Shiki – 05

Don’t worry, this is nothing like Twilight.

I, Overcooled, shall be taking care of Shiki from now on~.  I’m one of the new faces here at Metanorn so let’s hope we can get along.   For now, let’s start with a small recap on what we’ve missed, shall we? Basically, Shiki takes place in a very small town, where everyone knows each other and things are simple. This simplistic image is instantly betrayed by a sudden outbreak of a mysterious, thus-far incurable sickness that has been killing off villagers one by one. The outbreak started as soon as a new family moved in a large, European house on a large hill in the village. Suspicious, right?

Shiki leaves a lot of questions unanswered, continuing to kill off villagers each episode as our main character (a boy from the city named Natsuno) mopes about how annoying the village is. Not to mention the fact he’s being haunted by a stalker girl named Megumi who died in episode 1.  After the villagers have quite a few creepy encounters with the new family on the hill, the Kirishiki’s, the horror fully escalates during one fateful night. Megumi appears, in all of her undead, vampire glory, and bites Tohru’s neck.

Moving onto this week’s episode, we get a short recap of Megumi’s appearance, only to have Natsuno wake up in a cold sweat.  He check to see if Tohru is alright, and instantly relaxes once he sees no bite marks.  Despite Natsuno’s relief, you can actually see that Tohru is already deathly pale and is starting to get a glazed look in his eyes that isn’t from being sleepy…

Our resident monk, Muroi, goes to visit some of the villagers (on his awesome vespa!) who have passed away in order to get some clues.  After visiting a couple of families, he discovers that they all either quit or had planned to quit their job just before they died.  His last meeting is with a very……who is GAR to the core.

Your daughter died, you say? SUCK IT UP!!!

In between Muroi’s investigation, Natsuno off-handedly mentions that he can’t sense Megumi anymore.  This actually made me relax for a while until Natsuno finally visits Tohru again.  The Doctor bikes (shouldn’t he have a faster vehicle if he’s called on emergencies? -_- Like a car?) to Tohru’s house and runs to his room before Natsuno, revealing that he’s…dead.  Megumi really did kill him, even though we didn’t see any bite marks. To make matters even more eerie, Natsuno receives a postcard from Megumi right after to wish him a happy end of summer.


We go to Masao’s household next, but no one cares because Masao is the most unlikeable character I have ever encountered.  He is literally designed to be an abomination.  Hiromi is sick and all Masao can do is try to make everyone feel miserable.  He even tries to copy Natsuno’s “probability” quote, but gets owned with a slap to the face. YOU DESERVED IT!  For Masao, it’s all about him, and obviously his family are the ones at fault.  He runs away, sobbing, and ends up at a small funeral to honour Tohru’s death.  Tohru seems to be the only one who was nice to Masao, seeing as it’s the only time we see him feel anything akin to compassion.  Just goes to show how much everyone loved Tohru.

As Masao leaves the funeral (in tears and a fit of rage for being made a fool again at the funeral…), he sees someone entering his house.  As he goes to open the back door, a man in some sort of white robe jumps from a tree and bites him.  While I found this more LOLWHAAATTT?? than scary, seeing another one of these undead villagers means they’re going to appear even MORE frequently now. Looks like Masao is out of the picture too, but I doubt anyone will mourn his death like Tohru’s.

And now to lighten up the mood:

Awesome vespa maneuver!

Meanwhile, Sensei uses his bike for all the emergencies…=_=

Guys, was this scary for you? I loled.

All emo kids cry sparkly tears.

End Thoughts: NOOOO TOHRUUU-CHAAAANNNNNNNNN!!!!! I…I really didn’t want him to die!  I didn’t think he would die either.  Afterall, he was so likeable, and he was the perfect counterbalance for Natsuno’s sometimes unbearable bitterness.  Ah, they really wanted to play with our heartstrings, making such a kind character and then killing them off.   After almost all the deaths just being nothing more than a name we haven’t heard before, someone very important to quite a few characters in the show dies.  This is the first funeral we get an in-depth look at, finally revealing how much everyone is suffering…As viewers, we can finally feel the weight that just one death causes on the community.  The frustration, pain, and sorrow of the family and friends is all there…Definitely my favourite part of the episode.

As for Masao’s “death” (oh God, he’s going to be annoying when he comes back…), I think I cried tears of joy as he kicked the bucket.  Not only did he die, but he died an embarrassing death by some librarian in a robe.  He wasn’t even scary, he just looks like some creepy next door neighbour.

Hmm…this mystery is getting weirder and weirder.  Regarding Muroi’s “quit then die” clue, it’s definitely a start, but what does that have to do with the epidemic? A red herring, maybe?  Any significance it might have is obscured, as for now (especially since I don’t read the manga).  I really want to know why we didn’t see any bite marks on Tohru, considering that the other villagers had them when they died.  Could he have been bitten somewhere else? Okay, now I’m just spouting wild assumptions for the heck of it. <_< WELL, guess we’ll find out more next week~



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18 Responses to “Shiki – 05”

  1. Masu says:

    IIRC, both that pink haired chick and the one with the black hair (who was visited at night by the vamp peeps) had bite marks on their forearms, not necks. though i could be wrong.

    and gratz on first post! im still procrastinating. HURR HURR.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, they didn’t have bitemarks on their necks. This is some weird vampire stuff that’s going on…disappearing bitemarks and everything >_<

      Thank you~~ I DID IT! Good luck on your post, teehee.

