4. anaaga says:

    i haven’t watched this episode, but i think i’ll skip this one, because i reeeeallly hate masao. i don’t mind if he dies again. i think lots of ppl won’t mind. i always feel like slapping him every time i see him. thank god he’s 3D

    • Overcooled says:

      LOL wow, your hatred is even more intense than mine. If you want, you can just skip the first half of the episode, because after that I’m pretty sure he doesn’t appear at all. If Masao were real, I think we’d all be out to kill him =D

      • anaaga says:

        half of the episode with masao? eeeewwww :red: i’d rather have half of the episode with the librarian shiki than the extremely-pale-and-skinny-and-annoying masao
        oh wait, if masao is a vamp, then there’s a chance that tohru will be a vamp too! YAY!!!! :kyaa:

        • Overcooled says:

          LOL agreed. Agreed x 100. If I see Tohru as a vampire IT WILL MAKE UP FOR EVERYTHING.

  5. Kyokai says:

    I hate being right and I specifically went wide-eyed for Masao as predicted at SJ. The creep is such a coward vampire but I’m definitely curious about Tatsumi and how he is so unique.

    • Overcooled says:

      Wanted more of a surprise? XD He’s a coward vampire, but I can see him getting used to killing very quickly…<_< *mad just thinking about him*

      Tatsumi is such an enigma…I didn't even pay much attention to him until now o_o Now all of a sudden he's like the boss, lol.

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