  2. Ryuuko says:

    Ok, you’re definitely right with the scary, I probably wouldn’t be able to watch this by myself lol. <– Needs babysitting in horror show situations. Although this: "Don’t worry, this is nothing like Twilight," kind of makes me want to watch it. Kind of. ^^:

    • Overcooled says:

      Well, the point of Shiki is to be scared, right? It’ll add some adrenaline to your day! =D Or night. Maybe I should watch it at night for added effect…hmm…

      But it’s good~~~ watch it~~~

  3. Ryuuko says:

    Just the first 2 large pics in this post scared me lol. I don’t think I should risk it ;p I’ll stalker your posts instead just like I’m doing for hato’s catshit one posts haha

  4. Kyokai says:

    I always watch Shiki episodes at night, in total darkness, with earphones and 720p version… I know I’m a nut but oh well! xD


    In case of the bite marks, I think they would be found in his inner arm rather than neck but the neck bite of Masao surprised yet delighted me. I hate that guy but yeah, he’s going to be damn annoying if he comes back. I’m more curious about Tohru coming back and how it would play out around Natsuno.

    • Overcooled says:

      I need to do this too!!! If I felt hardcore, I’d watch it in my basement, but the TV there sucks.

      Mmm hmm. They were found on the inner arm, and yet everyone who we’ve seen dying got bitten on their neck. O.o Tohru didn’t have any bitemarks on his arm, though, from what I noticed.

      I hope Tohru and Megumi fight over Natsuno. Double the stalking. XD

  5. Namika says:

    *sob* Tohru-chaaan~! :sad4
    why does it always happen?? the most lovable characters always die, that’s not fair! :sad6 too bad that they killed off Tohru, but on the other hand, it might become somewhat like a trigger to Natsuno’s actions. He maybe act cold and emotionless, but I think, he has his issues. Tohru DID find a key to him, no matter how hard Natsuno tried to keep people away, he overcame all the ice walls and made the ice-king his friend. I bet, Tohru was indeed very dear to Natsuno and now that the first one is dead, something might spark. I DO hope it will.
    Anyways, I get a slight feeling, that Shiki might com to it’s downfall. MIGHT! because you know, they revealed truth about the cause of the sudden “epidemic”. Perhaps it would’ve been stupid to hide it further, but I think that it’ll be really hard for the studio to keep up this mystical aura on the same level as ever…..
    :sigh oh man…… I’m zenzen dame at expressing my thoughts, but I just can’t help it….. :dot I never thought about an anime so much after the last episode of Drrr…. :lbdian

    • Overcooled says:

      I KNOWW!!!! *cries on your shoulder* TT_TT Uwaa…

      You bring up a very good point! Tohru was so nice, even MASAO who is a jerk mourned over him. So yeah, Natsuno is going to be pretty depressed for a while, isn’t he? Tohru was his only friend… I wonder if he’s gonna have a breakdown and do something drastic…

      True, but they haven’t completely revealed everything yet. There is a lot of mystery around everything. It might feel a bit draggy towards the end though. =P

      LOL yes…so much…to think about….!!! XD

      • Namika says:

        yeah, there IS a lot of mystery! I wonder, how many episodes will there be? there’s a lot to uncover, but still, this slight feeling doesn’t leave my sorry head :sad3

        And I’m pretty sure that Tohru’s death will motivate Natsuno and put him into motion. Oh, I’d like to see him in action! I mean, mentally))

        • Overcooled says:

          Apparently, there’s gonna be 22. We’re at episode 5 and we’ve already had so much thrown at us.

          Yesssss…Seeing Natsuno doing something other than whine would be nice XD

    • Kyokai says:

      Like I mentioned at Sekijitsu, see the OP sequence again and again to get more clues. There are a lot of deaths to happen (check out how many people transform to skeleton). Even if this is 22 episode series I think the intrigue will continue–they don’t have a preview for god’s sake! xD

      Also, there’s loads to discover about the Kirishikis. There’s too much to talk and think on this one. ^^

      • Namika says:

        Yes, I noticed all the tips in the opening and I’m terrified :cold kinda cruel to kill off all the characters (well, besides those three – Toshio and those 2 kids can’t remember their names ^^” )this is truly intriguing…. but at the pace they are now, we won’t even need those 17 episodes left to kill everybody ==” not for a single second, I don’t stop wondering how will they pull it off… ❓
        :ohohoho: O’tanoshimi desuuuuuu~

        • Kyokai says:

          Hai hai! Tanoshimi da ne~ (I miss Izzyyy! [/random])

          PS: Their names are Kaori and Akira.

  6. Ichigopocky says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo toru I was so upset when megumi killed him :sad5
    Anywhos welcome and congrats on making the cut I am a lurker/ commenter and I am in love with shiki but I have to say ever since I saw the episode where megrim comes out from under the bed with the glowing red eyes I’m scared to look under my bed cuz me and all my intelligence decided to watch all the episodes at night……. Not smart
    Can’t wait till next episode

    • Overcooled says:

      Everyone misses Tohru-chan…TT^TT

      Ahh, thank you for the welcome!! I’m still getting used to everything, but it’s so fun…^^

      Is there something wrong with me? Horror movies/anime/anything don’t scare me much…lol don’t look under your bed and you’ll be safe. I hope. *sets up traps*

      • ichigopocky says:

        And even worse I am home alone a lot at night and we have big window

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